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Chapter 51

"Alright, if you have the guts, don't come out. I'll ask Feng De to find the key now."

Gong Ou stood at the door and threatened sternly, he crossed his arms at the door and did not leave, he knew that she would not dare to play.




The door opened in front of him.

Gong Ou looked at her complacently.

Shi Xiaonian looked at him coldly, then jumped towards the kitchen.

Gong Ou followed along, his gaze sweeping across her feet. He frowned, then overbearingly went forward and carried her in his arms, carrying her all the way into the kitchen.

Shi Xiaonian did not say a word and allowed him to hug her.

He put her down and she busied herself in the kitchen without looking at him, picking vegetables, washing pots, preparing ingredients.

"Shi Xiaonian, what do you mean by that? Why are you giving me such a smelly face?" Gong Ou was very unhappy that she was ignored.

Shi Xiaonian ignored him and did her own thing.

"Shi Xiaonian!"

Gong Ou grabbed her hand.

Shi Xiaonian shrugged off his hands, her expression cold as she continued to busy herself.

Gong Ou grabbed her again, this time tightly. His long fingers grabbed her wrist tightly, her wrist was extremely thin, and could not be held tightly.

Shi Xiaonian wanted to retract his hand, but he couldn't, and could only let him hold it.

She simply stopped struggling and stubbornly remained silent, allowing the pain to slowly spread on her wrist.

Gong Ou grabbed her so hard that the color of her hands changed.

She still didn't make a sound.

If this continued, he would break her wrist.

There was no sign of defeat on her face.


Gong Ou released her hand, and stared at her gloomily, "Shi Xiaonian, I'm really shameless!"

He was sick.

Shi Xiaonian looked at him in disgust, then turned and went back to work in front of the flow table.

"I really am such a lowly person that would look for a woman like you! I'd be afraid to hurt you by letting you off the train! That's why I'm worried about you following me all the way! "I am so stupid that I would care more about you than that child!"

Gong Ou roared out from behind her. He raised his leg and kicked at the cabinet beside him, then left in big strides.


Shi Xiaonian, who was standing in front of flow table, couldn't help but tremble when she heard this, and looked at his retreating back in shock.

He said he let her off because he was afraid of hurting her today? Did he care more about her than he cared about the child?

I care.

Gong Ou wouldn't treat her like this...

Shi Xiaonian was so shocked by her own thoughts that she thought it was absurd. Ever since he forced her to sign the contract, she knew that Gong Ou should have some interest in her, but his current actions were as if he didn't get a response even though he loved her.

Love, this word could not be used on her and Gong Ou at all, yet he had personally said the word "care".

If Gong Ou really liked her, then wouldn't she be unable to escape his grasp no matter what?

The more Shi Xiaonian thought about it, the more scared she became. Both of her hands were on the flow table and her body felt weak.

After a while, Shi Xiaonian finally regained her composure and started to prepare lunch.

She was waiting in the dining room.

An hour, two hours passed, yet Gong Ou still did not appear.

Shi Xiaonian stopped eating until night, when the food she cooked went cold once again. She realized that Gong Ou was truly angry this time.

That big stomach king of his actually didn't even eat the food she cooked.

She gathered up her utensils, supported herself with the furniture, and supported herself against the wall as she jumped towards the study.

Feng De carried a suitcase as he passed by, and when he saw her, he lowered his head and said, "Miss Shi."

"Housekeeper Feng, where are you going?"

Shi Xiaonian asked as she stood on one leg.

"Young Master went back to live in the forest. I also want to go back, so I came to pack my luggage." Feng De replied politely.

So Gong Ou went back to live in that big castle. No wonder he didn't even come to eat.

Shi Xiaonian nodded in understanding, "Then, will he not come for the next few days?"

Feng De nodded his head, "Yes, I think Young Master means to stay here for the long term."

"Oh, I see. "Then take care, my feet are inconvenient, so I won't send you off." Shi Xiaonian said politely.


That meant that Gong Ou would not be coming over for a period of time, she did not need to see him, and secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Honestly speaking, she didn't know how to face Gong Ou right now. It was just that the contract was fine, but it would be too complicated if she had any other feelings for him.

It was best not to see each other.

Feng De observed Shi Xiaonian's expression and nodded, then took his luggage and left.

In the depths of the forest, the Imperial Castle was bathing in the freshest air in the entire city.

On the golf course behind the castle.

Ou stood on a green field, dressed in a white sportswear, making him look exceptionally young. His long hands held onto the ball, and his black eyes stared at the ball on the ground. He did not serve, and his eyes were glued to the ball.

Xie Linlin and a few other women dressed coolly and sexily as they sat under a parasol at the side, drinking drinks. Each of them had their own bewitchment as they fought openly and secretly.

Abruptly, Xie Linlin carried a cup of cold tea and walked towards Gong Ou. She swayed her S-shaped body and alluringly handed her cup over to him, "Mr. Gong, drink a cup of water to rest for a while."

Gong Ou retracted his gaze and emotionlessly looked at her before he took the cold tea cup.

Seeing him drink the water she had brought over, Xie Linlin smiled somewhat complacently at the women not far away, then leaned towards Gong Ou weakly, her voice alluring. "Mr. Gong, the sun is shining today, why don't I go in and give you a massage?"

Gong Ou hadn't returned to the castle for a while. When he returned, everyone wanted to use all their power to leave him behind.

As she leaned toward him, a strong perfume filled the tip of his nose.

Gong Ou immediately pushed her away in disgust and said unhappily, "What perfume do you use to smell so bad?"

Xie Linlin was pushed to the ground, her face full of grievance. "Isn't this perfume your favorite, Mr. Gong?"

Gong Ou's taste changed?

He had always liked the one she was wearing.


His favorite? He only felt that it was unpleasant.

Gong Ou frowned, it seemed that the next time he wanted to ask Shi Xiaonian what kind of perfume he was wearing, that kind of faint smell was pretty good.

He actually thought of Shi Xiaonian again. Dammit, what was there to think about a woman who did not know what was good for her?

He, Gong Ou, did not have much, but he had more money than women!

Gong Ou wiped away the thoughts in his head and looked at Xie Linlin coldly. He placed one hand on the ball as he reached out to her with gratitude, "Stand up."

"Mr. Gong." Seeing this, a look of shock appeared on Xie Linlin's face. She hurriedly grabbed his hand and stood up, leaning over him like a little bird. "You're really nice to me."

This was what a woman looked like.

If he was nice to her, he would stick around like a vine, unable to shake him off.

That Shi Xiaonian, she wouldn't be able to be tactful no matter how much more she tried. She was only beating up someone and she showed him her face.

Gong Ou's expression was gloomy, the fragrance off Xie Linlin's body drifted over, the stench was extremely strong.

"Change the smell of the perfume for me!"

In the end, Gong Ou couldn't take it anymore and pushed her away in disgust.

"Alright, Mr. Gong." Xie Linlin had a mental breakdown from his moody mood, so she left in a flustered and aggrieved manner.

When the women under the umbrella saw that she had been chased away, they burst into laughter.

Feng De arrived in a golf cart from afar, put his luggage on the cart and slowly walked towards Gong Ou.

Gong Ou glanced at him. This old man was an old man, so his walking speed was exceptionally slow.

He looked away and waved the bat in his hand.

"Young Master, I'm back." Feng De walked over and lowered his head.

"Yes." Gong Ou did not even look at him, and threw the ball out, and casually said: "Is that woman messing around right now?"

Now that he was gone, she couldn't wait to beg him to go back in tears.

Feng De coughed lightly and retreated a step, then said softly, "Miss Shi did not cause any trouble."

"Really?" Then she must beg you to bring her to me. " Gong Ou seemed to be unconcerned, and said, "Send a car to pick her up, her legs aren't good enough."

"Ugh." Feng De cleared his throat, and had no choice but to break Master's inexplicable confidence, "Miss Shi didn't beg me either."

Gong Ou's hand that was holding onto the ball stiffened, he looked at Feng De coldly: "What did you say?"

"Miss Shi looks very calm." Feng De said.

Very calm? What a nice calm.

A hint of anger appeared in Gong Ou's eyes, "Did you tell her that I won't be going back for a while?! "I want as many women as I can get!"

He didn't believe that she wouldn't get jealous.

"I didn't say the latter part, but I think that Miss Shi should be clear about it." Shi Xiaonian saw Xie Linlin and the others.

Clear? In other words, it was clear that he had more women. She was still very calm.

Shi Xiaonian, you are ruthless enough!

Gong Ou angrily smashed the ball pole in his hand, and said coldly, "Restrain her economically!"

This time, she wanted him to forgive her.

"Uh, young master, other than the house, you did not give Miss Shi any money." Feng De kindly reminded him.

How could a person who hadn't asked for money be restrained by the economy?

Gong Ou's gaze froze. Ever since she followed him, did he not give her money? Didn't women always ask him for jewelry and cosmetics?

"Those dishes …"

"Those dishes seemed to have been bought by the Miss Shi." Feng De said in detail.

Shi Xiaonian did not like it when others disturbed her space, so she did not arrange for servants.

"She bought it?" Gong Ou was startled, was he really eating a little girl like her in this period of time?

Last time when she went to the supermarket, wasn't the bank card that she used given by Feng De?

Damn it.

Gong Ou was extremely furious, he glared at Feng De fiercely, "Why didn't you tell me earlier, this old man is going against the rules!"

He was actually forced into a corner!

"Young Master, it's my fault."

Feng De apologized.

Shi Xiaonian didn't mention it, but since the young master didn't mention it, he couldn't help but make the decision on his own.

"Then, let's put all kinds of restrictions on her. In short, I want her to come and beg me! Do you hear me? " Gong Ou said coldly, walking towards the golf cart.

The few ladies immediately followed, wanting to stick together, but were kicked away by Gong Ou.

Didn't you see that he was annoyed?

The ones that were sticky were not, and should not stick to a large number of it!