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Chapter 716 the daughter of destiny

At this time, Gong Ou suddenly hated his madness. He thought that everything would not deviate from his control, but he ignored the feeling that shixiaonian would experience in it.

He didn't want her to suffer.

He didn't want her pain.

Shi Xiaonian was hugged by Gong ou. He was very pale and tried to control himself desperately.

Gong Ou lowers her head and kisses at her temple. Her thin lips are cold and her breath is heavy. "Next time I won't take you to risk."

"I'm really fine. I can."

When Xiaonian tried to resist discomfort, he put his hand over his mouth and nose, stood up straight, and then squeezed out a hard smile to look at him, "I can, but I need to sit for a while now."

Gong Ou stared at her deeply, helped her to one side, surrounded by some broken trees that split to serve as seats.

When Xiaonian was about to sit down, a guard came to her with an arrow.

Gong'ou 's black eyes were cold. He took the arrow with his bare hands and kicked it at the guard. He hit the arrow on the man' s neck with the momentum of no time to cover his ears. There was a stabbing smell on his body. "Do you want to see who will become the skeleton of the execution forest first?"

The guard's face was white with fear and apologized.

Gong Ou pushes him away. No guards dare to approach them.

When Xiaonian sat down on the broken tree and watched Fengde fight with the fierce Guard commander. Both of his faces were bleeding. Berger on the side seemed to see a funny scene. He was very excited and laughed loudly, "bite his ear! Bite his ears off! That's the eagle's favorite! "


What a devil.

When small read listen to his words and make nausea, can only bear, a pair of eyes worried to see to Feng De.

"Fengde, come back!"

Gongou cold tunnel.

Hearing Gong Ou's voice, Feng De's hands hit a soft Tai Chi move, and he easily got out of the way and went back to Gong Ou's side.

When ekla stood there, he was stunned. He didn't know how Feng de got rid of his brute force control. He shouted, "what magic did you learn outside?"

"I told you when I was young that the world is not the only one as big as Borg island." Feng de put out his hand and wiped the blood on his face.


Ekla's face is a little ugly.

"Why not fight? Keep fighting! " Bogler was depressed when he didn't see that he bit his ear. He pointed to several guards and said, "go up, you guys. I don't believe you can't beat an old man! Hurry up! Pull his intestines out for me, and then the woman! Keep the young master of the palace for me at last! I'll stay with the Lancaster family for a reward and then kill! "

Several guards walked forward with trepidation.

"If I were you, I would not be in the mood to watch people fight now."

Gong Ou stands in front of shixiaonian, coldly.

Bergler looked at him, went to the exclusive chair aside and sat down. A guard put on his robe for him. "Why can't I have this mood?"

"Why should I tell you?"


"I said, you are just a dying man in my eyes." Gong Ou sneers at Xiaonian and sits down beside her, patting her on the back

"Well, much better."

I nodded.

It's time to execute Lin, but Bergler can't see a little fear on their three faces, which makes him suspicious. He beckons the guard chief ikla to come over. "Are they bluffing? Why are they so calm?"

The people who were taken to execute Lin had never been so calm. From the Lord to the servant, they had no fear except that the woman vomited a few times.

This is very unusual.

"I don't know." Ekla, a strong guard with a straight head, said, "I only know that the criminal slave is much worse than before. He never beat me before."

"I don't know much about the palace family, only that they offended Lancaster. What do you know?" Asked Bergler.

Ekla shook his head at once. "I don't know, but I know someone who should know."

Bergler looked at Gong ou and saw that he didn't want to escape at all. He was still comforting his wife. Something was wrong. It was very wrong. Lancaster had been thriving for many years and it was not easy to get into trouble if he dared to get the family.

Although Borg island is isolated from the world and easy to defend and hard to attack, it can't be offended in order to ask for some reward from Lancaster.

"Get that man."

Bergler ordered.

After a while, Su Yaoyao was arrested and shouted angrily, "didn't you promise me to walk freely? Why did you get me back? "

When I saw them, I thought about them. Su Yaoyao's face was guilty again.

"In front of the master who let you shout loudly, the master has a word to ask you, you can obey the answer!" Said ekla.


Su Yaoyao was standing there with her arms folded.

"I ask you, what kind of family is the palace family and how powerful it is?" Asked Bergler.

Su Yaoyao smelled it, and smelled a rotten bloody gas, almost spit it out. A guard slapped her, and her face was half swollen on the spot.

"Say, I'll have your arm cut off and cut off." It is cruel for Bergler to speak.

Hearing this, Su Yaoyao looked at him in horror and thought that she had heard him wrong. She trembled with fear and said in a voice, "I, I only know that no one knows Gong's family, no one knows Gong ou. I don't know how to divide the huge forces. I don't know. I really don't know. Don't kill me, don't kill me."

"How does that compare to the Lancaster family?"

Asked Bergler.

"I don't know, I really don't know." Su Yaoyao shakes her head in fear, and a guard slaps her face again.

Su Yaoyao's blood splashed out.

When Xiaonian's eyebrows could not help puckering up, he tightly grasped Gong Ou's hand. Su Yaoyao was too young to know how terrible the Borg family he was trying to break into was.

Su Yaoyao was beaten and cried, trembling in fear and racking her brains. "I really don't know, no, but I know that the palace family ruined the marriage contract of the Lancaster family. Lancaster has never been able to take the palace family. In the news, it is said that Lancaster is not as good as before, and its influence on the country is getting smaller and smaller."

Smell speech, Bogler stands up suddenly from the chair, the outer robe falls down, stare Su Yaoyao way, "what do you say?"

When was Lancaster so weak?

It's impossible.

Lancaster is the strongest and richest family!

"Yes, master, do you remember that the emissary from Lancaster once said that the palace family would be a feud. Lancaster was always arrogant, and it would never be a small role for them to regard it as a feud."

Bergler's face sank, he looked at Gong ou and hesitated.

Kill or release?

Feng de stood aside and looked coldly at Bogler and said, "you don't have to guess. I can tell you that you dare to touch one of our young master's and young lady's fingers. Within a day, the whole island will sink into the sea."

"But now my island is calm."

Said Bergler.

"Do you want to bet?" "You think you can get a reward from Lancaster if you bind us and execute us? It's a frog at the bottom of the well. I don't know the disaster of killing the top. I really pity you. Maybe it's too late for you to kneel down to my young master and beg for mercy. "


Bergler stared at him in embarrassment, clenched his teeth, and then calmed down. "You don't have to scare me. Even if I misjudged the situation, I know that peace talks with you are not a good way."

Gong Ou's eyes are a bit cold. He deserves to be the leader of the island. He has a little intelligence.

Unfortunately, from the beginning of listening to Fengde's story, he was not prepared to let Fengde's murderer go; from the beginning of childhood vomiting, he was not prepared to let the whole Berger family go.

The lineage of this family should be extinct.

Bergler turned his eyes to the guards on the other side. "Keep the island on guard, and make sure the sea is safe!"


A group of guards left.

"You should contact the Lancaster family to see if they will try their best to protect us, otherwise these three people can't hand over at will." Bergler began to plan.

Another group of guards left.

Gong Ou sneers.

Is there any time to plan?

When Xiaonian sat next to him and was about to say something, he suddenly found that a signal light flashed twice on his hand, which was a signal that the palace family was ready for rescue. As long as Gong Ou gave an order, they would be on the island immediately.

Gong Ou was about to press his watch when he heard Bergler's voice, "please God!"


A group of guards looked dignified.

"How can I still have this?" Feng de blurted out in amazement.

Su Yaoyao stood there, his eyes widened in surprise. Gong Ou didn't let go of this look. Gong Ou wanted to give orders to the rescuers. He asked coldly, "what is that?"

"It's a superstition." "There was a kind of witchcraft in the Berger family hundreds of years ago. A woman became the heavenly daughter, keeping the family's foundation business safe and developed, and solving the difficult problems in some families," said Fengde


This kind of bridge seems to have been seen in TV dramas. The older the school, the more superstitious it is.

When Xiaonian was thinking about it, he heard Fengde say, "at the beginning, the migration of the borgs also invited the providence. Later, the heavenly daughter died, and no one can worship the providence."

"Why not?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"The so-called deification is a very cruel process, which is to make people become living dead by all means. For the sake of the family, many women are forced to deify, and finally they are killed by living. However, they call it not qualified as a heavenly daughter and never think they are wrong." Feng de said that he was very angry. From childhood, he had seen many women being persecuted to death like this.

"What is a living dead man?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"Feng de replied," a professional word is a vegetable. To turn a good living person into a vegetable, they call such a person the daughter of destiny. "