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Chapter 637 has been dead for four years?

Even Luo Qi has forgotten. In fact, Shi Xiaonian has never met Gong Jue himself. If she doesn't talk to Shi Xiaonian today, he won't enter the study curiously.

Now, it's late.

A double?

The man she saw yesterday is a double?

"A whole year?"

"What do you mean?" he asked in surprise.

"Four years ago, according to Chinese new year, five years ago." Luo Qi said in a low voice, touching the transparent coffin cover with her fingers. "At that time, I broke up with you at Gong Ou's birthday party, and he would not be able to come back."

Hearing this, Xiaonian was shocked. "You mean it has been four years since Gong Jue died?"

In consternation

that is to say, as long as Gong Ou disappeared, Gong Jue died.


Luo Qi stood there quietly.

When Xiaonian walked out against the wall, looking at Luo Qi and said incredibly, "you have frozen him for four years?"

It's ridiculous.

When Xiaonian covered her lips and couldn't digest the fact, Gong Jue died. Luo Qi put her husband in the coffin and froze for four years. She also trained a double to pretend to be her husband?

What on earth does she want to do?

Is there something wrong with her spirit?


Luo Qi didn't answer her questions, but stood there staring at her husband in the coffin, tears falling on her beautiful face, which made her sad and wanted to escape.

When Xiaonian couldn't stand Luo Qi's appearance, she turned around and ran out. Before she had run far, she was stopped.

Charles stood on the bookshelf, dressed in a formal Butler's uniform, white gloves, and a face with a pure western profile that was so secretive that it stood in front of her.

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he stepped back two steps. "Do you know that? Or are you involved? "

"She can't do it by herself."

So Charles really has a part in the whole thing?

"Are you crazy?" When Xiaonian looked at him in shock, "you kept Gong Ou's father's body in secret for four years and made a fake. What do you want to do? Isn't Gong Ou afraid to find out? "

She said as she stepped back.

Charles looked at her with deep eyes and leaned towards her step by step, "as long as the little lady didn't say it."

"What do you want to do?"

When Xiaonian desperately retreated and looked at him in fear, "Charles, don't mess around, Gong Ou won't let you go, you should understand this."

When Xiaonian retreated to the cabinet, Charles went to catch her when he saw the opportunity. When Xiaonian hurriedly dodged to run, Charles rushed up and made a move to catch her.

She is no match for their housekeeper training. She can only be caught without a fight.


Charles grabs Shi Xiaonian and pushes him to the other side of the partition door. When he bumps into the wall, he looks at the two of them in fear. There are many ideas flying in his mind.

Luo Qi stood there, a pair of eyes looking at her sadly. When Charles stood beside Xiao Nian, she was not allowed to escape.

"Are you trying to keep me here?"

When small read to ask, facial expression is pale.

Charles looked at Rocchi and waited for her order.

When Xiaonian's cell phone rings suddenly, breaking the silence in the strange room.

She took out her mobile phone. Before she could see who called, Charles forcibly seized it. Charles took a look at it and asked Luo Qi, "madam, it's the second young master's call."

"Hang up."

Luo Qi said, reaching out to touch the tears on his face, Charles was about to hang up, Luo Qi said again, "wait, let her answer, or Gong ou will be back soon."

She is too clear about the importance of shixiaonian to Gong ou. This call has to be answered, otherwise nothing can be concealed.

"Little madam, here you are. Please speak well."

Charles had just caught her here and respectfully asked her to speak well.

When Xiaonian took the cell phone and looked at them. As soon as his fingers clicked on the phone, Charles came up to her and grabbed her neck. As long as she said something wrong, he could end her life.


When Xiaonian stood there, frowning tightly, looking at the coffin, then connected to the phone and pressed his fear down.

"Shixiaonian, do you have anything to do?"

As soon as the phone is connected, Xiaonian hears Gong Ou ask directly.


When Xiaonian was stunned, how did he know that she had an accident now? She really wanted to be killed by her curiosity.

Charles's hand was tight against her neck.

"Read and talk!"

Gong Ou roared over there, his voice full of eagerness.

When Xiaonian wanted him to come back soon, his father had passed away, but he didn't know, and she was still controlled by Charles.

Rocky and Charles look at her.

"I'm fine. What can I do?"

When small read out a voice, try to maintain their own calm, she heard Gong Ou in this sentence relieved, he then tone domineering asked, "what are you doing?"

"Me?" When small read Zheng under, looking at the coffin in front, and then said, "I hung a new picture in the study, you can come back to see."

If Charles and Luo Qi really want to do something to her, she said so, Gong Ou at least knows where to go when he comes back.

He is so clever that he must understand.

To her words, Gong Ou said a few words without any doubt and hung up the phone.

"It's dead." When Xiaonian put down his mobile phone and said, "what else do you want to do?"

"Young lady, you really shouldn't enter this study or break the secret that has been hidden for four years."

Said Charles.

So what?

Want to kill her?

When small read heart next cool, body cold, heart is full of fear.


Night gradually shrouded, Gong Ou accompanied Gong Yu to eat in the restaurant.

All day without Xiaonian around, Gong OULIAN's Steak cutting action was absent-minded, his eyes were wandering, the food in his mouth didn't taste at all, which made him want to vomit.

If it wasn't for Gong Yu to leave tomorrow, Gong Ou wouldn't let himself go for a whole day.

Gong Ou is biting the steak. After a long time, he spits it out in disgust.

"It's so boring to eat with me?"

Gong Yu sat opposite him and asked, his brow slightly raised. The chef is superior. Gong ou can still eat and spit it out.

"This steak is too hard to fry!"

Gong Ou was disgusted. He threw his knife and fork on the table, which made it rattle. There was no etiquette for his descendants.

Gong Yu shook his head, handed him a glass of lemonade, and said, "OK, just rinse your mouth and leave. I think your heart has already flown to Xiaonian. Where do you care about meeting me?"

He had seen that Gong Ou's heart was not here.

"I should have brought her here today!"

Gong Ou doesn't hide his miss for Xiaonian. This day when she is not around him, he fidgetes and flies away.

"All right, go back."

Gong Yu let him go.


Gong Ou stands up from the table and turns to leave without any hesitation. Suddenly, he looks back at Gong Yu, who has deep black eyes and a magnetic voice. "I'll see you tomorrow and wait!"


Gong Yu smiled with elegance.

Gong Ou leaves. Without waiting for others to open the door for him, he sits in the driver's seat and drives away. With one foot of accelerator, the car flies out. Feng de and others rush after him.

Gong Ou drives the express car all the way to Gong's house. An emergency brake stops in front of the castle, pushes the door open and runs inside.


Gong Ou pushes the bedroom door hard. "I'm back, shixiaonian!"

The bedroom is empty.

Gong Ou ran into the bathroom and found nothing. A sense of fear occupied his heart. He ran out quickly and shouted to the servant, "what about the little Nianren?"

"Young lady?" The maid froze. "I don't know. I haven't seen her."

"Damn it! Get out of here! "

Gong Ou pushes her away and runs out, dials the phone with her mobile phone and runs to the place where the twins study. The two children are still studying and the tutor is giving them a lecture.

"What about shixiaonian?"

Asked Gong ou, frowning.

Gong Yao and Gong Kui look at him at the same time. They are at a loss. Gong Kui shakes his head like a rattle. "I don't know. Mom has so little time with us today."

How little?

She should prefer to be with the children when he is away.


Gong Ou cursed with a low voice and walked out. He took a big step with his long legs. He held his mobile phone in his hand and listened to the ring inside. "Shi Xiaonian, you answer my phone! Get it right now! "

Where are you!

With the bell ringing all the time, Gong Ou's heart became more and more flustered, running around the huge castle.

"I put up a new picture in my study, and you can see it when you come back."

A voice rushed into his memory.

His study?

Gong Ou continues to dial the phone and runs upstairs. He kicks the door of the study open in a hurry and anger. The light in the study is bright. Xiaonian sits at his desk, holding his hands on his face and thinking thoughtfully.

Hearing the sound of kicking the door, Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, "Gong ou, are you back?"


Seeing her sitting there intact, Gong Ou's heart sank in an instant, finding its proper position, and his tense body relaxed.

But it was anger that soon rose up in him.


Gong Ou smashes her cell phone to the ground, angrily walks up to her and roars, "what are you doing? Why don't you answer my phone?"

From the beginning of this afternoon's eyelid jump, he had been in an inexplicable panic, hoping to fly back to her at once.

She didn't answer his phone.

"Ah?" When small read stupefied next, stand up to take out own cell phone, apologetic way, "excuse me, cell phone has no power, I didn't care."

"No electricity? You can't charge without electricity? " Gong Ou roars angrily, "how much time does charging electricity take you? You don't know if I'm going to look for you or if I'm going to worry about you? "

Looking at his angry look, Xiao Nian realized that he had done something wrong. "I'm sorry, Gong ou, I won't "Well."

Gong Ou pulls her into his arms and holds her firmly. He lowers his head and kisses her lips, then kisses her forcefully.