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Chapter 167 sisters choking

When Xiaonian thought more and more, he was more and more afraid. He continued to walk in and went straight to the outside of a ward.

Looking in from the large glass window, mu qianchu was lying on the bed, wearing a respirator on his face and a white gauze on his head. His eyes were open, his face was pale, and his leg was tied very high.

It seems that the injury is serious.

But fortunately, he was awake.

could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. She was about to push the door in, and a red nail polish hand pushed her away.

When Xiaonian was pushed back several steps, he looked up and saw Shidi, who was wearing heavy makeup and a long skirt, standing there, staring at himself hatefully.

"What are you doing here? It's not bad enough to be a thousand times hurt?" When the flute looked at her resentfully.

Shidi's agent stands next to her.

"Why are you here?"

When I saw Shi Di, Xiao Nian's face was cold.

"Qianchu is my husband. Of course, I am here to accompany her." When Di said to take the water cup from the broker to go in. At

, Xiao Nian's eyes were cold, regardless of the pain on his body, he pressed the hand of the flute and cooled it out. "Do you take this perfume and go in for escort?" This is the ICU! "

Is she a pig?

"It's up to you."

When Di glanced at her coldly, he continued to push her. At the time of

, Xiao Nian was injured and healed. She was pushed back to the wall by this push. She held back her pain and seized the wrist of the flute again. "At least you should change your clothes, get rid of this perfume and go in again."

"You" - when the little flute was angry, she turned her eyes to look inside the glass, and mu qianchu was lying in the hospital bed looking at them, her lips moving.

When the little flute laughed, the voice was sweet, with a natural baby voice, "qianchu is calling me."


When small read a Leng, turn to look at the glass.

As soon as Shidi shook off her hand and walked in, shixiaonian hurriedly followed in.

At that time, the flute had rushed to Mu qianchu's hospital bed, and eagerly got mu qianchu's respirator on his face. He asked anxiously, "what do you want to say to me?"


Mu Qian first smelt a strong perfume on her body and couldn't help but cough up.

He frowned at the pain of the cough, which had involved his body.

When Xiaonian quickly opens Shidi's hand, puts on the respirator again to Mu qianchu, so that he has clean oxygen to breathe.

"Shi Di, a big star can also learn common sense."

Shixiaonian looks at Shidi reproachfully.

She almost killed mu qianchu.

"Why don't I have common sense? Don't think it's great that you study better than me! I rushed to the hospital as soon as I had an activity. I didn't even have time to change my clothes. I've been taking care of qianchu for the past two days. I'm the only one who hasn't even come. " When the flute said, his eyes turned red, and he looked sadly at Xiangmu qianchu. "Don't I forget to change clothes? You can see that this woman scolds me and is still a sister."


Don't they have nothing to do with it?

When small read speechless to see when the flute performance.

Mu qianchu's eyes flashed a touch of boredom and simply closed their eyes.

"None of the admirers came?" When small read surprised.

"They only care about the success or failure of the Mu group now, and even if they get a thousand yuan's life or death, they will lose him as if they had left him in our family. If they don't think he is useful, they will lose him." When the flute said, for the first time reported injustice.

When small read low eyes look to Mu qianchu, only see mu qianchu listen to the words of the flute, face show a touch of embarrassment.

Mu qianchu is really like her.

They are all abandoned by their relatives.

"So, qianchu, or I'm good to you. Now you know that I really love you?" When the flute stood aside and said, he continued to show his love to Mu qianchu.

Moqian closed his eyes at first.


Shixiaonian looked at Shidi and said indifferently, "if you are really good to qianchu, you will not always give him medicine."

"Don't be so righteous over there." When Di looked at him sarcastically, "how good are you? It's not you. The millennium will become like this. You think I don't know. Everything is Gong Ou's hand. But for you, Gong ou can do this to the millennium? "

Smell speech, when small read can't help sneering, "when the flute, on black and white you really are the first."


When Di stood in front of the hospital bed and looked at her hatefully.

"Why did I provoke Gong ou, not because of your situation three years ago?" When small read cold way, "Gong Ou why so hate thousand early, someone sent my diary to the imperial Castle not also add a firewood?"

She has asked that it was Shidi's agent who sent her diary to Gong ou.

She finally knew how her diary books and some memories of Mu qianchu disappeared


When the flute was blocked, he could not speak. He could only look at him with hatred.

"I don't want to argue with you anymore, change clothes, change perfume." Xiaonian looked at her and said.

When the flute knows its own fault, it can only turn around and leave unwillingly.

When Xiaonian looked down, he saw mu qianchu lying there, breathing evenly and sleeping.

He fell asleep when they quarreled. It seems that he was really tired.

Don't want to disturb him, when Xiaonian turns around and wants to leave, she suddenly finds that her hand is held by someone, she lowers her head, and muqianchu's hand is holding her finger.

She looked at qianchu.

She thought the sleeping mu qianchu slowly opened her eyes and said silently, "sit down."

"Good." When Xiaonian sat down in the chair beside him, "go to sleep."


Mu qianchu answered, closed his eyes and went on sleeping.

When Xiaonian let go of his hand without any trace, mu qianchu's hand held her stubbornly again.

She frowned, more persistently than he did, and put his hand back into the quilt and covered it.


Muqianchu didn't insist any more, so he fell asleep.

When Xiaonian looked at his sick face, he was haggard a lot, all because of her, but she still could not repay his feelings.

In the next week, Shi Xiaonian and Shi Di snatched the qualification to take care of Mu qianchu regardless of the pain.

It's not that she wants to be jealous, it's that she can't bear to take care of people when flute.

When didi grew up, she was taken care of by others. When she grew up, she was also a big star. All of us were holding on to her. All the stars were in the sky. It was a disaster for her to take care of a patient.

Moreover, Shidi once gave medicine to Mu qianchu, so the food she brought should be checked by shixiaonian.

For this reason, Shidi plays with her every day.

When I was young, I didn't care. When I was young, I cried with mu qianchu.

Muqianchu is not in good health, almost all of them are resting for a long time and ignore the time flute.

When the flute is sad.

But after a few days together, Shi Xiaonian found that although Shi Di was arrogant and had no common sense, he seemed to really love mu qianchu. Otherwise, he would not come to take care of him when mu qianchu had nothing.

Muqianchu's condition is mainly severe pneumonia, coupled with trauma fear of infection will be in the ICU.

After several days of active treatment, mu qianchu was transferred to the intensive care unit. His spirit was relatively better and his cough was no longer as serious as before.

"The first thousand."

When Xiaonian came into the ward from the outside, holding a thermos lunch box, "I borrowed the kitchen to cook some porridge for you, and eat some while it's hot."

Mu qianchu is sitting on the bed reading, a leg is hanging very high, elegant temperament has been lost at the moment.

Seeing her look at her feet, mu qianchu helplessly wryly smiled, "isn't it particularly ugly?"

"No, it looks good."

When Xiaonian tried to praise him.

"Come on."

Mu qianchu shakes his head helplessly, takes over the insulated lunch box in Xiaonian's hand and drinks porridge by himself.

Shixiaonian sat aside, looked at the time, and said, "in a moment, the flute should come. When she comes, I'll go out."

Smell speech, mu qianchu droops eyes, puts down the spoon in hand, then looks at her, looks dignified tunnel, "small read, this is not a hospital, I can't stop her to come in all the time."

"I know. You don't have to tell me that."

When Xiaonian was embarrassed, he was explaining to her.

"I know that you still have traces of Gong Ou in your heart now, but you have already separated. I will ask for an opportunity anyway." "It's like a joke," he said, pretending to be relaxed, but his voice was heavy.

When Xiaonian sat in the chair, sipped her lips, raised her eyes and looked at Xiangmu qianchu, "in fact, I see these days, I think that Shidi is very sincere to you. Every day, in addition to activities, she goes to the hospital to take care of you."

She doesn't like Shidi, but it can't be denied that Shidi's heart is full of admiration.

"Stop." Mu qianchu raised his hand, "you can't accept me for the moment, and you don't need me to accept Shidi."


When small read silence.

"Without you, I can't accept the flutes." "In the past six years, I have been completely manipulated by my father and daughter," said Mu


"This is not what I hate the most. Do you know what I hate the most?"

Smell speech, when small read to look up at him, have puzzled.

Mu qianchu's eyes look at her painfully. "What I hate most is what she did to you. You will fall today. It's Shi Di and Tang Yi who hurt you. She and Tang Yi have involved Gong ou and hurt you."

"I don't know why. I don't seem to hate that much anymore." When small read bitterly smile, "probably is I want to annoy too many things, already had no space to hate those two people."

"You don't have no space."

Moqian gazed at her with determination.

Half of what he said, the second half didn't.


When Xiaonian's face was a little stiff, there was a high-heeled sound outside. The sound of such a high-profile step could not be heard except for the flute.

She pulled the corners of her lips and stood up from the chair. "I'll go first and come to see you later."


Mu qianchu nodded and looked at her back.

It doesn't matter.

He still has a chance.

As long as Gong Ou is away, he always has a chance.

When Xiaonian walked out of the ward, her steps stopped and her eyes were dim. She knew what mu qianchu wanted to say in the second half --

you don't have space, but you don't think the appearance of Gong Ou is a terrible thing.

In one word.