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Chapter 900. I'sm afraid you'sre not messing around


The bodyguard answered.

With the help of Shi Xiaonian, mu qianchu's clue like a riddle was found one after another. When she found one, she watched Gong Ou burn one.

But she did nothing, did not stop, did not admonish, only connived.

When she found the gift of the eleventh palace under the glazed tiles on the roof of the old house, Xiaonian's mood had reached a peak. It was not guilt, nor sadness, reminiscence or indifference. It was a complex emotion that could not be said, which filled her whole person.

She has been looking at Gong oushao's gifts in silence, and she has been thinking of the past and the most simple happiness at that time.

The eleventh gift mu qianchu gave her was a medical record report, a report of his own preparation for craniotomy, with a thick layer of letter beside it.

After thinking for a long time, I decided to take this medical record as a gift for you in the 11th house. Every time I can't confirm the place, I have to wait for my mother to come to see me once in a while to let her take it with me. Just like being a thief, it took me several years to get more than ten gifts. But I won't have to. When I get my eyesight back, I can hide the last gift for myself. When I get my eyesight back, I will go to see snow with you.

This letter, mu qianchu wrote a lot of content, she can almost imagine how hard a blind man is to press the paper with one hand, and carefully write down the words he can write with one hand holding the pen.

Medical record report.

At that time, knowing that mu qianchu's vision can be restored, they were both the happiest, so why they would get better, but an operation changed everything.

After all, mu qianchu and Shi Xiaonian become strangers, followed by her six-year obsession and then her family's destruction.

When Xiaonian sat at the door, Gong Ou was burning the medical record report, looking at the burning flame, Xiaonian covered his lips, and his eyes were gradually moist.

Gong Ou looks up at her, and her eyes are extremely fierce across the fire, which makes people shudder when they see it.

When small read can't help but lower the eyes, burying their emotions, Gong Ou step by step came to her, "what's on the letter?"

When Xiaonian hands Gong ou a stack of thick letter paper, looks at his uncertain face and whispers, "Gong ou, can we go back now?"

"The last gift has not been found."

Gongou cold tunnel.

"There can be no last present." When small read a way, the voice some astringent ran, "this gift after the first thousand years to do surgery, after surgery he will lose memory, so, there is no twelfth gift."

So far, there are only eleven gifts.

Gong Ou looks at her with deep eyes. He can't understand what he is thinking. He turns over the letter in his hand, one by one, his face is gloomy.

"It's really gone. He didn't leave his cords, did he?"

Otherwise, mu qianchu will leave a riddle for her to guess, but the medical record is the medical record, without any riddles.

"The clue is not in the medical record, but in the letter." Gong Ou looks at her with low eyes and asks, "look at snow, where will you go to see snow?"

When small read a flash of light in my mind, I think of the scene of pulling mu qianchu from the snow.

"I think you have."

Gong Ou's voice is cold.

When Xiaonian stood up and stood in front of Gong ou, his eyes staring at him deeply, "Gong ou, we are not looking for it, are we going back?"

Eleven copies have been found. It's time for him to vent, isn't it?

"Not good." Palace Europe paranoid tunnel, "where to see the snow?"


When Xiaonian looks at him pale, he must burn all to be satisfied, right?

"Where is it?"

Gong Ou accentuates the tone.

"Come with me."

Under the strong eyes of Gong ou, Shi Xiaonian finally loses the battle, raises his feet and walks out. Gong Ou stops her, "are you tired? Maybe... You can find it tomorrow. "

All in all, it's still to be found, isn't it?

Anyway, he's not rushing back to s City, is he?

When Xiaonian shook his head, he couldn't even squeeze out a reluctant smile. "I'm not tired. Let's go. It's a big place over there. It's hard to find."

Finish saying, when small read to walk forward, foot a stumble almost fall, Gong Ou from the back of a hug her, can not help but say to her a horizontal embrace to go out.

When small read Zheng ground to look at him, "I am very heavy now."

"I can hold you as a pig."

Gong Ou glances at her, but it's impossible.


When Xiaonian reluctantly leans on his arms, Gong Ou is allowed to carry her forward. It's late at night, but Gong Ou's chest is warm. She leans on his shoulder, and doesn't feel a little cold.

She gazed at his face at close range, with clear edges and corners, deep outline, and no smile. She could not guess what Gong Ou was thinking.

This feeling is really a little tired.

When small read secretly thought, walked out for a long time road, she way, "arrived."

It's a vacant lot at the back of the community. The street lights are shining on everyone. The bodyguards take the guys and disperse quickly. They are ready to do a big job. Then they look at each other when they see that the ground is cement.

When Xiaonian looked at this place, he said, "there was no cement field here before. When it snowed, there would be thick snow here. It was very muddy and difficult to walk, and it would fall into the snow pit a little accidentally."

"Take snow as a romantic memory, do you think it's a TV play?"

Gong Ou groaned in a strange way. When his eyes were staring at her, Xiao Nian wanted to stare a hole in her body.

“……” When Xiaonian lowered his eyes, "Gong ou, I'll go back to the old house and pack up. You can find it. It's such a big place anyway."

She really don't want to remember those past, so tired, really tired.

When Xiaonian turned to go back, a voice suddenly came from behind, "Mr. Gong, look."

When Xiaonian subconsciously turned his head, he saw two bodyguards standing in front of a big tree with a thick trunk. About one meter and five high, they were hollowed out, revealing a hole in the tree.

Gong Ou strode past, his long fingers cutting a week from the edge of the tree hole, his eyes cold.

"Mr. Gong, there are new and old cuts. It should have been dug recently."

The bodyguard analyzed.


Gong Ou looks at it coldly. He suddenly turns his head and looks at shixiaonian. Shixiaonian stands there and looks at the tree hole. The tree hole is almost the size of a chocolate tin box.

But now the box is not inside.

That only makes one point.

Gong Ou goes towards her, black eyes stare at her deeply, thin lips slightly open, a word way, "surname Mu's back."

It seems that those emails have worked. I finally know that I'll come back to protect the gift.

Gong Ou doesn't look at Xiaonian's reaction when she finishes saying that. She wipes her shoulder and leaves. At the moment of wiping her shoulder, Gong Ou's face is so bad.

When Xiaonian stood there alone and looked at the tree hole, he could not say anything.

Why do you want to come back.

If you see Gong oufa's burning video, you also see her warning. Why does mu qianchu come back and why doesn't he leave

When Xiaonian closed his eyes, he heard Gong Ou's indifferent voice behind her, "I will not leave until I find muqianchu."

"What do you want after you find it?"

When small read to ask a way, voice is a little light quiver.

"I'll kill him!"

Gong Ou sneers, and the smile looks especially sad in the night.


When small read clenched the lip, bited the lip color to be white, the mood which the heart and mouth surged is difficult to describe.

Gong Ou is really not ready to leave. Shixiaonian can't persuade her. She has to stay with her.

The lights in the old house are on.

When Xiaonian sits on the side of the balcony door and rushes towards the milk powder. He stirs it with a fine spoon. A pair of black and white eyes look at the bed. Gong Ou is half lying on the bed. He has a tablet computer in his hand. His long fingers are quickly moving on it. He doesn't know what to do.

"Must it be so?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"Heartache?" Gong Ou glared at her, and his eyes were cold. "If he stays abroad safely, I won't move one of his fingers. He actually runs back secretly. Who knows what he wants to do? Do you want to talk to you again? "

"You know it's impossible."

The affair between her and mu qianchu is completely over, no matter good or bad.

He accompanied her through these, and now he even said such things.

"Who knows." Gong Ou sneers sarcastically, and his fingers are flying on the plate.

"He didn't disturb us when he came back. He just went to worship Xiaodi. Besides, he has no ability to deal with you now." Said Shi Xiaonian, with a pale voice.

"Just because he and you have so much past, he makes me unhappy." Gong Ou said coldly, paranoid to madness, "since he has the courage to come back and protect the gift, it's normal for me to find him and play with him, isn't it?"

They are natural enemies anyway.

His tone was as casual as killing a grasshopper.

When Xiaonian turned the warm milk cup in his hand, looked down at the dangling milk in the cup, and said in a low voice, "if you are fooling around, I'm afraid You're not messing around at all. "

She was afraid that everything he did now seemed strange had his reasons and his purposes.

Obviously he was not going to tell her, and she was too stupid to guess.


Smell speech, Gong Ou lean on the head of the bed, fingers are stiff on the flat screen, thin lips are tight, black eyes have been fixed for a long time, he has not seen anything on the flat.

A room of silence.

Suddenly, Gong Ou turns off the tablet computer, looks up at the milk cup in her hand, and says, "I haven't drunk the milk yet."

He didn't face her directly.

He escaped.

In the face of such a situation, Xiaonian's heart sank a little bit. When he picked up the milk cup to drink, the cup was taken away by a hand out of the air.

Gong Ou stood in front of her and snatched the cup away. He lowered his head and took a drink, frowning, "it's cold."