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Chapter 606 she won'st go!

Don't you care about what you eat?

"Give it to me if you don't like it. I think it's very good. "When Xiaonian saw this, he took the milk bottle from Gong Ou's hand and drank it. Gong Ou looked at her with low eyes, and his voice was cold." do you like to help men talk

"He is my adoptive father."

When small read a way.

"Oh." Gong Ou suddenly answered, and then asked, "so what?"

So did he allow her to speak for other men?


When small read to drink milk silently, say nothing.


When Feng de looked at it, he read it carefully and then looked at Gong ou. He still didn't understand what it was like.

It's said that the young master knows that he's been fooled by Mona for four years, shouldn't he be very angry, or even can't accept his madness and impatience. But at this moment, how can he only think that the young master and shixiaonian are as good as honey?

When the car drove to the palace castle, from afar, Xiaonian saw the lofty Castle reflected on the water, like two ancient castles, magnificent and magnificent.

The road is covered with fallen leaves. The car passes through the middle of the road. The fallen leaves are splashed one after another like snowflakes.

In the morning, when the palace is the busiest, the servants are busy in exquisite work clothes. When they see their cars passing by, they stop and bow.

Looking at those people, Xiaonian always has a feeling of crossing into the film and TV series.

She leaned against Gong Ou's arms and looked out quietly.

The car stopped.

Shi Xiaonian is led by Gong Oula to get out of the car. He meets Charles and the maids.

Seeing Gong ou, Charles did not look surprised, but bowed his head respectfully, "second young master, Miss Xi is early."

Then, Charles and Feng de behind Gong Ou run into each other's eyes, and both of them nod politely.

"Miss Xi, you didn't come back last night. Madam is very worried. Please go over and report your peace with madam."

Said Charles as he looked.

When small read a nod, "OK."

As he said that, Xiaonian was about to move forward, and Gong Ou took a look at her. Gong Ou said, "first, make me some breakfast. I'm hungry."

"But madam's side..."

When I was young, I still wanted to respect the elderly first.

"I'll say, you make breakfast."

Gong Ou said in a low voice.

Then Xiaonian nodded, "well, I'll make breakfast."

"Don't make complicated ones, just a hot glass of milk."

Gong Ou glanced at her injured hand.

"Then you didn't drink milk just now."

When Xiaonian didn't realize that Gong Ou just loved her and her hand was still hurt.

"How can I get the milk from Fengde?" Gong Ou doesn't care that Feng De is nearby, so it's still worthless.


Feng de silently bowed his head to count the fallen leaves on the ground.

"Well, I see. I'll get it."

Shi Xiaonian said, walking aside, Charles and the maids immediately followed.

Gong Ou goes to the gate, and Feng de follows him. As soon as he enters the gate, Gong Ou takes off his coat, and Feng de reaches for it and hangs it aside.

Luo Qi is sitting in the living room, commanding the servant to hang a picture. She is wearing a long skirt, slim and graceful, standing in the air of a group of people.


Gong Ou looks at Rocchi and responds with a faint voice.

Luo Qi turned around and saw Gong Ou smile first, then sink her face and say coldly, "what are you doing? If you don't come back to me and say hello, let Feng de come back to find someone. I didn't let your father know. Otherwise, you will be invited to talk again. "

Gong Ou's face didn't care a bit. He sat down on the sofa directly and his stomach was empty.

He was waiting for breakfast.

"Where's Xi Xiaonian?" Luo Qi asked, sitting down gracefully on the sofa beside him, "why, I'm afraid that I'll tell her if I don't come back all night, let you come and tell her how to love?"

This Xi Xiaonian likes to play coquetry with Gong Ou too much, and let Gong Ou show her everything.

"She spent the night with me. What can I tell you?"

Gong Ou said coldly, leaning back.

"You should have a deal with me." Luo Qi said in a slightly unhappy tone, "I had arranged for her to have dinner with the wife and daughter of the SK family last night, but she was not there, so I couldn't get off the stage."

It's the ladies again.

Gong Ou's eyes flashed a cold light, and his thin lips moved. As he was about to speak, a servant came up to him and bowed his head, "madam, second young master. The master asked the second young master to go to the study and talk. "

"The master has got up?"

Asked roach.


The servant nodded.

"Then you go." Luo Qi said to Gong ou, "bring him the soup just cooked in the kitchen."

"I see."

Gong Ou responds, gets up from the sofa, the servant on one side hastens to go up to the front and follow Gong ou with soup.


When Xiaonian got hurt, he simply made a little breakfast and walked to the hall from the maid.

Once in, she only saw Luo Qi, not Gong ou.


When small read to Luo Qi low head.

"Do you know to come to see me?" Luo Qi stood there and looked at Xiaonian coldly. Her eyes touched the gauze on her forehead and she was shocked. "Why are you hurt again?"

"I fell by accident."

When Xiaonian reached out and touched his head.

Luo Qi's eyebrows frown, to the mouth of the words and swallow back, only way, "come here, I see."


When Xiaonian walked meekly to sit down beside Luo Qi, Luo Qi looked up to check her wound and sighed, "the wedding is coming, how can you hold the wedding when you have all the wounds on your face?"

"It doesn't matter. You can't see it when you put on makeup."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Do you want this beautiful face when cosmetics seep into the wound?" Luo Qi tore the gauze on her wound and frowned, "I'll let the infirmary bandage you again later, so as to eliminate the poison."


When Xiaonian sat there smiling and speechless.

"What are you laughing at?" Luo Qi's vision from her forehead wound back, looked at her face and asked.

"In front of my wife, who dares to call me beautiful?"

Said Xiao Nian softly.

Hearing this, Luo Qi's Willow eyebrows can't help but raise Yang. Looking at her, she said, "why, I'm afraid I'll blame you. You've used all the tricks of showing weakness and flattery?"

It was said in her ear.

"When small read smile," I said the truth

"All right." Luo Qi patted her. "You go to the infirmary. This meal is for Gong Ou? I'll give it to him later. "

"Yes, ma'am."

Xiaonian nodded, got up from the sofa and was about to leave.

Luo Qi leaned forward, gracefully took a glass of water and was about to drink it. She thought of a note and said, "last night, you were happy with Mrs. SK's appointment. Today, I'd like to apologize."

Mrs. SK?

It's the lady who can turn 18 corners at the expense of others. When she thinks of it, Xiaonian's head is a little big. She always has to think about it several times before she finds out that it's her fault.

"Yes, ma'am."

Xiaonian nodded obediently.

"She won't go!"

A sharp voice came.

When Xiaonian and Luo Qi raised their eyes, they saw Gong Ou standing on the stairs, putting one hand on the handrail, and a pair of black eyes looking at them sharply, with displeasure on their faces.

"Why did you come down so soon? The soup has been served to your father?"

Asked roach.


Gong Ou answered with indifference, then stepped on his long legs, walked down the stairs one by one, came to the middle of them, and reached out to hold Shi Xiaonian's hand.

Luo Qi stood there and looked at him in surprise, feeling that there was something wrong with him.

"Don't ask her to entertain those expensive ladies again." Gong Ou holds Xiaonian's hand and his voice is cold and stubborn. There is no room for discussion.

"Gong ou."

When Xiaonian pulled Gong Ou's sleeve, what was he doing?


Luo Qi asked questions.

"Because I don't like it!" Gong Ou is straightforward.

Luo Qi put down her water glass, stood up from the sofa, and looked at Gong ou with beautiful eyes. "As the future young lady of the palace, it's necessary to communicate with the ladies and famous ladies of the aristocratic circle."

"It's just a group of three grandmothers and six grandmothers competing with each other. What's the need?"

Gong Ou stands there in the cold tunnel.

"Do you know how many aristocratic alliances are achieved through women's competition?" Asked Luo Qi.

"I don't need women."

Gong ou and his mother are tit for tat, and do not give in at all.


Luo Qi was so angry that she couldn't speak for a while.

When Xiaonian stood aside, quietly watching two people arguing there, a word can not be inserted, it is helpless.

"In a word, don't dress her in a corset, don't let her socialize. She can do whatever she wants, and don't take the noble's set to restrain her!"

Gong Ou looks at Luo Qi's word for word tunnel, pulls when small reads to turn to leave.


Luo Qi looked at his back and felt a headache. She reached out and sat down with her head pressed. She was confused in her eyes. What's the matter? She didn't say it well before. When she came to teach her, she read it carefully. Now she asked her not to take out the noble's set.

Her son is getting too fast.


In the garden restaurant, when Xiaonian brought breakfast to the table with his left hand without injury, a pair of black and white eyes stared at Gong Ou directly.

Gong Ou sat there with a calm face and black eyes staring at the breakfast in front of him. He didn't do anything.

The birds in the cage make a cheerful cry.

When Xiaonian stood by and looked at him, he smiled for a while. "My wife didn't mean to embarrass me, she just wanted me to take a responsibility for the palace family."

Such a big palace needs people to support it. The more the better, the more unity the better.

She thought, this is what Luo Qi wants.

"But you don't like it."

Gong Ou looks up at her.

When small read some surprised looking at Gong ou, said, "in fact, you can see that I don't like the rules here, right?"

Just before, he had been holding back, forcing himself not to attack.

Today, he finally quarreled with Luo Qi.