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Chapter 933 see Gong Ou through the glass

Several foreigners in overalls stood by them and watched them closely.

When Xiaonian pressed the wound on his hand, he turned his eyes to look at the window, wondering if the window here was sealed.

"You have no idea what's going to happen?"

He said while observing his environment.


Shizhong picks up a cup and smashes it at her. It doesn't smash steadily. The cup smashes on the ground and makes a crisp sound.

"You still have the face to say to me, if Mr. Lancaster didn't keep it for you, I would clean the door today!" Shizhong screams out hysterically, hoping to kill her at once.

Min Qiujun cried out, "why do you want to kill your sister? Why? You are such a sister. "

When Xiaonian looked around, he didn't look at the two of them, and he sneered, "why do you think what others say? But I never care what I say. "

"You're a wolf in the manger!"

When loyalty and abuse.

"Do you want to know how Shidi died?"

Shixiaonian sat there and said, and then said the death of Shidi, even the appearance before his death.

She admitted that she meant revenge.

No one stopped her from saying that, because for Lancaster, the use value of adoptive parents is over. If you don't kill them, you'll be forgiven.

Listen to her words, min Qiujun cried and cried. Shi Zhong coughed even more. His whole face was red with cough and stared at her dead, "you are nonsense! You make up your sister's death! You beast! "

Shizhong grabs a cup again and smashes it at her.

This time, a nearby person picked up the cup for shixiaonian. The man looked at her bulging stomach and sneered, "she is a pregnant woman. How can we deal with her when you smash her up?"

"I can't die!" Shizhong said angrily, staring at him and reading, "besides, Lancaster wants her life."

When small read ignore him, continue to look around the situation, do not know whether the palace and the police have come to check, do not know whether can find abnormal.

She's not sure. She's not sure.

"Nothing to talk about? If you have nothing to talk about, go back! "

Said Xiao Nian as a foreigner stared.

"I see."

Shi Xiaonian gets up from the sofa and walks out. Minqiujun suddenly pours at her and is kicked out by the foreigner beside her. "What are you doing? Die! "

Min Qiujun was kicked to the ground, and his face, which was full of tears, looked older.

Xiaonian looks at her in silence.

Minqiu Jun struggles to get up without paying attention to the pain on his body and cries to her, "why do you want to kill your sister? You are such a sister. How can you bear it? You are not filial, you are not filial..."

When Xiaonian stood there, looking at her hysterical appearance, thinking about the relationship with her adoptive mother these years, maybe she could be totally heartless to her adoptive father, but her heart to her adoptive mother has always been complex.

The adoptive mother is weak and ignorant. She is easy to listen to others, but she also brings up her. She has paid for her sincerely, although this feeling is not as good as that of her younger sister.

Her positive understanding of kinship comes from minqiu Jun, which has completely harmed her.

"You believe what others say. Why don't you believe what I just said?" When small read coldly asked, "you think I have no humanity, but at the beginning you and I refused to say my life experience, how kind-hearted to me?"

Smell words, min Qiu Jun and Shi Zhong are all stagnant.

But they soon ignored the problem, minqiu Jun said excitedly, "we are not credulous, we are..."

"Autumn king!"

Shi Zhong suddenly snapped, interrupted min Qiujun, stood up and walked up to the two men and asked, "we've got you, can we go?"

"Go?" When standing beside Xiaonian, the foreigner laughed, "it's all palace people. How can we let you go? Just stay here."

Shizhong stays here.

Looking at the dullness on his face, Xiaonian thought it funny. Didn't he think of such a fate?

She went out with some foreigners, and there was a crazy cry from Shizhong behind her, "you are killing the donkey!"

When Xiaonian went out, he thought it was going back along the original road, but found that they took her on another road.

There was something strange in her heart, but she still dripped blood in the inconspicuous place as usual.

I hope someone will see this.

The longer time goes by, the more panic Gong Ou must be. When she was pregnant, he became nervous. Now she is stupid enough to fall on the enemy. She can't imagine how crazy he would be.

When small read complexion palely to walk forward step by step, one eye looks around, looks for can penetrate the news to go out the place.

"Mrs. Gong, a pregnant woman should not hurt herself too much. It hurts her body to shed so much blood."

A mocking voice suddenly sounded behind her.

When Xiaonian turned around in shock, he saw a foreigner squatting on the ground with a handkerchief to wipe off the blood she had just dropped. He looked at her sarcastically, "using the garbage to spread news and hurt her blood all the way. Mrs. Gong is really smart, but you probably don't know that your room is monitored."

When small read heart some cool, but also not many accidents.

She just wanted to do something to remedy it. She didn't think about the success rate.

"So, you already know I'm putting messages, and you let me out?" When small read lightly ask a way, complexion is very pale.

"Sir said it was interesting to see Mrs. Gong dying." With that, several foreigners laughed, as if it was really a funny thing, "since Mrs. Gong wants to let the news out, she will let you have a lovesickness solution."


When Xiaonian looked at them incomprehensibly, people were pushed hard. Her head hit a metal frame severely, and she was dizzy with pain.

She covered her forehead and stood up straight. Looking up, she saw that there was a half height glass inlaid on the wall, which could clearly see the scene outside.

Outside is the place where she and Gong Ou brought the children before. Gong Yao is still learning archery in that children's archery.

When Xiaonian's eyes flickered for a while, then he looked over and saw that there was already overcrowding.

There are uniformed police and palace guards.

They got it?

When Xiaonian opened his eyes incredulously, he saw the gorgeous archery field, a tall figure standing there, or the clothes he saw when he parted in the morning, which was so familiar.

Gong ou.

Here he is.

When Xiaonian opened his mouth just to open, a foreigner held her shoulder and said with a sneer, "consider for you a pregnant woman, or don't shout. The highest sound insulation technology is used here. No one will hear you even if you break your throat."


When Xiaonian stood there, his eyes were full of consternation.

I don't know what they want to do.

The foreigner picked up a walkie talkie, activated a key, and then heard a strange voice coming from inside. "Mr. Gong, we hill tribe express our regret for such a thing, and we need to do anything to cooperate."

When Xiaonian looked out of the glass, he saw a staff member standing behind Gong Ou nodding his head and waist and saying something. His mouth pattern and what he said in the walkie talkie were exactly right.

Therefore, the sound between the two sides is totally different.

"Don't disturb our young master, I'll answer whatever I ask you."

Gong Ou's side of Fengde came to the staff and said, the voice came from the walkie talkie.

Two people talk to each other.

When Xiaonian stood in front of the half height glass and looked at that side, Gong ou, take a look at her, take a look at her, she is here.

Like some kind of induction, Gong Ou suddenly turns around, looks around, and sees her.

"Gong Ou!"

When small read excitedly cries, the heart beats violently.

But Gong Ou's eyes didn't even stop for a moment, so he moved to another place. When Xiao Nian touched the glass in front of him, he suddenly understood.

This is one-way perspective glass.

On the other side of the wall, everyone saw a mirror, so no one could see her, neither could Gong ou.

Realizing this, Xiaonian stood there painfully, "you are here to humiliate me."

How can Mona's father give up tormenting her? Without excessive violence, he humiliated and tormented her with such a way, so that she could see Gong ou, but could not get any news.

"Isn't Mrs. Gong eager to spread the news? Pass on.

Several foreigners around her laughed wildly, laughing at her ignorance.


When Xiaonian looked at that side through the glass, he saw Gong Ou step by step walking towards this side, and his eyes were so straight staring at the mirror.

The heart and mouth of shixiaonian are jumping more and more fiercely.

Several foreigners are also stunned. Can Gong ou see this way? It's impossible.

Gong Ou suddenly stood in front of the mirror. His collar didn't turn well. His short hair was a bit messy. He was not like him at all. He stared straight at the mirror. His sharp eyes were red, like blood stained, which made people scared.

"Gong ou, Gong ou." When Xiaonian pounced on the glass, "can you see me?"


Gong Ou is silent. He stands in front of the mirror and stares at the mirror. He doesn't move. There is no expression on his face.

See, some foreigners are relieved.

"Gong ou." When Xiaonian and he looked at each other through the glass, reached out and shook their hands on it. Gong Ou's eyes did not move.

He really can't see it.

He couldn't hear it either.

Feng de came over and stood beside Gong ou and bowed his head. "Young master, hill tribe has nothing to look up. Min Qiujun is also recruited normally. There are also videos of recruitment, which are applied the next day after the news."

Gong Ou stood still, his red eyes staring straight at the mirror.

It's like losing consciousness.