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Chapter 307: Xiaonian is taken in

"Of course, it's not like forgetting like losing memory, it's just like remembering the feeling of calm." Mona said, a pair of sea blue eyes flashing a firm light, "I help people to get rid of the emotional pet company."

She is confident about this.


As long as the disease is cured, the weight of Xiaonian will become lighter and lighter, and she will not even be remembered.

When I don't think of her, I don't think of her.

Gong Ou's face was cold to the extreme, and he stared down at the steak on the plate. The steak in his stomach was still cutting his body with a knife.

Suddenly, Gong Ou stands up from the table and rushes to the bathroom.

"Mr. Gong?"

Mona ran after him in amazement.

She followed, only to see Gong Ou rushed to the bathroom, put the water down, and then stretched out his index finger firmly against his tongue.

"Nauseous --"

Gong Ou vomited to the sink and vomited frantically.


Mona put her hand over her lips in shock and looked at the scene in disbelief.

What is he doing?

Is he crazy?

"Ouch --"

Gong Ou put his hands on the edge of the wash basin and kept spitting at the white water, spitting out all the steaks in his stomach like knives without leaving a penny.

"Mr. Gong, what are you doing?" Mona stood at the door and looked at him in astonishment.

Gong Ou smelt her voice like a net and kept spitting at the sink until he could not spit. He took up the cup and rinsed.

For a long time, Gong Ou stood up in front of the sink, turned and stared at Mona.

Mona was shocked. His eyes became scarlet, which made people shiver. She could not help but step back. He wanted to kill her.

"No one can make me forget it!"

Gong Ou stares at her and shouts out word by word.


Mona froze, and people kept retreating.

"Listen to me, this disease I won't cure it! "

Gong Ou roared, then walked out of the bathroom and strode away.

He has pushed shixiaonian out. He can't even let his last feelings disappear.


Mona looked at his back stupidly, and it took a long time to react that she seemed to have more mouth.

She thinks that it's a good thing that Gong Okun and Shi Xiaonian break up and finally cooperate well with the treatment. How could she not have thought that Gong Ou would rather give up treatment in order not to forget his small thoughts.


In the small park, the sky is getting darker and darker, and the street lights are slowly on.

When Xiaonian leaned on the chest of Mr palace, his face was full of tears, his eyes were red and swollen, and he looked at the front desperately.

She has cried so much that she can't shed any more tears.

In the past six days, she has experienced the most difficult six days in her life. Every time she recalls the six days, her heart seems to be delayed by others.

The pain made her faint.

The R palace quietly accompanies her and gives her a broad chest.

At that time, Xiaonian didn't know if she should be grateful to Gong ou. At least, she left Mr palace beside her. Otherwise, she didn't even have a place to rely on.

It's dark.

When Xiaonian looks at the sky outside, she can't continue to wander outside, she can stand it, the baby in her stomach can't stand it.

Anyway, the child must stay.

"Mr palace, is my cell phone in your place?" When small read to ask a way, voice already cried to hoarse, do not sound like her voice.


R palace says, open one hand of oneself, mobile phone lies quietly in its palm heart.

When Xiaonian took out her mobile phone, it was turned off and mute by her. When she turned it on, she saw that it was full of unread messages and missed calls, which made her cell phone power low.

At this time, someone even thought about her.

When Xiaonian looked at her, it was Xia Yu's editor who called her.

When Xiaonian's eyes stopped, then he called back. The phone was soon connected, and he heard Xia Bian's excited voice, "Auntie! You finally know that you have contacted me. Do you want to scare me to death? I've been muddled since I saw the news in the morning. When I read it, I'll tell you that if you can't think about a breakup, I'll share your body! "


When Xiaonian was scolded, he realized that Xia Bian mistakenly thought that she couldn't think of seeking short-term views after breaking up.

"Where are you? In the morning, the housekeeper called me and said that you should come to me, but I can't see you from left to right! Where the hell have you been? You come out for me! You speak to me! " Xia Bian said more and more excited, I wish I could jump out of my cell phone and catch her.

"I I'm fine. " When Xiaonian said, "Xia Bian, I'll contact you another day."

She didn't want to bother them.

"Have you cried?" Xia Bian heard that her voice was wrong, said anxiously, and then said aloud, "no! You'll be at my house right now, or I'll break up with you! "

Said, Xia Bian directly hung up the phone and threatened her with a dear John.


Xia Bian is a woman and a man.

When Xiaonian looked at the phone that had been hung up, he felt warm in his heart.

She knows that Xia Bian still cares about her, not because she is Gong Ou's girlfriend, or not.

"Go to Xiabian's house and find the house." When Xiaonian rubbed her eyes, she had no tears to wipe, and they were completely dry.

"Yes, master."

R Gong said that when she stood up from the stone slab, Xiaonian stood up with her arm. She had to sit for too long. When she stood up, her mind was a little confused, and she almost fell down.

The R palace quickly supports her.

When small read subconsciously to cover his stomach, and then the voice of the plain tunnel, "I'm ok."

The R palace held her for a while, then bent down in front of her and said to her, "master, I will carry you."


When Xiaonian looked at its back, hesitated for a few seconds to climb up its back, Mr Gong walked forward with her on his back, "master, please show me the way."

R palace stopped there and said.

When Xiaonian told it, Mr palace laid out the map route and then walked forward with her back. The refined steel arm bent back and stretched into a stool to let her sit steadily.

The light of the street lamp is dim and yellow, with a touch of coolness.

She lies on the back of Mr palace, hands around his neck, let him carry himself step by step.

She suddenly remembered that in the seaside resort, Gong Ou was also carrying her footprints on the beach.

Gong Ou is always shocked by her feelings.

He is good to her and makes her shocked. He can do everything for her that she can't think of;

but now his bad to her also makes her shocked.

She was abandoned like this. She broke up with her resolutely when she was pregnant

When she thought about it, Xiaonian's heart was aching like a needle. She tightly hugged the neck of Mr palace.

The design of R palace is perfect. Even if he carries it like this, every radian on his body is round and won't make her uncomfortable.

At night, there was no one in the community.

When Xiaonian walked into the elevator and came out again with the R Palace on her back, she carried her all the way to a closed door. When Xiaonian lifted the door and knocked.

It's the door that brother Li opened. When he saw Mr Palace's tall silver body, brother Li was obviously frightened and stepped back.

After Li's family developed by relying on Gong ou, even the decoration style of the restaurant became luxurious.

When Xiaonian sat at the dinner table, brother Li brought out a plate of vegetables with a more Niang apron.

Xia Yu sat in front of Xiaonian and stared at her, "do you think you don't take me as a friend? I didn't know it until I saw the news

"No, I just want to be quiet." When small read light tunnel.

In fact, she only knows a few days about breaking up.

"Is this the result of your silence?" Xia Yu stares at her and points to her red and swollen eyes. "Aren't you some kind of shit breaking up peacefully? What's going on? Aren't you pregnant, but you're going to inherit them from the palace family. At this time, you break up? Is he still human? "

"Xiaoyu, don't be so hard to hear. We depend on Mr. Gong today." Li Ge came out with the chopsticks.

"I said, take it back at most. I can't live a hard life!"

Summer rain want to say.

Smell speech, when sitting there small read eyelashes vibrated, lifting eyes to see summer rain, "summer weave, thank you."

Not all friends can say such words without hesitation.

"Thanks for the wool! Why on earth did he break up with you? " Xia Yu asked. He wanted to get justice for her.

When small read some difficult to show a smile, "nothing, is the same as said at the conference, we are peaceful break-up."

It's peaceful.

And peacefully signed a break-up contract.

"Shit, I don't believe it!" Xia Yu doesn't believe it, and continues to question her, "there's always a reason to break up with a pregnant woman. There must be a reason!"


At that time, she also wanted to ask for a reason. Gong Ou gave her a lot, but in the end, she knew that she was just an emotional pet, not even a person.

It can't be said that Gong Ou has paranoid personality disorder, which is privacy.

"Reason." "When small read oneself wry smile," probably is my upper and lower row of teeth bite appearance not to go with his eyes


Xia Yu is silly. Li Ge is having a meal. When he hears that, he sprays rice directly. He is embarrassed and apologizes.

Xia Yu beat his husband angrily, and then said, "Shi Xiaonian, for this reason, he wants to break up with a pregnant woman? He's not sick, is he! What absurd reason is this? "

The real reason for breaking up is ridiculous.

She's been an emotional pet for so long, and she's been foolishly thinking she's in love.

When Xiaonian's face was a little pale, he looked at the dishes on the table and said hoarsely, "may I have a meal? The baby in my stomach can't be hungry. "

What else does Xia Yu want to ask? He is beaten by brother Li. "Eat first. Nothing is big."

"Thank you, brother Li."

Xiaonian nodded, then picked up chopsticks and began to pick up rice in his mouth.

What's the taste of rice? She has no sense of taste. She can't eat it, but she knows she needs to eat more. She can't starve the children in her stomach.