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Chapter 1012 Gong Ou faints again

The R palace bowed its head to her and turned away. It was just a messenger.

"Wait." Shixiaonian stopped it and asked, "how did I get here? Didn't your men get me? "

Hearing this, Mr palace turned around and the electronic sound system started, "master, why don't you come with me? Your feet are wet. I'll take you to change your shoes."

This kind of warm words must have moved Xiaonian before, but now she really doesn't know what to say.

She looked at the MR palace in front of her, without any sense of trust or security.

But she doesn't know what to do if she stays here. If Lancaster's plan, she doesn't need to play with her like this. Just catch it and play with it?

In this way, Xiaonian follows the steps of Mr palace and leaves with it.

Palace r went into the forest and broke some horizontal branches for her all the way to prevent the branches from scraping her.


When Xiaonian looked at its figure, he was very upset. Bit modified the program of Mr palace, but didn't modify it. Was it good for her?

It still takes care of her.

If she can, she must take it back to her old Mr palace.

It's a long forest. Mr palace is making way for her all the way. For a long time, Xiaonian saw a narrow stone road in the middle of the forest, and the road winds to the front.

Inside is a row of flat roofed houses, the yard is very clean, with rows of plants, it looks like a small farmyard.

When Xiaonian confusedly moves forward, what is the place here? Shouldn't bitin't be a research institute? It doesn't look like it here.

Understand, the less likely it is to escape the search of the palace.

When Xiaonian followed Mr palace and surveyed the surrounding environment, she suddenly heard a woman's scream coming from the door and looked up.

I saw a young girl in a servant's dress crying and kneeling on the ground. She was climbing out of the door, and a pair of black leather shoes were kicking at her.

Looking up the leather shoes, Xiao Nian saw bith's angry face. He kicked the maid and shouted hysterically, "get out of here! You're a piece of rubbish. You can't do any small things well! I'll kill you when I see you again! "

"I'm wrong, young master, ah, stop fighting, ah, young master, I'm wrong."

The maid cried and crawled out like a dog without dignity. Inside the door stood two maids, both of them with a familiar expression. No one pulled them.

When Xiaonian wanted to come forward and then gave up, she would not be better than this maid now. Why.

In a scream, the maid was kicked to lie on the ground for a long time before she left their sight.

Bit was still standing there with disgust on his face. When he turned to see him, he read a little. His face was stiff for a second. He turned around and went inside.

"I want to talk to you, master Pitt."

When Xiaonian stopped him, she suddenly felt that things were not what she imagined, and everything seemed to have an inside story.

Bit continued to walk in as if he hadn't heard it. When Xiaonian thought about it, or did she keep up with it, the maids were confused and confused when they saw her.


No. 13 district has always existed under the name of curse, but the flower city is always regarded as unlucky. The two families patrol the street day and night, not interfering with each other but full of vigilance.

In the high wall, the flowers are in full bloom and the fragrance is fragrant.


As Gong Ou smashes a cup to the ground, Gong's bodyguards kneel in the hall. They are afraid to make a sound.

"There was a sudden power failure in the big room, so we didn't get any monitoring pictures at that time. We really don't know how the second young grandma disappeared." A leader of the bodyguard knelt at the front and said with his head lowered, "but maybe the second youngest grandma is going to find the eldest young master. We can find out if we hurry to find out."


Gong Ou grabs a crystal ashtray and smashes it on the head of the bodyguard. The bodyguard dare not even avoid it. He gets a hard record.

"A bunch of rubbish!" Gong Ou sits on the sofa and stares at the man who kneels in front of him. He's not angry. The blue tendons on his forehead appear suddenly and faintly. "Under your eyelids, the two people disappear alive. Now you just give me guesses and excuses!"

"Please calm down, young master."

Bodyguard Qi Qi bowed his head, and one by one wished to lie on the ground.

"Stand up for me by some of the people who guard the underground waterways!" Gong Ou roars.

Several bodyguards stood up trembling from the middle. Gong Ou saw that they were more angry. The fire in his eyes almost burned. He stood up abruptly, picked up the pistol on the tea table, opened the insurance and aimed at them.

"Second young master!"

The crowd exclaimed, and the bodyguards were paralyzed with fear, and their feet could not move as if they were tied to the ground.

"I can't keep a waterway. What's the use of keeping you?"

Gong Ou holds the pistol tightly. His eyes are red, like a fire. His teeth are tightly clenched, and a thin scarf is tied around his neck.

"Second young master, spare your life!"

"The second young master is merciful. We will find the eldest young master and the second young grandma!"

"Save them for their crimes and meritorious deeds, second young master!"

The bodyguards all shouted, but they could only look at Gong Ou holding the pistol with their eyes open, and their index fingers slightly closed in the direction of the trigger. Several bodyguards standing there could not help but close their eyes and prepare for death.

The air is almost stagnant.

The sound of the gun did not sound, but Gong ou, who was standing upright, suddenly fell down in front of them and fell heavily on the sofa, his eyes closed tightly, like fainting or sleeping.


There was no sound in the room. No one dared to come forward to check what was going on.

For a long time, several brave bodyguards knelt up to him. One took Gong Ou's gun and the other went to test Gong Ou's breath. "It seems that the second young master passed out again."

"What's the matter? This is the second time that the second young master has fainted."

"It should be that the second young master is so impatient and aggressive. The second young master loves his wife so much, but the second young grandma disappears under our eyes." The head bodyguard said, "call the doctor to take care of the second young master. We'll find someone right away."

"How to find it?"

Asked the bodyguards.

"I'm not sure if Lancaster knows that the eldest son and the second daughter-in-law have gone out. We must keep them secret." Looking at the trembling subordinates, the head bodyguard said, "as long as you get them back, your lives should be saved."

"Then, let's go out and find someone."

Two bodyguards picked up Gong Ou from the sofa and walked upstairs.


In the ordinary courtyard, Xiaonian was walking with a pain in her heart. She could not help but reach out and hold her heart, and frown tightly.

Gong Ou must know that she's gone now. He doesn't know what will happen in a hurry. He was overworked. Now

When Xiaonian didn't dare to go down, she looked up and looked forward. She saw that bit went into a restaurant and sat down at the table. The maid carefully set the tableware and brought up the food one by one.

"How on earth did I get here?"

When Xiaonian walked forward and asked directly.

"Don't you think I have you?" Bith looks up at her, picks up the knife and fork and starts to cut the food on the plate.

"I don't think your family amuses me so much?" When Xiaonian stood there and said, "you say that you will be arrested one kilometer away from here, which means that it is safe for me. Why do you do this?"

"Because I want to hurt you."

Bit said and chewed a piece of food, his brow furrowed.


When Xiaonian looked at him speechlessly, bith sat there and looked at her. There was a little mischievous sneer on the young man's face, "aren't you afraid?"

"I was afraid, but when you say that, I suddenly don't feel afraid."

When small read candidly to say the idea of the heart, the face did not have the first alert.

“……” The young man choked, raised his eyes and looked at her several times, as if he was exploring something.

"I don't know how master bitt is going to hurt me. Let me be a little prepared." When Xiaonian looked at him and said.

Bit sat there chewing the food in his mouth. He didn't speak. For a while, he opened his mouth and spit out the food without chewing. He put down his knife and fork. "Make a cake again, and I'll tell you."

When Xiaonian stood there and thought he was deaf, "what do you say?"

Making cakes?

When the two armies meet, she is asked to make cakes here alone?

"If you do, I can answer your question." Bit sat there and said, there was no joke on his face.

"Why?" When I was young, I couldn't understand.

"Your cake is well made, i..." After Bitton, he continued, "I remember."


When I was young, I remembered that at the negotiation conference, bit represented the Lancaster family. At that time, she didn't have the present alert, only thought that he was a child and gave half of the cake. He seemed to like it very much.

So, she unconsciously captured an enemy's stomach with a cake?

Seeing her silence, she felt a little more nervous than her blue eyes, as if she was afraid that she would not agree. Suddenly, Xiaonian felt a little funny. The young man was still young, and really only remembered what he ate.

"OK, I'll make you a cake." Shixiaonian agrees.

"This time, your husband can't force you. I want so much." Bit compared a big plate before next, indicated her to make such a big cake, and there was a trace of revenge in her voice.


It seems that at the first meeting at the negotiation conference, the young man was deeply impressed by her and Gong ou, and remembered that Gong Ou didn't allow him to eat so many cakes.

When Xiaonian looked around, she went to the kitchen, her feet were wet, which made her very uncomfortable. She said, "can you change a pair of shoes for me?"