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Chapter 737 Miss Xi's heart disease

When Xiaonian asked several people that they had not seen Gong ou, they had to go back home. After standing for a long time, her legs were sore.

Once back, Gong Kui, a truant, rushed out directly, ran to her side, hugged her leg, his face was red with excitement, and his big eyes flashed at her, "Mom, grandma said you have a baby, I'm so happy, where is it?"

"It's a long time before the baby can see you."

"How long? An hour? One day? Or a hundred days and a thousand days? " Gong Kui has no specific concept of time.


When Xiaonian was amused, he crouched down, reached out and touched her little face. Then he deliberately stretched his face and said, "should you be in class at this time? Did you run out?"

Smell speech, Gong Kui spits out tongue mischievously to her, "I go back to class now, the baby has come to call me, OK?"

When Xiaonian can only smile and nod, watching Gong Kui jump away.

In this family, everyone welcomes the arrival of the baby. Besides Gong ou, maybe, he is not unwelcome either. He has other ideas.

When Xiaonian was ready to think about saying words and having a peaceful talk with Gong ou, he waited until the evening and didn't see Gong Ou at lunch.

Luo Qi also asked her, "is Gong Ou too nervous? When I heard that there were children, I even ignored you. "


Who's ever seen a child so nervous that he doesn't even pay attention to his mother? Unless you don't want to. It's just that Logie didn't think of it.

At night, when Xiaonian was alone in the room, sitting at the end of the bed, holding the remote control in her hand, she was bored to tune the channel. Her attention was not on it at all. She had been listening to the movement at the door of the room.

But it was so quiet there that there was no sound.

One hour, another.

Gong Ou has not come back.

It's not like Gong Ou's style. He has always been the last to avoid things, but today he has been hiding from her for a whole day.

Thinking of what happened on the other side of the farm, Xiao Nian combed through the whole day's words and went out.

Gong Ou is in the study, so the servant said.

When Xiaonian went to the direction of the study, he reached out to open the door and walked inside. There was no one in the huge study.


When small read stupefied a few seconds, don't say Gong Ou is here?

She looked around, and at last her eyes fell on the desk, which was a mess. A book was opened there, even on the telephone, and the chair was full of books, let alone on the ground.

The bookshelf was also turned upside down, and many books were scattered there like this, which was thrown down at first sight.

So don't cherish books?

Did these books provoke him?

When Xiaonian walked over, he bent down to pick up several books from the ground and folded them. Just as he was about to put them away, he saw the damage to a woman caused by the production of a title that made her stunned.

Xiaonian's heart was shocked. As expected, it was almost the same as her guess.

When she went to her desk, she saw that all the books on the desk were about the harm of pregnancy and childbirth to women, and the books on the chair were almost all about how to take care of women after abortion.

He made up his mind to let her kill the child.

If that's the reason, she is more reluctant to kill the child. When Xiaonian closed the stack of books on the table to one side, there are a lot of materials under the pressure of the books.

When small read Leng Leng, picked up those materials, above is a record of some conversations, there is a small recording pen.

The style of this pen looks like it was a few years ago.

When Xiaonian took up his pen and opened it, he heard a voice saying that strangeness is not strange, neither familiar nor familiar. "Mr. Gong, I'm miss Xi's chief doctor in Italy. Now I'm going to tell you about Miss Xi's situation."

Miss Xi.

Now they call her Mrs. gong or Mrs. Shao. Few people call her Miss Xi.

When Xiaonian suddenly realized that the recording was a long time ago and how early she didn't know, she just listened to the voice continue to ring and said, "when I was arranged to take care of Miss Xi, I found that her physical condition was very bad, the main thing was that she was worried too much, and she was imprisoned in a place for a long time and had a big negative mood. Miss Xi lost weight all the way after she was born Since then, she has been unable to breastfeed her child normally, so she has to rest. "

When Xiaonian stood there and listened to the doctor's voice.

When did Gong Ou ask about this.

"Miss Xi is a very strong person. Even though she is weak, her willpower is still very strong. This is the most fundamental reason why she can survive later. I really admire her." The doctor's voice rang in the recording pen, "as for the specific things I can't say at the moment, one of the most impressive things for me is Miss Xi had a high fever. I don't know why her stomach suddenly hurt. We can't find the reason at the moment, so we have to worry."


"At that time, all of us were standing in the room, watching Miss Xi roll over and over on the bed in pain. The whole face was so pale that we couldn't find any blood. Seeing her like that, everyone of us was worried about her and Mrs. Xi cried. " The doctor said, "later we learned that this was actually a heart attack of Miss Xi."

Heart disease.

When Xiaonian's eyes drooped slightly, the doctor said, "we once thought that Miss Xi did not suffer from postpartum depression, but the time when she was imprisoned when she was pregnant still cast a shadow on her. She was pregnant and had a hard time. Others were a little bit of dull pulling pain, but she was heartrending, and there was no one worthy of her trust around at that time."


When small read close lips.

"So later our doctor figured out that this was Miss Xi's heart disease. Once she felt the pain in her stomach, what she reflected in her mind was a thousand times of the total pain, a kind of pain she couldn't help." The doctor sighed, "a pregnant woman's mood is easy to fluctuate, and she has been imprisoned for so long and robbed of a child. It's good that Miss Xi can be as tenacious as now. It's like she's in pain rolling on the ground and never tried to give up her life. "

When Xiaonian couldn't hear any more, he stopped the recording pen and stood there stupidly.

Gong Ou is listening to these recordings. That's why he doesn't want her to give birth to this baby.


There was a push at the door.

When Xiaonian turned around, he saw Gong Ou standing at the door with a cup of coffee in his hand and a windbreaker on his body. He was tired on a handsome face.

When I saw her, Gong Ou's black eyes were deep, and her eyes fell on the recording pen in her hand.

"That's why you don't want this baby, right?"

When small read tightly holds the recording pen to see to him way, say don't understand is moved or sad, seem to have all.

It was so long ago that he remembered it clearly.

"When did you come in?"

Gong Ou frowned, came forward, put down the coffee cup, grabbed the recording pen from her hand and threw it into the drawer, and then began to clean up the books on the table, one by one.

When Xiaonian looked at him pretending to be busy, his lips moved, "Gong ou, I want to leave this child."

Her voice was quiet, but a little quivering.


Gong Ou's action stops. Next second, he throws the book in his hand on the table, turns his eyes to see her. In his black eyes, he takes the bully that can't be refuted

"I want to stay. Your previous reasons can't stop me, and such reasons can't stop me even more." When small read also looked at him stubbornly, patted the book on the desk.

Gong Ou's eyes were filled with anger and said to her, "yes, my real reason is this. I just don't want you to live. I just don't want you to experience that pain again!"

Clearly is concerned about words, but he roared with the same quarrel.


When small read purses a lip, look at him quietly.

"How much did you suffer from your last pregnancy and childbirth you forgot all about it, didn't you?" Gong Ou stares at her and simply spreads out all his words, "shixiaonian, have you always been well scarred and forgotten the pain? Want to live, how are you going to do, again painful to roll on the bed, painful to lose weight quickly, or painful to pick out a trace with fingernails on the edge of the bed? "

Smell speech, when small read to stare at him stupidly, originally, he really knows anything.

I just didn't say it in front of her.

No wonder when they said that they would have another baby, only Gong Ou almost never expressed his opinion. He didn't say anything, but he meant that they would never have children again.

"In a word, I'm in charge of this family. I don't want this child! Tomorrow, I'll kill it! "

Gong Ou said firmly.

"I won't fight."

When small read suddenly don't know what to say, only stubbornly left this sentence.

"Oh." Gong Ou sneers and looks at her like a weak person. "Why are you stubborn with me, shixiaonian? Can you win me? You come out of this door, as long as I have a word, who can help you? "

Gong Ou is always poisonous when he speaks ruthlessly. It's very tax-free. It's so poisonous that you can't refute it even when your heart is dripping blood.

Listening to this, Xiaonian stepped back and smiled bitterly, "what are you showing me, showing off your great power? Yes, as long as you say a word out of this door, no one will help you, and everyone will listen to you. We are clearly husband and wife. Why do we tell you that I am just an accessory of you? When I was a small thought, was it a pendant on you? "

Their union wasn't to have a home, but to enter his world and submit to his rule, right?

Is that what he wants to say?

Looking at her bitter smile on the corner of her lips, Gong Ou realized that his words were heavy. He jumped down from the corner of his eyes, and his tone sank. "I don't mean that."

"Whatever you mean, I'm going to have this baby."

Said Shi Xiaonian stubbornly.