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Chapter 137 I want you as a beast

When Xiaonian is thrown into the sofa by Gong ou.

She sat up and rubbed her legs. They were numb.

Gong Ou stood in front of her, staring at her with low eyes, holding a rage in her chest, reaching out to beat her, seeing that her left arm was wrapped in gauze, and she could not be cruel.

There was a great deal of silence between the two.

Only the bloody smell from Gong Ou's hands was left in the room.

"Would you like to bandage the wound first?" She asked.

"I ask you, on the island of clouds, did you run away from the church and hide in the changing room of Mu qianchu?" Gong Ou suddenly asked.

Both asked at the same time.


When Xiaonian was stunned, he did not expect that he would suddenly mention this and looked at him in surprise.

How did he know that.

Seeing her expression, Gong Ou's eyes were clear. He took back his fist, raised his foot, kicked over a floor lamp, sat down in a chair in front of her, and was full of impatience and jealousy.

"You and mu qianchu were in secret at that time!" Gong Ou stares at her hatefully, gnaws at her teeth and roars out, "have you put me in the eye?"

She thinks he's a dead man?

He even put everything down for her and chased the island on the cloud.

"No, he didn't recover his memory at that time. He was disgusted with me. I hid there. We couldn't have anything." She said faintly, trying to consider the wording and carefully observing Gong Ou's face.

"Has he regained his memory?" Gong Ou's eyes were shocked. "That is to say, do you start from his memory recovery?"

"I didn't start with him."

She said.

"All in the amusement park, when I'm blind?" Gong Ou shouts out and stares at her jealously, "needless to say, on the day when I returned home, you were happy with my appointment and went to see mu qianchu!"

There is no doubt about the answer.

“……” When Xiaonian looked at him in amazement, he couldn't imagine that he could have guessed so much, and all guessed right.

"I hate people who break my appointment the most in my life, and you, leave me and go to see another man!" Speaking here, strong jealousy engulfs Gong ou. "What are you and the man doing when I don't know?"

When he was worried to death about her, was she with another man, rolling in the sand, or directly into bed?

He couldn't help squeezing his fist again. One fist was full of blood.

"I didn't," he said, shrinking back in fear

"What good can a man and a woman do when they get together privately?"

Gong ouyin stares at her surly. Just imagining the picture, he will go mad.

But it's strange that he can't help her.

The way she sat on the sofa with her body shrunk down was too weak. Although he was very angry now, he couldn't give a firm hand.

"I didn't."

"In what position did you sleep with him?" Gong Ou asked out in an open way. He wanted to stab himself with every word. He stabbed himself to death. His voice became depressed. "When I was wearing a green hat, what gesture did you use?"

What he was thinking.

“……” She was embarrassed by what he said.

"Say." Gong Ou stares at her. "Tell me all about it."

"I think you should have investigated the relationship between me and mu qianchu. When he lost his memory, I couldn't accept it. After pestering him for several years, he was indifferent to me." When Xiaonian looked at him and explained, "on the day you returned home, I knew that he had recovered his memory. There was nothing between me and him."


Gong Ou stares at her and smells the words. The gloomy color in his eyes has faded.

She said there was nothing between them.

Nothing means that I haven't been to bed

"Anyway, I didn't give you a green hat." When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and thought for a while, he said, "besides, you may have grown up in England and don't know the word" green hat ", which is generally used between formal couples."

She reminded him in disguise that they were only in an abnormal relationship.

In this way, he may not make a fuss about it.

"You are mine, no one can touch you!" Gong Ou stares at her.

"You want to say I'm your dog again?" When Xiaonian asked himself, "you say it's interesting to me, but you think I'm your dog. Gong ou, do you like Ren beast?"

"I want you, beast!"

Gong Ou glares at her fiercely, and says in a wild way.

I want you, beast.

He was always so arrogant that he seemed to have nothing wrong with saying such ridiculous things.


Shixiaonian looks at her, without refuting.

It's silly of her to argue with him again.

His mood is much calmer now than when he came back from the amusement park.

It seems that it's not as serious as Feng de told her before. Gong Ou is easily angry and suspicious. But today when he saw the scene of the amusement park, he didn't beat her or torture her.

"Come here." Gong Ou looked at her and ordered.

"For what?"

I looked at him warily.

"What kind of eyes are you? You should be so careful when you look at me, and smile so brilliantly when you look at that man!" Gong Ou was very upset. "What's better about him than me? He's a depressed young man who's divorced!"

How many streets does his palace and Europe admire?

Is this woman blind?

"I don't have a brilliant smile for mu qianchu."

When Xiaonian was a little surprised.

"At the amusement park!" Gong Ou is very upset when she thinks of it. She has never shown the clean, fresh and carefree smile before him.

"Yes?" When Xiaonian turned her eyes, she didn't pay special attention.

Seeing her thinking, Gong Ou became more furious in his heart. "Do you dare to aftertaste it?"

"I didn't."

"You're just aftertaste!" Gong Ou stares at her.


She has no aftertaste. She's just thinking about it.

Should he be so unreasonable.

She simply stopped talking.

"Come here!" Gong Ou orders her.

"What to do?"

"Let me check and wash it!" Gong Ou's crazy tunnel.

He didn't want that man in her.

When Xiaonian wanted to refuse, but didn't want to provoke him, she looked at his bloody hand and whispered, "do you want to use this hand to check me?"


Gong Ou looks at his hand now. It's full of blood. The pain comes into his body. He frowns.

When Xiaonian looks at him, he doesn't realize he's hurt just now, does he?

"You go to my bedroom and wait!"

Gong Ou stares at her, stands up and walks out.


When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and looked at his back, he was relieved.

Is this a safe time?

I don't know how mu qianchu is now. He is not seriously hurt.


Imperial castle, infirmary.

"Go away! Feng De, you bandage me! "

Gong Ou sits on a chair. He thinks some private doctors are too slow to deal with it, and coaxes them out.

"Yes, sir."

Feng De, who had studied medicine, immediately moved forward respectfully and began to deal with the wound on Gong Ou's hand.

Only one hand of Gong Ou is full of small wounds. There are several places where the glass slag of red wine remains in the wound.

It has been more than three hours since he held the broken cup. Feng de can't imagine how Gong Ou tolerated it.

"Hurry up!"

Gong Ou stares at him and says that Xiao Nian has not cleaned up when he is going to check.

"Yes, sir." Feng de carefully used tweezers to pick out the broken glass. He couldn't help but admonishing, "young master, no matter what, you can't hurt yourself."

"The older you get, the more verbose you get, the more you do things."

Gong Ou growls at him impatiently.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de had to close his mouth and concentrate on cleaning his wound.

The light is bright. Gong Ou sits there and lets him clean up without frowning. A handsome face has no expression, and there are several bloodstains in deep eyes.

He looked down at Feng de as he took a piece of broken glass from his hand.

"Feng De, I can't do anything to her."

Looking at his hand, Gong Ou suddenly uttered a sentence without any reason, with a deep voice.

Feng de looked at the young master in amazement, and then sighed softly.

"Fengde." Gong Ou called him again.

"Yes, sir."

"Do you know what I'm thinking?" Gong Ou Dao.

Feng de stops clearing and waits for his answer.

Gong Ou put up his hand full of scars, with deep pupils. He opened his thin lips and said, "I'm thinking, fortunately, this time, it's not her."

Fortunately, he hurt himself.

Fortunately, the injury was not on her. She was too weak to be hurt by him again.

"Young master..."

Feng de looked at him in astonishment. He was so hurt. What he thought was that he was glad that it wasn't Miss Shi.

Gong Ou sat there, with a curl in his lips and deep black eyes, "Feng De, I am really planted in her hands."

His voice was a touch of silence, a sense of recognition.

The young master will admit his life, which is an incredible thing in itself.

Feng de looked at Gong Ou in shock and didn't speak for a long time.

"Continue cleanup."

Gong Ou said in a deep voice, give him his hand.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded.

Gong Ou's eyes are not focused to look at his hands. Junpang has no expression, as if he doesn't feel a trace of pain.

When Xiaonian stood on the balcony, he knew that he was really planted in her hands.

He likes everything she does;

when she annoys him, she regrets when he hurts him;

she smiles so brightly to another man, he is jealous, he is mad with jealousy.

That woman, she never even thought to accept him, he has lost himself for her.


When Xiaonian is taken into Gong Ou's bedroom by the maid.

Before, she had never stepped into Gong Ou's bedroom. In the imperial castle, Gong Ou did that to her in the room arranged for her.

"Miss Shi, this is the first time that the young master let a girl into his bedroom." The maid opened the door and stopped to look at her enviously.

"First time?"

When small read stunned.

"Yes, the young master's bedroom has always been closed to women. Usually, it's the Butler who arranges it himself." "Go in," said the maid, "and have a drink?"

"No, thank you."

Said Shi Xiaonian, raising his feet and going in.