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Chapter 150 admit to love me

Then Alan's cell phone rings, and he picks up the phone. "Hello? Mu Shaoru Miss Shier. "

Mu qianchu looks up at him reproachfully, and Alan immediately changes his tongue, listens to a few words and hangs up the phone, inquires, "Shi Er is under the company, want to see you, do you want me to invite her up?"

"I don't see her."

Mu qianchu is indifferent and continues to read the documents in his hand.

Allen's cell phone vibrated. He looked down and put it in front of Mu qianchu.

Mu qianchu looks down and sees a piece of news on the mobile screen.

According to the news, Shidi announced to the public that they broke up because he knew that Mu group was being maliciously attacked and didn't want to implicate her, so he asked her to leave. She would not give up and she would share the difficulties with him.

Muqianchu's eyes flashed a little annoyance, pushed the mobile phone aside and said, "what is she talking about?"

What she did was exposed by him, and she still did it.

"Miss Shier is helping you. In this way, Mu always has a positive image of a good man in the outside world." Alan said, "didn't you just say that you wanted to recover the situation? You wanted to recover the image first?"

"I don't need her to help, you go and make it clear." Mu qianchu indifferent tunnel.

"Mr. mu, you can't do this. Yes, Miss Shi Er did something wrong before, but this time, when she fell into such a dilemma, she would like to accompany you, doesn't it mean that she really loves you? "

Originally, Allen could not bear what flute did, but this time, he stood by flute.

"I said, don't use her help!"

Mu qianchu's tone increased and looked coldly at his assistant.

Alan can't help bumping into him for the first time. "President Mu, they say that it's hard to see people's hearts. As soon as you sit in the position of president, the Mu group falls into such a field. Mr. Mu is furious, Miss Mu is cynical, and the members of the board of directors are pressing every day. It's Miss Shi She never contacted you, she didn't even have a phone call. "

"Cough, cough..."

As soon as I heard it, I read it, and mu qianchu coughed more violently.

"Mu's group was attacked by his Gong ou. But what did she do? She left you injured in the amusement park and went to have a good time. She didn't care about your life or death! Mr. mu, you should be sober! "

Alan said excitedly.

"Cough..." Muqianchu put out his hand to cover his chest, which was very painful. He looked coldly at Alan, who was excited on his face. He said word by word, "do you know when you read it? Do you know that she saved my life? "


Alan shut up.

"Do you think, with Gong Ou's ability, she can know half of my news now?" Said Mu qianchu, his voice is too weak.

Alan looked at Xiangmu in shock. "You mean..."

"I'm afraid she doesn't know that I'm going bankrupt." Mu qianchu smiled bitterly.

At the amusement park, she chose to leave with Gong ou.

He believes that the most important element of his safety is that one of his men relies on one of her women.


ELLENTON was speechless.

"By the way, you know she's having a good time, not suffering?" Mu qianchu asked, her eyes full of astringency. "She chose to go back to Gong Ou because of me."

“……” Alan is silent.

Mu qianchu looked down at the documents on the table and smiled a pale smile. "I don't care about the success or failure of Mu group, but I can't lose this battle. If I lose, I will have nothing at all."

When he lost, he lost shixiaonian completely.

"But the other side is Gong ou."

Gong ou.

With that name, who dares to fight him.


Gong ou, the other side is Gong ou.

Mu qianchu clenched his teeth, slowly clenched his hand on the desk, and tightly clenched his fist.

If you can't fight, you have to fight.

He can't just throw in the towel. He's not willing to give up. As soon as he recovers his memory, he loses his mind.

"Mr. mu..."

"I lost almost every bit. Let's go ahead and have a meeting." Said Mu qianchu, looking at the picture frame.

There is a picture in the frame.

It's a picture of her and him smiling at each other in the amusement park. It's a picture he cut from the surveillance video.

He raised his hand and stroked the picture slowly. His fingertips rested on her smiling face, and his eyes gradually deepened.


I miss you so much, really.

How are you doing now?

Muqianchu astringed his eyes, pulled out the drip pipe directly, stood up from the table, got up to go to the meeting, and his head was filled with dizziness, which made him almost fall down.

He held the desk for a moment, then walked away.


Two days later, when Xiaonian took off the gauze on his hand, the small wound had healed.

The diving coach taught her to know the diving equipment and let her try it on again and again. When she was young, she studied hard.

"In fact, when there are tourists coming, we don't teach them so carefully, because the sea area here is very suitable for diving, and we will also take safety measures, and the coach will go to the sea together, basically there will be no danger." Said the coach.

"Is it?"

"When Mr. Gong arrives, the security measures will be more rigorous and all risks will be guaranteed. But Mr. Gong still wants us to teach Miss Shi. It can be seen how much Mr. Gong cherishes Miss Shi. No mistakes are allowed. " The coach smiled and continued to teach her.


Smell speech, the expression on small read's face stagnated.

In the two days at the seaside resort, everyone reminded her consciously or unconsciously how good Gong Ou was to her and how much she loved her.

She resisted hearing such a voice.

Because There is no need for these voices, she also knows that she is too clear, so she is more resistant.

"How long can this breathe in the sea?"

When I was young, I turned away from the topic and focused on my study.

It's another day of complicated study.

I have to say that with Gong ou, she saw many things she had never seen and learned many things she had never learned.

It seems that the whole person is rich in a lot of knowledge.

When he came out of the classroom, Xiao Nian went outside and twisted his neck.

Two young girls walked past her and bowed their heads respectfully to her. "Good time, miss."

When Xiaonian was about to talk to each other, the two girls turned around and left without saying more to her.

What's the matter this is?

These two days, the staff of the resort seemed to say nothing but hello to her. Even these two girls, who are the same age as her, don't talk to her.

Is she angry because she failed to persuade Gong ou to return her mobile phone to them?

At that time, Xiaonian frowned and went to the end of a row of wooden houses.

From a distance, she saw Feng de looking at her.

Then the next second, Feng de turned to walk to the wooden door.

Why do you see her coming in?

These two days, Gong Ou worked in this wooden house when she was studying. Every time she went there, Feng de wouldn't let her.


I don't know what I'm doing.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes, she strode to the other side and quickly ran to the door.

Then, without thinking, she pushed the door open.

In the wooden house, only Gong Ou is there alone, and the screen emits a dim light.

She looked around and saw that the 3D model of the robot was turning on the screen, and there was a mess of code data beside it.

I'm really studying robots.

Gong Ou sat on the chair and saw her. She leaned back a little. Her lips were curved. She said, "I miss you again. I can't wait to crash in. I want to keep it secret."

"I can't understand you if you let me see it."

When Xiaonian stood there, she was honest and didn't understand the code.

Let her see what's going on.

Gong Ou seemed to think of it, and a flash in his eyes suddenly came to him, "I have forgotten that my woman is a technology blind."


Was mocked.

When Xiaonian pursed her lips, she turned her head and saw Fengde retreat quietly to close the door for them.

"Come and let me hold it."

Gong Ou gives her instructions.

When Xiaonian was not a robot, he didn't listen. He just asked strangely, "what's the matter with the housekeeper these two days? He always feels mysterious."


Gong Ou picks his eyebrows, but there is no change in his handsome face.

"Yes, the people in the resort are weird." When small read nods, frown to ask, "why don't you return mobile phone to everybody, protect privacy to sign a contract not good, they also won't violate the law."

He's the president of N.E. and she knows that he values privacy, but it's enough to bully the entire resort away from cell phones.

"Then some people would rather break the law than disclose it. My palace lacks their compensation?"

Gong Ou Dao, I'm a bully when I have money.

When Xiaonian bit her lip, Gong Ou reached out to her, "come and hug me. Don't waste your mind on the irrelevant. "

When small read still did not pass, only way, "then this way, let's go diving tomorrow, play back to s city."

Save the staff living a life of cave people by the sea every day.

Besides, Xia Bian also asked her to go back to discuss the progress behind the cartoon.

"What's the hurry? You haven't learned it well. We have plenty of time anyway."

Seeing that she can't come, Gong Ou stands up and pulls her over, holds her in his arms, lets her sit on his leg and pesters her wearily.

"Is there time?" When small read confused, "we want to stay here for a long time?"

She thought she would dive into the sea and go back.

"Since it's a holiday, it'll take at least half a month." Gong Ou looks down and plays with her hand. Her fingertips touch her finger bones. Her fingers are too thin.

"Half a month?" Shixiaonian was shocked. "Don't you have to go back to work?"

"I'm busy." Gong Ou looks up at the robot program on the computer screen and says, "I'll take care of all my business here, and I'll give you enough money."

Enough company?

He meant it as if he lived for a long time.

She also promised Xia Bian that she would definitely go back in a week. Xia Bian asked her to sign some comics for fans. She didn't dare to let Xia Bian send them for her to sign.

I don't know how to die when Gong Ou sees it.

How to deal with this.

"Do you want to go back?"

Gong Ou reaches out his hand and holds her chin, forcing her to turn her head and look at herself. Her black eyes are deep, and her thin lips make a sinister arc. "So when you admit to love me, we will go back."