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Chapter 792 turns out he's just a double for death

"Besides, do you think my brother thinks that Luo is abnormal?" Gong Ou said coldly, putting the cup back.

When Xiaonian looked at him in silence, he picked up the cup and drank a few mouthfuls of hot milk

"Small read, you don't tell me, you don't know brother to save Luo abnormal is can't stand their own sense of guilt." Gong Ou said with sharp words.


When Xiaonian was silent, she thought that Gong Yu was going to save Luo lie for some reason. Until Luo lie asked her who Xiaoyu was, she understood that she thought too simply.

"To put it bluntly, I can't stand another man dying for him. At that time, Xi Yu liked him, and he couldn't help the plane crash. Now, Lori likes him, and he's afraid that he can't help the imprisoned resort." Gong Ou said coldly, "in my opinion, he is not going to save Luo abnormal!"

Standing in the distance, standing in the blind corner of their vision, Lori was as stiff as a stone.

When Xiaonian sat beside Gong ou and stared at him, he couldn't help saying, "Gong ou, your EQ seems to have grown up."

It was unexpected that Gong Yu could be analyzed so thoroughly.

"I have high EQ!" Gong Ou gives her a vicious look.

When small read to turn the cup in the hand, say, "that elder brother and doctor Luo is a bit of possibility to have no?"

"If we were brothers, there would be no way."

"What do you mean?"

It has nothing to do with whether they are brothers or not.

"Anyway, I can't empathize!" Gong Ou said bluntly, "he's my brother, and he won't either!"


What's the logic?

When small read to look at him speechless, "you this is by the way to upgrade their own level?"

Saying Gong Yu's things can also be brought to himself in a moment, expressing his deep feelings.

"Not by the way."


"Showing yourself is the main thing, saying brother is the second!"


When small read more speechless, chat with him is really a headache ah, minutes do not pay attention to can not follow the train of thought.

In the corridor, Lori heard that he suddenly turned around and ran recklessly forward. He was pale and had a circle of gauze around his head.

He rushed into a room where a doctor was on duty and was stunned to see him.

"Please lend me the computer! I have something urgent! "

Said Lori in a cool voice.

"Ah? Oh, oh. " The doctor stood up to make way. Lori pulled out his chair and sat down. He asked, "is there a network?"


The doctor looked at him in an unknown way.

"Thank you."

Lori said that he could tap his fingers on the keyboard and input the word "Gong Yu". There was almost no news on the Internet. He also input "the eldest son of the British palace". Still, the news on the Internet seemed to be cleaned up, without any news.

It's natural to be able to do it by means of the palace family, which is nothing.


Lori clapped angrily at the keyboard. He couldn't stand the choking in his throat. Gong Ou's voice echoed in his ear again and again.

"Small read, you don't tell me, you don't know brother to save Luo abnormal is can't stand their own sense of guilt."

"To put it bluntly, I can't stand another man dying for him. At that time, Xi Yu liked him, and he couldn't help the plane crash. Now, Lori likes him, and he's afraid that he can't help the imprisoned resort."

"In my opinion, he didn't go to save Luo abnormal!"

Not to save him.

What is he? He's a double?

"Lo, Dr Lo?"

Now there are only two patients in the whole hospital, Lori and Gong Yu. So doctors know each other. They stand there and look at their poor keyboard and ask, "Dr. Luo, what do you want to check?"

Check what.

Lori's eyes were deep. He turned to him and asked, "do you know the plane crash related to master Gong?"

Hearing this, the doctor looked at him in shock. "Dr. Luo, you mean the secret of master Gong..."

"What's the secret?"

Immediately Lori stood up and asked urgently.


What's the secret of Gong Yu.

"That is..." Seeing Lori's appearance, the doctor didn't know. He immediately said, "nothing, nothing."

"Please, I won't talk nonsense." Luo lie's eyes are lonely and cold, "but if you choose not to say it, I will remember the hatred. You know that I have a good relationship with the palace family."


The doctor looked at him blankly. Was that a threat?

Who dares to offend the people of the palace.

"Please think clearly."

Said Lori.

The doctor's head was blown up, so he could only ask tentatively, "Dr. Luo, you really don't say it's me?"


Lori said.

"Well, in fact, it's an old story. Many newspapers were reporting on it. Later, it should be the palace family who put pressure on it, and the Internet was completely wiped out. No one talked about it again." As the doctor said, he walked to the cabinet next to him and opened a drawer. "I also talked with another doctor yesterday. He brought the newspaper he collected in those days, and I knew that."

The doctor took a stack of newspapers out of the drawer.

Lori rushed to grab the newspaper. He didn't need to look for it. The focus of the news was circled by a red pen. If the big news headline stabbed him in the eye.

The old man of the palace family is gay.

The secret of the noble family, the love of broken back, the soul of broken sea.

Gong Yu is gay and Gong Ou is paranoid.

The most explosive news of the year, N.E. all leave the nest, leading to the secrets of the two brothers of the palace.



How could it be.

Luo lie opens the newspaper in his hand and looks at a picture above. It's a picture of Gong Yu and a man. The man It's the same as long and small.

Lori opened his eyes in shock and looked at the scene in disbelief. What was the matter.

He turned away from a few newspapers with little substantive content, flipped them around eagerly, and finally found a piece of news with real content.

Xi Yu, Xi Xiaonian.


It turned out to be twins.

Ah, no wonder when he mentioned Xiaoyu, Xiaonian's eyes were so strange. It was because of this.

Gong Yu, Xi Yu, Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian.

Oh, do all the brothers like the same face?

All things are clear, all clear, so it is.

As if all his strength had been stripped suddenly, Lori could not sit on the chair and touch a newspaper with his fingers. The following newspaper specifically wrote about the plane crash, which was very true, just like he saw it with his own eyes.

Xi Yu is dead.

It was that time.

When Gong Yu appeared in the little Chinatown, Lori remembered that not long after that time, Gong Yu was the one who never forgot her.


Luo lie smiled bitterly, full of self mockery. Should he be glad that Gong Yu and he are of the same orientation.

Time goes back many years.

The bell of the water corner tower is always ringing, which means it doesn't stop. The moon is very bright that night, Gong Yu lies on the table and gets drunk, holding a glass of wine.

There's a spill in the glass and it's on the table.

At that time, he was sitting next to Gong Yu, quietly looking at his drunken face. It was strange that Gong Yu always wore a mask in front of him, even when drinking, he had to wear sunglasses.

In retrospect, he didn't really see Gong Yu's complete appearance.

But it's strange that he just fell into it.

"I like you."

On that quiet night, the sound of the water was gurgling, the bell of the turret was clear and crisp, and his voice was a little quivering.

It was the only time he was brave.

After Gong Yu got drunk.

Gong Yu lies on the table, drunk deeply. Lori is waiting for his response, so he sits quietly until the moon outside the corner tower slowly enters behind the dark cloud.

Then, he waited for Gong Yu's response.

"Don't go, don't go. I'm coming. I'm coming to you." Gong Yu was lying on the table, his voice was low and dumb. "I really came to see you. Don't go, wait for me, wait for me."

It was the first time he knew that there was someone in Gong Yu's heart. He heard Gong Yu cut a happy door in front of him, even after he was drunk.

There was a suffocating sadness in the voice.

"Please, wait for me, I'm here, I'm here for you, wait for me, wait for me again, just once. I'm wrong. I'm really wrong. "

Gong Yu repeatedly said that I was wrong and apologized drunk.

All of a sudden, Gong Yu's hand fell off the table, his glass fell from his hand, fell to the ground and broke, making a crisp sound.

The splintered pieces pierced into Lori's body.

From then on, Lori knew that Gong Yu had a girl in his heart. Up to now, he finally knew that she was him.

When Lori walked out of the doctor's office, he was very weak. He walked out step by step and looked at the white and cold wall in front of him. The whole man seemed to be suddenly empty.

A double?

Is it just a double? Hehe, hehe.

Luo lie stood there, his face was only dull, and Yu Guangzhong saw a figure. He turned stiffly, only to see Xiaonian standing there when Gong Ou hugged him, and Xiaonian looked at him anxiously.

"I said someone just overheard."

Gong Ou snorts coldly, with a trace of disdain in his eyes.

When small read looked at Luo lie's pale face, Liu eyebrow frowned, "Luo doctor."

Lori looked at them, and finally his eyes fell on Shi Xiaonian's face, looking at the soft outline of his five senses. He could not even speak out his breath.

The same face.

He can't stand it.

When Xiaonian looked at him, he saw that Lori turned around and walked forward step by step as if he had lost his soul. It was hard to see. When Xiaonian couldn't help but stop him, "doctor Luo, let me talk to you about my brother."

By the time she and Gong Ou arrived, she had heard Lori rummaging through the newspaper.

They can't stop it.

As Gong Ou said, he will know these things sooner or later.


Lori stopped.

Seeing this, when Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou beside her, Gong Ou understands her voice and is dissatisfied with the way she says, "what do you mean? Do you want me to let it go? No way! I want to be by the side! "