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Chapter 741 robot self identification

Obviously, to see a doctor, it's impossible to complete the registration today.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong ou, Gong Ou stands up and stares at him with black eyes, "let's go to see a doctor!"

He made a decision.

"See the doctor, now?"

When I was in a daze, I didn't need to be so nervous. She didn't think she would have a heart attack during this pregnancy.

"Right now!"

Gong Ou said to Gong Yu on the side, "get up quickly and prepare the car for us."

“……” Gong Yu stood up silently, and now he is his brother's servant.

"What about registration?"

When Xiaonian also stood up and looked at Gong Ou doubtfully. Gong Ou glanced at her and said, "come back and register. You sit down and eat breakfast first."

She can't go hungry.

Come back to register again, when small read frown, how now become as if she is in a hurry to register, every time excitedly change the registered clothes, and then be interrupted.

"Then you have breakfast. I'll get the car."

Gong Yu turned around and walked outside. Suddenly, he turned around to look at them and said with a smile, "by the way, the little Chinatown over there is a place with beautiful scenery and lots of entertainment facilities. You can think of it as a honeymoon."


Now I can't help but jump from the corner of my eyes when I hear these three words. Last time I went to the palace of Borg Island, I also said that I went to honeymoon, and it turned out that I was so sad.

This time, I'm going to live in a concentration place for Chinese people and have a honeymoon. Are you sure nothing will happen?

How could she hear that flustered.

When Xiaonian sipped her lips, sat down at the front of the dining table again, picked up the spoon and took a sip of soup. The elegant and romantic music came to her ears.

When Xiaonian couldn't help but look up at the direction of Mr palace, watching it standing there quietly and guarding them, he asked, "how can I leave Mr palace here and not send it back for repair?"

The scars on her body hurt her, and she hoped it would be as bright as new.

"It's also useful."

Gong Ou said.

"What's the use?"

"Play music."

“……” When Xiaonian was silent again, did her omnipotent intelligent robot become a music player? If the robot has feelings, it will break down. She looked at the direction of Mr palace and said, "thanks to Mr palace, it is smart to come to save us. You have changed the program and brought my Mr Palace back."

"What's the procedure?"

Gong Ou looks at her indifferently.

"The adoptive father said that he changed the MR palace procedure, and the MR palace didn't recognize me." Shi Xiaonian said that if it wasn't for the palace European reform program, how could Mr palace recognize her.

"I didn't expect anyone to dare to use my internal program. Besides, we didn't even bring a computer with us. How can I modify the program of Mr palace?" Gong Ou said indifferently, with a cold hum, "there are only two possibilities."

"What is possible?"

When small read to stay.

"Or robots will recognize themselves. "Ah." Gong Ou sneers, dismissing this possibility, and says coldly, "or, it's the procedure of the reform of Fengde."

Anyway, he hasn't changed.


When the spoon in Xiaonian's hand fell on the table, Gong Ou looked up at her and saw that her face was a little white. "What's the matter? How can you see that? You're not comfortable?"

He got nervous again.

"No." When Xiaonian looked at Gong ou, his lips moved, but he couldn't say anything.

Fengde did not change the procedure, because the question was asked by Fengde when she was on the road.

Gong Ou's big palm moves toward her, covers her forehead, and Xiaonian stares at his dark eyes. "Is there no third possibility?"


Gong Ou smiled scornfully, turned his eyes to Mr's palace and said, "that's a bunch of programs. What else can be changed?"

Then a maid came and bent down to them. "Second young master, the car is ready. The housekeeper is packing."

"I'll go and have a look. You keep eating."

Gong Ou said and stood up, and suddenly looked at her again. "Shixiaonian, are you really not uncomfortable?"

"No, I'm fine." Shi Xiaonian said, a pair of eyes have been looking at the direction of Mr palace.

"Well, I'll go."


Gong Ou gets up and leaves. Xiaonian suddenly loses his appetite. He can't eat any breakfast. Mr Gong is still playing music for her.

For a while, Xiaonian stood up from the dining table, walked towards Mr palace, and stood in front of it.

In a melodious music, Shi Xiaonian asked, "Mr palace, do you know who you are?"

After that, the music in Mr palace stopped.

When Xiaonian looked at it deeply, she took the picture of Mr palace kissing her hand that morning as a dream, but the dream was very real, so real that she could not ignore it.

"Why don't you answer?"

When Xiaonian asked, with his eyes fixed on it seriously, could it upgrade its intelligence and even recognize itself?

"I'm looking for it. Please wait a moment."

The R palace stood there and said, "the sound is a complete electronic sound, without too many tone ups and downs.".


When small read stupefied next, hear Mr palace to say, "master, sorry, I haven't developed this kind of function, please change the service."




When Xiaonian stood there, looking at its tall silver body and frowning, did she think too much.

Self recognition, this is really a little exaggerated.

"Master, what service do you need? Can you tell me something difficult? " Mr palace asked attentively.

"Did you come into my room that day?"

When Xiaonian asked.

"When did the master ask?" Asked Mr.


Every question and answer is normal. It's all robot's way of answering. There's no difference. Xiaonian laughed at herself. She thought that she really watched too many movies.

Self identification may be just a small bug in the program.

"When small read a way," nothing, let's go, to small Chinatown to find a doctor

"Yes, master."

The R palace bowed respectfully and left behind her.

When Xiaonian looked at it, his eyes fell on the scars on it, and suddenly he said, "do you need to mend your body?"

She said this with some tentative meaning. She was unwilling to find out the flaws of Mr palace.

"At the master's command." Mr Palace said.


A loyal robot, there's nothing weird about it.

"Let's go to little Chinatown first. After passing the island, we'd better let our adoptive father rest more." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Yes, my Lord, at his service."

Said the robot, with its hand across its body.

When Xiaonian walked forward with a smile, Mr palace stopped for a few seconds, and looked at his back with one eye. The scars on his body were especially obvious in the sun.

It's only a few seconds, and the robot keeps up with Xiaonian.


Gong Ou didn't bring any bodyguards, not to mention a driver. For him, he is not sure who drives and who protects him.

In his eyes, shixiaonian is now more likely to break than a glass.

He personally drove her and Mr palace to little Chinatown.

When Xiaonian sat in the copilot's seat, silently watched Gong Ou drive, and pressed his hand on his eyebrow. Today's driving level of Gong Ou is really incomparable.

She never knew that Gong Ou drove so slowly and obeyed the rules. She also followed the driving instruction and listened to everything. She would not overtake or accelerate. When she got in the way of the car behind, she would slow down and yield.


He can be a coach in this way.

When Xiaonian sat there, turned to look out of the window, and looked at the scenery along the road. Gong Ou was so slow that she could enjoy the scenery along the way.

Rows of trees, pedestrians walking in the street, light fog outlines a picture.

"Gong ou, in fact, you can drive faster. I'm ok."

When Xiaonian couldn't help but say, he really drove too slowly, less than an hour, she can't count how many times he slowed down and gave up.

Some irascible drivers pass by and press the exit window to point at them. Gong Ou is ignored. People sit straight and stare at the front.

"No way!"

Gong Ou said coldly that he didn't register to save a little time just to drive steadily.

"Isn't it hard for you to drive so slowly?" Asked shixiaonian.

"Hard." When did he drive such a slow car.

"Then you can hurry up appropriately."


Gong Ou refuses. No one can make fun of her life. She can't either. She's pregnant now. It's a big deal if she gets hurt.


When small read silently closed the mouth.

Gong Ou has been driving with this kind of driving method. When she drives, Xiaonian feels sleepy. She yawns and leans back drowsily.

Listen to the 50th time Gong Ou asked her, "are you sure you have fastened your seat belt?"

"It's done. You'd better do it yourself."

"Check it again! Hurry up! "


When small thoughts are big, it turns out that this is the feeling that my husband spent the pregnancy with him. Is it that all men are so frightened?

She lowered her head to check her seatbelt, heard a cell phone ring, and then listened to Gong Ou's low voice with a little tension, "sit down, I'm going to pull over!"

"Don't you have a Bluetooth headset?"

When small read stupefied, really can't still put Bluetooth outside to answer the phone, how to answer a phone but also pull over to stop.

"I have to stop, or I'll be distracted."

Gong Ou stares at the front, observes the rear-view mirror, and then slowly leans the car to the side. It seems that it's not safe enough. He simply pulls the car to a far parking lot.

Well, there won't be any danger.


When small read can only look at him silently, some can't cry or laugh, moved, helpless, five taste miscellaneous.