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Chapter 734, Xiaonian was pregnant

When I came to this island, Xiao Nian vomited several times!

Don't let Bogler die so cheaply, you should torture more!

"Xiaonian, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." Gong Yu apologizes.

When Xiaonian stooped and stood there, he waved to Gong Yu, indicating that she was ok, but the disgust was lingering over her.

She stood by the guardrail, retching incessantly. She could not retch anything. She was in great pain.

"Is it hard?" Gong Ou takes out a tissue and wipes her mouth. Xiao Nian's face is pale, and she shakes her head. Before she can say anything, she can't help vomiting.

"How to vomit like this." Gong Yu stood aside and worried, "Xiaonian, are you seasick?"

After hearing the disgusting thing, she vomited, but she looked like she was ill.

"I don't know. I didn't get seasick before."

When Xiaonian said weakly, let Gong Ou wipe her mouth and look at the sea with one eye. The frequency of sea water flow makes her dizzy. She simply leaned on Gong ou to rest.

Gong Ou picked her up and went inside. He said to the people beside him, "stop the yacht. Don't drive!"


Gong Ou takes Shi Xiaonian into a room and sits her down on the bed. Shi Xiaonian leans weakly against the head of the bed to watch Gong Yu and Feng de come in one after another worried. He can't help but say, "I'm ok. Maybe I'm a comic painter with a big brain hole. I can think of the picture as soon as I hear those things, and I can't stand it."

"Stop talking!"

Gong Ou sat down beside the bed, gave her a fierce stare, turned his eyes and stared at Feng De, "doctor! Call the doctor! "

"Let me read it for Xiaonian first."

Feng de said that his short white hair was particularly eye-catching. When he came over, his wrinkled hand was put on Xiao Nian's wrist to feel her pulse.

"Be quiet!"

Said Gong ou, sitting by the bed.

The room is very quiet. When Xiaonian looks at Fengde, he suddenly sees his face coagulate. He is stunned and looks at her in astonishment. Then he pulse for her again.

"OK, what's the matter? Is it urgent?"

Gong Ou sat there and saw Feng De's impatience.

When Feng de replaced Xiao Nian, he stood aside and bowed his head respectfully, showing a rare smile. "Young master, I repeatedly put Xiao Nian's pulse. Xiao Nian is pregnant."


Gong Ou's face shook.


When Xiaonian sits at the head of the bed and stares at Fengde, pregnant? Yes, she hasn't come to the holiday for a while, because she has been busy running around and hasn't paid attention to it.

She is pregnant.

When Xiaonian subconsciously put her hand on her stomach, she and Gong ou will have another baby.

"Really?" Gong Yu was very happy when he stood aside and heard the words. The joy was overwhelming. "At last, there's something to be happy about. It's so good. Our family is too thin. If I want to have another twin family, there will be more children."

This is a good thing.

Mother must be very happy to know.

Smell speech, the people beside all follow to say congratulations, when Xiaonian smiles and nods to them, she thinks, Xiaokui is going to be happy, everyday talking about her little brother and little sister, she and Gong ou have no plan, everything is natural, did not expect this child really came.

"You should have more children yourself! Don't worry! "

An unhappy voice suddenly sounded in a congratulatory sound, which seemed out of place and so harsh.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in amazement, he saw Gong Ou sitting there, a handsome face full of rage, and there was no way to be a happy father.

What's wrong with Gong Ou?

Gong Yu also realized Gong Ou's displeasure. He and Feng de looked at each other and took people out of the small room.

When Xiaonian sat on the bed, his face was still pale. He looked at Gong Ou incomprehensibly and asked, "what's wrong with you? Are you unhappy when I'm pregnant?"

Gong Ou said calmly, "it's impossible. We all have plans, unless it's during your safety period."

"There is no absolute safety period. There are accidents." When Xiaonian looked at him, he suddenly understood his meaning. "Gong ou, have you never thought of making me pregnant again?"

"What's good about pregnancy? We already have twins. What else?"

Gong Ou said coldly.

"I don't believe it."

Said Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Ou looks up and stares at her. Xiaonian looks at him and whispers, "I don't believe I'm pregnant. You'll be unhappy. What are you thinking?"

"I thought about the world of two! I just think we're two together. One pair of twins is bored to death. What do we need so many children for? " Gong Ou got down from the bed and stood on the ground. He soon leaned over his face and went cold.

"Do you really dislike children that much?"

"I don't like it! I want a world of two! Our honeymoon has just begun. I don't want anyone to disturb us! "

"This is no one else, this is our baby."

When Xiaonian's hand is close to his stomach, he doesn't understand where Gong Ou's anger comes from. He is always like this. He always throws his temper out of his wits. She doesn't even know where the matter is wrong, and what's irritating.

"I just don't want it!"

Gong Ou's tone is absolute. There is no negotiable tone.

Smell speech, when small read to look at his tall back, voice also a little bit cool down, the whole person is like a basin of cold water splashed down, "then what do you mean now, do you want me to beat the child?"

"I'll get the best doctor, while it's still early!"

Gong Ou immediately turned around to look at her and said that there was a bright and firm luster in her black eyes.


When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, he really didn't want to leave the child. Suddenly, she thought that when she was pregnant for the first time, he was desperate to kill the child.

That time, he didn't believe her loyalty, and this time, why was he?

"It won't have much effect on your body now." Gong Ou said, walking towards her, raising his hand to touch her face.

When Xiaonian grabbed a pillow, he threw it at Gong Ou without thinking. His face was pale and cold. "I don't want to talk to you now. You go out."

"I'm not going out!"

Gong Ou stood there still, his hands frozen in the air.

"I'm not feeling well now. Go out!" Shi Xiaonian said, the tone has been very bad, pregnant was originally a happy thing.

How can she get pregnant twice? She was poured down with a basin of cold water by Gong Ou before she was happy.

She's just pregnant. Is it necessary to stimulate her like this?

"I'll be with you if you don't feel well."

"It's you who make me sick!" When Xiaonian raised his eyes and stared at him, "you go out, I don't want to talk to you now, I just want to be alone."

Smell speech, Gong Ou also understood her meaning, black Mou becomes deep, voice sinks down, "do you want this child?"

"Why can't I think?"

He sounded as if she wanted to keep the child.

When Xiaonian stared at him, his nose became a little sour, and he said, "this child is ours. I don't understand why you are like this. It's like this twice. I'm never happy to hear that I'm pregnant. I've always wanted to kill it."

Isn't it time to be happy to welcome new life?

Why does everything change when you arrive at gongou.

Gong Ou looked at her with low eyes. The black eyes became deeper and deeper, but he did not hold her immediately as before. Instead, he stood there stubbornly and said, "I just don't think this child is coming at the right time."

"You don't want me to be pregnant at all."

When small read retorts, what call is not the time, then when is the time, she seven old 80 time?

"I don't want you to be pregnant." Gong Ou does not deny it.

He has always been like this. What he does is a healthy and upright look. He always has too many reasons. She knows that he wants to live in the world of two people, but are they unhappy with children?

Why do you have to pinch this little life off.

She didn't want to.

When Xiaonian understood that she could not fight against Gong Ou any more, she leaned back and said wearily, "go out, I'm a little tired."

"I'm here with you."

"I'm more tired with you." When Xiaonian said coldly, she did not know how she and Gong Ou suddenly made such a big difference in this matter.

It was all right.

Are their three views really so different? He can get along with twins clearly, it's not DINK's thought, she really can't understand him.

When Xiaonian thought more and more confused, she lowered her eyes and saw Gong Ou standing there with straight legs, his hands hanging there, his long fingers moving, but still not closer to her.

"Shixiaonian, calm down, let's talk about it."

Gong Ou didn't choose to mess with her for the first time, but turned around and left, leaving her calm and calm.

Maybe he thinks this is gentleness to her. After all, she is pregnant, uncomfortable and spoiled.

When Xiaonian looked up at Gong Ou's back, he walked out of the room and didn't look back, which also represented his firm idea that he didn't want children, didn't want to or didn't want to.

No one can stop it.

She thought that this time she and Gong Ou would be as stubborn as their first pregnancy.

When small read tired to lean back, lifting eyes to stare at the ceiling, hands on their own or flat stomach, dim eyes.

Gong ou, what are you thinking? Is the two people's world more important than family happiness?

After returning to the palace, Xiao Nian was diagnosed by Luo Qila in the infirmary before she had time to rest. When it was proved that she was pregnant, Luo Qi was very happy and repeatedly told her to have a good rest and not to be tired.

Gong Ou followed him all the time, with a calm face, thin lips, and no words.

Along the way, shixiaonian looked at him for a few times and saw that he had always been like that. Without any change of heart, her heart became colder and colder, and she was too lazy to look at it again.