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Chapter 628 is just like this

But Gong Ou didn't leave the hospital in the end. He was a duplicity man, and he was used to it.

Gong Ou doesn't want to stay in the ward and play with Feng de at the badminton court of the hospital. Xiaonian stands by the court and looks at them.

Gong Ou let out all his emotions on a small badminton. He took the badminton racket and waved it hard. It was not like playing, but like smashing the ball.

Feng De's youth was tossed all over the court, exhausted.

When Xiaonian stood there and looked with his arms in his arms, Gong Ou was sweating in the sun. His eyes were sharp as hawks and falcons, and he beat the badminton out.

She suddenly realized that Gong Ou's recent abnormality. He was hesitant to contact Gong Yu when he saw her mobile phone in the middle of the night. After more than ten years, Gong Ou's mood gradually calmed down. But recently, as soon as Gong Yu was mentioned, Gong Ou was very excited, and even Luo Qi fainted.

When Xiaonian looked at the figure of Gong ou, if she was gong ou, she would be very contradictory now.

The elder brother who thought that he might have had a car accident because of himself has died. He has been living in self reproach for so many years, even seeing the car accident is crazy.

As a result, Gong Yu did not die at all. He had not been contacted for more than ten years.

This kind of suffering is better than her waiting for these four years. At least, she has always held the hope that Gong ou still lives in the world, and Gong ou There has never been hope.

It's like being abandoned.


Gong Ou clasps a badminton hard and smashes it on the ground. His short hair is soaked with sweat. He stands there gasping heavily and stares at the front.

Knowing that Gong ou still needs to vent, Xiao Nian silently turns around and leaves to prepare Gong Ou's clothes and sweat. After playing, he must change clean clothes.

When Xiaonian walked forward, suddenly, she saw a slender figure sitting on a bench not far away.

It's Gong Yu. He's wearing the hospital's hospital number clothes and a cardigan outside. He just sits there and looks at Gong Ou's playing direction.

"Sir." When small read to walk past, a mouth hair feel oneself call not quite right, change a way again, "elder brother, you wake up."

"Well, I just woke up."

Gong Yu sat on the bench and smiled at her. A face can't be called handsome anymore. There are injuries everywhere. Gong Ou beat the corners of his mouth a little askew.

"Go back, it's cold outside."

Suddenly I knew that Mr. y was Gong Yu. When Xiao Nian didn't know what he could talk to him about, Gong Ou or Xi Yu?

Gong Yu, Gong ou.

Xi Xiaonian, Xi Yu.

The relationship between the wrong person and Gong Yu is messy. Maybe she is the most unsuitable person to meet with Gong Yu. Just because Gong Ou doesn't know that Gong Yu is still alive, she and Gong Yu have so many intersections.

"I came out to breathe." Gong Yu said, a pair of gray eyes look at her, the eyes touch her face, the eyes have a moment of trance.

When a gust of wind blows, Xiao Nian's long hair is blown up, and a small face looks white and moving in the sun.

For a while, Gong Yu stopped his eyes and said, "sit down, I know you have a lot of questions."

When Xiaonian thought about it, he sat down beside him, put his hands together on his knees, and said, "I have many questions that don't matter, but you owe Gong Ou an explanation."

"I know." Gong Yu said, "after a long time, I can't face him."

When Xiaonian looked up at Gong Ou in the distance, his voice was gentle. "Gong Ou has been very upset about your car accident over the years, and even became his heart knot. He developed your unfinished N.E system and popularized it all over the world."

Gong Yu should know how much his brother did because of him.

"I know that his talent has always been very high. If it was me, N.E. could not be so huge." Gong Yu said, his voice is a little bitter.

At that time, his father accused him that he was not as talented as his younger brother. As the eldest son of the palace family, people could not see the future of the palace family.

Those accusations are clear in his mind up to now.

"His original intention is just because of you." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"Do you want to know everything?"

Gong Yu suddenly asked, turning her eyes to look at Xiao Nian, and looking at her gently, her voice was very calm.

"Let Gong ou know those things for the first time." When small read a way, looking at Gong ou to run toward this side, his one pair of eyes stare like to eat a person, she can't help but smile, "as for those things that I have the qualification to know, wait for you to say then tell me."

She wants to know about Xi Yu.

Hearing this, Gong Yu chuckled, "how can you cure Gong ou with such gentleness?"

"I heard that you were the only one who could cure Gong ou. I don't think you were very fierce." Xiaonian smiles back.

Both of them laughed at each other.

Gong Ou ran over, sweating at one end, reached out and pulled the necktie, and stared at the two of them with black eyes, "let's go, shixiaonian!"

What's funny? What's funny!

In front of him!

"Gong ou, you're tired. Sit down and I'll prepare clean clothes for you."

"I'm not tired."

Gong Ou stares at Gong Yu.

"I know you're tired!"

When Xiaonian stares at him, he breaks his hand and raises his leg and runs away. Gong Ou looks at her back. Of course, he can catch up with her immediately, but he doesn't catch up after all, but he stands there exhausted.

Gong Yu sat on the bench and looked at Gong ou. She was gentle and mature. She raised her hand and touched the bruise on her face. She stood up from the bench and said, "come on, I haven't played with you for a long time. Let's go. Have a game!"

"I don't want to fight you!"

Gong Ou snorted scornfully and sat down on the bench with his hands on the back of the chair. His face was calm and his black eyes looked at other places coldly.

"Why, I can't fight if I'm afraid I'm hurt? Don't worry. You can get down three times. "

Gong Yu said with a smile. He could not help touching his lips when the smile was related to the wound.

Gong Ou looks at his embarrassed appearance and sneers, "who is worried about your injury? Who do you think you are? "

A dead man is flirting here.

"Let's go, two games."

Gong Yu pulls him and is shaken off by Gong ou. Gong Yu is shaken back for two steps and coughs a few times, which makes him even more embarrassed.

Gong Ou stares at him fiercely, gets up from the bench and heads for the badminton court.

When the two fight in the badminton court, Gong Yu is injured. Naturally, they can't compete with Gong Obi. Gong Ou's anger can't be dispelled. He repeatedly buckled the badminton to Gong Yu and nearly fell down several times.

Gong Yu stood panting in the sun.

Gong Ou stares at him across the net and mocks the tunnel, "how is it? Don't dare to go! "

"Who are you talking to?" Gong Gu frowned discontentedly.

"A dead man!"

As he said that, Gong Ou jumped up and clasped the badminton in his hand. Gong Yu didn't catch it. The badminton hit him on the shoulder and made him stagger.

Gong Yu looks at Gong Ou's rebellious face and knows that he has too much resentment in his heart.

Gong Yu picked up the badminton and threw it. He took the badminton bat and waved it. He shouted with all his strength, "Gong ou, you should know why I did that. I can't stand it!"

"I don't know!"

Gong Ou smashes the badminton.

Gong Yu swung the badminton over the net again. "How good I did in front of people, how angry I was and how resistant I was. I can't stand it. If I go on like that, I will really die!"

"I didn't see you die!"

Gong Ou shouts loudly and clasps the badminton.

Gong Yu tried his best to catch the ball. He bent down to catch it and threw it up to fight. "Do you really want me to die more than ten years ago?"

"It's better than you faking a corpse!"

Gong Ou roars, you can be as angry as you want.

"Yes! If you really want me to die, I can die in front of you now! " Gong Yu raised his voice and waved the ball again.

His words fall, Gong Ou's body is stiff on the opposite side of the net.

Gong Ou stood there, letting the badminton fall to the ground. He stood there, holding the badminton racket with one hand, staring at Gong Yu fiercely and gnashing his teeth.

For a while, Gong Ou slammed the badminton racket to the ground, turned around and left without turning back.

Gong Yu stood there and looked at his back. He threw his badminton racket and grabbed his hair.

"Young master." Feng de went to pick up the badminton racket and gave a respectful cry.

Gong Yu looked at him, lightly jawed his head, patted him on the shoulder. "Feng De, you've been working hard for years. Isn't his temper easy? You have a lot of white hair. "

"Young master has always been very kind to me." Feng de said with a smile.

"Well, there are few confidants around Gong ou. You are easy to do. Help more. He will not do you wrong, nor will I do you wrong. " Gong Yu is calm and steady. He reaches out and hands him the explanation on his wrist.

This is a reward.

"Thank you very much, young master." Feng de bowed his head and took it with respect.

I didn't expect that for more than ten years, the young master still kept the habit of giving things to others. It seems that some things will not change with the flow of time.

"I'm still alive. You let the following people keep their mouths closed. I don't want anyone other than you to know, including all the rest of the palace. Do you understand?"

Gong Yu looked at Feng de and said.

Feng de raised his eyes and looked at him, "that young man, he..."

"Don't worry, he will not betray me even if he hates me again." Gong Yu is not worried about this. He also knows Gong ou.

Gong ou will never reveal his truth.


Back in the ward, Gong Ou changes into the clean clothes prepared by Xiao Nian and confronts Gong Yu at a small table.

The sun came in from the window and fell on them. The atmosphere was strangely depressed.

Shi Xiaonian came in from the outside with a cup of hot milk and a cup of hot coffee on his hand. He only heard Gong Yu's deep voice ringing in the ward.