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Chapter 703 Mr palace is gone

"Gong Ou has released a hologram call. Since the beginning of Mr series robots, we have always heard Gong Ou say that his wife is his inspiration goddess. Who says that this is not a perfect match?"

"N.E's stock market is optimistic. No matter what people say, Gong Ou has created one technological miracle after another for the world, which many people can't achieve. No one can deny."

"Gong Ou announced that he was about to start his honeymoon trip at the same time of his wedding news."

Gong Ou is really red.

Watching the photos of myself and Gong Ou being used by the TV station, watching some of my so-called dirty past being released, every time there is news, the media will release it for a talk.

Face these, when small read light smile.

, a gifted genius of science and technology, and a cartoonist who painted caricatures of girls, can always be a Cinderella fairy tale. Some people envy, someone Tucao, some people are jealous.

But how they live, who can get involved.

Even if she has read these news, compared with the past, Xiaonian has looked down on them. She knows what is the most important and the most valuable to her.

She turned off the TV, went to the sofa, sat down, and heard the sound of footsteps.

When Xiaonian turned around, Gong Ou pushed the dining car to come. There was a silver cup cover on the dining car, covering the food below.

"Breakfast." Gong Ou slides the dining car in front of her. "I made it myself."

"Don't you think Mr palace will make breakfast later?" When small read Zheng ran, how to become him to do?

"Today we register, of course, to make you eat better!" Gong ouchong looks at her with a slight upward lip angle. He comes to her and sits down. His long fingers flick the silver cup cover. "Guess what I've done for you?"

Can she not guess?

When Xiaonian sits there, he wants to cry without tears, and reaches out to touch his face.

"What are you doing?" Asked Gong ou.

"I'm guessing." Why bother her so much in the morning of registration.

"Guess it?"

Gong Ou stares at her.

When Xiaonian took a deep breath and raised his face, he decided to face the cruel reality and smiled at Gong Ou lightly, "is it fried rice with eggs?"

Anyway, he's nothing but fried rice with eggs.


Gong Ou Dao.


When Xiaonian looked at him a little surprised, how could he make anything other than fried rice with eggs? Has cooking changed? Suddenly she began to look forward. "What is that?"

"Today is our registration day, we must give you something new." Gong Ou proudly raised his eyebrows, reached out and slowly lifted the lid of the cup, and announced his delicious food, "fried rice with eggs 2.0 upgrade!"

With the lid of the cup lifted, Xiao Nian saw a dish of fried rice with eggs that smelled hot and fragrant.

The egg is the same.

Rice is the same rice.

It's just that there's some sliced meat and diced radish in it.

When Xiaonian sat there stupidly, "Gong ou, how do I think that meat is like fish, not like pork?"

"It's fish."

Gong admitted.


When Xiaonian was petrified, who would make fried rice with fish? Who will use it?

"Is it very interesting?" When Gong Ou didn't find out, Xiaonian was shocked and brought the plate to her like a treasure. "The first time you cooked soup, you conquered me with fish soup, so today I fried rice with fish meat for you!"

He thought about the idea for a long time.

It's perfect.

“……” When Xiaonian looks at Gong Ou silently, Gong Ou stares deeply, with black eyes shining, "don't you express your opinion?"

When Xiaonian sat there, stared at the fish fried rice, racked his brains to force out a few words, "good idea. Gong Ou is very kind to me. "

"Nonsense, of course I'm good to you." Gong Ou hands the spoon to her, "come on, have a taste."

Can she register alive after tasting it?

It should not be toxic.

When Xiaonian secretly thought, it's also good to have an upgraded version of egg fried rice 2.0 made by Gong Ou in the morning of registration. This memory will definitely be clear when she is old.

Well, it's romantic.

When Xiaonian forced himself to think optimistically, he reached for a spoon and put a spoon of rice into his mouth and chewed it gently.

"How does it taste?"

Gong Ou holds the plate and stares at her with black eyes.

What flavor can it be? It's the taste of dark cuisine.

When small read lightly chewed a few times to swallow the meal directly, smile to say, "quite delicious."

"Of course, I have studied it for a long time."

Gong Ou is proud of the tunnel.

"Why do you get up so early? Don't sleep a little longer and fall back on jet lag? " Luo Qi, wearing a beautiful peacock green cheongsam, came down the stairs and saw Gong Ouhe and Xiao Nian sitting in the hall, with a smile on her elegant face.

"Morning, mother."

When small read hurriedly stood up and nodded to Luo Qi.

"Xiaonian, you don't seem to be very energetic. Ask the kitchen to stew some soup for you. You are too thin." Luo Qi said with concern, coming down the stairs to them.

Gong Ou stands up from the sofa and looks at Luo Qi's jaw, which means he has respect. Then he says, "no, I'll make breakfast for her myself today."

"You did it yourself? When will you cook? "

Luo Qi can't believe to look at Gong ou. She's surprised that her son can cook. The fog in England is gone?

"It's just cooking. What's the difficulty?"

Gong Ou Dao.

Luo Qi looked at the fried rice on the plate and saw what looked like fish and meat. She was stunned. When she looked again, she read the inexplicable expression on her face and understood it instantly.

When small read is dawdling to eat breakfast, avoid fish Sheng up a few radish, well, radish is more safe.

As soon as she put the diced radish in her mouth, people were stupid. "Gong ou, why is this radish sweet and soft?"

"Because it's made of marshmallow, don't you like sweet ones?"

Gong Ou looked at her and said, look at my expression that I think about you more.


So, this is not only a dish of fried rice with fish, or a dish of fried rice with soft sugar?

Who would fry the soft candy in the scrambled rice? He wanted to poison her.

Xiao Nian's five senses are almost crowded together.

"What's your expression?" Gong Ou looks at her hesitantly.

"Gong ou, have you tried the taste?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"No, why try? I don't like sweet food, I just like what you make. " Gong Ou said bluntly.


When Xiaonian really wanted to cry.

Luo Qi stood there and couldn't see any more. She couldn't help saying, "Xiaonian, would you accompany me to the garden and pick some flowers?"

"Yes, yes."

When Xiaonian immediately said, Gong Ou pressed it back, and Gong Ou looked at Luo Qi discontentedly, "why should Xiaonian accompany you when picking flowers? Let the servant accompany you, and I will have breakfast! "

"I......" Luo Qi wants to say something again. Xiaonian smiles bitterly and shakes her head.

Seeing this, Luo Qi had to stop and turn around to leave. She understood why her son could not bear such devastation except for Shi Xiaonian.

After Luo Qi left, Gong Ou stared at her affectionately. "You keep eating, and then we'll register."

"And you?"

"When I get back from registration, you can cook it for me." Nothing is more important now than registration.


When small niansheng can not love oh, continue to eat breakfast.

"Good morning."

A mature male voice in the broadcast cavity sounded in the hall. Gong Yu came to them, with short and curly hair, wearing a light colored household clothes, and walked to them at will. He sat down on a single sofa beside him and yawned, "do you get up so early? I'm so sleepy. "

He flew back to England with gong'ou and they thought he got up early enough, but they didn't expect gong'ou to get up early.

"We're going to register today!"

Gong Ou was quite proud when he said this, as if it was a very proud thing.

"I know you can't wait. Congratulations. I'll be the driver to see you off in person. It's your pleasure." Gong Yu pressed his eyebrows, leaned forward and said to Gong ou, "what's that?" when his eyes touched that plate of fried rice

New poisons?

Before the second half of the sentence was asked, Xiao Nian immediately interrupted, "this is the nutritious breakfast that Gong Ou made for me."

"Nutritious breakfast?"

Gong Yu feels that her nutrition may be different from that of their husband and wife.

"Envy?" Gong Ou glanced at Gong Yu and said, "I'm in a good mood today. There are still some left in the kitchen. Let's go and have a plate for the young master!"

Hearing this, Gong Yu immediately jumped up from the sofa. When Xiao Nian saw that Gong Yu was so "lively" for the first time.

"Ha ha, ha ha, that, what? I suddenly thought that my jet lag hasn't reversed. Take your time, and I'll go back and continue to reverse it."

Gong Gu fled.

"You're not driving for me?"

"I don't think I can do it. Let Feng dedang! I'm gone! "

Gong Yu ran all the way and lost one of his slippers.

Gong Ou is not a fool. Seeing this, he turns his eyes and looks coldly at Shi Xiaonian, with a gloomy tone. "Does he dislike my cooking?"

"Why, brother is sleepy. Let him go to sleep." Xiaonian said with a smile.

Gong Ou looks at her skeptically.

When Xiaonian didn't want him to feel uncomfortable, he had to say, "really, Gong ou, your breakfast is really good, and I also want to monopolize it. I hope you can only cook by myself."

Don't poison your family any more.

Gong Ou lowers her head and kisses her face. Her black eyes are deep, "OK! In the future, I will only give you one dish to eat! No one wants to share! "

She's the only one for him, and he's the only one for her.

He likes her to be exclusive!


Xiaonian's heart trembled with laughter. She took the spoon and ate it silently, inexplicably feeling sad. I hope that after eating this meal, she can still live to the registered place.

"Young master, no, Mr palace is gone!"