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Chapter 122 I can'st control myself


The doctor is speechless. He continues to bandage shixiaonian and lightens his hand.

When Xiaonian was lying on the bed, he was still sleeping in a daze, his eyebrows were frowning all the time, as if he was suffering from pain even in his dream.

Gong Ou looks at it and feels like he's holding something on his chest, which makes him ache.

The doctor wrapped up Xiaonian and began to take out the infusion bag.

Gong ouyizhen, "why do you need infusion?"

"This lady has a fever, don't you know?" The doctor replied gingerly, "it may be caused by rain or hand injury and inflammation."


Gong Ou is shocked and rushes to the doctor immediately. He pushes away the doctor and reaches for Xiao Nian's forehead.

It's really hot.

He didn't even pay attention. She didn't talk to him about her burning like this. She would rather be tortured by him.

This woman is so stubborn.

Gong Ou turns his head and says in a cold voice, "Feng De, call the doctor at home!"

"Yes." Feng de has been standing beside, smell speech nodded, and asked, "is it the doctor Jiang of imperial castle?"

"It's British."

Gong Ou is decisive.

"What? Call the British palace doctor? " Feng de was shocked.

Miss Shi is just injured and has a fever. Is it a private doctor who needs to move to the British palace?

That's a doctor specially for Mr. and Mrs. Gong, who never borrows it to outsiders.

"Let you go! Hurry up! Arrange them to come by private plane at once! " Seeing him standing still, Gong Ou shouted at once.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de did not dare to hesitate any more and hurried out.

Gong Ou stares at the doctor, "you first give her fever, and then you won't be needed."

Domestic doctors like to infuse fluid when they can't move, which will do harm to human body and lead to the decrease of immunity of this woman.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Gong."

The doctor nodded.

This rain has been raining, when Xiaonian woke up 24 hours later.

As soon as she opened it, she saw Gong ou.

He stood on the bed, tall figure makes people can not ignore his sense of existence, Gong Ou is looking at her with low eyes.

It seems that he likes to stand on all kinds of heights for fear that others will not see him at the first time.

Seeing her wake up, Gong Ou immediately squats down beside her, the tightened eyebrows are loosened, a handsome face is no longer taut, and the corners of the lips are raised in a radian, "are you awake? How is it? Is it still painful or hungry? "


When Xiaonian was lying there, he had no strength in his body, was sour and painful, and his mind was confused.

She stared at him in a daze, and the previous scenes returned to her mind.

She wanted to make it clear between them.

However, he pushed her directly to the bed, recklessly abused her and tortured her with the most primitive sensory stimulation.

Again and again.


Until she fainted in his arms.

When I think of it, I hate the look in his eyes.

Every time, he was so paranoid that he only recognized what he thought and never listened to her.

He wants her to be what she has to be. He can't allow her to deviate a little bit from his track. If she deviates, he will go mad.

"Are you hungry?"

Gong Ou stared at her and asked, reaching for her face.

When small read slants face, don't let his hand touch, the meaning of resistance is very obvious, both eyes don't look at him.

Gong Ou's hand is frozen on her ear side, tightening silently.

He looked at her and suppressed the irritation.

When Xiaonian sat up with her right hand to support the bed, she found that her left arm had been repainted, and the fixed length inside had become longer. What she could move now was her left finger.

The strength in her body seemed to be drained, and every inch of it was crying out for pain.

"Is there any discomfort?" Gong Ou asked, with a magnetic voice and a good tone.


When small read sits silently, looks down at own left arm not to speak.

Gong Ou is completely ignored.

All of a sudden, he was provoked a nameless fire in his chest, and his voice was gloomy. "Can you take care of me?"

She's ready to give him another cold war?

Every time he is a little bit over tempered, she gives him a cold face.

Who is up and who is down?

When small read slants a face, indifferently way, "I said to have no use, then I still say what."

Anyway, what she said will be rejected by his paranoid.

She's just his dog. She should be fooled, shouldn't she.

Then she has nothing to say.


Gong Ou is enraged again, and his fist almost blows up at her.

A moment later, he stiffly suppressed his anger, stood up and jumped out of bed, and walked out in a hurry.

He can't control himself.

Stay longer, he'll hurt her again.

But he didn't want to hurt her again.

When Xiaonian watched his back disappear in the bedroom, soon, outside came the sound of smashing and kicking and the scream of the maid's fear, what furniture and valuables were being broken.





when listening to the sound, Xiaonian closed his eyes, had a splitting headache, reached out and knocked his head.

Gong Ou's temper is really bad. He never listens to the harsh voice and ignores it.

So she did not dare to provoke him easily. Every time, she was pulled to the extreme like a spring. She would rebound only when she was forced to have no space.

Of course, her rebound will not be too good.

For the first time, Gong Ou forced her into the forest and fasted against water;

this time, she was stunned by him in bed.

And her words were still useless to him.

Outside, I heard the sound of falling objects. When I heard the sound, I heard the nerves in my forehead jump.

Fortunately, Gong Ou is not bad enough to kick her like a furniture.

It took a long time for the sound outside to stop.

It was quiet again.

When Xiaonian sat at the head of the bed, his eyes were staring blankly at the front, and there was despair in his eyes.

The plan failed.

She can't leave gongou any more. She will always be a lover who can't see light.

The so-called freedom is far away.

A maid came in, holding her cell phone in her hand. "Miss Shi, I saw that your cell phone was dead before. I charged it. You can rest assured that I didn't turn it on."

The maid handed her the cell phone.

"Thank you." When small read nods, complexion has pale, voice weak ground asks, "how long did I sleep?"

"24 hours." The maid answered without hesitation.

When small read stunned, "remember so clear?"

"Because the young master will have a look at the time every other moment, it's hard for us to remember whether or not." The maid said with a smile, "then I'll go out first. Miss Shi, if you want to call me."


When small read nods, the hand holds the mobile phone to turn on.

Once turned on, the N.E system reminds her of how many missed calls and messages she has.

She opened the SMS page, and many of them came to admire qianchu.

Mu qianchu

When Xiaonian's throat was dry, how she would tell him that the plan failed in only two days; how she would tell him that she could not leave it.

A steady sound of footsteps came.

When Xiaonian quickly turns off the mobile phone and puts it under the pillow.

Gong Ou comes in from the outside, holding a plate with rich dishes.

Probably because of venting, his face looks better, and he doesn't seem so grumpy.


Gong Ou put the plate on the bedside table and said.

"I'm not hungry."

She has no appetite now.

Gong Ou didn't hear that. He took a bowl and put it in his hand. He took a mouthful of rice with a spoon and put it on her lips. "Eat."

"I said, I'm not hungry."

When small read slant face, ungrateful.

"Be obedient!"

Gong Ou's voice is strong, and his hand holding the spoon is also strong.

"I'm not really hungry." When small read indifferent tunnel, voice in addition to weak, no feelings.

"You think I can't handle you like this?"

Gong Ou's voice also cooled down.


Shixiaonian didn't look at her.

Gong Ou suddenly takes back his spoon, puts rice in his mouth, reaches out and grabs her, forces her to open her mouth, and kisses her.


Xiaonian opened her eyes in shock. She didn't expect Gong ou to come. She pushed him back, but it didn't help.

Gong Ou blocks her lips and feeds her rice. Her black eyes stare at her. "How do you want me to continue to feed you in this way?"

His tone was outrageous.

When small read very want to spit out the mouth of this meal, but a pair of upper Gong Ou sharp eyes, she compromise.

She really There's no way to be stubborn compared to a paranoid.

"I'll do it myself."

Shixiaonian concedes defeat.

"Come back when you're crippled." Gong Ou takes a spoon and feeds it to her lips.

When small read unwilling to eat into the mouth, taste like chewing wax.

The pain between her arms and legs reminds her how Gong Ou tortures her.

"I didn't mean to."

In the quiet bedroom, Gong Ou's voice suddenly sounded, a little stiff.


When small read chewing action.

What he's talking about, not on purpose.

Gong Ou feeds her another spoonful of rice. The black pupil stares at the bright blood bead on her lips. The pupil is slightly contracted and the voice is low. "You know I have paranoid personality disorder, I can't control myself."


When Xiaonian's lips trembled with shock, he looked at him with some consternation.

It's like the first time he's faced up to his paranoia. People with this kind of disease are reluctant to admit that they are different from ordinary people.

He admitted.

Gong Ou sips her lips, stares at her and continues, "so, if there's another time, you'll run for me."

If he runs away, he won't lose his temper and hurt her.

"Can I escape?"

When small read light tunnel, dim eyes.

He got angry. She couldn't resist his opponent, let alone escape.

"Then don't provoke me." He won't have an attack.

He used to have a worse temper. Facing her, he has restrained a lot.

She doesn't stimulate him, he won't attack.

Smell speech, when small read has a kind of weak feeling that is hit and raked backward, "I don't want to provoke you, I just want to have a good talk."

"You're just pissing me off!"