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Chapter 974 preparation for escape

And all of them were scattered.

when Xiaonian looked at the robot tied to the ground by the iron chain, he was in a complex mood. Obviously, he had removed the power supply, but we were still afraid to tie it tightly.

She slowly walked forward, squatted down beside the robot, and stroked the steel back. Once this back carried her out of the despair of breaking up. Once this machine was regarded as a family member.

But now, she doesn't even know what happened, so it betrays her.

How can those who used to depend on each other become like this.

Mu qianchu is talking about something, and is pushed by Luo lie. He realizes that Xiaonian is not right at that time. When he walks towards Xiaonian step by step, he squats down beside her with a gentle voice. "Xiaonian, are you ok?"

The news that the R palace is a traitor hit her a lot. If it was earlier, Xiao Nian would be defeated again.

"Gong Ou sent Mr palace to me. It accompanied me in many blows, many times of opening and closing. It was like a guardian God around me." When small read low voice said, the eyes are only gloomy, "is to come here, I always think if Mr palace is here."

She doesn't want to communicate with anyone, but when Gong Ou's Mr palace appears in front of her, she still has a sense of relief, because that's her deepest trust in Mr palace.

Under this layer of steel is the protection of her heart.

Mu qianchu reached out and patted her arm twice peacefully, "no matter what, it's just a machine."

Yeah, because it's just a machine.

"If it's not a machine, I can ask why it did it." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Why betray her?

Is it self-consciousness or artificial control?

Lori looked at this scene and sighed, reached out and pushed his glasses, saying, "Mr palace and Gong ou have the character of copying and sticking, but what they do is extremely crazy. One protects you to hysteria, the other betrays you directly."

This is a direct stab at the pain of Xiaonian. It seems to say to her every bit. Look, such a person is not suitable for you at all, and you can't control it at all. No matter how much you love or want to pay, they will block you back.

When Xiaonian squatted there in silence, mu qianchu felt some changes in her breathing, understood her pain at the moment, reached out and pulled her up, "go back to have a rest, don't think too much."

"Analyze the data of Mr palace as soon as possible. Although it has been controlled extremely quickly, I don't know how much information it has transmitted." Said Shi Xiaonian.


"Also, see if the transmission equipment on Mr palace can be used. To know Gong ou, he must not know that Mr palace has defected." When he said this, he couldn't help getting nervous.

She can't face Gong ou, but her greatest wish is that he can live well, and she must know that he can live.

"I understand that you don't have too much pressure. Many things are unexpected and we can only face them. It's not too bad now, is it?" Mu qianchu patted her on the back and accompanied her to leave.

He kept sending her to the door.

When Xiaonian stops, his eyes are bleak looking at his hands, and he speaks low, "qianchu."


"Thank you."

Thank you, qianchu. I didn't leave them at this time. Thank you for pulling her and not letting her connect more people.

“……” Mu qianchu listened to a faint smile and wanted to say something, when Xiao Nian had gone on alone.

Mu qianchu stood there for half a meeting and returned to discuss with Lori. Lori kicked the robot, looked up at the blind man and said, "I can smell the smell."

"What do you say?"

Asked mu qianchu.

"I always feel that you two will get something sooner or later." Luo lie coughed softly, and put his hands in his trouser pocket. "I've lived under the eaves for a long time, and I'd like to remind you that the people in the palace don't mess with you casually, they will die without a burial place."

He has seen it.

Hearing this, mu qianchu's eyes moved and said frankly, "you think more."

"I wish I wanted more."

"She will fall in love with anyone, and there will be no possibility for me. Gong ou will let me come here only knowing this. Do you understand?" Mu qianchu said calmly that he had not gone to expect those things so far.

Lori shrugged his shoulders and said, "I only know that there is a saying called" adversity makes love. "

But when he saw it with his own eyes, Xiaonian ignored mu qianchu's original gratitude and trust, which has been a miracle.

Mu qianchu smiled and shook his head. "We are in real trouble now. Your doctor is still in the mood to say these things and help us figure out how to escape here. It's not safe here."


The day when the R palace appeared was destined to be restless, and even the weather was much hotter than before.

Gong Yao is sensitive beyond his age. He didn't even take his lessons seriously this day. Gong Kui still sang, danced and enjoyed himself.

Shi Xiaonian accompanied the two children to listen to the teacher. She sat at the end and watched the two young children.

Muqianchu said, let her fight again for her children, and face it positively again, and don't deny herself. But this time, she knew what they were going to face. Even if she faced it positively, she would not be able to pass the test.

They have become a foregone conclusion here, but where is Gong Ou? Gong Ou doesn't know what they are doing now. If they come here She couldn't imagine what he would become.

He is so hysterical.

“mom? Mom? "

Gong Kui's voice called back the thoughts of Xiaonian floating away. She looked up and saw Gong Kui blinking at her.

"What's the matter?" When Xiaonian smiled.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Asked Gong Kui, looking at the hand of Xiao Nian.

"Do you like the sound proof earmuffs made for you, decorated with bunnies?" Xiaonian hands Gong Kui the earmuffs he made.

"My favorite mom!" Palace Kui excitedly took over the earmuffs and put them on, happily shook his head, turned to look at the expressionless Gong Yao on one side, "brother, is it nice?"

"I'm my brother." Gong Yao said, turning his eyes to look at Xiaonian, a pair of dark eyes with sensitivity.

"What do you say?"

Gong Kui asked loudly, holding her earmuffs in both hands. She could not hear what Gong Yao said.

When small read see effective can't help but relax, she doesn't want to let Gong Kui experience more pain.


Sven's knock on the door rang.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw mu qianchu standing at the door, looking at the front with no luster in his eyes, and said, "Xiaonian, come out for a moment, I have something to say to you."

"Good." When Xiaonian stood up and rubbed the heads of the two children, Gong Yao continued to stare at her sensitively.

When Xiaonian dodges Gong Yao's eyes and turns to leave.

When mu qianchu called for Xiao Nian, they walked in the villa. The cool air was much more comfortable than the outside temperature.

"Three things." "First of all, Mr palace didn't send out more information, but sent out the location, so it will be found soon, we have to move safely immediately," Mu said concisely


This is the expected result. The so-called transfer is to escape immediately.

When small read tight lips continue to listen.

"Second, information transmission has been cut off. We don't have high-tech talents here, so we can't inform Gong ou." Mu qianchu walked beside her and said.

"Then what?" "Sometimes the MR palace program is more terrible than the human brain. It can remember more. Maybe a lot of information about Gong Ou has been leaked by it. Gong Ou is easy to recruit in the UK."

Hearing this, mu qianchu understood that Xiaonian should inform Gong ou, not to save them, but to protect himself.

She became so that she almost beat her children. Gong Ou was the most worried.

Mu qianchu hooks up the corner of his lips. The smile on his lips is more bitter, but Xiao Nian doesn't look at him, just worried.

What should Gong ou do?

Do you really want to be killed by Lancaster?

"Don't worry too much. Gong Ou is not an ordinary person. I believe he has the ability to deal with this." Mu qianchu said lightly, "what we need to do now is to transfer immediately."

"That's the third thing?" When small read to force up spirit to ask a way, stopped, both hands press on the armrest in front, low Mou looks to the spiral stair below.

Mu qianchu's jaw head, "yes, Lori and I have made a plan to leave in several waves at the same time, so that even if there is an ambush, we can try to break it one by one."

When I heard this, I understood the nature of Mu qianchu's plan.

She turned her eyes to Xiangmu qianchu's calm face and said, "you are going to find your own person as bait to lead the other party's main attack, so that I and the child can escape."

The so-called breaking into several waves is to send her out in the least dangerous way, and the rest may be baits.

"I know I can't hide it from you." Mu qianchu bowed his head and said, "this is the easiest way I can think of to escape. We can't rely on any external force now."

"To let me face it is to let me live on other people's lives?" He asked softly.

"You should know the goal that all of us gather here is to keep your mother and son absolutely safe. If you have something to do, the rest of us will not let go even if we go out to gongou alive." Said Mu qianchu.


When small read low eyes, did not speak.

Look at her silence all the time, silence till the air-conditioner is blowing, mu qianchu suddenly chuckles and says, "I know you won't agree."

When small read some stunned to look at him, "thousand early?"

Why did you burst out laughing.

What does that smile mean.

"This is what Dr. Luo and I thought at the beginning, but I rejected it later. The final decision was divided into several waves to reduce the possibility of being caught in one net, but no bait was set, no one was protected, and everyone was safe." Said Mu qianchu.

Shixiaonian looks at him in surprise. "Don't you advise me?"