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Chapter 946 reconciliation with mu qianchu

The water splashed down.

When Xiaonian picked up the cup to pick up the water to brush his teeth, he looked up and saw himself in the mirror. Under his long hair, which was sleeping fluffy, his facial features were very pale. Between his eyebrows and eyes, there was a gaunt feeling that he could not sleep. His lips were dyed with white, which was milk.

A circle of milk added some coquettishness to her lifeless face.

This is what Mr Palace said.

When Xiaonian couldn't help laughing, it seems that no matter how Gong Ou changed, the independent consciousness of Mr palace remained, and he didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing.

Now she can't tell Gong ou.

Well, this matter has nothing to do with what Gong Ou is trying to solve now. Even if she said it, it's just another thing that bothers him. Why should she make trouble again.

Now Mr palace is by her side.


During the day, Xiaonian was still learning and playing with the two children as usual.

At dusk, Xiaonian stood at the door and watched the sunlight falling obliquely from the West. The grass was dyed with different colors.

They say it's beautiful. They say it's an excellent place for honeymoon. It's really beautiful.

But no matter how beautiful it is.

When Xiaonian didn't appreciate it for a long time, he turned back to prepare to go in. Just as Lori came towards her, Lori pushed his glasses and looked at her. "Mrs. Gong."

"Dr lo."

Xiaonian nods to him.

"The chef has prepared a lot of rich dishes today. Would you like to have dinner with us downstairs?" The eyes behind the lenses flashed a deep meaning, Lori said.

When Xiaonian stood there stunned and understood his intention. After a few seconds of silence, he said, "no, I'd better eat upstairs."

After that, Xiaonian went forward, and Lori stopped her. "Mrs. Gong, forgive me a lot. I can see that you and Mr. Mu don't hate each other very much. You don't even have a normal conversation under the eaves every day. We are all embarrassed. Why don't we reconcile?"

It's that Lori doesn't know what happened between her and mu qianchu.

Through so many things, she and mu qianchu are far away from each other, and they may be in a peaceful mood. When they are near, many things will appear in front of them, and they can't forget how.

"Dr lo, right..."

"Don't say I'm sorry. I know I don't know anything. I shouldn't interfere. It's my blunder." Lori bowed to her and turned away.

When small read some worry to look at Luo lie's back.

Lori is a very proud person. She tried to mediate for them again and again. She was annoyed that she refused to estimate again and again.

They all came to protect her, but she offended them one by one.

When Xiaonian, you try your best to be good at yourself. What's the result?

Don't be such a burden anymore.

"I'll ask Xiao Kui and them to come over for dinner."

When small read to raise a voice to say.

Lori looked back at her and nodded, "well, the chef has prepared a very rich children's special today."

"Is it? That's great. "

When small read barely a smile, toward the inside.

After calling two children, Xiao Nian went to the restaurant.

The dog named little f is lying in the nest in the corner, half squinting.

Mu qianchu is standing beside the dining table, dressed very formally. One hand slowly touches the back of the chair to adjust the position of the chair, and then touches another chair, and compares the distance between the two chairs, so that the distance is right.

"The spicy food should be kept away from Xiaonian and the children. Are the dishes ready?" Mu qianchu asked the cook and servant aside to be a little excited, as if they were doing a very happy thing.

When Xiaonian stood at the door of the restaurant, looking at his busy figure, he felt a little bad.

"Good uncle mu."

Gong Kui took the lead in opening his mouth. He called sweetly, and Gong Yao on the other side also called. He nodded politely and distantly to Mu qianchu. His beautiful face was expressionless.

Mu qianchu turns around and "looks" at them. "Are they all here? Just in time, wash your hands and you can eat. "


When small read lightly should a, push two children to wash their hands.

Hearing her voice, mu qianchu's face was obviously relieved. He was afraid that she would not come to dinner at last.

Then, Lori arrived, and they sat down at the long table.

The light is bright.

The restaurant is very clean and spotless.

When mu qianchu sat at the corner of Xiaonian's right hand, he had not eaten a mouthful, but he had been introducing dishes to her. His voice was calm and light, so gentle that no one felt uncomfortable.

Obviously, he can't see, but he can accurately say the location and practice of each dish.

This intention makes me speechless, and I don't know what to say. I can only keep my voice and eat silently.

Mu qianchu's eyes are blind, and she can't see the expression on her face. He still talks.

Lori watched the two of them and shook his head helplessly.

It seems that his doctor can't solve some problems.

"Mom, we're done. May I go down with holly first?" Gong Kui puts down the spoon in his hand and asks Xiaonian's opinion.

"Well, don't go crazy just after dinner. Go ahead."

When small read nods to answer.


Two children politely said goodbye to them, and then left the restaurant. There were only three adults left in the restaurant.

When small read to count bowl of rice when can eat.


From an electronic voice.

When Xiaonian turned around, he saw Mr palace coming towards her, and his tall body was plated with a layer of luster under the light, which was particularly handsome.

When I saw Mr palace, Xiaonian smiled sincerely for the first time in the whole dinner time. "You are finally charged."

"What do I need to do?"

R palace put one hand in front of her and bowed respectfully to make a gentleman's action.

"No, just stay with me."

Xiaonian said with a smile, then continued to pick rice.

Suddenly, a piece of tender vegetable was put into her plate accurately. She raised her eyes, and mu qianchu sat there holding chopsticks, gently saying, "this dish is very nutritious. You should eat more."

"Thank you."

When small read don't know what to say, stare at that piece of dish for a long time, just hold chopsticks clip up put into the mouth to chew carefully.

Listening to the sound of chopsticks hitting the plate, mu qianchu sat there and smiled.

There is a sound of metal collision.

When Xiaonian couldn't help looking at Mr palace behind him, he saw that he was standing like this, his hands clenched vertically, very quiet, and didn't make any sound.

Did she hear it wrong?

With this time, mu qianchu continues to add food for her. When Xiaonian eats silently, until the rice in the bowl is at the bottom, she feels relieved.

She put down her chopsticks and was about to say to leave when a bodyguard ran in from outside. "Mr. mu, it's not good. Shizhong came out and grabbed miss gongkui and didn't let go. We didn't dare to go ahead."


When small read to be shocked to open wide eyes, complexion palely chased out.

Lori and mu qianchu rushed out for the first time.

Under the night, there was only a ground lamp on the lawn. The light was not bright. I threw several beams in the direction of the sky. When my hair was a little gray, I would hold the sunflower on my chest and hold her small neck with my hand.

There are bodyguards all around.

Gong Yao stood there, aiming his bow and arrow at Shizhong's eyes, but his sister was afraid to shoot, and her face was sweating with nervousness.

"Let my daughter go!"

When Xiaonian rushes into the crowd, he sees that gongkui is threatened by Shizhong, and his voice is rusty with fear.

“mom! Mom! "

Gong Kui desperately pedals her legs, grabs her hand in the direction of Xiaonian, and looks at her painfully with tears in her big eyes like grapes.

"Don't even come here!"

Shizhong stood there and tightened Gong Kui's neck, which made her unable to make a sound.

"What do you want to do? If you have something to say, put the child down first. "

Mu qianchu stood there and said anxiously, the bodyguard on one side LED small f to him, and he reached for it.

Shizhong hugs Gong Kui tightly in front of him. His facial features are twisted to be ferocious. His eyes stare at them angrily. "Let's go. I don't want to stay in this ghost place. Let's go now!"

"OK, you can put the child down first."

Mu qianchu agrees, turns his face slightly, listens carefully to Shizhong's breathing sound, and distinguishes his position and mood at the moment.

"Let my daughter go, whatever you want." When small read face pale to shout, the voice is particularly hoarse under the night.

She grabs her hair, and guilt is madly implanted in her heart. Why does she always protect her children? Why

Suddenly, a silver figure jumped up from behind the crowd and rushed towards Shizhong at a very fast speed. The fist of refined steel directly greeted Shizhong on the head.

"Mr palace, don't mess around!"

When Xiaonian was in a hurry, he shouted.

In the moment of falling words, Shizhong has been knocked down, and Gong Kui also falls down. Mu qianchu releases a small F and rushes to the past.

When small read also want to rush forward, be stopped by Luo lie, "you cannot go up, you are still pregnant."

I saw mu qianchu rush to the past, and without thinking about it, he fell down and hugged the palace anemone.

Gong Kui shivered in his arms.

Shizhong fell to the ground and couldn't see clearly with one eye beaten. Seeing that there was no Gong Kui in his hand, he rushed to Mu qianchu excitedly, took out a fruit knife from his pocket and stabbed Gong Kui in his arms, as if he was mad.

At that moment, Xiaonian's soul was hollowed out, and she didn't even scream.

At the critical moment, mu qianchu seemed to have a judgment. He suddenly turned around holding the sunflower in his arms, and the fruit knife stabbed him hard on the arm.

There was a rush of blood.

Shi Zhong was subdued by one of the R palaces. Shi Zhong took a fruit knife and scratched it desperately. Mr palaces threw the knife away.