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Chapter 185 I'sm not the one she trusts the most

Hearing this, Gong Ou gets up from his chair and walks towards them. His powerful aura makes three psychiatrists feel pressure.

"What do you say?"

Asked Gong Ou in a cold voice.

"Although Miss Shi didn't answer any questions today, there was a slight change of expression on her face. Through the test results, we found that Miss Shi seemed to have a dead heart." Said the psychologist.

"What do you say?"

Gong Ou's face sank.

What is a heart like stagnant water?

How could his woman feel like water!

"This is seen from the test results. Miss Shi has no expectation of the world. She does not see any hope or want to do anything. We generally call such patients living dead. " The psychiatrist observed Gong Ou's face and said cautiously.

The living dead.

Is he a living dead man?

Gong Ou's junpang turns iron green. He stretches his arms across the table and grabs the talking doctor. His eyes look at him fiercely. "Do you think that's what I want to hear?"

When he came to listen to them, Xiao Nian became a living dead man?

"Mr. Gong and Mr. Gong, don't be angry. We and we have come up with a treatment plan." The doctor stammered.

Smell speech, Gong Ou loosen his collar, spit out a word from thin lips, "say!"

"When Miss Shi will become like this, it is still due to this third-party public opinion. Her adoptive parents, sisters and relatives who raised her for more than 20 years all splashed dirty water on her in public, slandered her, and the public all thought that she was a third party who should be cut to pieces, and cursed her to death."

"Go on."

"Although Miss Shi doesn't need to see the public opinions any more around Mr. Gong, some of the injuries are already lingering in her body like a tumor, and it's hard to recover unless you cut it with a sharp knife." Said the psychologist professionally.

"Cut with a sharp knife?"

Gong Ou asked coldly, sitting on the table, with black eyes and thinking.

"Yes, Miss Shi was the only one who scolded her all over the world when she went through these things. No one helped her. She squatted down with her head under the siege of everyone, but no one extended a helping hand to her." The doctor said.


"Our treatment plan is to hypnotize Miss Wei and experience the shopping mall again." The doctor said his plan.

"Dare you!"

Gong Ou shouts out without thinking. His face is hard to see.

He has seen the video of the shopping mall over and over again. Every time he sees it, he wants to kill people.

Hundreds of thousands of people besieged a woman in the mall, and everything fell on her.

He watched her looking around helplessly, and then slowly squatted down with her head in one's arms, leaving everyone to attack. He could feel the helplessness and despair across the screen.

They want shixiaonian to experience this kind of thing for the second time!

"If it doesn't reappear once, the cancer will be in Miss Shi's body all the time." The doctor stepped back in fear, then looked at Gong ou and said, "besides, Miss Shi was desperate at that time. We hypnotized again and made a hero to save her."

"Go on." Hero? What kind of hero.

"As long as you can find a good hypnotist, you can reproduce the situation at that time. When Miss Shi is most helpless, there are trusted heroes to rescue her. Then when she wakes up, even if she knows that everything is fake, she will not be so desperate when she recalls that. " Said the doctor.

Sounds like a way.

"What is the probability of success?"

Asked Gong Ou coldly.

"It depends on the hypnotist's ability and the hero's deep trust. The success rate can reach more than 90."


The doctor said, "because we have had such clinical cases, and they have been successful, we all feel that we can have a try."

"A hero of great trust?"

Asked Gong ou.

"It's Mr. Gong. In the test we just did, we found that Miss Shi trusted Mr. Gong very much." The psychiatrist moves his laptop. It's in the video just now.

When the camera is aimed, I read.

Just listen to the exaggerated voice of the psychiatrist --

"ah, someone has come to save you, can't see clearly, who is it? Prince charming? Superman? No, I don't think so. The police? Is it a housekeeper? It is... Gong Ou? "

When talking about the first few people, Xiao Nian's face didn't change at all.

But when the name "Gong Ou" rings, Xiao Nian's long eyelashes tremble, and a flash of luster in his eyes passes by quickly.


Gong Ou's chest was shaking.

She responds to his name. Is he her hero?

"You see, Mr. Gong, Miss Shi trusts you very much. As long as you cooperate with hypnotherapy, you will have a great chance to cure Miss Shi's psychological trauma." The psychiatrist said, "look, I just mentioned my name several times in the question, and Miss Shi has a certain degree of reaction."


Gong Ou stared at the screen with black eyes.

Sure enough, every time the psychiatrist mentions his name intentionally or unintentionally, there will be subtle changes in Xiaonian's face.

She really reacted to him.

"Mr. Gong, you have seen how, before the shopping mall incident has taken place for a long time, it can be cured as soon as possible. Otherwise, for a long time, the traces of the wound will be unbreakable." The psychologist said, waiting for Gong Ou's answer.

Gong Ou stares at the small read on the screen, there is a desire to move in his chest, let him almost agree to come down.

But not.

He still has a trace of reason, there is no mu qianchu in these choice questions.

Although Xiao Nian didn't choose to go back to Mu qianchu, he didn't resolutely go with him. He forced her back.

Maybe, if there is one mu qianchu in the answer, her expression will change differently.

"Mr. Gong?" The psychiatrist couldn't help asking when he didn't speak.

"What happens after hypnosis if the hero is not someone she fully trusts?" Asked Gong Ou in a cold voice, a little bit of self-confidence flitted over his pretentious face.

"In that case, the treatment is likely to fail, and it will cause Miss Shi a second trauma. Hypnosis can't be done again." Said the psychiatrist.


If she is not the one with the greatest trust in her heart, the treatment is likely to fail and cause secondary trauma.

Second degree trauma.

The psychiatrist asked again, "Mr. Gong, do you want to have hypnotherapy?"

"There is no other way than this?" Asked Gong Ou in a low voice.

The three psychiatrists took a look at each other, and then said, "without this speed, maybe one day miss will suddenly think, or maybe miss will subconsciously resist speaking because of psychological trauma all her life."

No one can say anything about trauma.

After all, it's not as easy to control as a physical disease.


That is to say, she may not want to talk to anyone for a lifetime.

She may be hurt twice.

"Mr. Gong, we all think we can have a try. After all, Miss Shi really trusts you." Psychologist you said.

"No, no hypnosis!"

Gong Ou gives the answer directly.

Smell speech, three psychological doctors all look at him in dismay, "Mr. Gong, this is a very good way."

"I said no, no!"

Gong Ou's voice is firm and cold. There is no room for turning around.

He can have complete trust in himself in everything, but he has lost a little confidence in timing.

He thought many times that she had fallen in love with him, but it didn't turn out to be.

She would rather die than beg him for mercy.

She called him the devil.

She had looked at him with such hatred and said, "you can't be trusted at all."

How could such a self be the most trusted person of shixiaonian? If he became a hero in her hypnotic world, he would only make her suffer another trauma.

Outside the door, Xiao Nian stood at the door and listened to the conversation quietly.

Gong ou, who has always been arrogant, gave up the chance to be her hero.


When Xiaonian was a little confused.

"Why? Mr. Gong, I don't understand? " The psychiatrist inside asked the same questions as she did.

There was a long silence.

It was a long time before she heard Gong Ou's low voice, "you've got it wrong. I'm not the one she trusts the most."

His voice is not confident.

It's not like him at all.


Hearing this, Xiaonian's heart pricked inexplicably, and it hurt a little.

She didn't continue to listen, turned away, didn't go in, she didn't think it was important to hypnotize or not, nor that one hypnosis could cure her.

She doesn't care whether she hypnotizes or not.

Just listen to Gong Ou's words, she is very uncomfortable.

When Xiaonian went to the restaurant with elegant environment, the long table was already full of rich dinner, and only Fengde was in the restaurant.

Because she didn't like the number of people, the people in the imperial Castle retreated and retreated, and more and more.

Seeing her come in, Feng de nodded to her, "Miss Shi."


When small read to sit at the table in silence.

Now, Feng De is used to her silence. She goes up to introduce the delicious food on the table to her and introduces the past together.

When small read a face to look at the vegetables on the table, eyes empty, no interest.

"Did Miss Shi just go to listen to the conversation between the young master and the psychologist?" Feng de suddenly turned to talk and asked kindly.


When small read of long eyelash moved gently, did not speak.

"Miss Shi, I believe you can get better." Feng De's voice is very gentle, "in fact, those who are not good to you, what do you care about them? They are not good to you, you don't have to worry about them."


Everyone knows the truth, but anyone can't stand it.

When Xiaonian sat there in silence and didn't speak.

Feng de stood aside, arranging food for her plate, joking like a tunnel. "If someone hurt her, there must be psychological trauma. The young master should have been hurt by Miss Shi."