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Chapter 554 return of property at the beginning of Munich

"No, I haven't had express delivery recently. "Said Fengde on the other end of the phone.

"Oh, well, I see. That's OK."

No express delivery.

When Xiaonian hangs up the phone, she looks at the package in her arms. What kind of express will it be?

Holding the heavy package, she looked up at the N.E building opposite, and walked to the opposite side. The front desk saw that she didn't stop her and asked her to go straight up.

Her relationship with Gong Ou is so complicated that the staff can't distinguish them. As long as the president doesn't scold, they won't stop Shi Xiaonian.

The boss's feelings are the strangest. In case Xiaonian becomes the president's wife one day, they can't be bothered.

When Xiaonian carried the package to the high-rise building, the secretary came out and nodded respectfully to her, "Miss Xi, do you want to find the president?"


I nodded.

"The president has a dinner. He's out." Said the secretary.

"Out of the door?" When small read stupefied, then way, "then I wait for him here."

"OK, I'll pour you a cup of coffee." The Secretary nodded and turned away.

When Xiaonian walked into the lounge and put the package on the tea table, she was confused. She turned her eyes around and found an art knife.

She sat down in front of the sofa, took a knife, cut open the package and opened the box.

Inside was a thick pile of papers.

When small read stupefied next, take out the top of a document to read, this see, her whole person all stayed, for a long time did not return to the spirit.

These are the property reports of the Xi family.

She never touched these things, nor did she know how much property and influence Xi had.

When she turned to the last page, mu qianchu's autograph appeared on the report. She quickly browsed the report line by line, and mu qianchu gave her the property.


When Xiaonian incredibly put the document aside and continued to take out the document from it. The content was the same. It was all the detailed reports of Xi's property, all of which had been given to her, without exception.

She didn't know the Xi family was so rich.

Just wait for her to sign and go through the formalities, these things will belong to her.

What is muqianchu doing?

Four years later, she didn't have any news of him. He just gave her the property as soon as he appeared?

When Xiaonian subconsciously looked at the express list on the package shell, he found that the express list posted on it was forged. The stranger was not a courier, but a pure delivery for her.

Mu qianchu occupied the power of the Xi family for four years. Why did he suddenly return these to her? Something to do with the mess in Italy? But even if Italy is in turmoil, he doesn't have to give her his property.

Is it atonement?

Atonement for four years late at the table?

When I thought about it, looking at these things, I felt that things have changed.

The cell phone suddenly rings.

She took out her mobile phone, which was an unknown number. When Xiaonian realized something, she did not hesitate to connect the phone. "Hello."

There is silence in the cell phone.

It was as quiet as if no one was there.

Shi Xiaonian stands up from the sofa, his fingers clench his cell phone with some force, "mojichu, is that you? What do you want to do? "

There was a crash over there.

Then Xiaonian heard the worried voice of the flute from afar, "qianchu, be careful, I will move the chair away."


When Xiaonian's eyes darkened, she remembered that mu qianchu was blind.

Her heart and mouth seem to be blocked by something, which is very uncomfortable.

There seems to be a mess. After a while, Xiaonian is standing there, holding his cell phone, not knowing what to say.

I don't know how long, when Xiaonian finally heard the voice of Mu qianchu.

His voice was as gentle and soft as ever.

"I know you won't like the operation of Xijia and you won't run it, so I've turned everything into real estate as much as possible. You can come to Italy with documents and all kinds of identity certificates and go through the formalities." Murmur's low voice rang in her ear.

So low a voice, I can't hear a bit of high spirits.

She thought that the new forces guarding Xi's family could at least lead a prosperous life and stick to one side.

Xiaonian blinked his sour eyes, "why do you do this? Without that, you have nothing. "

Four years ago, he set up such a big Bureau, harmed her parents, didn't get her feelings, and the only thing left was these properties and forces.

"I have nothing left."

Every word of Mu qianchu is like a sharp weapon, cutting every inch of memories between them, cutting new blood.

When Xiaonian stood there, his throat choked.

For a long time, Xiaonian found his voice and asked, "what are your plans for the future?"

Mu qianchu is willing to return these, she has no reason not to, because these belong to the Xi family, all belong to her Heavenly Parents.

"Me? Live and die. " Mu qianchu is deep.


When Xiaonian took his cell phone away from him, his eyes were red, and his emotions were hard to control.

"The formalities will be very complicated, and I will leave Italy soon. If you are free now, please fly over. I can help you with any formalities." Mu qianchu said in a very low voice, "in case I leave and the formalities are not in place, you will be involved with me again. I know you don't want to have any more relationship with me."


When Xiaonian didn't know what to say, Bei teeth bit his fingers, and his lips trembled slightly.

"You don't have to worry, you should understand that I won't hurt you any more." "Then I'll hang up," said Mu


When Xiaonian stood there silently, some subtle sounds came from her mobile phone.

Muqianchu mistakenly thought that he had hung up the phone and said to Shidi on the other side, "I've finished playing. It's good. It's more pleasant than the imaginary conversation."

I can't tell how much emotion that voice depresses.

"You didn't hang up." When the flute whispered to him over there.


Then Xiaonian couldn't hear any sound. It was hung up there.

When Xiaonian took off her mobile phone, her eyes were red. She went back to the sofa and looked down at this pile of heavy reports. Her heart was blocked.

Four years.

Four years of dusty memories are opened together with the parcels. When Xiaonian's hands touch these documents, tears slowly flow down.

The father who was shot by random gun, the mother who shot himself.

Treacherous admiration for thousands of years.

Missing Miyo.

She is the only one left in the world.

She is like a terrible disaster, bringing misfortune to all.

When Xiaonian touched the documents, she had forgotten how she had survived that period of time for four years. After that, for a long time, she lived in depression and pain.

Year after year, she forced herself to forget the pain.

Now, mu qianchu gives everything back to her, but she can't give back her parents.

When Xiaonian picked up a document and looked at it, her eyes were filled with tears. At this time of year, she would go back to Italy to pay homage to her parents. This year, she did not go back because of Gong Ou's return.

Maybe she should go back to tell her parents about her life and her decision about the future.

When small read wipe the tears on the face, hold up the package and go out.

Law firm.

When Xiaonian asked her lawyer to skim through one of her documents and said, "Miss Xi, these documents should be true."


When small read nods, she believes mu qianchu can't cheat her any more.

A person can't bear to kill the top many times.

"But because some procedures are all handled in Italy, I suggest that we go there as soon as possible. These property procedures should be handled as early as possible so as not to cause trouble later." The lawyer said, "I can ask Mr. y to find another lawyer who is proficient in this field to coerce you."

"And when should I go?"

Asked shixiaonian.

"The sooner, the better. You just said that Mr. Mu may leave Italy. These properties are so huge that he may not go through the formalities more troublesome." The lawyer said.

The sooner the better.

When small read silence, tomorrow is the holographic era conference time.

"If Miss Xi doesn't have anything special, why don't I book your ticket now?" Lawyer services are in place.

"No, I'll think about it."

Shi Xiaonian said, picked up the package and walked out, all the way back to the car, threw the package on the passenger seat, lying on the steering wheel, closed his red eyes.

Father's legacy.

Gong Ou's press conference.

She lay there thinking a lot of time with her parents. The more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. When Xiaonian took out her cell phone and called Gong Ou's cell phone.

It took a long time for the phone to connect.

"What is it?" Gong Ou's cold voice rang in her ear.

"Gong ou, I'm very sad. I want to talk to you." Xiaonian said in a low voice on the steering wheel.

Hearing this, Gong Ou was silent for two seconds and said, "I'm busy now."

"Can't you spare any time?" When small read bitterly asked, "is it in the absence of external factors, you will not take the initiative to care about me?"

"You ask me to care again. I said that I can't do it until the former Gong Ou comes back." Gongou cold tunnel.

The unexpected answer.

When Xiaonian's corner of the eye twitches, his eyes are flooded with water.

He would not ask her why she was sad or what happened.

"Is there anything else? If it's OK, I'll hang up. I have something else to do. " Gong Ou listened to her silence.

"I want to go back to Italy." Shixiaonian said as briefly as possible, "about the answer, I will tell you when I come back."

"Tomorrow is the press conference. It's the deadline. If you delay the answer, I'll take it as your choice."

Gong Ou said coldly, without a trace of emotion.

When Xiaonian was lying on the steering wheel, her eyes were closed, her eyelashes were wet with tears, and she tried not to let her voice cry, "Gong ou, do you have to do this?"

"How am I?"

"The purpose of setting the deadline for tomorrow is to get more people's attention and create the maximum value. But the feelings of the two people are not so set. "