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Chapter 717. No rescue

The borgs think that vegetable people can communicate the meaning of heaven to them, which is stupid and ridiculous.

When Xiaonian sat beside Gong ou and listened to this for a long time, he was stunned, "turn a good living person into a vegetable? How is this going to change. "

How can there be such a strange thing? It sounds ridiculous.

"They will torment the chosen one without using their poles. They will not give up until she dies or becomes a vegetable. When I was a child, I saw them drop people from tall buildings, throw them into the sea, throw them into the fire, run them over with carriages. Now I think it's terrible." "I always thought there was no heavenly daughter in the borgs, but now there are new ones," said Fengde

How can a healthy person become a vegetable at will? The probability is much lower than that of death, and the suffering is too much.


It's really terrible.

What kind of witchcraft is this? It's so feudal that there's no reason for it. When Xiao Nian couldn't imagine what kind of torture those selected women had to undergo before they died.

She was thinking, and listened to Gong Ou's indifferent voice, "what is the process of asking heaven?"

Feng de looked at the ancient gate in the deep place, "the heavenly daughter is enshrined in that gate. When you ask the heavenly will, there will be a lot of guards to protect the heavenly daughter coming out. Everyone must first bathe and baptize, and finally kneel in front of the heavenly daughter for a whole hour. Please the heavenly will."

"Well, there's still a certain amount of time. Is it almost two hours?"

Gong Ou's eyes sank and asked.

"Young master refers to the time when tiannv was invited out?" Feng de didn't understand why Gong Ou was so interested in this, and thought, "that's enough. Bogler is in a hurry now. He will urgently need the heavenly daughter to give him instructions."

"That's enough!"

Gong Ou said that there was no need to wait. His hand did not hesitate to press his watch. He sent the signal to let the people of the palace come to the island as soon as possible to rescue them.

Bergler went back to bathe and change under the protection of the guards.

All the guards stood beside Gong ou and pointed at them with various weapons. Su Yaoyao, who had been beaten to death with blood, was pushed hard again. The whole man stumbled over and fell beside Shi Xiaonian.

A guard is going to kick it.

When small read hurriedly reached out to pull her a, the sun through the forest fell on two people, Su Yaoyao swollen knee on the ground, stained with a body of mud, she raised her eyes to look at small read.

"Get up."

When Xiaonian picked her up.

Su Yaoyao's face is full of all kinds of troubles. She reaches out and wipes the blood on her mouth. She sits down beside her, lowers her head, buries her hands in her hair, shivers and sobs.

When Xiaonian looked at Su Yaoyao and thought about it, he raised his hand and patted her back gently. He said softly, "don't worry, we can go out."

Gong Ou glanced at Xiaonian, looked down at the time on his watch, and calculated how soon the palace family could land on the island. He glanced at Feng De.

Feng de nodded to him and turned his eyes to the guards beside him. Although it was a little difficult, he would protect the young master and Xiao Nian before the rescue arrived.

Su Yaoyao sat there, sobbing sadly. For a long time, she raised her face and looked at Shi Xiaonian. She asked in pain, "don't you hate me?"

When small read to lift Mou to look to not far away altar, "do you think what I do now is to hate you?"

Su Yaoyao looks out of her sight.

This is a strange island.

An ancient feudal and cruel family.

An execution forest with blood and no life.

All the guards around glare at you. There is no law, no rules, no feelings. It seems that the next second they will not hesitate to stab the weapons in their hands into your chest, and they will enjoy it.

In such an environment, several of them seem to be living together. Su Yaoyao blames herself and caresses her face. "I'm naive. I think I can do it alone. I think I can do everything."

"Who are you looking for? How dare a girl go to this island." Asked shixiaonian.

Must be a very important person.

That's why I'm desperate.

Hearing her words, Su Yaoyao reached out to wipe her tears, and then choked, "I come to my own mother."

"My mother?"

Xiaonian looked at her in amazement.

"Well." Su Yaoyao nodded, "I have never seen her, but I miss her very much. I want to save her. I want to take her with me."

When Xiaonian frowned and asked, "this island is isolated from the rest of the world. It was so difficult for my adoptive father to escape. How do you live outside and my mother lives on the island?"

"I was sent by my mother." "I didn't know until a year ago, when my parents told me about my life experience. I spent a lot of time fumbling around the school, collecting information about Borg Island, and came here after a year of tossing and turning," said Su


"I thought I had prepared enough, but I didn't expect it to be the same." Su Yaoyao said, looking at her guiltily, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Gong, I've got you involved. I really didn't want to hurt you. Last night It's too much. "

She had the impulse to tell the truth.

Now, they are all waiting for Lin to be executed. Her death doesn't count. They will drag Mr. and Mrs. Gong to die together.

"Well, it doesn't help to say that now. You're stronger. We can go out." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Su Yaoyao nodded, and when he saw Xiaonian was about to say something, he saw bergeler, who had been bathed and changed, walking into the execution forest under a large number of guards.

The wind is bleak.

The guards swarmed in batch by batch. There were more people than before. It was daytime, but they still lit the torches. The red fire was burning wantonly.

The blood of the air takes away everything.

Later, some people in strange clothes like witches came in and began to dance around the altar. When playing, Xiao Nian didn't hear the music. The music mixed with the execution forest, which made people feel creepy.

"Stand up!"

The warden, ekla, aimed his weapon at them.

Looking at the sharp blade, Xiaonian stood up obediently from the broken tree, and Gong Ou also stood up with him. His black eyes stared at his wristwatch, and his brow slowly frowned.

The magicians who painted their faces dark shouted as they danced. Suddenly, they approached Xiaonian, and Gong Ou quickly clutched him behind him.


Xiao Nian frowned and looked at the scene quietly. He stood behind Gong ou and asked in a low voice, "how about that? When will our people arrive? "

"Something's wrong."

Gong Ou looks coldly and coldly at the front.

"What's the matter?" When Xiaonian asked, Gong Ou put her in his arms and said, "according to the time, Bogler should have received the news that someone has invaded the island at this time. An arrogant man will never be as calm as he is now."


When Xiaonian looked at Bergler, the man was standing on the altar, allowing the wizards to dance beside him. His face was still calm, and no one should have been beaten up.

She couldn't help but say, "I see you sent the signal."

Then Fengde stepped forward and whispered, "young master, why do our watches always receive the signal that they are ready? At this time, they should go to the island."


When Xiaonian looked at Fengde in astonishment, what was the matter.

Gong Ou's face sank instantly, almost biting his teeth and saying, "there's something wrong with the signal."

"How could it be? It was fine before. I had hair with people on the yacht." Feng de said, how could something designed by the young master go wrong.

Gong Ou looked down at the grass-free ground under his feet, stepped on it with his feet, and asked coldly, "Fengde, has there ever been green grass here?"

"No, it's Bergler's intention to frighten Xiaonian. He was like this when he was young. He liked to see people's fear and fear, so as to satisfy his abnormal psychology." Feng de immediately said, "this execution forest has never grown grass, has been naked."

"There are good things underground."

Gongou cold tunnel.


Fengde and shixiaonian are at a loss.

"There is probably something in the ground that can affect the signal. Mining it is a considerable wealth." Gong Ou laughs at himself, looks down at him and says, "congratulations to your man. He found a fortune with your safety."

How could he take her to the island without even assuming this.

It's stupid.

Gong ou, you are so stupid!


When Xiaonian's face was a little pale, what do you mean? The signal was affected. The people in the palace would not go to the island easily without instructions. After all, they just came with the idea of looking for robots. Who would think that there was a huge danger?

"Then what?"

Su Yaoyao stood by and asked in fear.

Gong Ou stood there, thin lips pressed into a line, long fingers pressed on the shoulder of Shi Xiaonian, put her in his arms, and put his arms around her. His black eyes were too deep.

I don't know why, when Xiaonian suddenly felt the helplessness of Gong Ou's embrace.

She knew him too well. He was confident and even conceited. He thought his plan was perfect, but now the situation suddenly turned into no reinforcements. He began to panic.

But he can't show it.

He can do nothing but hug.

When Xiaonian raised his hand and held his clothes with his fingers, his voice was gentle, like coaxing a child. "It's OK, Gong ou, we will surely pass this pass."

"When I'm afraid, I read it."

Gong Ou said.


When Xiaonian's heart was shaking fiercely, he said with a smile, "don't be afraid. What can I be afraid of? Don't invite tiannv, maybe Tianyi is on our side, let Bogler let us go."

But tiannv is just a vegetable. How to help them.

"Don't worry, I won't give up until the last step! I will never let you hurt a cent! " Gong Ou said, his eyes were full of ruthlessness, and then he slowly let go of Xiaonian. He looked at Feng de and said, "there is no rescue. Now we are alone."