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Chapter 135 the man she wants is him

"Yes, sir."

Gong Ou went to the hall and sat down on the leather sofa.

Feng de comes with him, pours a glass of red wine and hands it to Gong ou.

Gong Ou takes over, black eyes stare at the wine in the cup, the color of the wine reflects his eyes.

The maid came with her agent.

The agent is a woman in her 30s who is used to the beautiful scenery of Chinese clothes in the entertainment circle, but at this moment, she is led into the palace, and the whole person is completely shocked.

This castle is magnificent to the extreme inch by inch, with a strong sense of luxury. It is like a palace castle in the ancient Western century, in which people can feel their own insignificance.

"Young master, here we are." The maid made a noise.

Agent smell speech raise Mou to look forward.

Gong Ou sits on the sofa and leans back, looking at her with his toes high. "Give you two minutes. Don't have any nonsense here."

He doesn't like people of his time.

Smell speech, agent can't help but back two steps, looking at the man on the sofa from afar, the light falls on him, so magnificent, cool, high above.

It's a strong sense of being.

At a glance, she felt humble in the earth.

The maid gave her a push, and the agent came back to his senses and quickly took out a piece of things from his bag and gave it to the maid. "Mr. Gong, this is the time for me to take the flute. She said, you should need it now."

The maid to Gong ou.

Gong Ou glances at it coldly. It's a hard copy diary. The hard copy is a blue sky and white clouds.

There are three beautiful words written on a white cloud.

A diary read by Shixiao.

Gong Ou's hand clenched and asked in a deep voice, "this is the only way?"

"This is enough," said Shidi The agent said to Gong ou, "Shidi said that she and Mu young master never want to have anything to do with shixiaonian again. I hope Mr. Gong can see that for the sake of her initiative to send the diary, he will not be embarrassed to admire the young master any more. "


"Shidi also said that it was always shixiaonian who pestered the young master and had nothing to do with him." The agent is clear about the recommendation of qianchu and shixiaonian.

"What is his desire for the beginning of a thousand years? Is it worth my woman to pester him?"

Gong ouyin stares at her angrily.

Ji Jingren is scared, "I......"

"Go away."

Gong Ou spits out a word from the thin lips.

The agent had learned a lot from didi when he was still there. He didn't dare to say a word. He looked at him in fear and left under the guidance of the maid.

Gong Ou put the diary on his leg, turned his slender fingers, and stopped his fingertips on the white cloud and the beautiful name.

There was a full three second pause.

He still held the glass in one hand and drank it with his head up. Feng de added wine to him in time.

The alcohol dispersed in his stomach and numbed him.

Gong Ou just opened the diary, when Xiaonian's handwriting was beautiful, but it was childish -

today, it was sunny and cloudless. Qianchu took me to play in the crazy amusement park of s city. I'm so happy. I've never had such a good time. It turns out that besides painting on the wall, I can also have such a good time in the amusement park. Unfortunately, I can't see it at the beginning of the thousand, many of them can't see it, and I can't play. Otherwise, he will be as happy as I am. Thank you, qianchu. You always make me so happy.

Her diary is short and concise.

But such a short diary appeared three times.

Crazy amusement park is the place where he found her and adored her.

He thought that she suddenly proposed to leave, was in a bad mood, was not willing to face the results of his paternity test, it was for the sake of admiring qianchu.

Gong Ou's eyes are full of quiet violence. For a long time, he turned the first page.

His movements were stiff as if he had no strength.

It's sunny and cloudless today. I found that qianchu liked to be with me more and more. When I came back from school, he was waiting at the door of his home. He said that his family teacher's class had been finished, some didn't understand, waiting for me to teach. I take it over and I don't understand. Ha ha, qianchu likes to say that he will marry me later. How can we two fools live in the future.

Marry her.

Gong Ou looks at the date of the diary. It should be when he was a teenager. When he was young, he was already talking about whether to marry or not.

Does she want to be so precocious!

Restrain the impulse to throw out the diary, continue to read her diary -

it's sunny and cloudless today. Today, I'm not happy. Qianchu has a cold. He's really in poor health. If he can't move, he'll have a cold and a fever. He looks pitiful. My parents all went out. My parents only said they were busy when they got the call. I had to ask for leave to take care of him at home. Qianchu and I are very similar. We are all abandoned by our own parents, so I take better care of him.

After reading several articles in a row, Gong Ou's hand holding the glass is getting tighter and tighter.

When I was a kid, I wrote a diary with unique features. At the beginning of each article, it was sunny and cloudless today.

In the column of Mingming weather, it's rainy, and it's sunny at the beginning of the text.

Every article must have a thousand beginnings.

Thousand beginnings, thousand beginnings, thousand beginnings A thousand beginnings full of books.

It's all that man's name!

Gong Ou forcibly suppresses his mood and continues to look down. Suddenly, his eyes sweep to a diary, and his face is completely gloomy.

It's sunny and cloudless today. On qianchu's birthday, Mu family sent cake, qianchu asked me to make a wish, and he gave me his birthday wish. What else can I wish for? It's the same as last year: I hope the millennium can always be with me and never leave me.

Next, what else did the diary write? Gong ou could not see it.


Gong Ou slaps the diary to the ground, breathing heavily because of jealousy, and his face is hard to see.

Her wish is to hope that the man will always be with her and never leave her

To him, she always said to leave, to leave.

He finally realized today that everything was just an excuse.

The man she wants is a man of love!

After taking a bath, Shi Xiaonian came out and put his hand on his left arm.

There was a private doctor in the palace. He bandaged her hand again and gave her two pills to stop the pain.

When Xiaonian thought bitterly, if it goes on like this, her left arm will be destroyed. Fortunately, she doesn't need to draw with her left hand, or her work will be destroyed together.

The maids followed Gong Ou's orders and washed her three times.

The hot spring water changed and then changed, washed her off two layers of skin.

She went to the hall, far away, she raised her eyes and saw Gong Ou sitting on the sofa, holding a glass of wine in her hand, in which the red wine swayed.

The crystal table lamp on one side hangs down the fringe. Each crystal reflects countless lights, which makes his face a bit unreal.

Gong ou.

When Xiaonian's heart sank, I don't know how he would take her.

When she approached, she found that Gong Ou's face seemed ugly when he brought her.

He sat there, leaning forward a little, a handsome face full of sullen color, the blue tendons on his forehead exposed, his eyes staring at the ground, his hand holding a wine glass, more and more tightly.

When small read along his line of sight to see past, only to see a hard copy diary on the ground.

"Why is my diary here?"

She asked in dismay.

Her diaries have long been missing. After mu qianchu lost her memory, she wanted to show her diaries to him to arouse his memory, but she could not find any of them.

Smell speech, Gong Ou looks at her fiercely, one eye is scarlet, suffused with bloodthirsty light, "is this diary really yours?"


When small read cannot help but step back, be frightened by the light in his eyes.


Gong Ou looked at her, his face full of rage.

Then he listened to the "bang" and the glass broke in his hand.

When Xiaonian was shocked and stared at him with disbelief, he even broke his glass.

In his hands, the glass became a fragment and fell to the floor. The red wine spilled over his long fingers, which slowly exuded bright red, which was blood.

But he seemed to feel no pain. His eyes were looking at her directly, and his eyes were more and more red.


When small read to stare at him stupidly, a fear that has no origin covers to her.

Without much thought, Xiao Nian turned around and ran.

"You dare to run, stop for me!"

Cried palace O'Shea, rising up and running after her.

Tu liufengde stood there, shocked and looking at the pieces of the glass and the blood drops on the ground.

It's over. Young master is furious this time.

When Xiaonian ran forward in fear, the imperial castle was too big, she wanted to run to the gate, but found that she could not run.

There seemed to be no end to the castle. She kept moving forward, but she could not see the way out.

"Stop it for me!" "Don't you believe I've torn you up!" roared Gong ou

She won't run until she's torn.

A paranoid personality disorder is burning with anger. She is an idiot if she doesn't run.

When Xiaonian ran to the door of the elevator.

Several maids were coming out of the room. She ran forward at once, pushed the maids, rushed in, and went upstairs at random.

Gong Ou runs over and stares at the elevator door and closes it

He ran close, his fists full of blood and red wine slammed into the elevator, but the door didn't open.


Gong Ou makes a low curse and stares at the figures on the elevator.

Every time he chased her, he lost in the elevator.

Very good. He will tear down all the elevators where she can go. He will see how her legs run!

Shi Xiaonian ran out of the elevator. He didn't know how many floors he had to go to. He saw that there were resplendence and delicacy in it.

She ran in.

As she ran, she locked the door.

When she looked back, she found out with regret that the castle was so huge and terrible that there were many doors in one hall.

She gasped and closed the door one by one, too tired.

It's hard to close several doors. When Xiaonian ran to the last door, he was kicked out of the door as soon as he wanted to close it.

Gong Ou stood at the door, his eyes full of fury staring at her.

When Xiaonian was shocked, she stepped back several steps. Before she could think more, she turned around and ran.

Damn it.

She locked the door and couldn't run it off.

When Xiaonian was in a hurry, he stood behind the sofa.