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Chapter 592 "thumping" against the wall

When Charles led Xiaonian to go in, the atmosphere of the Butler school was different, and everyone seemed to write the word "etiquette".

Walking all the way, Xiaonian didn't remember how many times he lowered his head and bent his waist to strangers.

She can understand the so-called edification in Luo Qi's mouth more and more. Indeed, the longer she stays in the palace, the heavier some of her breath will be. She doesn't need special education. The environment has a great impact on people.

"Miss Xi, this is it."

Charles leads Shi Xiaonian to a small independent apartment.

"This is my adoptive father's dormitory?" When small read some surprise, is really luxurious, she said, "then I go in, you wait outside."

"Miss Xi, this is not suitable."

"He is my adoptive father. What's wrong with him?"

As he spoke, Xiaonian took the flowers from Charles's arms and pressed the doorbell.

After a few minutes, the door was opened from inside. Feng de stood at the door, wearing a shirt and vest, and still wearing a pocket watch on his chest.

"Adoptive father."

Xiaonian said hello to him with a smile.


When Feng de saw her, he hurried away, but soon recovered his composure and smiled, "what's the matter with you, Xiaonian?"

He saw the gauze on her face.

"A fall, nothing." When small read to hand him the bouquet, "I come to see you."

As he said that, Xiaonian walked in and looked around. Although the apartment was small, it was very delicate and decorated luxuriously. He couldn't help saying, "it's also a school, and the difference is too big."

I think when she went to school, the dormitory was a small room with several girls. There was no apartment.

"It's a school with money to invest in. It's better to train housekeepers for the upper class." Feng de said with a smile and put the flowers aside. "You see, suddenly you come here. I haven't packed up yet. Let's go out for dinner."

"No, I've brought some dishes here. I'm afraid you don't eat well enough here. I'm going to save them for you. But now I'm worried."

The school environment is not a little bit better than she used to be.

As he said this, Xiaonian went upstairs to visit Fengde's dormitory and entered a sunny room. He saw a laptop and a pile of books on his desk.

The original father came to study.

When Xiaonian walked by, he saw a map. Suddenly, Fengde came out from behind her and closed the computer. When Xiaonian looked at him, he realized that he was not comfortable in his eyes. "Father, are you ok?"

"What can I do?" Feng de said, "come on, sit down first. I'll pour you tea."


When small read some doubt, but also did not think much, quietly find a chair to sit down, and Feng de said this happened in the palace.

"So, the situation of young master is getting better and better." Feng de came up with the cup and handed her one.

"Yes." When small read smile to nod, "I let him suffer so much, now finally can let him become better and better."

Feng de sat down across from her, basking in the sunlight coming in through the window, and looked at her and said, "but you have also sacrificed a lot."

Xiaonian smiles.

"From the beginning, the young master said that you are a person who yearns for freedom. But now, you have to sacrifice the gallery and freedom for the young master. You don't like those things at all, do you? " When Feng de knew very well, he read carefully.

If she had a choice, she would prefer to keep a gallery, that's all.

Small read smile, "two people together, is not to sacrifice for each other?"? Gong Ou has sacrificed too much for me. I don't think it's anything to do with it. "

Compared with what Gong Ou did for her, what she did is not worth mentioning. At least, she did not lose herself for Gong ou. She became distorted and wandered between the so-called normal people and paranoia.

Listening to these words, Feng de only sighed helplessly.

After staying in Fengde dormitory for a while, Xiaonian is ready to leave and put the dishes one by one into the refrigerator.

"My adoptive father, I have put the vegetables in the refrigerator for you. The frozen ones can still not eat without fresh ingredients."

When Xiaonian said, he put the ingredients into the refrigerator.

"OK. Don't give it away. I can buy anything here. " Feng de stood aside and said, his fingers clenched.

"I'm in England anyway, and I'll come to see you when I'm free."

Shi Xiaonian said to close the refrigerator door, and there was a "Dong Dong" sound in his ear, like the sound of something hitting the wall.

What a strange noise.

"What voice?"

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde in confusion.

Feng de stood there calmly, confused, "what's the sound? Why didn't I hear that? "

Did she hear it wrong?

Shixiaonian is a little confused. It seems to be gone again. Maybe she has a problem with her ears. In this way, shixiaonian says goodbye to Fengde and turns to leave.

Not out of two steps, that "Dong Dong Dong" sound sounded again, this time than just sounded.

When Xiaonian looked at Fengde, this time, she saw the tension on Fengde's face.

"Xiaonian, I'll take you out."

Feng de said and pulled her away.

When Xiaonian quickly pushed his hand away, ran to the source of the sound, ran to a door, pushed it open, locked, unable to open.

"Xiaonian, what are you doing?"

Fengde came up to hold her.

"Open the door, father." She was sure that the voice came from here.

"This is a utility room."

"Open the door, father!" When Xiaonian's tone became more serious, his eyes stared at Fengde, "please open the door, or I will tell Gong ou that you have done something extraordinary again."

Wen Yan, Feng de knows that he can't hide. He looks tired and says, "don't be too surprised to see you later."


When small read listens to this words in the heart uneasy rise, the eyes look at Feng De, bite lips.

Feng De takes out the key and opens the door.

The door opened slowly in front of shixiaonian's eyes. Then, shixiaonian saw a long lost man: Mona.

Mona was tied to a chair, her hair was scattered and her mouth was sealed with adhesive tape. Now, she was sitting on the chair and turned back to the wall, knocking the wall with her head.

It should be that Mona came to ask for help when she heard a voice outside.

When I saw it, Mona's eyes were full of consternation.


When Xiaonian looked at Mona in shock, he didn't return to her mind for a long time.

Feng de tied Mona up.

She turned her eyes to Feng De, who stood there haggard and tired, unbelievably saying, "father in law, don't you want to die? Why don't you know how to handle things properly now? "


It's the first lady in Lancaster. Is he crazy?

When Xiaonian blurted out the accusation, Feng De's face was embarrassed.

Feng de smiled and said bitterly, "I'm a housekeeper. I've always been used to listening to the master's orders. Now the master doesn't look like the master. Because of this woman, I can't get the orders and just act on my own ideas."

"Father, why don't you consult with me first?"

When Xiaonian was in a hurry and angry mood, she only knew that Feng de was staring at Mona's whereabouts, but she didn't expect that he would tie Mona directly.

What kind of family is Lancaster? Without the protection of gong'ou and gong'jia, Fengde will be exposed soon. Who knows what will happen then.

"I don't want to involve you."

Feng de stood at the door and said.

"Now it's no use saying that. Tell me, what do you want to do?" Asked shixiaonian.

After thinking about it, Feng de moves forward and tears the tape off Mona's mouth. Mona is a young lady of a big family. She doesn't change color when encountering such a storm, just describes it badly.

Mona looked at shixiaonian and said calmly, "your Butler is crazy. He tried to kill me. Lancaster won't let him go."

They should know the power of Lancaster.


When Xiaonian stood there and looked at Mona, the hatred in his heart came back and almost swallowed her.

But this is not the time for hatred.

Mona sat on the chair and was tied tightly. She was already numb. When she saw him, she didn't speak. Mona said again, "I heard your conversation. It seems that Gong ou and Gong Jia didn't know about this kidnapping, but Feng de made his own decision. If you let me go, I think nothing has happened. "


When Xiaonian didn't say anything, Fengde said definitely there.

"Adoptive father!"

When Xiaonian frowned at Fengde.

Feng de smiled at her, and the wrinkles on the corner of her eyes were relaxed. "Xiao Nian, I told you that the young master has a great kindness to me, not him, and there is no Feng de today. For the sake of the young master, I can do anything and don't care. "

"But when I tell you, you comfort me."

Shi Xiaonian said that she thought Feng de was steady and mature and could not do such impulsive things.

"Yes, you hate this woman, how can I not hate it? I don't want you to do anything stupid." Feng de said with a sigh, but she found out.

When Xiaonian heard this, he felt sad.

He was the one who did stupid things in fear of her hatred.

"Xiaonian, I told you that you can't let her despair completely by taking those videos." Feng de slowly walked to Mona, looked at her with low eyes, "only death, people will be completely desperate in the face of death."

"You want to kill me?" Mona looked coldly at Fengde. "Dare you? I am the eldest lady of Lancaster! "

"What am I afraid of?" Feng de smiled mildly. "I'm old enough to trade my life for that of a noble lady. Isn't that a good deal?"


Mona stared at him speechless.

When Xiaonian stood aside and looked at Fengde, he asked to pull him. Fengde didn't know when he had another knife in his hand, and the blade stuck to Mona's face.

Mona's face suddenly changed. She stared at her and said, "Xi Xiaonian, aren't you deeply emotional? I'll tell you, I'm dead. He'll never live for a week, I'm sure. "