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Chapter 745 bad relationship between your husband and your wife

How does Gong ou do it.

She really admired Gong Ou more and more.

Lori sat on the sofa, didn't look at them, just looked at the direction of the robot, his voice was clear and cold, "Mr series robots are products of Gong Jia and Gong ou, and I refuse to use their products."

I really hate it.

When Xiaonian sat quietly and didn't speak, Gong Ou smiled again and asked, "why? Do you hate gongou? "

"I hate the whole palace."

Lori didn't hide a little. He turned to Gong Yu, "you may not know that when I was in a desperate situation, I once received the favor of the Lancaster family. Lancaster lost a big lady because of Gong ou, and her reputation is falling, so I don't like the palace. I was once turned away by relatives from the palace who came to see me. "

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's eyes were stunned.

It seems that it's necessary for them to disguise this time. If you know that they are gong ou and Shi Xiaonian, doctor Luo will not only shut them out.

The hatred between the palace family and the Lancaster family has spread to such a large extent, ranging from the communication outside to the bloody competition for resources. Even this kind of doctor who only received the favor expressed his hostility to the palace family through actions.

"Indeed, it is to be refused." Gong Yu's body is leaning forward slightly, and his hand is moving towards Mr palace. He says, "go down first. Don't affect Dr Lo's mood. "

In the R palace, Xiaonian looks at the past, nods his head, and then turns to leave.

"It's very expensive to buy."

Gong Ou suddenly murmured there, with a small voice, with a lazy, no domineering state, like a man who loves money.

When Xiaonian was excited by the voice, he couldn't say what he felt.

"Gong Ou is a beggar. It seems that how much contribution has been made to science and technology is not a copper stink in the end. "

Lori cold tunnel.

When the words fell, Xiaonian's hand was tightly clenched by others. Gong Ou smiled and smiled as innocuously as a poodle. However, he held her tightly, hoping to break her hand.

When small read had to bear down.

Gong Yu took a meaningful look at them and hurriedly turned the topic aside. "OK, Lori, you have to travel, so we won't delay your time much. Why don't we ask for my sister-in-law?"

Luo lie looked at Gong Yu, then stood up and said coldly, "follow me to the consulting room."


When Xiaonian stood up, Gong Ou also stood up, and Lori said without any expression, "I only ask the patient, not the family."

When Xiaonian stood there, his fingers were tightened.

She can imagine that Gong Ou's heart must be roaring at the moment, but in the end, Gong Ou just smiled and said, "OK, doctor Luo, please help me, I will only send it to the door."

Gong Ou is so different.


Lori nodded proudly and walked toward the consulting room.

Gong Ou stands at the door, his face is soft and clean, his black eyes are sharp, and he looks at the arrangement of the consulting room, which is clean, tidy and empty.

There is only one desk and two chairs.

Not even a book.

Gong Ou looks down at Xiaonian and points to her jaw, indicating that she can go in.

When Xiaonian walked in obediently, Lori said to Gong ouqing cold tunnel, "I won't close the door, but you can't stand at the door, stand away, I don't want others to hear our conversation."


Gong ou still smiles. It's good to open the door, or he will use his hands and feet to make him unable to lock the door.

How could he let him live with shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian followed Lori into the consulting room and sat down at the table, the empty room made her really doubt whether it was a consulting room.

It's so empty.

There is nothing empty.

"I don't need to think about other places to change my mind, because there is nothing for you except me here. You have to cooperate with me to see a doctor." Lori sat down in front of her, without any medical aids, not even a white coat.

Good doctor with personality.

When small read nods, "OK, I know, you ask."

"describe your heart disease, I want objective facts, do not need your brain hole, for example, what I think I am, they think this is the case, I has the final say." Said Lori.

It's really aloof.

Fortunately, Gong Ou's character has been transformed seamlessly for the sake of image, otherwise, the two men's temper will definitely fight.

When Xiaonian sat in front of Lori and slowly narrated the results of the previous diagnosis made by the doctor for her. He only told the fact that she was ill, but didn't say that she had a grudge with Gong ou. Anyway, the doctor didn't need to listen.

"You mean that after your pregnancy, the body reacts to a very heavy and abnormal pain, which does not recover until several months after delivery?" Lori seized the key.

"It is."

When small read nods, looks at the front face is not outstanding but extremely arrogant man, does not know what kind of solution he can give.

"What is the procedure?"

Asked Lori.

"I had a high fever, a cold, a headache and a stomachache in less than a month after birth. At that time, I thought my head was going to explode and I couldn't stand it at all. Now I think I'm still a little scared." Shi Xiaonian said that the pain was really painful.

She can't forget the pain she suffered when she tumbled around in bed, which she didn't dare to say in front of Gong ou, only made him more nervous.

"Then it didn't hurt?"

Asked Lori.

"Yes, it won't be like this after a few months. Now my cold and fever are not so serious." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Smell speech, Luo lie coolly draws up the lip Cape, "since so, then what do you still come to me to do?"


When small read speechless.

"Are you wasting my time on purpose?" Lori asked coldly. When Xiaonian understood that he was in a hurry to travel, he said apologetically, "well, I don't think I have anything left. It's my husband who worries that I'm pregnant again now. If I encounter physical pain again, I will be as unbearable as before."

Hearing this, Lori's brow was wrung, his lips were pursed, and he said, "it's not impossible."


When small read stupefied.

"If you are suffering from some atypical pregnancy phobia, you will have psychological changes when you are pregnant, which will naturally bring out the pain." "I've seen a lot of women, and they're scared to get pregnant. It's like going to hell on the eighteenth floor," Lori said


I think you misunderstood me. I'm not afraid of pregnancy. I'm looking forward to the arrival of this child. Even if there is some unbearable pain, I'm still willing to give birth to this child

"Isn't your relationship with your husband good?"

Luo lie has been looking at the desktop with low eyes, suddenly raised her eyes to see her, eyes are clear.


When small read again froze, this is from where to see, her relationship with Gong Ou looks very bad.

Lori raised her hand and compared her dress in empty hands. Her voice was cool. "You look at your dress and dress. You and your husband are people of two worlds. You should like to play, right


Isn't it just to dress up sexy? At the request of Gong ou, it's only half of Xiaolu's shoulder. Can you see that it's playful? It seems that the game of changing clothes is really useful.

So Dr. law didn't recognize them.

"Does it have anything to do with my illness?"

He asked back.

"You just concealed a lot of facts. When you mentioned your illness, you didn't mention your husband from beginning to end. Where was your husband then?" Lori's questions were sharp.

In short, "he wasn't with me at that time."

"You don't have a good relationship. Why have children?" Lori quickly asked.

"I didn't say we had a bad relationship."

"It's just for the sake of having children. His character can't control you. You can do whatever you want." Lori stood up from the table, "and the first time you get pregnant, it should be the most intense time you had yesterday. Now that you're all in this, why do you want to get married? What's the point. "

"No, it's not like that."

When Xiaonian blushed, doctor Luo's brain hole was also very strange. How he saw Gong Ou's character could not control her.

I've been shouting all day about who you are.

"Not so?" Asked Lori.

"I love my husband very much, my husband is also very......"

"Well, I've got a general idea of your condition. You don't have to lie anymore. Go out." Lori interrupted her with a cold face, turned and walked out.


When interrupted, Xiaonian sat there with a dull face. How could she be judged to be lying.

How could there be such an inexplicable doctor.

Outside, Gong Ou is leaning against the back of the sofa, cold face, a pair of black eyes staring straight at the direction of the consulting room, eyes with a touch of cold.

There was movement from the consulting room.

Gong Ou immediately put on his glasses and slightly raised his lips. His soft and light hair softened all his firm edges and corners.


Gong Yu stood by and looked at his brother silently, forgetting to see what was going on in Lori's side.

"Doctor Luo, is my wife seriously ill? Can it be cured? "

Seeing Lori coming out, Gong Ou immediately greeted him and asked with a smile.

He laughed enough today, more than he had in the previous month.

"There's nothing I can't treat." Luo lie ignores Gong ou, doesn't even look at him, and walks to the sofa.

Can it really be cured?

Shi Xiaonian came out from the back and pursed her lips doubtfully when she heard this. How could she feel that Dr. Luo regarded them as husband and wife's discord and gave birth to a heart attack.