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Chapter 1009 approaching an old woman


When Xiaonian looks at him with a black line on his face, it can also be said. What's the use of genes?

"Be obedient. Don't touch strangers." Gong Ou put out his hands and pinched her face. "Find me an apple to eat."

"OK, I see."

When Xiaonian reluctantly pushes away his hand and walks towards the restaurant, he can't help but look at the direction that the woman left again. They seem to bully people a little.

Since then, shixiaonian's food has been sent to the back room to express their debt. The woman never came to the front again and stayed in the back quietly.

After staying for more than a week, the buds of moonlight flower burst out from the soil, bringing a touch of green, which made shixiaonian very happy.

The good news is that under the full control of the palace family, bith's hiding place has been locked and people have been sent to investigate.

In the warm sunshine, when Xiaonian sat in the courtyard inside the high wall and looked at the flowers in the courtyard, a flower came to the other side of the wall.

There is some noise outside.

It's said that the Lancaster family also locked their base camp in this area, but I don't know why. I just tried to get close again and again, and encouraged a group of local residents to march outside in the name of the flower curse, shouting for outsiders to leave, without any intention of breaking in.

The world inside the high wall is quiet. The fresh air is suitable for pregnant women like her.

This kind of life is like the calm before the storm. It's a little boring.

Gong Ou said that she was taken to a dangerous place, but she was well protected. Unlike Gong ou, who sometimes pretends to go out to work, she can only stay in this square sky and raise her baby silently.

When Xiaonian folded a nearby flower and put it in his hand to rotate, it was boring and said, "little pumpkin, is the flower very beautiful? But I'm tired of watching it every day, right? "

How many times does little pumpkin move in her stomach, so agree with her?

When Xiaonian was laughing, he put the flowers in the sun, took photos with her mobile phone and handed them to Gong's family, showing the two children that she was really just having a honeymoon.

Suddenly, a quarrel came out of the big house.

When Xiaonian looked back, he heard Gong Yu's angry voice saying, "you've been there twice. You haven't found anything. I'll go this time!"

"You stay here for me!"

This is Gong Ou's cold and autocratic voice.

When Xiaonian sat in the yard with a headache, the two brothers began to quarrel again. Gong Ou protected Gong Yu as she did. Gong Yu couldn't stand it.

They each have their own obsession. Gong Oufei wants to leave a surviving adult. Gong Yu refuses to let Gong Ou take risks alone.

"No way! Gong ou, I tell you that I am your brother! "

Gong Gu roared out.

"So?" Gong Ou sneers, "does anyone here listen to you?"


Shi Xiaonian gets up from the reclining chair, stands alone under the tree, and watches Gong ou, disguised as a local resident, come out from the inside with a cold face. When he sees him, his face slows down a little.

"I'll go out." Gong Ou walks towards her, pulls her into her arms, lowers his head and kisses her face. The tone is not like that just now, but full of doting. "You have a good rest here, and I will bring you some delicious food."

"Well, I see. Be careful yourself."

Xiaonian smiled and said, arranging his clothes for him. Gong Ou picked up his hat and put it on, then turned around and entered the room.

There is another beauty in this house. There is an underground passage here. It is said that the underground water channel project was built a long time ago. This is the best center location, but it was later abandoned. Gong Yu sent people to rebuild it, and it can reach almost half of area 13.

It's a secret, so the owner of the house and Gong Yu have a good price.

Gong Ou often borrows this underground water channel to leave for business.

When Xiaonian watched Gong Ou's back disappear at the gate. Next second, he watched two bodyguards escorting Gong Yu out. Gong Yu was annoyed.

"All right, I'm still in custody?" When small read is holding a flower to walk forward to say.

When the bodyguard saw that Gong Ou had left, Gong Yu couldn't keep up with him, so he let go.

Gong Yu loosened his muscles and bones, was angry all over his face, stretched out his hand and pulled on his tie, looked down at Xiao Nian, and tightened his brow, "why not stop him? I'm really moved by his way of thinking that he won't be in danger? If George doesn't do what he thinks, he wants his life. Once he's exposed, he may... "

In the middle of the conversation, Gong Yu was very discouraged when he saw Xiaonian's bulging stomach.

When Xiaonian stood there and smiled bitterly, "brother, don't be angry. Gong Ou has his idea, let him do it."

"Xiaonian, now that he knows that technological genius is bit, he has also locked his position. To solve a problem, he doesn't have to go to gongou." Gong Yu looked at her and said, "don't you trust me?"

For so many years, he wanted to make up for it. He didn't want his brother to take on everything.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes to the sky outside the high wall, she thought of the sunrise that Gong Ou wanted her to see when she first came. She thought that she understood Gong Ou's meaning.

"Brother, first of all, if Lancaster knows that your two brothers are here, it's not more serious to kill. The women and children of the remaining palace family are too easy to solve, isn't it? Gong Ou has gone to risk, you shouldn't go. " When Xiaonian was looking at Gong Yu from his eyes, he reasoned.

Gong Yu's face was not very good-looking, but he said, "if there is one, there will be two. What is the second?"

"The second is..." When Xiaonian was silent for a moment, he finally looked up at his gray eyes and said seriously, "Gong Ou has lost your big brother once, and he doesn't want to lose his second time."

Hearing this, Gong Yu stayed there, like a puppet whose soul was taken away in an instant, staring at her stupidly.

This sentence hit him hard like lightning, which shocked him and made him look so selfish and indifferent.

"Gong Ou suffers from paranoid personality disorder, and his obsession is deeper than anyone else. If life is not the first thing for him, we respect him, but for him, right?"

When small read said softly, hand a flower in hand to Gong Yu's hand, cross him and prepare to enter the room.

"Can you accept it? Won't you be sad? " Gong Yu's voice rings behind her, and she presses Xiaonian's step.

When Xiaonian stood there, her eyes suddenly turned red. For a while, she forced herself up, tried to pull out a smile, pretending to be calm and calm, "I'll complete him."

With that, Xiaonian went into the room and did not return.

Gong Yu stood there, looking down at the branch in his hand. There were two flowers on the branch. The flowers were blooming beautifully.

All of a sudden, the second flower fell off without any reason.

Gong Gu subconsciously fished for it, and the little flower passed his fingertip and fell there. At that moment, the red of the stamen reflected in Gong Gu's eyes.

It's like Gong Ou was shot, and fresh blood splashed into his eyes

Gong Yu's face suddenly turned pale. He had not been back to his mind for a long time. He had only one thought left. He could no longer be protected by his brother, absolutely not.


When Xiaonian went into the kitchen alone to make pastries, the white cream slowly turned into a flower shape under her hands, plus other jam embellishments, it was very beautiful.

While doing it, the movement of Xiaonian pauses and the lips are pressed tightly.

Gong Yu told her how she didn't understand, but Gong Ou was so bad that he took her to see the sunrise as soon as he entered area 13 and gave her a preventive injection.

After so many experiences, the worst result is that she collects the body for Gong ou. It doesn't matter. She is ready.

Therefore, she doesn't want to argue with Gong ou like Gong Yu. She cherishes the time with Gong Ou every moment.

Unconsciously, when Xiaonian found that she had made a table of cakes, she had some helplessness. If Gong Ou ate all of these, he would have to spit it out. He didn't know how to control it.

After thinking about it, Xiao Nian gave the cake to some bodyguards in the room, and then picked up two pieces and walked to the back.

Behind is a row of cottages, very short, also planted in the middle of a tree, tree flowers are very beautiful.

A small door was ajar. When Xiaonian walked through the middle of the tree, he took the tray in one hand and knocked on the door in the other, "Auntie, are you there? I made some cakes for you. "


There was silence in response.

After a while, Shi Xiaonian was about to give up and leave. The door opened with a squeak. The woman stood there with her back bent, wearing a big hood, almost covering her whole face.

This is the second time Xiaonian saw the owner. She handed over the tray in her hand. "Auntie, please have something to eat."

She said so in English.

"Thank you. Please come in and sit down." The woman politely opened her mouth, took the tray and walked in.

The woman's voice was unexpectedly pleasant, clear and moving, and she was very comfortable to hear.

When Xiaonian was stunned for a while, he was shocked. He opened the door wider and followed up the small room. Like the villa in front of him, the furnishings and furniture were very old, but they were spotless and clean. It can be seen that the owner was a very tidy person.

She couldn't help but take a look at the woman. Seeing this, the woman pressed her hood and lowered her head even more. "I'm ugly, and I don't want to frighten your wife."

When small read to listen to this hurriedly guilty way, "excuse me, aunt, because we all let you live here, still can't go out."

"It doesn't matter. I know you're all big business people. I live in the back but it's quiet and safe." The woman sat down on the edge of a table. Her voice was slow and tasteful.

It's a real one.

When Xiaonian was standing there, she suddenly didn't know what to say. She was about to leave when she sat there with her head down and said, "District 13 has been cursed. You shouldn't come here as a pregnant woman."