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Chapter 1098: Palace and Europe


Shixiaonian is confused by his capricious words.

"Ha ha, this is my manor. I'll design it casually. These people are not captured like you?" George said with a smile.


When Xiaonian frowned, his face was red because of the scald, and his body was cool.

Just as she was about to speak, George suddenly put up his smile and stared at her seriously with blue eyes. "In fact, I haven't caught them. These are all the images I asked people to make. They use the technology developed by Gong ou."

"You are really crazy. What do you want to do?"

When small read to look at him way.

George in front of him spoke so repeatedly that he couldn't tell the true from the false. He couldn't figure out how far he would go.

George's face was cold, and his hand suddenly waved. When the image of Feng de beside Xiaonian moved, he only heard a scream. Feng de was strangled to death with both hands, without any resistance.

When Xiaonian's body trembled, afraid of infiltrating into every part of her bones, George suddenly approached her, with pride on his face, "guess, is this Feng de true or not? Is he dead? Ah? "

“……” By then, Xiaonian was speechless.

"Not yet?" George shook the remote control in his hand and made a move to press it down.

“…… I'll look for it. "

When Xiaonian had to turn her eyes to look at the countless still images in the hall, where she was familiar with every face, but even then, she could not distinguish the true from the false, and each face was made lifelike, just like a real person standing there.

So how can she find three real-time images in half an hour.

If she can't find it, she will kill everyone, but even if she finds it right, how can she easily let go of George's madness

What should she do?

Gong ou, what should she do? She really didn't know how to save everyone because she was trapped in such a short time.


Outside, there was nothing to find in the huge manor.


Under the tree, Gong Ou smashes the map he just got to the ground, lifts his leg and kicks over the table he temporarily placed in front of him. The monitoring equipment on it falls one by one.

"If the map is still in the manor, it means that George is sure that we can't find anyone. What's the use of reading it?" Gong Ou stares at his subordinates and shouts, "look for the monitor? This is George's place. Where is the surveillance? He doesn't know. Will you find it? What for! "

"Second young master, we just want to work hard in all aspects." Said the bodyguard, looking down.

They have no other way to find someone.

Since the tablet computer was sent, Gong Ou has seen the video, and the whole person has become hysterical. He has lost his routine. He keeps asking them for trouble, but he has no way to get it out.

"You're wasting your time!" Gong Ou clutched his collar and stared at him with red eyes. "I tell you, if my people have something wrong with you, you will be buried together!"

"Second young master......"

"Go find it, find all the people for me, and don't let go of all the places where there may be a dark room!" Gong Ou roars, but does not let go of his hand, and still clutches it to death.

The bodyguard in front of him was strangled, and almost suffocated. A few people nearby stopped at once. "Stop it, second young master. Now even if he kills someone, he can't come back."

Gong Ou is pulled down by the force. The scarlet killing in his eyes is terrible.

No one doubts that George would have died miserably if he stood here, but now

"Second young master, he found that the tablet computer was directly photographed and placed there. The sender avoided monitoring and could not get any traceable information." A bodyguard came with a tablet.

Since the appearance of the first tablet computer, tablet has been found constantly. Every time, it appears suddenly. It is impossible to install a new monitoring and monitoring device for anyone to put it in, because the places are all inconsistent and far away.

But the content of the computer is the same. It's the picture of missing people being tortured.

There are Fengde's, Gongyu's, three children and Luo Qi's, and I read it when I was young.

Hearing this, Gong Ou's thin lips trembled and his voice changed, "this time Whose is it? "

The picture of who was tortured came.

"It's from the young lady."

"I don't look!"

Gong Ou said almost immediately.

"Second young master......"

"I said I don't look! Take away! "

Gong Ou is willful like a child. People even step back. It seems that the farther away from the tablet, the less dangerous it is for Xiaonian.


Everyone stood there with their eyebrows locked.

If the Chamberlain Feng and the eldest young master can still persuade the second young master here, no one can persuade them now. They follow Gong ou to do things, but even Gong Ou has lost his square.

Gong Ou continued to step back and stared at the tablet with his eyes fixed on it. His thin lips moved and murmured, "I don't look, I don't look!"

He wants to find shixiaonian. He wants to find shixiaonian completely and safely.

He's looking for her.

Gong Ou suddenly turns around and goes on, but aimlessly.

Suddenly, behind me came the cry of Xiaonian's pain, which was so hoarse and heartbreaking.

Gong Ou's feet were instantly nailed to the ground like life, and his head went back stiffly. The bodyguard secretly clicked on the video on the tablet and erected the tablet towards Gong ou.

In the video, Xiaonian kneels on the ground, holds his head in pain, screams in pain, and the whole person shakes into a group


Gong Ou stood there, and a tear fell down from his red eyes without any sign, all the way to his lips. It was too bitter to bear.

She is in great pain.

It's his arrogance, he thinks he controls everything, he pushes her to the end.

In the end, he is the only one standing here perfectly. What's the use of him standing here! He's just as useless as those maps and monitors!

He can't wait, he can't.

"Come on."

Gong Ou opens his mouth.

Everyone looked at him, and their faces were written with an accident. Did they hear it wrong? Why did they hear a trace of cowardice from the tone of the second young master.

Someone gingerly came forward, Gong Ou stared at the video and said, "over the helicopter, shout to me."

"What are you shouting for?"

"Tell him that Gong Ou is willing to give up and give whatever he wants. He is notorious and can die without a whole body!" Gong Ou Dao.


All of them stare at Gong Ou in a daze.

They Did you hear me wrong?

"Not yet?" Gong Ou stares at a group of stunned men. "Go and shout to me!"

"Second young master, how can I do this?" No one dares to carry out such an order.

It's just a way of changing people. It's not necessary to change people. Don't a wise man like the second young master know that this is a way out of his own way?

"I'll let you go! Isn't it that I'm not listening now? " Gong Ou stares at them. "Or do you want me to go there myself?"

Everyone looked at each other, and finally someone turned around and left, and decided to follow the instructions and prepare the helicopter.

Gong Ou stood there, raised his hand slowly and wiped away the tears at the corners of his mouth.

Xiaonian, don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid of him.

Gong Ou slowly moves forward, takes the tablet computer, and caresses the picture with his fingertips on it. He tries his best every time.

In the crowd, there was a small voice, "the second young master is like this now, I think none of us can save."

"Even if it is saved, it will be more painful for the young lady to come back."


Gong Ou's hands are frozen.

More painful than now He can't let shixiaonian suffer, absolutely not.


The unknown hall is full of images.

When small read over and over looking at the side of the image, looking at a familiar face, mind over and over playing back just all people "death" picture.



When Xiaonian looked at the image in front of him, he could almost think of the look of people falling down bit by bit and covering their eyebrows with blood bit by bit.

This idea controlled her and made her head more and more painful. She could not see anything in front of her eyes, only saw a piece of blood blur, and the bell in the hall was still ringing, ringing and urging her.

Don't ring.

When Xiaonian covered his head, it hurt. It really hurt.

When George looked at it, he read it like this. The radian of the corner of his lips was rising more and more. The bodyguard on one side saw it. "Sir, it won't last long to see her. It's going to be crazy."

George was very happy to hear this, and his eyes were full of smiles. "Hurry her up, and keep pushing."

Several bodyguards came forward at the same time, while Xiaonian kept urging and intimidating, and pressed the remote control from time to time to play the death pictures of several images.

When Xiaonian covered her ears and stood there in pain, she did not dare to hear, nor to see. Fear covered her whole body and her fingers kept shaking.

Don't force her, don't force her.

She can't find real-time images. She doesn't know who is caught and who will die

Another picture of Gong Kui being killed exploded in front of her. When Xiao Nian dared not even walk away, he crouched down in fear, let alone find the right answer.

George and his bodyguards laughed in an instant.

"George, you want to play with me! Let go of shixiaonian! "

All of a sudden, a familiar voice sounded outside the hall, as loud as thunder.

When small read's shoulder can't help but a shrink, like in the fog to grasp a force, fingers no longer tremble.

It's Gong Ou's voice.

It's him.

When Xiaonian squatted on the ground and slowly opened his eyes, he saw George standing there, his face became very ugly and let people go out to check.

After a while, a bodyguard returned and bowed his head to report, "Sir, it's Gong ou. He used many helicopters to circle over the manor, and the sound spread everywhere."

"He really wanted a way to talk to me."

George clenched his teeth.