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Chapter 1033 a date of death

Now when they go back, they have lost their initiative. It will only be a bloody battle.

Everything arranged by shixiaonian is meaningless.

Gong Ou looks up and looks at them. In a moment, everyone stops talking. Gong Ou's eyes are too cold and overwhelming, like a sharp touch on the ice front, which makes people dare not even try to touch them.

He stood up, his long fingers touched the glass on the table, and the red liquid came out again, spilling all over the table, which was dazzling.

Gong Ou's hands trembled even more, unable to control themselves.

After a few seconds, Gong Ou turns around and leaves. Everyone wants to obstruct but dare not. The doctor stands far away and cannot help but say, "second young master, do you want to see the baby? He doesn't even have four Jin. "

People see that children have a heart of compassion, especially after the premature delivery of such a small child, gongou may find that they have more important responsibilities, will give up the trap.

As expected, Gong Ou stops.

When the doctor saw the play, he quickly stepped aside and pointed to a door not far away. "The little baby is in it. Let's go and have a look."

Gong Ou's legs moved, and the tip of his shoes pointed to the baby's room. There was still no expression on a handsome face, as if he had been indifferent.

Next second, Gong Ou turned back without saying a word and strode towards the cabin door.

The doctor was stunned at once and said in a loud voice, "second young master, your wife would like you to have a look."

Hearing this, Gong Ou suddenly sneered, full of ridicule, thin lips slightly open, and said coldly, "her hope has never been my hope!"

It's like she sent him to the plane, like she asked him to have a look at the baby and then couldn't walk away.

She was wrong.

He never did what she thought. He was a paranoid. Did she forget? He would always do what he wanted, cold-blooded and selfish.

Gong Ou goes on, his back is cold and resolute.

At that moment, everyone understood that no one could stop Gong Ou from going to a dead date.

Gong Ou went on alone, and one of the bodyguards suddenly said, "second young master, I'll go back with you, or I'll take care of you!"

Then a second, a third and a fourth volunteered.

Smell speech, Gong Ou slowly turned around, a pair of dark eyes cold to look at them, voice cold like snow, "your life I don't care, but when small read to protect."


There was embarrassment on the faces of all the people. The second young master always hurt people when he spoke.

"I don't ask you to follow me, but if you want to go, I will be responsible for all the consequences! If I die, I will treat your family well. If there is a palace in one day, there will be a day of their prosperity! " Gong Ou said word by word, even mobilizing bodyguards is different.


The bodyguards look at each other. Gong Ou's words are too white. It's like a basin of cold water pouring out their momentary blood impulse. No one is afraid of death. Everyone wants to hide timidly.

Gong Ou turned his head expressionless, and suddenly someone came out and said, "I'll go. Please take care of my family."

"I'll go, too. Mrs. Gong has been very kind to me."

"Then I'll go too. If Mrs. Gong didn't order us to withdraw, I would have died."

"Let's go together. It's not impossible for many people to win. The palace has sent someone to take care of us. We may be able to hold on to that moment." The leader's bodyguard opened his mouth, then went to get the gun and started to equip without any nonsense.

The rest of the bodyguards began to equip their weapons.

Gong Ou looks at them coldly, his teeth clenched.

Shi Xiaonian, this is a group of people who you wronged and wanted to protect The vision is not bad.

Here he is, Xiao Nian.



As expected, when they rushed back from the underground waterway, they were completely occupied by the Lancaster family. When they met each other, a fierce battle broke out.

The sound of gunfire was heard everywhere, and the water droplets seeped out of the stone wall and slowly flowed down. The fresh blood splashed on it, and the water droplets changed color.

Cruel and heroic.

In the dark and humid stone room, when Xiaonian was lying on the bed with poor conditions, the operation was not finished, and the white cloth around him was close and dazzling white.

She lies quietly, remembering the first time she broke up with Gong ou. At that time, Gong Ou wanted to break up with her, but she couldn't tell the real reason, so she talked about a lot of things.

He even said that her upper and lower teeth didn't bite well enough.

In order to find a reason to break up, he really bothered and labored. When he thought about it, Xiaonian's lips were slightly bent, and his eyes were full of sweetness.

I really want to tell Gong ou that she has checked her teeth many times later. It's clear that her upper and lower rows of teeth are particularly neat and not ugly.

Doctors are rushing to operate every second. When one of them looks around, she is smiling. She is shocked and sad.

Outside the white cloth, everyone was sitting or standing, and bit was sitting in the corner. His eyes were red all the time, and he stared at the white cloth firmly, expecting and refusing to have a doctor come out of it.

Suddenly, a handkerchief fell into his sight.

Bit raised his eyes and saw the woman in the big hat standing there with her head bowed, holding a handkerchief in her hand, which was obviously meant for him.

She buried her head very low, or exposed a little forehead, the scars on it were ugly.

Bit frowned and didn't pick it up. Then he thought of the maids who took care of him very well. He was beaten like that, but at last he jumped out to help him.

Shi Xiaonian said, "don't look at a person with identity and appearance. He has been taught a lot.".

In this way, bit reached for the handkerchief, but before he touched it, there was a fierce gunshot outside. It seemed that he could not fight.

Across the hard stone wall, the sound of the gun was not deafening, but it was enough to make people feel something wrong.

The people who sat up all stood up. "What's the matter? Why are we fighting outside? Our people are here so soon? "

"The palace family won't come so soon unless the brothers on the plane come back."

"They won't do such a silly thing. You can see how many people there are today in Lancaster, and how many people are left on the plane, not enough to fill the bullets."

Feng de did not have time to appease the people. He lifted the white cloth and walked in. When he saw Xiaonian lying there, he was not affected. His lips were slightly hooked, as if he was smiling.

"Xiaonian, how do you feel?"

Feng de went over and asked anxiously if the gunshot would affect her and the doctors' skills.

When small read looked at him to blink, then said, "I am very good, is a little tired, very sleepy."

"Will you stick to it and sleep after the operation?"

It seems that Xiao Nian was not affected by the sound of gunfire.

"Well, I'll sleep for a while."

She said softly.

When Feng de stayed here, she found that Xiao Nian had been staring at his mouth. She couldn't hear the outside voice at all. She just looked at the way he spoke to distinguish what he said and what he was wrong.

Almost immediately he turned to the doctors. "What's going on? Can my daughter survive this? "

In response, he was silent, and a doctor changed a bag of blood to supplement Xiaonian.

Feng de stood there and suddenly didn't know what to say. He quickly lifted the white cloth and walked out. Tears fell down. He put out his hand to cover half of his face and tried to restrain.

When Xiaonian lies on the pushing bed, looking at the white eyes, blinks, her eyelashes quiver, and she slowly closes them.

I'm really tired.

She closed her eyes and quietly recalled the past and what happened later? Later, Gong Ou was desperate to marry her. He forced him to change his bride even when he ordered a wedding.

In his eyes, what he wants to do is the king's way.

But sometimes, he is so stupid that he can do anything stupid beyond ordinary people's imagination It seems that everything is related to her. When she is gone, he will never do anything stupid again.

When Xiaonian thought in secret, she thought it was also very good. She closed her eyes deeply. She was really tired and wanted to sleep.

Consciousness gradually drifts away, when small read slightly hook lips, eyes shallow to close.

"When reading! Xiao Nian! Open the door! Open the door! Time is small! "

There was a sound, like a drum, which shocked her soul that was going to sleep.

It's Gong Ou's voice. It's loud and loud. She's anxious and irascible. She's shouting her name over and over again.

Can't you talk well? She's going to sleep. When Xiaonian thinks about it, she can't sleep because of the noise.

When Xiaonian couldn't help but open his eyes, frown slightly, and was about to blame Gong ou, but when he opened his eyes, he didn't see Gong ou, only saw a sad face guarding her Fengde.

Yes, Gong Ou has got on the plane. At this time, he is flying back to Gong's house. How can he call her.

"I heard Gong Ou's voice."

When small read softly said, the voice clearly weak to the extreme but also with a happy smile.

Feng de stood there and wiped her eyes, grabbed her cold hand, just squeezed out a smile and asked, "is that right? What did the young master say to you? "

"When small read to smile a way," he is very noisy, always ask me to open the door, noisy to death

But he is noisy, she is really happy, because she can hear his voice, can not sleep or happy.

"Open the door?"

Feng De is shocked. How can young master let Shi Xiaonian open the door? Is there any speculation? But this conjecture is why it's nothing else. It's just opening the door.

The stone wall is tightly closed. No one outside can find the way to open the door.

Suddenly realizing something, Feng de went out, and the whole man listened to it on the wet stone wall. The sound of the gun became more obvious. There was no other sound in the disordered sound of the gun. It seemed that someone was screaming.