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Chapter 1014: Gong ou can'st find out the cause

It turns out that she has become the second master.

"So Mr palace still remembers what happened to us before, but it betrayed me peacefully under your control." When Xiaonian laughed at herself with a bitter smile. She turned to the calm lake. "People who play with science and technology are really smart. They have feelings for science and technology products, and then cut them off."

What she and Mr Gong have experienced has become a satirical joke in his hands.

"And your husband was scolded." "I don't know if it's ridicule," said bit.

"Now you don't need it to be an undercover agent. Why don't you just change its main program and let it forget me?" Shixiaonian asked that she was so concerned by Mr palace that she was very uncomfortable.


Bit is silent, just looking at the lake.


When Xiaonian looked at him, he didn't wait for the answer. They sat by the lake side by side, and Mr palace stood there quietly, as if guarding something.

For a long time, bit stood up from the ground and said, "milk will soon be cold. Drink it."


When Xiaonian looked at the food in front of him and didn't speak.

Bith turns to leave, leaving a sentence floating in the night, "I don't hate you, I don't want to delete the program."

When Xiaonian sat there for a long time, she lost her mind. Then she stared at her hands and thought, should I really thank her for her cooking? Because of this cooking skill, bit is not tired of her.

It is a fluke that she can live well now. She has no idea what to do next.

When R palace left with bit, Xiaonian stayed by the lake alone, leaning against the big stone and looking at the lake in front silently. The wind blew her long hair and confused her eyes.

After eating a little, Xiaonian sleeps on the stone unconsciously, and the body is exhausted.

In the dream, she went back to the time when she just met Gong ou, and was driven almost crazy by a paranoid distrust every day.

Every picture is terrible, but outside the dream, she raised her lips and didn't even notice the lake overflowing her feet.

For example, in the exquisite and huge imperial castle of the museum, Feng de almost stepped on the halo and came to her. "It's useless for you to be so stubborn. If you really want to go out, it's better to obey the master and establish a good relationship, isn't it

She asked Feng de how to please him.

Feng de pointed to her hand. She opened her ten fingers and looked at the thick stack of paper in front of her eyes. All of a sudden, the paper became pots and pans.

Feng de stood aside and smiled mysteriously at her.

Then, Xiaonian woke up. She was cool and her feet were wet. She drew back her feet and looked up at the night. The night was darker than ever, and she could not see the moon.

I don't know how long I slept. When Xiaonian sneezed, she decided to go back. She had to live healthily. She couldn't stay outside like this.

But how can she go back to Gong ou

When Xiaonian stood up and went back, her feet were numb. She quickly reached for the cold stone beside her. Ten fingers were hardly in the dark.

When Xiaonian thought of the dream he had just had, his adoptive father said it was useless to be stubborn and obedient to build a good relationship.

I don't know if this set can be applied to this teenager?

Anyway, she likes to eat the food she made. Even if bith can't let her go, at least she can exchange the food for some information, and then try to find a way, instead of letting the time pass.

In this way of thinking, Shi Xiaonian has instant motivation.

Yes, Gong Ou must be trying to find a way to wait for her to go back. She has to work hard.


The night in area 13 is calm and turbulent, with branches sticking out of the high wall. In the wall, the bodyguards patrol alternately.

Some bedroom is on the light, so big bed, Gong Ou lies on the quilt sinks to sleep, does not have the awakening meaning.

Feng De, with white and silver hair, walked anxiously around the room, pacing repeatedly, looking at the bedside from time to time. After the doctor finished the examination for Gong ou, he stood up.

Fengde was originally arranged in the palace castle, but there was a big event here. Gong Ou didn't wake up all day. The first bodyguard didn't dare to contact him carelessly.

He came in a hurry. He didn't expect such a scene at all. Two of the three masters of the palace were missing and one couldn't wake up.


The doctor bowed his head respectfully to Fengde.

Feng de winked at him. They stepped out of the bedroom. The doctor immediately said, "manager Feng, forgive me for my incompetence. I really can't see what's wrong with the second young master except for his overwork."

"It's not your fault. I've pulse it for the young master. I didn't make you diagnose it again from the perspective of Western medicine until something went wrong." Feng de said, in a tone of anxiety.

Hearing this, the doctor sighed with relief. "Even the housekeeper Feng said that. It seems that the second young master is really tired and needs a good rest."

"Well, you go down first."

Feng de asked the doctor to leave. He stood alone in front of the handrail in the corridor and looked down. The bodyguards were standing in their posts. They dared not relax for a moment. At present, there is no chaos here. Everything is as usual.

But Fengde is not optimistic about the doctor. Xiaonian is lost. How can the young master still sleep? Even if he works hard, he can't sleep at such a critical moment.

Is it over thinking or something else?

Feng de can't find out. It's been a whole day. Xiao Nian and the eldest young master haven't heard from each other. If we go on like this, everything will go wrong.


There was a noise in the room.

Feng de hurried back to the room, only to see Gong Ou sitting up tired from the bed, a cup was knocked to the ground by him, and the water flowed out.

"Young master." Feng de immediately walked over and carefully helped Gong Ou up.

"What are you doing? I can't die yet. "

Gong Ou throws off his hand and hates this kind of action, as if he is a weak person. He has nothing.

"Yes, sir." Feng de retreated to one side and put his hands in front of him.

Gong Ou is sitting with his body propped up. His head is so dizzy that his vision is dizzy. He shakes his head forcefully. The whole room doesn't rotate.

He pinched his eyebrows and said coldly, "Why are you here?"

"I will serve the young master." Feng de looked down and said.

"I want you to stay in the castle and revolt one by one. Who wants you all to come here?" Gong Ou fiercely opens the quilt. "What about shixiaonian? I'm hungry! "

He didn't sleep well. Why is he so tired? His eyelids always want to stick together.


Feng de looks at him with some consternation, which makes Gong ou think of everything in a moment. His face suddenly becomes ugly. He gets off the bed and goes to the door. His figure shakes for several times, almost falling down.

"How are you, young master?" Feng de hurried to catch up.

"What time is it now?"

Asked Gong Ou as he walked.

"11 p.m." Feng de replied truthfully. Gong Ou asked again, "have you found anyone?"


Feng De is silent. He can't say the answer.

Several bodyguards came up to him. Gong Ou angrily stepped forward, raised his legs and kicked one of them to the ground. "Waste! I asked you a bunch of trash to come here to see the sunrise and sunset? What's the use of raising you! I can't even find anyone! "


Several bodyguards dare not resist. They are angry with Gong ou. Some of them are all blue and dare not hum.

Gong Ou didn't over vent on them, just said, "bring me the record of your work today!"


Gong Ou went downstairs and stepped on the air one by one after two steps. The man almost rolled down. He quickly reached for the handrail of the stairs to stabilize himself.

As soon as he turned around, Gong Ou saw Feng De's worried face.

"Young master, I don't think you are right. Maybe the medical equipment here is not enough. Why don't you go back and have a physical examination?" Feng de suggested worriedly.

Or transfer the instrument, but transfer a large number of large-scale equipment, which may cause Lancaster's attention. At this time, it is the safest to sneak back to do an inspection.

"What nonsense!" Gong Ou's black eyes stared at him coldly, "what's wrong with me? I warn you, stay at home when you are old, and don't bewitch people here! "


Feng De's face was sprayed. He looked down and saw the bodyguards in the hall looking at him. He had to shut up.

Gong Ou continues to walk downstairs. This time, he also takes care of himself and doesn't step on empty space.

As soon as he entered the hall, Gong Ou turned on all the monitoring screens, and then took the records handed by the bodyguards. His brow was tight.

"You're smart enough to know the secret." Gong Ou looks a little better after checking the records. "There's no movement in Lancaster?"

"No, as usual." The head bodyguard immediately said, "so I guess they don't know that the eldest young master and the second young grandmother are gone, or they will certainly take action."

If you catch someone, it will give you a reaction whether you are alive or dead, but Lancaster did not.

"is the young master going to secretly investigate the location of bits with Xiao Nian?" Feng de hands Gong ou the note left by Gong Yu, "maybe I read that the young master is gone, and I will follow him when I'm nervous."

"Impossible!" Gong Ou opened the note and looked at it. He said coldly, "they can't be together."

"How can you see that, young master?"

Feng De is confused.

Now Lancaster has no movement, which just shows that Gong Yu and Xiao Nian are relatively safe, right? I just don't know where it is.

"In a word, Xiaonian won't leave me!" Gong Ou cuts the tunnel and looks up at a group of bodyguards in front of him. He is furious and smashes the information in his hand, "she happened under your eyes! I'll tell you, in case of shixiaonian, I'll strip you all alive! "

Paper is flying in the air.

The bodyguards knelt in silence.