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Chapter 952 the last straw to crush Xiaonian

Gong Kui stretched out lazily and walked around Xiaonian's side, sticking on her stomach from time to time. "When will the baby come out?"

"Did the baby answer you?"

Xiaonian stood on the grass and asked with a smile.

"Yes, the baby said that she would come out when she got full marks in her lessons." Gong Kui was laughing, and Xiao Nian was also amused.

Gong Yao stood aside and glanced at his sister in a quiet way. "That baby must not want to see your sister."


"Because you didn't get the full mark."


Gong Kui stood there foolishly, and suddenly made a face hurt. He held his heart in his little hand and spit blood. "How can I have such a brother? I didn't teach him well, sad."



When Xiaonian and Gongyao watched her performance, they were speechless, and then Xiaonian smiled happily. Fortunately, the gunfight left gongkui with the sequelae of not being able to hear the gunshot, which did not destroy her ancient nature.

The breeze blows, the sunshine is just right, and the smell in the air is very fresh.

All of a sudden, a group of bodyguards rushed past them in a hurry. Gong Kui waved to them sweetly and said hello. No one cared for her.

All the people ran in one direction, each with a positive face.

When Xiaonian's heart thumped, the first reaction was something happened, but what else could happen in this shelter to make these bodyguards in such a hurry?

They run in a direction that seems to be where Shizhong and his wife live.

Like a premonition of something, when Xiao Nian's heart was cold, his face suddenly turned pale, and he reached out to push Gong Kui to Gong Yao, "you two advanced to prepare for class."

"I want to play more with mom." Said the sunflower reluctantly.

"I'll play with you in class."

When small read hard to squeeze out a smile, push two children to leave, watched them into the villa after she did not return to the direction of the bodyguards run.

In front of the hut, which had been built separately, was surrounded by people, and the bodyguards were standing there densely.

The two figures of Mu qianchu and Luo lie stand in the innermost.

Shi Xiaonian moves forward, pushes the crowd aside and moves forward. In the murmur of stealing, he reaches the innermost corner. He sees Shi Zhong, the whole man, slumped at the door, hanging his head, slapping himself in the face from time to time. The despair on his face is shocking.

He has a strong smell of alcohol.

"It's too late. Let's put the people down."

Luo lie's voice followed closely, turning around to see Xiao Nian's figure, and suddenly called out in shock, "Mrs. Gong!"

Mu qianchu stood there with a frightened face and subconsciously wanted to block Xiaonian's body, but he was blind and didn't block it. Xiaonian still saw what he should see.

In the clear room, a chair was kicked over in the middle.

A thin figure of vicissitudes of life is suspended in the mid air like this. Her legs are hanging down, and her feet are wearing a pair of exquisite lady's shoes. Her hands are slightly closed, as if to grasp something.

Follow her hand to the ground, a picture of the flute falls on the ground, and the smile of the flute is sweet.


When Xiaonian stood there, she was deprived of all her strength in an instant. Her whole body seemed to be fixed and unable to move.

When I saw her, Xiaonian rushed to her with a face full of hatred when I was drunk and grabbed her collar. "You bitch, your mother wants to see you once. You are so cruel. You forced her to death. You forced her to death! I want your life! I want your life! "


When Xiaonian stood there with a dull face, like a man without soul.

Shizhong failed to do anything with her. Everyone rushed up and arrested Shizhong. Lori shouted angrily, "what's the matter with Mrs. Gong? You're so drunk that you don't even notice your wife hanging. It's your problem!"

Shizhong was clenched and raised his leg and kicked Shixiao Nian desperately. "I shouldn't have raised such a bastard like you at the beginning. If you are a lost star, our family will destroy your hands! I killed you! I fucking killed you! Death Star! Lost star! "

In the chaos, when mu qianchu was holding on, Xiao Nian backed all the way.

When Xiaonian retreated passively, there was nothing else in his eyes, only the two legs hanging in the air and the exquisite lady's shoes.

From a long time ago, minqiu Jun liked this style of leather shoes very much. After she made money, the first gift she bought for minqiu Jun was women's leather shoes.

Her face was as grey as death, without a trace of color.

When mu qianchu stumbles and pulls Xiaonian out of the crowd, he worries and says, "Xiaonian, don't be too sad."

Mu qianchu, who was fostered in the family, knew that when he was in the family, Xiao Nian was afraid that he had the most feelings for min qiuqun.

When small read let him grasp, silent.

In the face of Xiaonian's silence, mu qianchu suddenly remembered that min Qiujun was noisy last night to see her. Today, she committed suicide. She was afraid that she could not get through this stage.

"It's nothing to do with you. It's because I've trapped them here in the dark, and with the death of Shi Di, it's because I didn't think ahead of time that she did something stupid under her mental breakdown."

Mu qianchu said eagerly, for fear that he would not be able to think of it.

When Xiaonian still doesn't speak, it's so quiet that people get flustered. Rao is mu qianchu's calmness and calmness at ordinary times. It's also an extra worry. "Xiaonian, don't scare me, say a word."

Words fall, his hand suddenly soft down the arm, when small read soft to fall down, collapsed into his arms.

Mu qianchu hugged her tightly and shouted, "doctor Luo! Dr. lo! Little thought passed out! "


Shixiaonian had a dream.

In the dream, when she returned to her childhood, minqiu Jun shook and shook her in his arms, kissed her on her small face and said with a smile, "little Niannian is the sweetest, mom likes our little Niannian the most."

"Xiaonian is my mother's most intimate child."

"Come on, Xiaonian. I bought you a little medal for this study trip with Xiaodi. I want to study hard."

"It's better for Xiaonian. If you didn't help me take care of qianchu, my mother would not be able to help alone."

"Now that Xiaonian and Xiaodi have got married, I will live in Xiaonian's house, then Xiaodi's house and bring you children."

"What leather shoes do you want to buy for me? It's better if you don't quarrel with your father and sister. As long as my wife is flat and the leather shoes are expensive, you can earn some money and leave soon."

When she woke up, the sun outside the window was still warm, as warm as usual every day, no difference.

The world will not be any different with the passing of any life.

Shi Xiaonian slowly sat up from the bed and leaned on the head of the bed, with a long divergence and some yellow hair ends. Her eyes were low, and her pale face was very wooden, without any expression.

The servants came in again and again to give her food and drink, but they did not hear her words.

Mu qianchu has brought her the last letter of Min Qiujun, on which is written his unique writing.

Xiaonian, I know you hate your mother. In fact, she just wants to see you again for the last time. No matter what is wrong or right before, forget it. Xiaodi left. I'm not interested in living. She's lonely and alone below. I'll accompany her.

Just a few words.

"It wasn't because you didn't see her that she committed suicide. She had made the decision." Said Mu qianchu.

When Xiao Nian went to see min Qiujun, it would not change the outcome, but let min Qiujun go with less regret.


When Xiaonian sat in silence, just like wood.

Min Qiujun's suicide touched Shi Xiaonian a lot. When she thought that some shadows would pass, reality gave her a hard blow.

Shadows never go away easily.

She chose to believe in people, and her children were trapped; she chose not to believe that the people she once valued were hanging in front of her eyes.

What is she doing right?

She just wants to live the most ordinary life. Why are there fewer and fewer people around her all the way.

How many people will she influence? Does her presence make people around her happier or worse? Who is the next person who will disappear because of her? Who are the people who will be hurt because of her? It's Lori, who is admiring for thousands of years, countless bodyguards, a pair of her children, or Gong Ou who regards her as a chess player.

Min Qiujun's death became the last straw of Xiaonian when she was crushed to death, and the appearance of Zhongzhong scolding her "bereaved star" appeared in front of her all the time.

It doesn't go away.

You can't wipe it off.


Mu qianchu stepped out of shixiaonian's room, reached out and closed the door gently. With a worried face between his eyebrows, he opened his mouth and asked, "where is Dr. Luo?"

"I'm here."

Lori stood not far away in front of the wall and opened his mouth. He put his hands in his pants pocket. Looking at mu qianchu, he guessed that maybe, "is Mrs. Gong still silent?"

"Well." Mu qianchu raised his hand to touch the wall and walked slowly forward. He stood opposite Lori and said softly, "you are proficient in the psychology of pregnant women. It's better to go in and talk with her."

"I've already been in. Mrs. Gong obviously lives in a human world now and refuses to communicate with anyone." Lori shook his head, a bit frustrated, "she should have a lot of things now, and she doesn't need outside help."

There are two men standing in the corridor.

After a moment's silence, mu qianchu whispered, "Xiaonian is the adopted daughter of the family. Her adoptive parents all favor her sister, but her adoptive mother still cares about her. Anyway, Xiaonian has feelings for her adoptive mother."

"Kinship is a more difficult emotion in the world than love. In the subconscious of most people, kinship can't be really cut off, so the negative side of kinship will bring hundreds of times of harm to people." "In the previous hill tribe incident, Mrs. Gong was hit hard. This time again, to be honest, the iron man may not be able to support her," Lori said


"I've heard that Mrs. Gong's foster mother is crying and arguing to see her." Lori said coldly, "it's not that I cursed the dead. If the adoptive mother really cared about Mrs. Gong, she would not choose to die at this time. She was determined to make Mrs. Gong uncomfortable."