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Chapter 194. She never really cared about him

She won't come back.

She really dares not to come back.

Gong Ou looks at the road. His eyes are cold, cold, disappointed and lonely.

She never really cared about him.

She only cares about that man. In this case, why didn't he walk a little bit firmly when he let her go? Why did he pick it up!

When Xiaonian, how can she step on his heart again and again to play wantonly.

Just because he fell in love with her, should he be fooled by her?

Gong Ou stood there, his eyes dimmed more and more. Next second, he said coldly, "show me where qianchu is. I need to know right away."

Now there is no need to check the time of small read, as long as find out where moqianchu.


He's looking for a woman, from a man.

He has never been such a wimp in his life.

"Yes, sir."

Feng de nodded.

Gong Ou turned to his convertible sports car, sat up impassively, and said coldly, "check the address and tell me."

"Yes, sir." Feng de turned to look at the bodyguards. "Keep up with the young master."

"No follow!"

Palace o'hysteria ground roars, black eyes turn to be cruel instantly, the manic of a whole body has no place to vent.

He slammed on the gas pedal, turned and drove to Fengde, with extreme anger on his face.


Feng de didn't dodge when he saw it. He bowed his eyebrows in recognition of his life. It was Xiaonian when he let go, which he should accept.

"Ci" - "

the tire rubs the ground hard.

The front of the car moved away at a high speed, almost wiping in front of Fengde.

Gong Ou drives a car to pass by him, black eyes stare at him coldly, drive forward.

On the way out of the imperial castle, Gong Ou deliberately slowed down. Fortunately, he thought, maybe Xiaonian would appear in the car at the next moment.

But after he left the castle far away, Gong Ou found how ridiculous his idea was.

That woman never cared about him. How could she come back.

She went to the man.

Gong Ou holds the steering wheel in one hand, picks up his mobile phone and sends a voice to Xiaonian. His voice is so gloomy that every word comes out of his throat. "Shixiaonian, even if you really want to throw me away as a pile of garbage, you should give me a confession! I want you to tell me that you didn't love me! "

Finish saying, Gong Ou is biting a tooth, the copilot that will mobile phone to one side throws past fiercely.


On the other side, when Xiaonian drove to Jingren hospital, he saw that many media were blocked at the gate of the hospital.

When I saw those cameras and microphones, I was afraid of them.

Muqianchu should be in the hospital now. Why should she go to the West Road?

West Road?

This way?

When Xiaonian drove by doubtfully, she saw that the west road was a very hidden path, blocked by a row of trees. She drove in slowly, and saw a black car parked on the side of the road not far away.

When Xiaonian slowly stopped the car and looked forward with a puzzled face.

The next second, I saw the door of the opposite car was opened, mu qianchu, who was wearing a sick suit, came down from the car. He could see from one leg that he was not very flexible, but the whole person's spirit seemed to be OK. Although his face was pale, it was not as dangerous as described in the news.

Mu qianchu stood there and looked at her, with a smile of relief on her soft face.

When Xiaonian pushed open the door and got off, he walked towards him, puzzled, "qianchu, are you ok?"

Why does news write so well?


Mu qianchu pulls her and presses her to sit on the front passenger seat.

when he pulls his sleeve, she sees a piece of gauze on his wrist.

When mu qianchu sat in the driver's seat and put his hand on the seat belt, Xiaonian asked anxiously, "your hand..."

Mu qianchu looked at his wrist from her eyes and smiled nonchalantly. "So you said this, how can I get out of the manor if I don't do this? You can rest assured that I have discretion and won't hurt myself."

"That's what it is. It scares me to death." When hearing this, Xiaonian sighed, "I thought you were really..."

"Really commit suicide? I'm not that vulnerable. " Mu qianchu said with a smile and wisdom in his eyes, "I know when the news comes out, no matter where you are, you will take the initiative to contact me. You see, I'm all right."

"I really want to be scared to death by you."

Xiaonian shakes her head helplessly.

He actually used such an extreme method to get out of Mu's manor.

"Well, let's go." Muqianchu said, start the car, the sound of the radio in the quiet car.

"Where to?"

He asked in confusion.

"Leave the city, of course. The farther you go, the better." Muqianchu looked at her deeply. "We'll find a place where no one knows us. We'll start again and stay away from such nonsense."


When Xiaonian was shocked.

He and her?

"Yes, do you want to stay?" Mu qianchu's hand goes over the handbrake gear and holds her hand. Her voice is gentle. "Xiaonian, I know you suffered a lot when I was under house arrest. I will take you away. We will never come back to this place."


It's suffering.

Her adoptive parents and Shidi are in trouble; the people of the whole country stand on the high ground of morality to criticize and abuse; she is hit like a dead water

But all this, she has survived in a short time, because Gong ou.

"The first thousand."

When Xiaonian breaks away from his hand, his face is dim, and his eyes look at him apologetically.

Her hand broke free from his fingers.

“……” Mu qianchu lowered his eyes and watched his hands freeze there.

She pulled away so firmly.

"Qianchu, I'm sorry, I can't go with you." Said shixiaonian apologetically.

"Why?" Mu qianchu looks up at her, with sadness in her eyes. "Why is this rejection? Do you want to precipitate your heart? Why can't you see the people who really care about you and why you have to be sad for some useless people when so many things happen? "

He refers to Shidi and their adoptive parents.


"Do you know how many ways I have come up with to see you and how many injuries I have suffered these days?" Mu qianchu stared at her. "I am a man, and even think of suicide. Do you know how much I want to see you?"


When Xiaonian looked down.

His voice blocked her heart. "I'm sorry, qianchu, I'm really sorry."

"I don't want to listen sorry, I want you to go with me!" There was a layer of anger in Mu qianchu's tone.


When small read silence, but the meaning of rejection is obvious.

Mu qianchu turned to stare at her face and said, "I know that in the six years of memory loss, I was not good to you, I hurt you, but then I lost my memory, I will not hurt you again. Let's forget all the past, Xiaonian. Shall we start over? "

His voice was so soft that at the end of the conversation he almost begged her.

When small read to hear outside suffer, she does not know how to say, just mumbling repeat a, "thousand Chu, I'm sorry."

I'm really sorry.

Her heart had already been reduced to another bigoted and domineering man.

From Gong Ou blocking a beer bottle for her, from Gong Ou taking her away from the underground parking lot, from Gong Ou cooking for her and almost burning the house, from Gong Ou making a robot for her

Maybe earlier.

Maybe even when she didn't know, her heart had already fallen.

"I don't want to listen sorry, I want you to go with me." Mu qianchu said stubbornly, leaning forward, reaching out to fasten her seat belt.

"Don't do that, qianchu..."

I tried to push him.

"Xiaonian, I always respect you, but this time, I want to respect myself once." Mu qianchu's tone was obstinate to the extreme, reaching out to tie her seat belt.

There is a sound in the car broadcast -

now a real-time traffic news is interrupted. A major traffic accident happened on the Huazuo overpass, which runs from the south to the north of the Tongcheng road. The road is now closed. The number of casualties is unknown at present. However, according to the on-site report, one of the cars is the tens of millions of konisek, which has refreshed the value record of domestic stories.

At that time, Xiaonian was pushing mu qianchu. When she heard this, her face turned white and the quarrel stopped.


Gong Ou's favorite driver is konisek.

“……” When Xiaonian was shocked, he asked stupidly, "how many konisek are there in China?"

She remembered that she once overheard the palace servant mention that konisek had only one car in China, which was in the hands of Gong ou.

"What's the matter?" Mu qianchu looks at her pale face.

"I'm going, I'm sorry, I'm going."

When Xiaonian unbuckles the safety belt with trembling fingers, pushes the door to get out of the car, and her legs are weak.

Mu qianchu sat in the car, stunned, and suddenly thought that he had seen Gong Ou drive a konisek super run.

She is going to see Gong ou.

Mu qianchu rushes down, grabs Xiaonian, who is going to walk in front of his car, pulls her around, stares at her with narrow eyes, "you just refused me for Gong Ou's sake?"

"Let go."

When small read some anxious tunnel, desperately push away his hand.

"I won't let it go." Mu qianchu put his hands on her shoulder and looked at her with one eye almost scared. "I know that if I let go, I will lose you completely."


"He doesn't lack people to visit him. Maybe he's just making a news report for you to go back, just like me." I admire the way of the beginning.

"He won't!" When Xiaonian is determined, his eyes are firm.


Mu qianchu looked at her in amazement. When did she have such a great trust in Gong Ou.

"Gong ou will never make news with traffic accidents. I will go to him." Shixiaonian said eagerly, pushing away his hand to leave.

Muqianchu holds her shoulder firmly, and there is not all the stubbornness on a soft face. "Follow me, Xiaonian, we are the same kind. You and Gong ou are two extremes. You are not suitable at all."

When Xiaonian was too anxious to push him as hard as he could.