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Chapter 259 is it abortion medicine

When Xiaonian holds the cup, her hand is not stable. Her lips are close to the edge of the cup, and she looks down at Gong ou.

Only to see Gong Ou half kneeling there, a pair of black eyes staring at her directly, eyes deep, people can't think.


When Xiaonian's face suddenly turned pale, he put the cup aside on the piano cover.

"Why don't you drink?" The tension in Gong Ou's eyes flashed away.

"Is it medicine?" Xiaonian's voice trembled, and he looked at gong'ou incredulously. "Gong'ou, don't tell me, this is the abortion medicine."

He won't do it. He won't.

Gong Ou stares at her straight. Her black eyes are deep and her voice is soft. She says, "when I read, you are good. Drink the water."

"Is it abortion medicine?"

Shi Xiaonian asked persistently. His body was involuntarily cold and shivering.

"No, it's just ordinary Chinese herbal soup. It's good for your health. You drink it." Gong Ou's voice is as gentle as seducing her.

Chinese herbal soup?

She doesn't believe it.

"Is it abortion medicine?" He asked again, his fingers shaking.

"Listen to me, shixiaonian."

Gong Ou detects something wrong with her, kneels on the ground, grabs her by the long hand, and transfers the warmth of her hand to her. "This has already passed. Drink the water, and we will assume that nothing has happened. Shall I take you to the sea?"

Smell speech, when small read heart thoroughly cool.

When nothing happened?

So, is this really abortion medicine?

When Xiaonian looked at him stupidly, "are you crazy, Gong Ou? You're going to kill your own child! "

"It's not a child, it's just a germ. We will have our own children in the future. It's nothing to lose this one. "

Gong Ou said, the voice is constantly soft, with a deliberate demagogue.

"I don't drink."

Xiaonian stares at his face and says firmly.

She would never take the medicine.

"You are good!" Gong Ou's tone began to become strong. People stood up from the ground, and a handsome man became cold. He reached out and picked up the cup. "Shixiaonian, it's only three weeks now. If you drink it, it won't have a great impact on you. I will take care of you myself!"

When Xiaonian was still sitting there, he said stubbornly, "I won't drink it."

"Don't be against me!"

"I don't drink." Xiao Nian's face is full of stubbornness and refuses to compromise.

"When I read it!"

When Gong Ou saw her like this, his anger suddenly exploded. His eyes stared at her with sinister eyes. He reached out to hold her chin and held the cup in one hand to pour it down.

When Xiaonian opened his eyes in shock, he never thought that Gong Ou would be so savage.


She closed her lips and struggled desperately, reaching out to push Gong Ou's arm.


The water cup was smashed to the ground by her. The cup broke in response to the sound. The water stains flowed all over the ground, and the fragrance of the medicine spread faintly.

Gong Ou stares at the broken glass on the ground, a handsome face is frightfully cold, and a pair of pupils become darker. He stares fiercely at Shi Xiaonian and shouts, "why do you refuse to take medicine?"

"This child is yours!" When Xiaonian looked at him incredulously, "why do you have to kill your own child?"

He wants a child so much.

It turned out to be like this.

"My child? "Ah."

Smell speech, Gong Ou thinks laughable, he also so laughs, eyes stare at her, "when small read, you don't dream again! We haven't had children so many times before, but you are pregnant just after that day! "

How can he believe that this is his child?


Xiaonian looks at him in shock.

"I'm not afraid to make it clear to you. I don't believe you! I don't believe this child is mine! " Gong Ou stares at her, his voice is cold and fierce. "What's more, I'll fill it till you drink it!"

"Gong ou, you are crazy!"

When Xiaonian couldn't help but retreat, he leaned on the piano and looked at the man in front of him.

Is he still Gong Ou?

Why does he become so ferocious and terrible now.

"I'm not crazy, shixiaonian. I don't care if you've been insulted. It's not your fault! But I will never let you give birth to others! "

Palace o'hysteria ground roars out, then turns around to walk, raises a voice to shout, "Feng de! Make another cup of medicine! "

"Gong ou, if you dare to give me another try, I will hate you!"

When I read aloud, my eyes turned red.

"Dare you!"

Gong Ou turns around abruptly, and the black pupil glares at her fiercely. Her eyes turn surly red, and she raises her hand. A handsome face has no reason, but is full of crazy anger.

When Xiaonian looked at his fist in shock, instead of retreating, he took a step forward, and his voice became angry. "Do you want to hit me? Gong ou, if the child is gone, you and I will not be finished! "

When Xiaonian stares at him fearlessly, his eyes are red.

"You -" Gong Ou is angry and stares at her fiercely. Her breath becomes heavy, her teeth are clenched tightly, and her raised hand is clenched into a fist.

"Gong ou, if you dare to think of our children again, I will hate you forever!"

Said Xiao Nian.

"For a shapeless thing, you're going to mess with me like this?" Gong Ou stares at her with sinister eyes. He swims all over his body and penetrates into each of his blood vessels like countless insects biting him, which makes him unbearable.

A shapeless thing?

He described their children as shapeless.

"It's you, Gong ou."

When Xiaonian stood in front of him, his eyes were sour.

"Shi Xiaonian, I asked you, in your eyes, is this Unformed thing important, or is my palace and Europe important?" Gong Ou snapped and lowered Yang's fist in the air.

After all, he couldn't give her a hard hand.

Wen Yan, when small read Zheng Zheng, and then said, "all important."

"Only one can be selected!" Said Gong, gnashing his teeth.

"I want it all."

"No way!"

"I just want it all." When small read stubbornly said, eyes deeply looking at Gong ou, there is no meaning of compromise.

"Not so good! You are not allowed to give birth to other people! "

Gong Ou looks at her gloomily, suppresses his anger, and then says, "can't touch you, can't move you, right? I will let you make your own choice! "

With that, Gong Ou turns around and walks out of the door.

As soon as Gong Ou walked out of the room, Xiaonian's strength seemed to be exhausted. She sat down limply in front of the piano without any strength.


The unspeakable coldness swam all over the body.

When small read low eyes to see the ground broken cup and water stains, eyes covered with a layer of gray, lips tight.

Gong Ou is crazy about the child.

He even wanted to give her some medicine.

She won't drink. This is him and her baby. She must be born.

If she does, she will lose not only her innocence, but also her feelings for him.

This night, Gong Ou didn't go back to the bedroom. When Xiaonian didn't know where he had gone, she also held her breath and didn't ask, didn't call, didn't text, and didn't ask the housekeeper.

She cleaned up the mess on the ground by herself.

At night, when Xiaonian was lying on C with a pair of red eyes open, not half sleepy, Mr palace stood by and looked away from him.

Today was the first day she knew she was pregnant.

Just last night, she was still fantasizing about Gong Ou knowing how excited she would be after the event, but reality slapped her hard and made her wake up.

When Xiaonian picked up his cell phone and looked at it, it was 10 p.m.

Gong Ou hasn't come back yet.

"Master, are you still awake?" Mr Gong stood in front of the piano and asked, "the sound is electronic, and there is not much undulating tone.".

Mr palace is the robot accompanying her.

"I can't sleep."

When Xiaonian sat up from C, there was loneliness on one face.

"Is there something on the master's mind?" Mr Gong asked thoughtfully, "do you need my help?"

When Xiaonian had no one to tell her mind, she could only tell Mr palace. She raised her red eyes and looked at it and asked, "Gong Ou is not back now. He is really angry this time."

"The master and Mr. Gong quarreled?" Mr Gong asked, putting a dance pose in place, and then said, "Mr. Gong loves his master so much that he will not quarrel with him."

The setting of the R palace is to fully believe in the feelings between Gong ou and her.

If feelings can be as good as a bunch of programs, there will be no changes. One is one, two is two, love is love, trust is trust, and there will be no accidents.


When Xiaonian understood that Mr palace was just a robot, unable to communicate, she looked at it and said softly, "Mr palace, please read it to me at all times."

"Good." Mr Palace's black eyes flashed a row of light words and asked, "what instrument does the master want to listen to?"

"The piano version always reads."

She only likes to listen to the piano version.

The R palace immediately finds the piano version to read and play, and the beautiful and romantic music rings in the bedroom.

When Xiaonian leaned back and listened to the beautiful music, she finally smiled on her lonely face. She thought of Gong Ou's appearance when she played this tune.

Handsome, family name, charming.

At his fingertips, the music is romantic, elegant and sweet to the limit.

Gong Ou loves her very much.

He opened his love to the world for her principles, and he openly quarreled with his mother for her, driving her back to England He makes fried rice with eggs for her. He plays the piano for her.

He has done too much for her.

He just has paranoid personality disorder. He also said that sometimes he can't control himself.


When Xiaonian listened to the piano, he reached for the necklace around his neck and touched the cold beads.

Gong Ou said that the necklace is called "one thousand years".

It's ten thousand years.

When Xiaonian touched bead's hand, his teeth were grinding his lips.

She shouldn't quarrel with Gong Ou so violently. She knew he was irritable and irritable. She should be right.

There has always been no good result in quarrels between people, only one injury.

Like now, Gong Ou is so angry that he doesn't go back to his room to sleep.