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Chapter 356 long time no see

Too long.

long enough for her to forget the time.

Two people stand face to face, four eyes are opposite, when small read hard to maintain calm.

Gong Ou stood in front of her, leaned down and picked up the small white shoes from the ground. He held the shoes on his palm, stared at them with low eyes, raised his thin lips slightly, and his voice was deep. "She wore such big shoes."

His voice is as deep and sexy as ever.


Maybe I haven't heard his voice for a long time, when Xiaonian's heart beat fiercely.

It's not throbbing.

It's an unspeakable pain.

She recalled too much, each of which cut her body and nibbled at her flesh and blood.

When small read low Mou looked at that shoe, then turned around to leave, the step is stiff, but the attitude is absolutely indifferent.

The moment she turned around, Gong Ou held her arm.

Xiaonian's eyes were fixed, and it took several seconds to look back at him.

Gong Ou stares at her, his eyes full of bullying, and says, "your shoes."

A light floating sentence.

It's like a clamor.

It's ironic that they don't have so many disputes at all, as if they were sitting together and chatting peacefully yesterday.

He can do it, but she can't.

When small read steady mind, indifferent and alienated to look at him, slowly said, "Mr. Gong, long time no see."

She knew it would be sooner or later to see Gong Ou at home.

In fact, she has practiced this sentence in her heart many times.

I haven't seen you for a long time, Gong ou. I'm no longer the one who makes you hurt or insult you at will.

A few simple words, her lips are slightly twitching, using all her strength.

Smell speech, Gong Ou looks at her eyes more profound, as deep as to devour her, for a long time, he just word by word reply to her, "long time no see, small read."

When I read.

Always read.

His voice is so heavy, with the illusion that things have changed.

"Can you let go, Mr. Gong?" He asked coldly.

His hand still clasped her arm, and in his it seemed so slender.

"Your shoes."

Gong Ou did not let go, and his black eyes stared at her.

When small read low Mou to see the shoe in his hand, despise to look at tunnel, "I don't want."

She didn't have the courage to change the little shoes he touched.

The disdain in her tone irritated him.

Gong Ou's sullen voice sounded above her head, "nothing? Shoes, or me? "


Hearing this, Xiaonian was completely stunned and looked at him incredulously. He could ask such a question.

Who is not who?

Who did that to her? Who almost destroyed her?


Gong Ou stares at her intensely, and the breath on her body is innate.

He always looked down on her like this between them.

She's tired of this model.

Then you don't have to pretend to perform the peaceful re sewing trick.

Next second, Xiaonian flings his hand away and stares at him coldly, "I don't want any!"

After that, shixiaonian is going to leave. Gong Ou holds her arm again and says, "shixiaonian, why don't you want me? Have I agreed? "

When hearing the words, the hatred in Xiaonian's heart was completely hooked out.


Without hesitation, she raised her hand and waved it hard to his handsome face, sweeping it heavily.

Gong Ou didn't dodge, so she stood there, let her fight up and got this slap.

He didn't even look away from her. His eyes were fixed on her, and his voice was discontented

"This is your own fight. In fact, I want to kill you more."

"Kill me?"

Gong Ou's eyes were stunned.

"Yes." Shi Xiaonian said, his eyes staring at him with hatred, and his always soft voice was full of resentment at the moment. "Gong ou, I ask you not to appear in front of me again, and don't disgust me."

Even asked her why not him.

How could he have the face to ask such a question? It's like he's the one who's been abandoned.

"I disgust you?"

Gong Ou asked, the black pupil flashed a dull, like a child like a blank.

"Yes. So, please disappear in my sight. "

As he said this, Xiaonian turned around and walked towards the maple passage. She walked very fast, as if a little slower, and he would vomit out of disgust.

Gong Ou stood in the same place, looking at her back with one eye. There was only loneliness on her handsome face.

He reached out and pressed his chest.

Very uncomfortable feeling, that kind of anxiety is full of the whole body.

I can't be angry with her anymore.

When Xiaonian came to the end of the maple tree, suddenly several bodyguards in black suits came to stop her.

Seeing this, Xiaonian's anger is not to fight at all. He turns his head and looks at Gong ou. Gong Ou stands there, and his black eyes look at her deeply.

"I didn't let you go

Gong Ou looked at her, chin slightly raised, a bully and arrogance.


In the palace family's dictionary, there is no respect for two words.

When Xiaonian stood there in his windbreaker, his hands in his pockets, his eyes clear and happy, "can't your palace do anything other than kidnap and imprisonment?"

Once, twice.

Do whatever you want.

"I didn't want to kidnap you." Gong Ou walks to her and stands in front of her. The earnail on her right ear is a diamond, shining with light.

"Then what are you doing?" Let someone block her here, not kidnapping.

"I want to see you." He hasn't seen her for a long time. As soon as she returns home, he follows her back.

"You see now, I can go?" When small read cold tunnel, reach out to brush the maple leaf on the shoulder, she just want to leave now.

"You want to go?"

Gong Ou stared at her and was dissatisfied with her attitude.

"Otherwise, stay with you for the Mid Autumn Festival?" She pulled back her long hair and asked impatiently, "do you think it's enough?"

"Not enough!"


When Xiaonian looked at him speechless, she suddenly found that he was no different from before, and still could speak the strange words in a straight and vigorous way.

To her, he didn't feel guilty at all.

Gong Ou stared at her with burning eyes, at every detail of her face, like a fire burning her cheek.

When Xiaonian can feel that he is being disfigured by his eyes.

"Gong ou, if you are still like a man, let me go. Don't always press people hard and despicable." When small read word by word said.

Gong Ou looks at her in silence, silent, eyes still burning.

Maple leaves slowly fall down and fall to the ground.

For a while, Gong Ou raised his lips, held a self mocking arc, and said, "I haven't seen you for a long time. I wonder if I'm a man."


"Then let's all confirm it!"

Gong Ou stares at her directly. Suddenly, he takes a step closer to her. He picks her up, holds her up with one hand, shoulders her directly, and strides out.

The bodyguards immediately pulled out of the way.

When Xiaonian's eyes wandered, the whole person hung upside down on Gong Ou's shoulder, his eyes were shocked, his legs were kicking around, and he shouted angrily and hatefully, "Gong ou, are you crazy? You put me down! What are you up to? I tell you, don't expect me to give you my daughter! Forget it! "

She didn't think there was any other reason for Gong ou to find her, only to rob her daughter.

Gong Ou's body was kicked carelessly by Xiao Nian. He didn't even frown. He carried her forward with one hand.

In the manager's office of the mall.

Gong Ou throws Shi Xiaonian into a black leather sofa, and he quickly stands up to grab the door to escape. Gong Ou stands there like a giant tree and stops her with his horizontal hand.

When Xiaonian can only watch his bodyguards close the door.

She heard the lock.

There are only two of them left in the manager's office.

When Xiaonian stood by Gong Ou's hand, she breathed deeply and pressed her lips tightly.

She is too clear about Gong Ou's means. He won't let her leave so easily unless his purpose is achieved.

When small read back two steps, steady mind, black and white clear eyes indifferently look to Gong ou, "OK, we have a good talk."

"That's not the end of it."

He had to run, he had to walk, he had to start to talk to him.

Gong Ou takes a successful look at her. Her black eyes look at her up and down.

Looking at him like that, Xiaonian tried to suppress the urge to fight with him.

She stepped back two steps, put her hands in her trench coat pocket, and said calmly as possible, "I know why you suddenly found me, but I have only one position, and I will not give you my daughter."

Two children, she has only one now.

Anyway, Xiaokui will keep it.


Gong Ou looks at her and doesn't speak.

"If you want to see your daughter, yes, but you want me to see my son." When I was young, I tried my best to talk about my children.

Once, she thought Gong Ou was her home.

They have two babies now, but they are separated.


Gong ou still doesn't speak, just stare at her straight.

"You tied me in to talk about two children. Why didn't you talk?" When Xiaonian was staring at him, he was uncomfortable. "What are you looking at?"

"You're thin."

Gong Ou's voice suddenly sounded, and his voice was dumb. It seemed that there was still a trace of heartache.

Smell speech, when small read don't feel a little moved, just feel funny, "Gong ou, I don't think we need to reminisce about the past."

What happened between them was a funny joke, a great satire.

She is not thin, it has nothing to do with him.

"Now." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, staring at her deeply, and then walked two steps towards her.

When small read back two steps again, the person leans against the wall.

There is no retreat.

Gong Ou stands directly in front of her and looks down at her.

Too close distance makes shixiaonian feel uncomfortable. Her back is against the wall, and her eyes are flustered and flash away. She pretends to speak calmly, "yes, we only need to talk about two babies now."