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Chapter 1107 Gong ou, you grow up

When small read slowly raised his head to look at him, forced to bear the mood, do not let the eye socket moist.

Gong Ou's face changed and said, "don't listen to their nonsense. They are not on the scene. Ask Feng de and they are on the scene!"

But they would not tell her how urgent the situation was, how much energy Gong Ou spent and how much suffering he suffered.

Gong Ou won't let them talk.

When Xiaonian looked at the fried rice with eggs in his hand, he tried to ignore the sour taste on the tip of his nose.

"Come on!" Gong Ou holds the egg fried rice in one hand and pulls her out in the other.

Gong Ou takes her to the remote little garden. It's very quiet here. The only noisy thing is the fragrance of flowers. The fragrance is cascading around them, making Xiaonian's appetite better.

Two people are sitting in front of the white small round table. Gong Ou stares at Xiaonian. Xiaonian spoon by spoon puts fried rice with eggs into his mouth, but there is no sound. It's very quiet.

"Don't listen to their nonsense."

Gong Ou talks again.


When small read silent nod, continue to eat.

This quiet makes Gong ou feel tortured. He stands up and sits the chair in reverse for a while, and then straightens the chair in the past. After so many times, he still feels uncomfortable sitting in the chair.

"It's not comfortable to sit on any broken chair. The designer took the wrong medicine!" Gong Ou opens his mouth impatiently.

When Xiaonian sat there with his head bowed, his slender fingers pressed the spoon on the plate, and opened his mouth with a low voice, "it's hard to endure, isn't it?"

Her voice is still a little sand, with endless heartache.

Gong Ou is about to tear down the chair. Hearing this, he is stunned for a second. "I want you to stop talking!"


Shixiaonian looks at him.

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at Shi Xiaonian. Seeing that she had the posture of asking questions, he quickly said, "no, you see how beautiful I have solved this problem. The Lancaster family is completely broken. None of you has had an accident!"

Hearing this, Xiaonian smiled bitterly and looked at the fried egg rice in front of him, saying, "Gong ou, do you know, I'm still thinking these days, why can you behave so calm this time? You didn't do that before. When you heard about my accident, you would be in a mess."

I've said a lot. I have a sore throat.


"I wonder if your paranoid personality disorder has been completely cured. That's a good thing. But when I think of you coming to help me so calmly and rationally, I don't feel nervous at all. I don't know where there is a corner and it starts to be unbalanced. This imbalance makes me feel guilty. I don't know why I think so." When small read guilty tunnel.

Words fall, her hand is seized by Gong ou.

When Xiaonian turns around, Gong Ou stares at her cautiously, frowns tightly, and tenses his voice. "I'm not nervous about you. I'm crazy when I see the video of you being tortured. I want to trade myself for your safety, even if I fall into George's trap, as long as you can die behind me, it's good. I can't watch you leave me!"

He can't take it.


When small read tight lips, trying to bear sad.

Gong Ou held her wrist tightly. "But later I was afraid. I was afraid that I would not be here. How would you stick to it alone? When I was young, you also knew you. You must not live without me. But when your mother and children are here, you will not be born lightly. How painful are you? "

It's just his charm.

When Xiaonian was amused, her smile was bitter. She looked at the handsome face in front of her, and her heart was very sad.

"So I thought, either I'll save you all and live together, or I'll let you all go ahead of me, my last one." Gong Ou stared at her and said.

I'm the last one.

The words were understated, but Xiaonian was shocked.

He endured all the suffering to save them, and he was also ready to send his closest relatives away one by one. When he left, no one was concerned about him, and her small thoughts were no longer difficult.

So he can be so calm, rational, even faster than a smart computer to crack the bomb program, can "don't care" that she was dying at that time

When I was young, I looked at the man in front of me. My lips moved. "Gong ou, when you grow up, I haven't."

She's still thinking about what they have.

She didn't even think that she could open her eyes to see her relatives again. Seeing Gong ou, it was what kind of torture Gong Ou experienced that brought her back.

"What do you mean when I grow up, how old and young are you? How old and young are you? It's a miracle that the cartoon you drew is selling so well. " Gong Ou stares at her with disgust.

Can we use "mature" to describe a stupid woman.

When Xiaonian took out his hand and grasped him, he said, "Gong ou, everything is over."

In a word, it's full of soothing tone.


The expression on Gong Ou's face froze.

Since the kidnapping, everyone has been immersed in the atmosphere of immortal disaster, everyone is in the psychological and physiological healing after the disaster, everyone is grateful to him, and even Gong Yao's expressionless kid respects him a lot.

Only, no one asked him how much he had been tortured by the catastrophe, because he was not bound, he was not the victim, he was the rescuer, he did not need comfort.

When small read, gave him comfort.

She always knew what his weakness was.

Gong Ou looks at her and suddenly embraces her in her arms, burying her face in her neck, like hiding in a safe harbor.

When Xiaonian held himself in his arms, reached out and patted him on the back, like pacifying children, "there will be no more next time, Gong ou, there will be no more."


Gong Ou holds her tighter.

All the emotions over the past few days have been released at this moment, just because of a small sentence.

The fragrance of flowers encircles them. Gong Ou leans against Xiaonian. It seems that at this moment, the heart he has been hanging is really put down to the most stable place.

For a long time.

It's so long that the leftover fried rice with eggs has cooled down.

"What else do you have to say?" When Gong Ou hugs small read to ask a way, the face turned in her warm neck nest.

He likes to listen to her voice, even if it's hoarse.

When Xiaonian let him go, he looked at him clearly with black and white eyes. "I want to see George."


Gong Ou's face is not the expression I heard wrong.

"What's over?"

I was confused when I was young.

"Hey, shixiaonian, do you know how much I did that day? I've arranged for so many people to be Enid's avatars. I use technology to make avatars. I need to disguise myself as a teenager when bit is not here. Enid can't find them and needs holography. How hard is it to make light and shadow in the daytime? This is not the point. The point is how much I think George died when I saw your scars! "

Gong Ou glared at her and shouted angrily, "but not! Because mother they have not been rescued, you a dizzy, I can not even hold you, because I will go to bomb! Do you know how hard it is to dismantle that bomb? Do you know how much sweat I was sweating? Do you know how nervous I was? Yes, I haven't suffered any trauma, but your life is all in my hands! "

When Xiaonian was roared by him, his ears were ringing, and he looked at him foolishly. "Aren't you not going to let me know these words?"

As a result, I'm talking a lot more than a maid.

"But you know it now!" Gong Ou is very angry. "You know that's the only thing you can say. You need to see George! Do you know how to care about your man! Do you still love me

Does this rise to the height of love or not?

She thought he didn't want to talk more about it

When Xiaonian was roared back, blinked, and said seriously, "I think I've said more, I have to take it back."

"You still take it back?"


How much she said! After knowing so many things, she should cry sadly, and then he will appease! This is the normal procedure!

"Yes." When Xiaonian nodded forcefully, "at least take back that sentence of Gong ou, you have grown up."

This sentence must be taken back.

"When I read it!"


"Take your fried rice with eggs!"

“…… Why? "

"I'll strangle you if you don't leave!" Damned woman.


When small read stand up decisively, take the egg fried rice and turn around to leave.

Gong Ou looks even worse when sitting on the chair. He jumps straight with blue tendons and holds his fists tightly. "Shixiaonian, you dare to walk and try!"


A contradictory man.

When small read helplessly put down the egg fried rice, turn around to look at the man who is about to explode, a light smile, stoop to embrace him, a hand caress his head, "good, not angry."

"I'm not your son!"

Don't do this.

Gong Ou snorted coldly, and his anger dissipated a lot.

"Well, baby daughter, don't be angry." When small read coaxes patiently.

“……” Gong Ou's face is blue, and he clenches his teeth one word at a time! Do you believe me... "

"I'm here, Gong ou. I'm here." She interrupted him, so she said.


Gong Ou's cruel words suddenly couldn't be put out. He sat on the chair rigidly, letting her hold him, and then he didn't get angry.

She said she was there.

She's fine, fine, fine.


Half a month later, Xiaonian was arranged to see George, a senior mental hospital, who lived in the intensive care unit.

Shi Xiaonian got out of the car and looked up at the white building in front of him. The sun fell on the pillar.

"What's good about mental illness!"

Gong Ou got down from the other side of the car and was very upset.

George is very generous that he doesn't kill. He doesn't want to see him again in his life, but Xiaonian insists on seeing him.

"I just want to see it." When Xiaonian smiled at him, "where's Enid? Have you found her?"

I don't know where George hid Enid.

"I found it." "It took us two days to find it in a hidden underpass, and George was hiding her deep enough," said Fengde, standing by and closing the door