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Chapter 821 will leave me

He promised to tear down the Lanting!

Maybe it's Gong Ou's bladed eyes. When Xiaonian and Lanting turn around at the same time, Lanting frowns at Gong Ou who doesn't wear sunglasses and masks.

He has chosen not to offend Gong ou. How can Gong Ou find it? Is this not over yet?

Gong Ou stood there, his eyes staring at Xiao Nian, the eyes seemed to swallow her, the corners of his lips raised a arc, like a smile.


When Xiaonian stood there, wondering if she had just been proposed, she suddenly felt that there was something unspeakable in front of Gong ou.

"What a coincidence, Mr. Gong."

Lanting bowed his head to Gong ou, who was modest and polite.

"It's Qiao."

Gong Ou sneers and stares at Xiao Nian, pretending to ask, "this is it?"

When Xiaonian silently looks at Gong ou, is he addicted to acting?

I don't know what happened to the children. As long as the three children played well and holly put down the wronged knot, she could also end the curtain.

Thinking of this, Xiao Nian subconsciously catches the figures of the three children. LAN Xiaoqi is playing with Gong Yao and Gong Kui in the distance. Gong Kui looks up and laughs.

Although I can't see what they are playing and saying, I can see that the three children have a good time.

That's good.

Before Xiao Nian was happy, he listened to Lanting standing beside her and said, "this is Xi Nian, my flower plucker."

"Oh? Flower picking girl? " When Gong Ou looked at it, Xiao Nian didn't know her. He sneered and said sarcastically, "I thought only men were picking flowers."


When I was young, I was speechless. What does Gong ou want to do.

Gong Ou looked coldly at the Orchid Pavilion and Shi Xiaonian, who were very close to her. He approached her step by step. With a sense of aggression, he lowered his head and approached her little by little. His thin lips almost kissed her face. His voice was evil. "I don't know how you pick flowers?"

Lanting stood there, frowned at Gong Ou's behavior, reached out to stop it, and then took it back.

This is Gong ou.

He really can't get into such a big guy. Just because of the dispute between the children, Gong ou can block the door of his family. Once again, he can't imagine the consequences.


Xiaonian stepped back and stared at Gong ou, who was very close to her.

What on earth does he want to do?

Gong Ou seems to be addicted to playing. He keeps approaching her. His lips are full of evil radians. His voice is sexy? Am I scary? "

"You're not scary."

When I was young, Niang put on a smile. Have you had enough fun? Can you stare at the child.

"I don't scare you. What are you going to quit?" Gong Ou stood in front of Xiaonian. In the sun and beside the flower sea, he held out his hand to hold her chin and stared at her with black eyes. "Say, how do you pick flowers? Is that what you just did with Mr. Cailan? "

Lanting stood aside and looked anxiously at shixiaonian. He wanted to help her back.

Xiaonian's terrible sight to Shanggong Ou shows that he is jealous. He can still be jealous with her every day.

Gong Ou holds her chin and lowers his head to approach her. He looks like a ferocious beast aiming at his prey. His thin lips slowly fall down, and a gentle kiss falls on her face. He is extremely evil. "Is that so?"

Her skin is soft and white, and the taste of kissing is too good.

When Xiaonian is like a little bullied flower plucker, she can't do anything while standing there, only whispering, "No."

He can play if he wants.

Anyway, later they have to explain everything to Lanting.

"Oh? That's it? " Gong Ou's thumb and belly gently rubbed on her chin, lowered his head and gently touched her lips. He asked, "is this flower picking?"

"Mr. Gong..."

Lanting's eyes widened in shock, and Gong Ou became more and more excessive.

"Shut up!" Gong Ou turns his face and glares at Lanting.

His eyes were so intimidating that Lanting could think of his background and power when he looked at him. He almost stopped and took back.

He really can't offend Gong ou.

Seeing that Lanting was silent, Gong Ou continued to flirt with Xiaonian, reached out and pulled the headscarf on her head, "flower picking girl, it's so beautiful! Are you married? "

"It's done." I love my husband very much. I only love him as a man

"Is it?" Gong Ou sneers, "I like young women!"


When Xiaonian is carried into his arms by Gong ou, Gong Ou embraces her with one hand, lowers his head and kisses her lips aggressively, ravaging her forcefully and repeatedly.

Lanting stood by and looked at them in astonishment. When he wanted to help, Xiaonian hesitated.

Gong Ou hugs her, kisses her repeatedly on her lips, tastes the sweetness of her lips, and the thin lips move all the way. She kisses her ear on Lanting's gaze, and whispers, "you dare to be so close to this man when I'm not here, Xiaonian, do you think I'm dead?"

"No way."

I didn't know how to explain it.

"Yes! You have it! " Gong Ou said hatefully, "Why are you so upset?"

Just now the distance between Lanting and it is within 50 cm!

He wanted to tear Lanting directly!

"I'm not upset. You know what I'm doing. You know that you're the only one in my heart." When I was young, I was extremely aggrieved. I didn't like to be wronged by Gong ou.

Her voice is full of heartbreaking grievances and a little helplessness.

Gong Ou listens or knows the heart stabbed next, he opens thin lip to bite her ear, warm breath spurts thin into her ear, "how to prove?"

"No proof, as long as you believe."

When small read is tightly hugged by him in the bosom, say with the voice that two talented people can hear.

"Oh, I believe it!"

Gong ou still believes very fast.

When Xiaonian stretched out his hand and shook it into an empty fist. He beat it very lightly, but he didn't give up. "You're eating flying vinegar like this again."

"I'm not happy to see you standing with other people." Gong Ou said, biting her soft earlobes, with a deeper voice. "It's OK. Why don't you mind if Holly can play with the ugly boy


That's good.

When small read a sigh of relief, said, "then we can and Mr. LAN Frank?"

"What is a confession? What is it worth me to confess! If it wasn't for his ugly kid, our honeymoon would be so troublesome? " Gong Ou snorts, continues to grind her earlobes and nibbles and kisses them.

Lanting stood there, watching Gong Ou bullying Xiaonian. Xiaonian wanted to resist and couldn't resist. His hand hanging on his side clenched his fist.

For a while, Lanting forced herself to turn around and not look.

He can't help.

He really can't help.

When Gong Ou bullies her, she does not finish reading. She holds her for a long time. Lanting closes her eyes and forces herself not to look. She forces herself to bear it.

In the distance, the three children rarely play a tacit understanding.

Gong Kui is a very cheerful and lively girl, trying to activate the atmosphere, but Gong Yao has been cold face, no expression, no interest.

LAN Xiaoqi has been staring at Gong Yao, looking at his beautiful face, not speaking, but people have been honest with Gong Yao, want to play with him.

After a while, LAN Xiaoqi also tried to let go of herself. She went to pick flowers like a sunflower and put them in a bunch and handed them to Gong Yao. "Do you like it? It's for you. "

"Thank you."

Gong Yao thanked coldly and put the flower in his hand.

It turns out that if you don't say the opposite, you can get thanks. He also receives the gift. LAN Xiaoqi suddenly becomes happy. There are two blushes on her pink face. She tries harder to find something to please Gong Yao.

Gong Yao stared at Gong Kui and said, "you're sweating."

"It's OK. It's fun."

Gong Kui went to catch up with the butterfly and jumped up and down in spite of the sweat at one end.

LAN Xiaoqi found no gift, so she handed the doll she had with her to Gong Yao and said with a red face, "this is my favorite doll. It's called little rabbit. It's for you."

Be honest.

Aunt Xinian said to be honest, you can be with people you like.

"Thank you."

Gong Yao reached for it, his face still cold, his eyes fixed on Gong Kui and worried about his crazy sister.

Thank you again.

LAN Xiaoqi was very happy. The red leather shoes rubbed on the ground and looked at Gong Yao's face. She hesitated for a long time. She said, "that I'm sorry last time. I wronged you as a thief. "

"It doesn't matter."

Gong Yao coldly forgives.

"You forgive me?" LAN Xiaoqi looked at him out of the blue, happily reached out and grabbed his arm, "great, can you often play with me in the future? You can come to the LAN family. Our house is the most beautiful on the langhuayu island! "


Gong Yao looks at her and grabs her small hand. He doesn't like it, but he covers it perfectly. He says softly, "yes."

"You are so easy to get along with." LAN Xiaoqi looked at him happily and said shyly, "I always thought that all the people I like would not like me except my father, and would leave me."

So all along, when she meets something she likes, she always expresses her dislike and dislike earlier than the other party.

Gong Yao is still staring at his sister, holding a doll and a bunch of wild flowers.

LAN Xiaoqi continued to say to herself, "it's good that I have to have a new mother, and I can have a friend again. Then I'll be your best friend in the future, OK? I'll give you a lot of presents! "


Gong Yao responds absently. Suddenly, a sound of "ouch" comes from a distance. Gong Kui chases the butterfly and falls down. The whole person lies on the ground, covered in mud.

"Little anemone!"

Gong Yao throws the doll and wild flower in his hand and runs towards Gong Kui.