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Chapter 39

Chapter 39 - Isle of the Clouds's Wedding

Hearing the sounds from the television, Shi Xiaonian opened the wardrobe and looked at the beautiful dresses inside.

What Gong Ou had Feng De buy for her were all high-end customization.

"The environment of the Isle of the Clouds is beautiful, and it is known as the Isle of the Clouds, due to the constant lingering mist. On the island, there were aristocratic facilities, churches, hotels, spa, resorts, airports, etc., all of them were available. It was the best place to relax one's spirit, and the consumption level was very high.

Isle of the Clouds.

What a romantic place.

Shi Xiaonian took out a waist-length long skirt from the closet. It was made by Chanel and had a slightly sweet style.

After changing into a dress, Shi Xiaonian turned off the TV and walked out.

Gong Ou was sitting on the leather sofa in the hall, holding a mobile phone as he moved it. His handsome face was expressionless.

"Mr. Gong, I'll be going out now."

Shi Xiaonian walked over.


Gong Ou did not even look at her, and continued to hold onto his phone.

He had eaten her full that night, so there was no reason not to let her go.


Tell her to get lost.

It was extremely difficult to count on Gong Ou to speak properly. Shi Xiaonian glanced at him but did not say anything. He picked up his bag and turned to leave.

The moment Shi Xiaonian disappeared from the house, Gong Ou slammed her phone onto the ground and growled unhappily, "Where is the system optimized for? Why can't I see it? What's the difference between it and the previous update? "

Anger burned through the house.


Feng De stood at the side with his head lowered, not saying a word.

"Call me back! Do it again!"

Gong Ou raised his leg and kicked the phone away.

A bunch of trash couldn't even do the most perfect thing with their cellphone system, so how could they all eat sh * t?

"Yes, young master. I'll call the main office right away."

Feng De said as he nodded his head. He silently thought, yesterday Young Master said that this time, the optimization was not bad, why is it suddenly not working?

10 minutes later, in the fitness room, Gong Ou slammed the dumbbell onto the massage chair and said unhappily, "This gym is not right, redecorate it for me!"

"Yes, Young Master. I'll send someone over immediately."

Feng De handed a towel over to him with a respectful attitude.

The young master seemed to be in a bad mood today.

It seemed that it was not going well ever since Shi Xiaonian said that she would change clothes and go out.


"Which chef made it, it's fried!"

"Yes, young master."

Feng De nodded.

30 minutes later, Feng De was also scolded, until even his mother could not recognize him.

Feng De finally could not resist stepping forward, and said with his head lowered, "Young Master, regarding the wedding banquet that I mentioned that day …"

Gong Ou was turning the entire kitchen upside down when he heard this, his face turned green, "I'm not going! Why do you have so much to say! "

"Yes, young master, I will send back the people sent by Miss Shi's Brother-in-law's company."

"What did you say?" Brother-in-law? "

Gong Ou's action of smashing the pot suddenly stopped, and his black eyes swept coldly and harshly towards Feng De.

The weather was getting warmer and the roads were crowded with people.

Shi Xiaonian rode her car and arrived at the airport, where a gigantic Private aircraft was parked. The wind was strong, messing up her long hair.

"minuscule thought, here, quickly, everyone is waiting for you! We have to fly to the island! " The foster father, Shi Zhong, stood below the plane and greeted her unhappily.


Shi Xiaonian walked over and followed his foster father upstairs. Shi Zhong was wearing a set of luxurious black suit, making his walking feel cool.

Naturally, he was happy that his daughter had married into the Wealthy Class.

On the plane, the decorations were luxurious, and all of them were relatives and friends of the current family. They were chatting happily.

When Shi Xiaonian entered, everyone stopped talking and looked at her coldly. No one welcomed her.

Shi Xiaonian walked over, called her relatives one by one, and then sat down at the most distant place.

"minuscule thought, aren't you wearing the Chanel customization from before?" A cousin recognized that the dress that Shi Xiaonian was wearing was expensive.

All eyes shot at her like sharp arrows.

"Like I said, I don't give you money anymore. How can you afford to wear it?" The cousin scoffed. "You really are going all out. To attract attention, you even wore such a high imitation. At the very least, you should put on makeup. How can you be compared to others like that?"

Cousin is notorious for her acrimony.

Everyone looked at Shi Xiaonian with eyes full of disdain and disgust.


Shi Xiaonian was silent, pretending not to hear anything, and only looked outside the window.

She didn't even put on her makeup and chose the least eye-catching dress. Forget it. In their eyes, they had words to stab her no matter how she dressed.

Seeing that Shi Xiaonian did not even respond, her cousin became a little bored and started to fight with her second generation rich boyfriend again.

Everyone began to chat animatedly. Most of the content was about her, and they lowered their voices.

He treated her as if she didn't exist and couldn't be heard.

Shi Xiaonian sat on her seat and looked out of the window, beside him listening to everyone's conversation, she suddenly felt a little stuffy.

She had always thought that being by Gong Ou's side was the hardest.

But now, she would rather stay by Gong Ou's side and vent out her anger, anger, and temper directly.

At ten in the morning, the Private aircraft stopped at the Isle of the Clouds's airport.

Shi Xiaonian was the last to get off the plane. When she walked out of the cabin, she saw that the sky was covered with clouds and the sun was shining down through the thin layer of clouds, shining brightly.

It was a romantic place.

"Follow me and don't run around anywhere. You can just show up when the wedding begins."

The adoptive mother pulled Shi Xiaonian to her side, worriedly warning him again and again.


Shi Xiaonian was silent because she was afraid that she would act recklessly.

Shi Xiaonian walked into the room, while his foster mother looked at her with a serious face, as if she was guarding a prisoner.

Shi Xiaonian leaned against the window, looking at the few white pigeons on the ground.

"Mom, are you really that afraid of me messing around? Just don't let me do it."

Shi Xiaonian said somewhat helplessly.

From the moment she decided to give up on Mu Qianchu, she hoped more than anyone else that they wouldn't meet each other again.

"That won't do, the media will write about family discord!" His foster mother sat at the side and stared at her intently, then continued, "minuscule thought, if it wasn't for my preference as a mother, look at our relatives, who doesn't say how much you've overdone it in the past few years? You would've risked your life to steal my sister's boyfriend."

Shi Xiaonian asked with a cold smile.

"…" The foster mother's face stiffened.

Shi Xiaonian picked up a pigeon bag on the side and threw some out of the window. She didn't look at her foster mother, instead, she looked at the white pigeon and said, "Back then, in order to climb up to the top, father took the initiative to ask the Mu Family to release someone to take care of Mu Qianchu. But who was it that took care of Mu Qianchu afterwards? It's me. "

Her voice was very calm. She didn't complain, she was merely stating a fact.

"I know you've been taking care of him for years, but no matter what, he loves your sister now." The foster mother said with a lack of confidence.

"What if the situation between me and the litter Di is reversed?" Shi Xiaonian chuckled, "You guys probably want to say again that how I took advantage of Mu Qianchu's amnesia to steal litter Di's boyfriend."

"Mom, do you really have a clear conscience for saying those words that aren't biased?" Shi Xiaonian turned her head and smiled at her foster mother.


Her foster mother's face turned red, then white as she spoke. Under her clear gaze, she turned her face to the side, refusing to meet her gaze. Her expression turned gloomy.

"Mom, I don't blame you for being biased. I know that without all of you, I would have been an orphan my entire life." Shi Xiaonian slowly said, "But you don't have to keep brainwash me, so I'll think I'm wrong. I'm an adult, I can tell right from wrong... "

She had never felt that her six years of pestering had been wrong.

She wanted to recall Mu Qianchu's memories, and she fought to the death against him, so now that she had given up, she wouldn't regret anything.


The foster mother sat there, unable to say a word. After a while, her eyes turned red.

Seeing her adopted mother like this, Shi Xiaonian's heart felt a little sour.

In fact, her adoptive mother still doted on her, but no matter what, her biological mother was still better than her adoptive mother. This was a matter of course.

Shi Xiaonian walked over to her, crouched down beside her, and said seriously with his head raised, "Don't worry, I've already caused enough trouble, I will not cause trouble for litter Di anymore."

The foster mother looked at her in shock. "minuscule thought …"

Shi Xiaonian laid her face on her knees, just like how she had when she was young.

After a long while, the adoptive mother gently caressed Shi Xiaonian's body with her somewhat rough hands. Her tears fell onto Shi Xiaonian's face, and her voice was choked with sobs.

His foster mother had often said this when she was young.

But then, there was nothing else.

When Shi Xiaonian heard this, she could not bear it. She closed her eyes, and her eyelashes became wet.

"After litter Di's wedding, you must find a good man and marry him." The foster mother choked and said.


Good man.

Because of Mu Qianchu, because of Gong Ou, she was close to becoming afraid of men, she only wanted to live a life of freedom, it belonged to himself.

As the wedding ceremony drew near, the group headed for the church.

Along the way, his cousin and his cousin were talking nonstop.

"Mu Qianchu is indeed the crown prince, his actions are extraordinary. Just now when I took a boat out to sea, I found out that all those yachts are under Shi Di's name."

"Shi Di is so happy. She received both fame and fortune, and is also doted upon like this. In the future, we won't be able to enjoy all of our blessings."

It was probably because after a long conversation, the adoptive mother felt that she owed Shi Xiaonian. Hearing this, she patted her hands with a comforting look in her eyes, indicating that she should not listen.

Shi Xiaonian smiled faintly, not minding at all.

One by one, the group entered the church and took their seats.

Shi Xiaonian helped her foster mother to sit down. Just as she was about to sit down, he heard a burst of exclamations —

"Is that Gong Ou? N.E That Gong Ou? "