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Chapter 772 drinking poison to quench thirst

"Then come on, let you play something you haven't tried, otherwise how can you remember deeply?" Otherwise, how can we afford his half day work for the weather.



Ferris wheel in the rain.

When Xiaonian looked out, the heavy rain fell, and the sky was a little brighter. The rain washed the transparent glass, as if he could touch the rain as soon as he reached out.

When the rain falls here, everything outside is painted with a kind of misty and rainy color. All the sceneries and houses are hazy. There is a kind of unique beauty, such as the fairyland.


When Xiaonian couldn't help praising, she felt the cold glass with her fingers, and the rain was on the other end of her fingers, as if it was flowing through her palm.

"Of course! I've got people to simulate the scenery produced in all kinds of weather. It turns out that it's the most beautiful when it's raining, but it's not as good as it looks in the computer. "

Gong Ou is a picky person, and he is dissatisfied with this.

"It's already beautiful. Computers will be decorated. Of course, they will be over beautified." When Xiaonian stood up and walked to the side, looking out of the window at the scenery, the corner of his lips raised a light arc.

The ferris wheel is slowly rising, not fast enough for her to enjoy the scenery outside.

The ferris wheel is turning, and the scenery outside changes with it. No second is the same.

For the first time, Shi Xiaonian knew that the ferris wheel in the rain could see these things.

Suddenly, her hands were wrapped around her waist.

Gong Ou stood behind her, stretched out his hand around her waist, grinded his chin on her head, breathed evenly, and Xiaonian sniffed the fragrance of flowers in the cockpit, smiled and said, "I finally found a bit of honeymoon feeling."

"This is your honeymoon?"

Gong Ou's tone was a little derisive.


"I really don't pursue it. Just sitting on a Ferris wheel makes you happy." Gong Ou said.

When Xiaonian looked up at him, the angle was reversed in her eyes. She asked, "what's your pursuit? Don't you think it's honeymoon?"

Honeymoon is when two people come out to play, see the scenery they haven't seen, and share their feelings along the way, isn't it?

Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes and a little cold face. "I can't have my honeymoon in seven or eight months."


When small read to look at him doubtfully, why seven or eight months are not honeymoon?

Smell speech, Gong Ou glares at her maliciously, "do you say?"

She didn't understand?

How dare she not understand?

He's going to stay with her for so long she doesn't understand?

"I don't know. Are you going back to work?" Except for this reason, I can't think of anything else. Is it the end of their honeymoon?

Seeing her dazed face, Gong Ou raised his hand and pressed his temple, his tone was a little sullen. "When Xiaonian, I can't spend my honeymoon for you. Why don't you ask me if you're not moved?"


When Xiaonian is still dazed, Gong Ou doesn't explain any more. She lowers her head and kisses her soft lips.

The ferris wheel cockpit rises to the highest moment, and Gong Ou's kiss falls.

The light blinked in the rain.

She leaned back against his head to bear his strong kiss, his upper lip was close to her lower lip, and the tongues were tied to her to plunder everything. The alternative kissing method made his neck ache.

She wants to straighten her neck, but Gong Ou doesn't let her go. She kisses her from the back and presses her lips so that she can't straighten her neck.


When Xiaonian leaned on his chest, his slender fingers grasped the corner of his clothes.

The ferris wheel pauses at the highest altitude. Gong Ou kisses wildly. Her teeth nibble on her lips. Her breath is getting hotter and hotter. Her dark eyes are getting deeper and deeper. They are as deep as if they are going to swallow her up and catch a touch of love.

This kiss is deeper and deeper. When Xiaonian's body is a little soft, his eyes are blurred and he can't see any scenery. It seems that this kiss is the only one left.

Both feet are light floating up, not exactly the same.

She responded to his kiss, which was so heartless that Gong Ou suddenly left her lips and murmured, "fuck! quench a thirst with poison! No more kissing! "


When Xiaonian looked at his handsome face in a daze, some unknown.

What is drinking poison to quench thirst?

How did her lips become poisonous? After two seconds of confusion, Xiao Nian suddenly understood. She leaned against his arms and felt the change of his body. Her face turned red and hot as if it was going to burn.


Now she finally knew what he meant when he said he couldn't spend his honeymoon for seven or eight months. This man is really It's too dirty.

When small read red face don't over head, neck a burst of ache, she hurriedly reached out to the back of her neck, brow frown tightly, painfully whisper.

"What's the matter?"

Gong Ou immediately asked nervously, the voice is still extremely dumb, with a deadly sexy.

"The neck is twisted."

I was honest with you.

"Who let you kiss with your head up! Come on, sit down and I'll rub it for you. " Gong Ou glared at her, pulled her aside and sat down. His long fingers kneaded her back neck. The warm palm relieved her pain.

"I just look up and talk to you. You kissed me." And kissed so long.

"You look up at me so cute and beautiful, how can I not kiss?" Gong Ou said bluntly, as if it was not his problem at all.

"So blame me?"

I was speechless.

What is his logic.

"Yes, I blame you! It's all your fault! "

Gong Ou rubbed her neck and agreed.


"So don't look up at me next time!" Gong Ou warns her.

"Then if I look at you normally, you won't kiss?"


Gong Ou spits out a word directly.

"That's not the same?" Shi Xiaonian says, Gong Ou looks at her with the eyes of an idiot, "but your neck won't twist!"

She's stupid. It's not because he kissed her that she twisted her neck.


Oh, well, it's her fault of raising her neck.

She's wrong she's all her fault.

When Xiaonian could not speak, he raised his hand and kneaded his neck, saying, "light up, press here a few times."

"This way?"

Gong Ou pressed it between his necks. He pushed it harder and harder. He let her lean on himself. He gently rubbed his fingers around her neck. His voice was low. He worried a bit at home. "How is it? Is it better?"

"Well, much better."

I nodded.

"Then you let me kiss twice!" Gong Ou stares at her lips again, which he has kissed and dyed with a layer of light talking powder, which is attractive.

"Don't you mean drinking poison to quench thirst?" When small read cannot help but say, how does he change face faster than change day.

"What about thirsty? We should drink poison. "

Gong Ou said disapprovingly, lowering his head and kissing her lips again.

Kisses on Ferris wheel are endless.

When the two people separated, Xiaonian's lips were swollen, and the ferris wheel turned a circle and a half. She turned her head and looked out. The rain was still falling. She didn't stop.

"Gong ou, there is a garden over there. Let's go and have a look sometime." Xiaonian pointed to the flower garden in the distance.

The garden is large and beautifully arranged. Under the rain and fog, the colors are like a pair of splashed color ink paintings, which are very beautiful.

"Tomorrow I'll take you boating, just the two of us. I'll go boating. You can see the scenery."

Gong Ou has arranged the project for tomorrow.

"Can I really go by boat?"

When Xiaonian looked at him in surprise, she could take that kind of small boat and touch the lake as soon as she reached for it?

"I said let you sit!" Gong Ou says, voice is deep and sexy, reach out to encircle her, "don't you like it?"


When Xiaonian nods his head hard and gets close to him tenderly. Happiness is in his eyes. This honeymoon is really happy.

She sat with Gong ou, looking at the different scenery of every moment outside, enjoying the time quietly, "by the way, Gong ou, let's take the two little anemones and holy with us on our honeymoon next time. They must also like to take the ferris wheel."



"We are the only two on honeymoon!" "There's plenty of time for them," said Gong

"All right."

When Xiaonian didn't say anything more, the ferris wheel slowly stopped, the cabin door was opened, only to hear the sound of rain hitting the cabin and the ground, and the heavy rain rolled up the dust and smoke.

When Xiaonian reached out and touched the cold raindrops, the rose rings on the ground outside were all wet, and he was beaten a little embarrassed.

She looks at Gong ou.

Gong Ou looks at her.

The two men looked at each other without any sound or going out. There was only the sound of raindrops around them.

When Xiaonian turned her eyes and looked at the lake in the distance, countless raindrops fell on it, and the smoke floated from the lake, so beautiful that she could catch her eyes.

"It's really beautiful, Gong ou. Thank you for letting me have a very romantic day."

When Xiaonian said with emotion, when she came to little Chinatown, she finally did what she liked.


Gong Ou let out a low voice from his throat. He didn't speak much when standing at the door of the cabin.

When Xiaonian stood there for a long time, she turned her eyes to see him, but she still didn't move. She sighed and finally asked, "Gong ou."


"You've been standing here for a long time."


"Don't tell me if you count the weather as rain, just forget to bring an umbrella." When small read some helplessly said, so heavy rain, they are going to spend a day and a night in the cockpit situation?


Gong Ou stood there, and could no longer maintain his image of being tall. He coughed awkwardly and looked at her with low eyes. "The umbrella will destroy the beauty here."

He spread roses all over the place and put an umbrella like something.


Forget, forget, and make excuses.

When Xiaonian shook his head and took out his mobile phone from his pocket, the screen was dark. "OK, there's no electricity. You can call."

She pointed to the earphone that was pinned to his ear.

"Oh, it's such a coincidence that my battery is dead."

Gong Ou takes out his mobile phone and shakes it in front of her, otherwise she thinks why he has been standing here for a long time.