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Chapter 250 thank you for your kindness

She no longer wants to call Luo Qi aunt.

"It's you." Luo Qi is a little angry when she sees Xiaonian. She looks arrogant and indifferent, and looks at the humanity beside her. "You all stand far away. I have something to say to Miss Shi. Miss Shi, get in the car. "

Luo Qi stooped and sat in a limousine.

When Xiaonian followed up, the layout in the RV was extremely luxurious, the leather seat was on the side, and when Xiaonian sat opposite to Luo Qi.

The driver who had been in the driver's seat got off at this time, leaving them with enough quiet and private space.

Luo Qi sits elegantly.

When small read is to sit straight, she raised her eyes to look at Luo Qi, not humble and not overactive tunnel, "no matter what, I want to thank your wife for mercy."

Smell speech, Luo Qi looks at her one eye estranged, "I don't understand what you are talking about."

"In fact, I thought it was strange at the beginning. The flute couldn't let me go. She wanted to kill me so much."

"When small read calmly said," later I know that there is a lady's intervention in this matter, I suddenly realized that those men wearing masks were given by the lady to Shi Di, so I'm ok. "

If the flute, she would have been insulted by the wheel.

But the lady was merciful and didn't really insult her.

Therefore, she was able to escape for the third time under Shidi.

"I thought after knocking you out, you would think you were insulted." Luo Qi did not cover up.


When Xiaonian heard this, he didn't know what to say.

Luo Qi, like Gong ou, has a smooth life. She basically hasn't experienced any human suffering. She thinks that she can also be convinced by creating a scene that looks like being on a wheel.

Luo Qi sat there, Mei Mou looked at her and said, "since you know the whole truth, do you appreciate me? Thank you for leaving gongou by myself. "

"If it wasn't for my wife's help, I wouldn't have been able to enter the hotel by the means of Shidi." Shi Xiaonian said, people are very rational, "although madam didn't let people really round me, maybe you just want to make yourself feel better."

Luo Qi's purpose is to drive her away, whether she is embarrassed to leave or Gong ou can't stand her being insulted and driven away.

It's estimated that Luo Qi didn't arrive, and it was her who was finally driven away.


Smell words, Luo Qi's eyes skimmed over a touch of uncomfortableness.

Yes, as long as she lives elegantly and nobly, how can she allow herself to make a woman turn? This will become a stain on her heart, and she will not do so.

"In a word, I appreciate your kindness, but I will not leave gongou."

Xiao Nian sat there and said firmly.

Luo Qi looks at her. The look on her face reminds Luo Qi that when she arrived at the imperial castle on the first day, Xiao Nian was so firm. She vowed to work hard to match Gong ou.

"You think it's over when I'm gone?"

Luo Qi said indifferently, "as soon as I leave, Gong Ou's father's means may come one after another. Can you avoid me this time and the next time? Do you really know how to write regret when you are in a man's turn? "

Listening to her words, Xiao Nian's eyes darkened.

She's just a woman with no background. How can she not be afraid to hear such words.

A moment later, Xiaonian pulled his lips and said with a wry smile, "if you can't hide, you can't hide. Even if the whole mountain of the palace is down, I will try to breathe before I die."

"Miss Shi, you are the most stubborn woman I have ever met." Luo Qi says, have puzzling, "why do you insist so?"

Knowing it's death, you need to rush forward?

"Chong gong'ou thinks that I have been destroyed and I am still willing to insist as long as I am alone and do not hesitate to drive you away." Shi Xiaonian said in a stubborn voice.

In the luxurious RV, Luo Qi looks at Xiaonian's light face and doesn't speak for a long time.

For a while, Luo Qi said indifferently, "do you think Gong ou will want you again? Men are all bad. They feel normal when they spend a lot of time, but their women must be clean. Even if they are insulted, they can't get through it, especially the men in the upper class. Even if he wants you now, he will abandon you after a while. "

“……” His eyes were dim.

"It's better to be honest than to be swept out." Luo Qidao.

"Then wait for him to abandon me." Shi Xiaonian said very quickly this time, understating, but firm.

“……” Luo Qi looked at her and knew that they could not communicate with each other. He said, "you can go down."

"Madame, have a safe journey."

When small read light tunnel, push open the door to get off.

Not far away two maids stood there.

When Xiaonian was about to leave, she heard Luo Qi say in English, "search for something on her."

"Yes, ma'am."

Two servants immediately came forward to catch him.

Fengde and other people stood far away, and there was a car in the way. They couldn't see anything.

When Xiaonian stood there and struggled twice, the maid took out a mobile phone from her and handed it to Luo Qi, "madam, there is nothing else."


Luo Qi nods, takes out the mobile phone, sees the mobile phone screen still remains on the recording key.


When Xiaonian stood there and watched her cell phone taken away, she was frustrated. This was her last chance to clarify herself. After bathing, a servant returned her cell phone.

She always took them with her. Just now, she left an extra eye, recorded their words and prepared to send them to Gong ou to clarify herself.

As a result, Luo Qi found out.

All she did was in vain.

"Gong Ou is a technology maniac. Even if it is deleted, I think he may be able to recover. It's safer to destroy the body." Luo Qi slowly said, put the mobile phone beside her, and said, "I will ask someone to do another one of your numbers and send the phone card back to you."


I don't know what else I can say at this time.

"Gong Ou's character is more paranoid. Once he thinks something is difficult to change, especially something important." Luo Qi said, looking at her, "Miss Shi, if you can't stand it any day, you'd better leave by yourself. If you want money, you can let Feng de contact me, and I will donate."


When Xiaonian was said to be embarrassed, he stood in the same place and said indifferently, "thank you for your kindness. I will not separate from Gong ou."

This words a, Luo Qi's facial expression is not very good-looking immediately, toward servant humanity, "let's go."

"Yes, ma'am."

When the two maids let go, Xiao Nian got in the car.

The door closed heavily in front of shixiaonian.

All the big bodyguards followed in succession.

Feng de and a group of people bowed and bowed to see his wife off.

When Xiaonian stood in situ and watched the car go out. On this blue and clear day, Gong's wife was driven out of the imperial castle by Gong ou.

When Xiaonian turned around and went inside, he went to Fengde's side and said, "manager Feng."

"What can I do for you, Miss Shi?"

Vander bowed his head gentlely.

"Be sure to find Shidi and the masked men. I will draw their pictures and their characteristics later. Be sure to find them." Said Shi Xiaonian.

Now it is estimated that only those men can prove her innocence.

"Yes, Miss Shi."

Feng de nodded.

When Xiaonian nodded and went inside, he decided to draw. In fact, even if he found those men, he could not make Gong Ou believe it.

He is such a man. He doesn't believe when he is paranoid, even if the evidence is on the table.

Even when she said she loved him, it took a lot of effort to make him believe.

But always try.

When small read to go inside, suddenly listen to the voice of Gong ou, "small read! Time is small! "

There was a rush in his voice.

When Xiaonian looked back in amazement, he saw Gong Ou running towards her from a distance, barefoot, on the bright and clean floor. There was tension on a handsome face.


When Xiaonian was hugged by Gong Ou before she finished speaking, her head hit his chest heavily, causing her head to faint with pain.

"What are you running about? Who allowed you to run around? " Gong Ou hugs her hard, roars angrily and holds her tightly.

"What's the matter with you? I'll come down."

Shi Xiaonian said, looking up from his arms.

"I thought you were gone again! I'm afraid you're gone again! "

Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes, his long hands stroked her face, his thumb stroked the wound on the corner of her mouth, and his fingertips were warm.

I'm afraid she's gone again.

When Xiaonian saw a bit of panic in his eyes, it was not Gong Ou's mood, he never panicked.

"I'm not missing."

Said Xiao Nian softly.

Gong Ou stared at her, his eyes deep. "I'll be with you in the future. I'm not allowed to leave. Do you hear me?"

His tone was solemn, and there was no sense of jest.

It cast a great shadow on him.

Apart from him, he doesn't think there is any safe place in the world.

“……” When Xiaonian stared at him, his voice was clear and soft, "Gong ou, I still want to say..."

"That's over. My mother's gone, too! No more! "

Knowing what she was going to mention, Gong Ou's eyes became gloomy and stared at her deeply, with a strong tone.


Don't mention it again, that is, he won't believe her innocence.

When Xiaonian stood in front of him, he was helpless.

With Gong ou, sometimes I'm really tired.

"I'm sleepy. Go to bed with me!"

Gong Oula took her and went away. His eyes swept the gauze on her wrists and ankles. His eyes were sharp, and he held her up horizontally and walked inside.

Go back to the bedroom, Gong Ou holds her and falls on C directly, hugs her tightly with both arms and then sleeps.

When small read silently chuckle lips, open eyes not sleepy.

In fact, she was shocked, but now she thinks it's just a small thing. Gong Ou is too paranoid to believe that she is a big thing.