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Chapter 107 the fear of President Gong


Gong Ou picks up the water cup and smashes it to the ground. The water splashes all over the ground. The cup breaks in response.

"What the hell! She still wants to rebel? "

Gong Ou roars out.

"It should be a traffic jam." Feng de smiles.

"Stuck in the road?"

Gong Ou shouts, stares at his mobile phone, and says in a deep voice, "you don't want to call, I'll call!"

Shixiaonian, you are dead today!

Gong Ou dials the phone. No one answers when it rings.

A phone call.

Two phones.

Three phones.

Gong Ou listened to the long bell and went away completely. He stood up and kicked over the coffee table. His face was so gloomy that he shouted directly at his mobile phone with a phone message! Are you going to revolt? How can I tell you? If I don't see you when I get off the plane, you will die! I warned you not to break my appointment. How dare you... "

His voice suddenly stopped and his dark pupils tightened.

Break a promise.

He has only been broken by one person in his life, that is, his brother.

His brother broke his agreement in the most determined way, and his car was destroyed.

"Young master." Fengde came over and said, "I'll call back to tianzhigang. The maid who took care of Miss Shi said that Miss Shi started to pick you up more than an hour ago."

More than an hour ago.

Even if she does, it's time for her to climb to the airport.

Gong Ou's tall body was shaking, and the man almost fell down. His long fingers clung to his cell phone and clenched his teeth. "Check!"


Feng de was stunned.

"Check whether all hospitals have called shixiaonian! Go to the police station and check all the traffic accidents! " Gong Ou shouted at him.


Is Miss Shi

"Yes, I'll check right away." Feng de nodded.

Gong Ou runs out with his mobile phone in his hand. There is no blood on a handsome face. His eyes are fixed on the front, and his chest jumps violently.


She won't give him a date in this way.

Gong Ou puts his mobile phone in front of his thin lips and shouts, "when I read it! As long as you are OK, I don't blame you for breaking the appointment! Do you hear me? I won't let you have anything! "

Nothing can happen.

There can't be another person who's happy with his appointment in such an absolute way! Absolutely not!


Murdoch group, when Xiaonian rushed out of the elevator and ran, there was no direction, just a strong forward.

She didn't know where she wanted to go.

"Xiaonian!" Mu qianchu rushed out of the elevator, caught up with her in the tea room, grabbed her arm and said, "stop running."


When Xiaonian was pulled to stop, he turned his head to look at mu qianchu, and looked at him stupidly. His eyes were red.

"Xiaonian, are you ok?"

Muqianchu didn't expect that her first reaction was running when she heard him recover his memory.

When small read to stare at him stupidly, the eye blinks not to blink, for a long time, she slowly extended his hand, "scissors stone cloth."

Her voice was very low and she trembled badly.

Mu qianchu looked down at her hand and thought of the games they played when they were young.


Mu qianchu smiled, released the hand holding her arm, and said, "scissors and stone cloth."

He produced the scissors.

She gives the cloth.

The obvious answer.

However, he did not seem to see it. He just stared at her face and asked gently, "what's wrong with you, Xiaonian?"

It's like when he was young, he was blind, and he always asked a question when playing this kind of game.

When hearing this, Xiaonian's voice became more shaky. "I came out Stone. "

"Is it?" Mu qianchu smiled more brightly, and looked at her with his eyes doted. "You win again, Xiao Nian. You are so powerful."

You won again.

In a understatement, let her win.


When Xiaonian stood there, tears ran down, and looked at him incredulously, his lips shaking.

He really remembered.

For years, he finally remembered.

She thought that he would never remember her again. She thought that there would be no miracle in the world.

"What are you crying for, fool?"

Seeing her like this, mu qianchu was extremely distressed. He reached out and carefully picked up her face and wiped away tears for her with his fingertips.

Unlike the last time in the alley, full of resistance to his approach to her.

This time, she did not push him, let him wipe tears.

Her eyes were blurred by tears, and his facial features were not clear in her eyes.

Vaguely, she seemed to see the youth once, who loved her birthday on the balcony, hated bitter, gentle and silent

He's back.

He's really back.

When Xiaonian opened his mouth, he had a lot to ask, when did he think of it, why didn't he say it all the time

But to the mouth, she can't ask anything, just tears, "I thought you'd never remember me, I thought you'd never remember me in your life."

A voice of grievance and trembling.

Mu qianchu frowns, his heart is like being cut hard by someone, and his mouth hurts.

He put out his hand, slowly put her in his arms, then tightly held her, chin against her hair, voice revealed a trace of sadness, "little fool, how can I give up to forget you forever."


When small read silent tears.

"I'm sorry I forgot you all these years." Muqianchu said, closed his eyes and apologized to her in a low voice.

I'm sorry to let her bear the memory alone for so many years;

I'm sorry to let her feel wronged alone for so many years.


When Xiaonian leaned on him and cried uncontrollably. Her hands trembled to climb up his back. Before she touched him, she was pulled away.

Her whole body was thrown aside, and before she could stand still, a gust of wind came to her.

When small read subconsciously back a step, see when the flute stands in front of her, and mu qianchu grasped when the flute's wrist.

"What do you want to do with Shidi?"

Mu qianchu holds the flute hard, and a soft face is as cold as snow.

"You stop me?" When the flute can't believe looking at mu qianchu.

"Why don't I stop you?" Mu qianchu looked at the flute coldly. "Do you think that when I recover my memory, I will be played by you freely between the applause?"

Playing between applause? What's the meaning of this?

When Xiaonian looked at Xiangmu qianchu with some consternation, what else did she not know.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

When the flute will look back from mu qianchu, and force his hand away.

Then, Shidi no longer cares about qianchu, but looks at shixiaonian with his eyes full of hatred. "Shixiaonian, do you want to be shameless? You came to my company to seduce my husband! "

Her beautiful face was distorted by jealousy.


To blame her?

To this day, Shi Di is able to scold her.

When Xiaonian looked at Shidi indifferently, there was no more affection in her heart.

They were standing in the corridor outside the tea room, and some employees were shocked to see this.

When seeing someone, the flute immediately cried out, "what are you looking at? Haven't you seen my sister rob my sister? I haven't seen the misfortune of my family? "


When Xiaonian stood there, clenched his teeth and stiffly endured.

This is not a place to fight.

"What are you talking about, Shidi?" Mu qianchu said in a cold voice, turning to look at the employees, "do things for me."

The staff would not leave. They took a few steps back and secretly stood at the corner and looked this way.

"Why can't I say that she has been pestering you for several years, and now she even comes to the company."

Shi Di stares at Shi Xiaonian grudgingly, excitedly says, "Shi Xiaonian, you have been driven out of the house by your parents, and you still run here. Don't you really want any face?"

She cried desperately, hoarse, as if it could cover the fact that she had recovered her memory, as if everything was just a small mistake.


When Xiaonian listened coldly to the sweet voice of the changed tune of the flute, what happened three years ago reappeared before her eyes.

She thought of the scene when she left the University in a mess. She walked out of the campus. Countless students stood on the balcony and threw paper balls and paper airplanes down.

Every piece of paper is full of humiliating words such as "how much do you sell for one night", "get out of a university, return a quiet campus", "green tea bitch get out".

These are from her good sister.

Just because she takes a step back doesn't mean other people will take a step back.

Not everyone wants to be safe, so don't be safe!

When Di still stood there and scolded her hysterically, she was silent all the time, and people rushed forward.

Mu qianchu quickly stopped her.

When he was scolded for silence, Xiaonian suddenly stepped forward and raised his hand to shake Shidi's face severely.

When the flute man was stopped by mu qianchu, he didn't even resist.

A merciless slap.

When Xiaonian's fingernails severely scraped the corners of the mouth of the obsolete flute.

When the flute was hit by her, the corners of her mouth were broken, and red blood came out.

When Didier was stunned, he looked at her in astonishment.

Muqianchu didn't expect that Xiaonian would start, and looked at her with some consternation.


Shi Zhong helps minqiu Jun to come over. When he sees this scene, minqiu jundun shouts.

More and more employees also gathered to watch the scene one after another, whispering and passing the same look to each other: what's the matter? The main room and the third party?

"When reading! What are you doing? You still have the face to hit your sister? You don't deserve it! " Shizhong stood aside and cried excitedly.

"Qianchu, look at this bitch beating me..."

When the flute covers his face, he wrongfully seeks protection from mu qianchu.

These years, she used to look for muqianchu as soon as she was in a weak position. Muqianchu was her umbrella.

However, muqianchu did not immediately put her in her arms as before, but put down her hand indifferently, without a word of concern.

Cold and heartless.

Just like when he lost his memory.

"I want to settle the matter between me and her." When Xiaonian looked at Xiangmu qianchu, he was calm.

It's better to bump into the sun than choose the day.

She'll settle the account today.

Mu qianchu looks at her with gentle and doting eyes. "Do whatever you want."

With that, he stepped back, took out his cell phone, and issued an order to the security room.

Shi Xiaonian looked at Shi Zhong coldly and angrily. Then he looked at Shi Di, who was covering his face. His voice was very quiet. "Shi Di, this is my first time to hit you as a sister, and I will surely beat you to the core