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Chapter 791 Gong Yu's silent refusal

It was only after he knew the news that he relaxed.

"Well, take a rest first. I'll give you some porridge." The body condition of Eliot is not suitable for eating too much now. It's good to eat some nutritious porridge.

When Xiaonian said, he turned around to go. Before he got to the door, Lori's hoarse voice sounded behind her. "Who is Xiaoyu?"

Hearing this, Xiao Nian's heart was shocked severely, and his mind was in a trance.


I haven't heard the name from other people for a long time. When Xiaonian turned around and asked, "why do I ask this all of a sudden?"

"You seem to know this man."

Lori saw the clue from shixiaonian's face.


Not only do we know that this person has a great relationship with her. They were supposed to be the two most closely related people in the world, but now they are separated by Yin and Yang.

"Who is it? What does it have to do with Gong Yu? " Asked Lori.

"Didn't I tell you?"

He asked lightly.

Luo lie's face darkened. He lowered his eyes and stared at the white quilt for a long time. "He came to save me recklessly. At last, he called Xiao Yu."

When Xiaonian stood there, he could almost imagine such a picture. Some were sad, and some felt relieved for Xi Yu. The sad reason was that Gong Yu had not put down Xi Yu, and the relieved reason was that Gong Yu had not put down Xi Yu.

Lori saw that shixiaonian's eyes were somewhat complicated, and he felt something vaguely. He asked, "what's the relationship between them? Did he see me as someone else? "

It's said that women's intuition is accurate. When Xiaonian thought that Lori's intuition must be terrible.

Just so understatement, he had guessed so much.

When Xiaonian thought that her expression had leaked too much, she said, "these things should be told by brother. I don't want to talk too much. I'll ask someone to prepare porridge for you."


Lori looked at her, frowned, said nothing, and nodded.

When Xiaonian turns around and leaves, she leans against the wall and looks at the long corridor as soon as she comes out of the sick room. She has a little sadness in her eyes. She stays for a long time and then raises her legs to leave.


At the reconciliation meeting, Gong Ou's mockery of Lancaster has been spread in a small area and become the talk of many nobles after dinner.

It is said that Mona's father soon understood that after the diamonds and empty city plan of the palace family were sent to the Lancaster family, she was so angry that her blood pressure rose. She was furious in front of many people and scolded Gong Ou's life for sacrificing her daughter.

In this battle, Gong Ou won a beautiful battle.

After the Berger Island resource incident and the humiliation incident at the reconciliation conference, many situations began to turn slowly in the dark. People saw Gong Ou's ability to handle affairs, and his unrivalled arrogance. Some families who were close to Lancaster no longer openly clamored to cut off contact with the palace family, and some even came to ask for cooperation.

Gong Ou's search rate on the Internet is rising. He probably has a special personality charm. Even if everyone knows that he has paranoid personality disorder and is arrogant and domineering in his work, there are many people who worship him on the Internet, and even quickly form cult.

In contrast, Lancaster 's online reviews were inevitably added with the four words "Incest Family".

So, the Lancaster family are not angry enough to burst their blood vessels. They can't stop the momentum of Gong ou. The streets and buildings are full of advertisements of N.E holographic era and new robots.

Gong Ou's name is everywhere.

Lancaster has been quiet for a while since then. The house is still calm inside and outside the hospital. There is no harassment inside and outside the hospital. Gong Yu and Luo lie are recovering slowly.

The sky is clear.

The sky is blue and clear. The sun sets in every corner of the hospital. The flowers and plants are luxuriant. Birds and birds fly by, leaving a string of clear calls.

A bird with bright feathers stops at a certain window, stops, and its small eyes look around.

For a long time, he flapped his wings again and flew away, too fast to touch, too fast to catch.

Gong Yu is sitting on the hospital bed. There is a piece of gauze on one of the handsome faces. There is obvious blood stasis on the corner of the mouth. The eyes are swollen and the injury is not light.

"It's been hard for everyone to come with me. Take out the money on this card and distribute it to everyone. The injured will double." Gong Yu's eyes were drawn back from the windowsill and handed the card to Feng de. even though he was so embarrassed, his posture was noble, which was born with him.

"Yes, sir. I would like to thank you for your reward. "

Fengde said that he took the card and left. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Lori standing outside. He was wearing a hospital number suit and a coat.

"You look a lot better, Dr. law."

Feng de said.

"Well, it's much better recently. Thank you for your concern." Lori's jaw, voice is clear and cold, and his tone is peaceful.

"Then I'll go out first."

Feng de raised his leg and left.

Gong Yu, sitting on the hospital bed, frowned when he heard Luo lie's voice. He turned his eyes to look out of the window. His eyes fell on the place where the bird had just stopped. There was nothing.


A little.

Lori closed the door. This ward is a special ward with large space and first-class environment. The air is fragrant.

He went to the sick room step by step with his hands in his pocket and looked at the gauze on Gong Yu's face. One of the gauze was not fixed and folded inside.

Lori raised his hand and pushed it away for him. Before he touched it, Gong Yu had reached out to block it.

"Don't do that."

Gong Yu's face was a little embarrassed. "I didn't want you to die for me when I saved you."

This was his first meeting with Lori after his coma, and he was eager to explain.

Luo lie stood there, his face was pale, and then he reached out to put a corner of the gauze on Gong Yu's face and smoothed it, "the gauze is not folded well."

There was a dead silence in the air.

Gong Yu sat there, embarrassed again in his eyes, unable to speak for a moment. He reached out and pressed the gauze on his face, saying, "it doesn't matter."

"It's better for you to lie down more now."

Luo lie said, in the face of Gong Yu, his voice is not that cold.

"Oh, yes."

Gong Yu used to lie down too much. He was tired, but now he was in a hurry to let Luo lie out, so he fell down on the bed with his back to Luo lie.

What does this movement mean? Lori knows.

Lori's eyelashes trembled, his lips closed, and he couldn't say a word for a long time.

It was quiet in the ward.

It was so quiet that even two people could not hear their breath, as if no one was here.

The relationship between the two became this somehow.

"Then you have a good rest. I'll talk to you when you get well." Lori didn't say anything at last. He stepped back and opened the door of the ward and went out.


It's a soft one again.

The door of the ward was closed, as it was when Lori came.

Gong Yu was lying there with his back to the door, looking at the direction of the window. There was a sound of closing the door in his ear. He closed his eyes slowly, but he couldn't sleep.

Lori went out and looked at the closed door for a long time.

I thought that the distance would be closer. It turned out that it would be farther and farther.

All of a sudden, he hoped that he was still in the dungeon of Lancaster. The moment when Gong Yu appeared was the closest moment in his life.

Lori slowly walked forward, reached out and pressed his shoulder. He was still a little tired.

There is a lounge at the end.

Luo lie walked straight to the rest hall. Before the man arrived, a voice came, "it seems that doctor Luo knew the existence of Xi Yu."

It's a small voice.

Lori suddenly stopped and stood still.

In the lounge, a young waiter with blonde hair and blue eyes is pouring milk. When Xiaonian and Gong Ou stand in front of the counter, Xiaonian suddenly says.

Gong Ou looked at her with a low eye, without any expectation, coldly saying, "sooner or later."

The milk is ready.

Gong Ou reached out and held the cup in his hand for several seconds. He was sure it wouldn't be hot. Then he handed it to Shi Xiaonian, who took it and held it in his hand. He sighed softly, "yes, sooner or later, I feel a little uncomfortable when I see Dr. Luo's appearance."

Smell speech, the eye of palace Europe is momentarily cold, "are you uncomfortable for other men?"

She's dying?

When small read helplessly look at him, "you know what I mean."

She's not passionate about Dr. law. He's excited.

"You are not allowed to be uncomfortable for other men, knowing that." Gong Ou takes the remaining glass of milk coldly, and Xiaonian looks at him doubtfully. "How can you drink milk?"

He doesn't like coffee.

"Drink with you!"

Gong Ou took a sip of the cup and frowned. As expected, it was better to drink coffee.

Seeing this, Xiaonian couldn't help but smile. Her eyes are full of the warmth like spring breeze. She holds the cup and goes to the sofa beside to sit down.

"Do you want to match rogue and brother?"

Gong Ou comes over and brings back the topic.

"Not good?" When Xiaonian asked, she had this plan. "If there is a new beginning, I can get out of the shadow of the past, can't I?"


Gong Ou said, drink all the milk.


When small read puzzled ground to ask, this idea is very naive? Nothing in the world is impossible, isn't it? She can be with him.

Eight years ago, she would not have drawn such a bizarre love story.

"Even if there is no discrimination all over the world, as the eldest son of the palace family, if he has a same-sex partner, don't say that he will tarnish the reputation of the palace family, and his mother will be the first to fall down." Gongou cold tunnel.


Shi Xiaonian is shocked. Right, she only wants to let Gong Yu come out. She has forgotten all these things.

It's really hard for Luo Qi to accept the blow again and again.