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Chapter 377. She's my inspiration

She tilted her head, her face numb.

Just like every day she stayed in England.

There was no light in the room, and the moonlight fell into her eyes. Her eyes were dark and crimson, covered with blood.

Sorry, Gong ou.

They really can't get back together.

She can not be afraid to die for a relationship, but she has a lot of burden now. When she comes back to him, he will be hurt. Her mother, who regards her as her life, will be hurt, Xi's family will be hurt, and twins will have a broken blood relationship.

No, she can't let that day come.

He is paranoid, but she has reason.

In the first half of that year, they survived without each other. This proves that it's OK for them not to be together, even a better choice for him.

Now that he has made the decision to separate, let her carry on for him.

She raised her hand and slowly touched her shoulder, touching the tooth mark. Tears suddenly fell from her clear eyes.

The phone suddenly vibrated.

When small read low eyes, is summer rain call.

When she got on the phone, Xia Yu's excited voice exploded in her ear! Turn on the TV and watch the news station of s city! Hurry up

When Xiaonian reaches out to wipe away the tears on his face, then clears his throat and says, "summer rain, would you mind less touching the TV computer when you are pregnant?"

Summer rain has no scruples at all.

It's gutsy.

"Oh, I see. I see. Can you turn on the TV now! Hurry up! " Summer rain is so excited.

When small read had to grope for the TV remote control, press the key.

In the dark bedroom, when the TV starts to play music, Xiaonian turns to the news station and sees a line of News Headlines --

robot pushes the price flat. When the president of N.E discloses the secret behind the scenes

Xiaonian is stunned. The news quotes an interview from an authoritative British news. Only in the TV screen, in an interview room with full sense of technology, Gong ou and a host sit in the mirror Before the head.

Gong Ou is dressed in a high-level customized formal dress. He is very handsome and wears a dark blue tie. At first glance, it is of great value. The tie knot is the simplest way.

It's the only way she can fight.

When Xiaonian sat in front of the floating window, he felt as if he had been caught.

"Xiaonian, isn't Gong Ou in a bad condition? How do I think he has a wound on his forehead?" The sound of summer rain came into her ears.

When Xiaonian felt for his glasses and put them on, he looked at the TV carefully. In the TV, Gong Ou sat on the sofa chair, elegant and arbitrary. A handsome face with profound outline and flawless facial features seemed to be the most perfect specimen, except for the forehead.

There is a kind of illusion that has been decorated.

"Is this interview recent?" When small read to ask naively.

"It's the interview this afternoon. The news station is broadcasting it. I just saw the original version. The content just stunned me. You look good!" The voice of summer rain is not excited.

This afternoon's interview?

When Xiaonian was shocked, Gong Ou wanted to do something about it. He was still recovering from illness, and even accepted an interview.

How is the injury of forehead horn concealed?

Make up? How can I make up when I'm hurt.

On the huge TV screen, the host who polished his short hair sat there and said, "N.E donated a batch of medical robots to Britain, China and other countries for free to cooperate with the treatment. I just saw the function of medical robots, and I was amazed. This is not only a technology, but also a progress in the history of medicine. It is admirable that Mr. Gong has achieved so much at such a young age. "

Gong Ou sits in lazily with one hand on his knee, fingers tapping, lips curling up and smiles away.

"I just found out something. I wonder if Mr. Gong can answer it for me." Said the host.

There is a robot's head on the back screen, which is magnified. Only a few words are engraved on the left side of the robot's chin: N.N gift.

The host is a foreigner and says, "this is the meaning of N.N gift in Chinese. If it's N.E, I can understand it, but it's N.N. don't you know what's the special meaning? OK, I'm a journalist who likes to ask questions behind the scenes. I hope it won't cause your dissatisfaction. "

Gong Ou turned his head and looked at the screen behind him. Then he sat down and looked at the host with black eyes. He said slowly, "it's of special significance, but I'm not going to make it public now."

Words that are not intended to be public are mysterious and intriguing.

“ok。” The host smiled, didn't press questions, and continued, "Mr. Gong has been silent for half a year, and the latest action is to launch civilian robots to the outside world. Robots are classified by function, and single robots are developed. The cheapest robots even sell for 5000 pounds, which are affordable for ordinary office workers. I wonder why Mr. Gong came up with such an idea? "

Silence for half a year.

When Xiaonian leaned against the wall, everyone knew that he had been silent for half a year. He was looking for her for half a year, but she misunderstood at the beginning.

It must be hard to bear the truth and misunderstanding alone.

On TV, Gong Ou listened to the host's words and his eyes grew deeper. He said after two seconds of silence, "at the beginning of pricing, someone told me that robots are too expensive, so I made them cheaper."

His words are simple and clear.


When Xiaonian listened, his heart was deeply shaken, and his memory turned.

So, he still remembers.

Gong Ou finished, suddenly raised his eyes and looked at the direction of the camera, as if the deep eyes looked into her eyes through the screen.

How could the host let go of such a good opportunity and immediately asked, "when Mr. Gong first developed the robot, it was because of the words of his ex girlfriend, Miss Shi. I don't know if the person Mr. Gong is talking about is her?"

When I mentioned the initial pricing.

When Xiaonian's breathing was a little stagnant.

"It's her." Gong Ou didn't mean to deny it at all. He admitted frankly, "from the beginning of developing robots, she has been giving me inspiration. Now, I'm giving her feedback by issuing a batch of affordable robots for her."

He admitted so directly that even the host was stunned for nearly two seconds before he continued to ask some professional questions and didn't hold on to it.


When Xiaonian sat there, covering his lips with one hand, there was shock in his red eyes.

She didn't expect that Gong Ou would say such words to the outside world at this time. They had already separated. Why did he deliver such news to the outside world.

Aren't you afraid to arouse the anger of the palace?

"Xiaonian, are you shocked? Mr. Gong is also in the media premise you, he is not afraid of his fiancee jealous ah? " Xia Yu's voice rang on his mobile phone, and then he said, "however, he looks so huge, maybe he just wants to say to the outside world that you are still friends when you break up."


When Xiaonian sat there, his eyes were red.

He released a batch of affordable robots for her.

"Xiaonian, are you still there?" The sound of summer rain came.

"Well, I'm here. That's what you mean. He wants to show his generosity." When Xiaonian finally made a sound, his eyes were red.

"But the meaning is so great. Even if he has a fiancee now, Mr series robots will always exist for you. You are not the existence without any trace in his life." Summer rain and she sighed some words will hang up.

You are not his life without any trace.

Just because of this, will Gong Ou go to the news for an interview when the injury is not good?

But what does this mean? They really shouldn't go on pestering.

n. N free.


Read, Nian.

Always, always.

Gong ou, it was you who broke up. Why did I decide to let go now, but you can't.

When Xiaonian turned off the TV, he sat quietly in front of the floating window, tears streaming down his cheeks.


Gong Ou's short interview is like a stone falling on a lake. It's full of excitement and ripples, but it's the life of shixiaonian that blows.

When small read think, she does not want compound words to stimulate palace Europe.

"What does Gong Ou mean? What are you doing with your fiancee! I'll tell you, Xiao Nian, we are not allowed to have any contact with Gong Ou any more. Our Xi family has always kept a low profile and didn't like to appear in the media. This noble Xi family can't stand up! Marry qianchu as soon as possible. Don't mention you over there! " Xi Jitao said angrily on the phone and hung up.

When Xiaonian stood in the office of gway comics, listening to the sound of the phone being hung up in the mobile phone, silently took the mobile phone down.

As soon as Gong Ou's interview came out, her father, mother and mu qianchu took turns to "greet" her. They all thought that she was entangled with Gong Ou again.

Her father's wrath, her mother's admonition, and the words in her mouth made her headache.

This is so, she can't imagine what kind of shocking waves would be set off if she didn't restrain herself from really reuniting with Gong ou.

But obviously, it's much more than that.

As soon as Shi Xiaonian and Xia Yu left the gate of Gewei cartoon building, a group of reporters swarmed around them, and they were all surrounded -

"Miss Shi, Gong Ou called you his eternal inspiration goddess. What do you want to say about it?"

"Since she is the goddess of inspiration, why did she break up at the beginning? Is it really just because of her personality?"

"It's nearly a year since I broke up, Gong Ou suddenly mentions you. What do you think he means? Will you get back together? But didn't he have a fiancee? The background of the other side is much higher than yours. "


Reporters swarmed around, carrying microphones and cameras and pushing forward.

They will be swallowed up like black holes.

When I was young, I didn't think much about it. I put my hand in front of the summer rain, pushed away the reporter, and anxiously said, "be careful, there are pregnant women here. Please, I have nothing to say. Please leave."

"Ouch, ouch."

Summer rain also did not expect to be such a big battle, a hand with a waist standing behind small read some fear.

The reporters continued to press questions like they couldn't hear her at all. "Miss Mona, Gong Ou's fiancee, replied earlier that you were friends after you split up. She didn't care. What do you want to say?"