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Chapter 889 the fifth honeymoon stop

"That's my business, don't worry about it." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, holding Gong Kui and going forward, pointing to the lantern in front of him, "do you want any more lanterns?"

"Yes!" Gong Kui claps his hands.

"All the lanterns in this street are for you!"

"Dad, you are so handsome!"

Gong Kui clapped excitedly.


At that time, Xiaonian stood in situ with a lantern and looked at Gong Ou's back, deep in thought.

In fact, it doesn't matter where to go. What matters is She hoped that in his heart, she would not be his burden.

This, does he remember?

One day, when she was no longer his burden, she was relieved and believed that he was strong enough to deal with Lancaster.

The high hanging lantern light lost Xiaonian's eyes. The back in front of him was farther and farther away.


On a new day, when Xiaonian woke up in a trance in the car, she looked out, which was a road she was familiar with but not familiar with.

Where is this?

When Xiaonian stretched out in a comfortable sofa chair, she turned her eyes and found that she was in a senior private car, with a long body and a large space. There was red wine and water on the shelf beside her.

"Master, you are awake."

The R palace is sitting opposite the corridor. The silver body is reassuring.

When small read a nod, look left and right, some strange to ask, "Gong Ou?"

Except for the driver, it seems that there are only two people in the car, she and Mr. Gong. I don't see Gong ou. Where are the others?

"Mr. Gong is in another car to deal with business. I'm afraid he will disturb you."

The palace replied.

"Oh." When Xiaonian nodded and looked out of the window, he saw the cars of the palace in front and behind. I still remember when Gong Ou was on his honeymoon, he said that as long as there were two people in the world, no bodyguards, no one.

He is such a paranoid person, but now he can change himself so easily.

He sighed and asked, "where are we going now?"

"Master, it's already in your hometown, but it hasn't reached your original home yet."

Said the R palace.


When small read Zheng next, the original has been to her hometown, remember the last time to come with moqianchu to see the flower field.


She didn't think of the name for a long time. After Shidi died, he left a foreign country. I don't know how it is now.

In fact, she said that she wanted to go back to her hometown to let Gong ou see the place where she grew up. But when she thought about it carefully, there seemed to be only a sigh left here.

At that time, she watched everyone's story development like an outsider until she met Gong ou and began to have her own story.

The car drove slowly forward, and the scenery on the side of the road continued to back up. The shadow of the tree cast on the window, swept over her white face, and reflected her mood in the bottom of her eyes.

Considering that she was a pregnant woman, the car stopped all the way, leaving enough rest time for her.

She is getting more and more familiar with the scenery outside.

Road signs are becoming more familiar.

She knew that she was getting closer to her hometown.

At noon, the car stopped in front of the community of his hometown, when Xiaonian was supported by Mr palace to walk and get off the car, moving his body, lifting his eyes and looking forward, his face was slightly subtle.

There is a lot of dilapidation here.

It is also much higher than before. The fence here was not as high as it is now. It seems that the community is larger. The floors and villas inside are old and new. It seems that there are many more households later.

She's back.

Things are not, people are no longer the same.

When Xiaonian suddenly wanted to leave, she turned around, but saw Gong Ou standing by a car, wearing a gray windbreaker, straight legs, arms in both hands, looking at her direction expressionless, eyes cold.

It's Gong Ou who takes her sleeping car without saying a word, but now it seems that he's not very happy. He always hides in another car to deal with his business all the way.

It's really strange.

When Xiaonian walked towards him, he smiled and said, "all the business is done?"

Gong Ou looks at her with a low eye, and answers without hesitation.


Shixiaonian wants to explore his eyes.


Gong Ou snorts.

When small read smile, pull his hand, "all the way you are strange, what's the matter?"

"Nothing." Gong Ou's brow was twisted, and soon he relaxed, "all the way here, where are you going now? I've already had the house cleaned. Do you want to see it? "

Have you cleaned it?

When Xiaonian declined his intention, he nodded and walked to the community with his arm.

In the security room of the community, an old man wearing presbyopic glasses was reading a newspaper. He just looked up and was stunned.

When did this community have such a battle? Walking in the front looks like a young couple, followed by countless men in suits. It's not small at first sight.

When small Niang holds Gong Ou's arm to go inside, point to inside and say, "before there were not so many high-rise buildings here, not even what property office, let alone there is the gate of the community, but now it's all like a model."


Gong Ou looks at her moving lips with low eyes, which obviously has a touch of nostalgia in her eyes, and her face can't help feeling cold.

Who do you remember?

Are you looking forward to the future?

Over the years, mu qianchu's three words are still a thorn on the gong'ou nerve.

"Xiaonian? Is it Xiaonian? "

A confused old voice suddenly sounded behind them.

Gong Ou turned around and saw the old man who was just in the security room standing behind them, pushing his presbyopic glasses and looking at them unexpectedly.

When small read stupefied there, carefully identified for a while before recognizing, "uncle he?"

"It's really Xiaonian." He Bo came over unexpectedly and pleasantly, and looked at her up and down happily. "I know you have great achievements now, but suddenly I see the real person still a little afraid of it. See how much water is coming out now."

I was only a teenager when I left home. Later, none of my family could see it.

"Uncle he, you tease me." Xiaonian said with a smile, then looked at Gong ou, who was cold beside him, and said, "uncle he, this is my husband Gong Ou; Gong ou, this is uncle he, a neighbor for many years, but I didn't expect him to be a security guard here now."

"What kind of security guard?" He Bo smiled awkwardly. "I can only look at the gate when I'm old enough to find something to do."

"The security here is good."

Gongou cold tunnel.

He Bo pushed his glasses, and the wrinkles on his face stretched out with a smile. "Yes, yes, the security here is very good, but it's not my credit..."

Before he finished, Gong Ou stopped him and said, "I know that if the public security is not good, the whole community will be in danger if you are an old man looking at the gate."


He Bo stood there, smiling and wrinkling at the same time.

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in surprise, he nudged him secretly with his elbow. How could he talk? How could he not chat so much.

"Why, am I not telling the truth?"

Gong Ou looks at her with a straight face.

When Xiaonian was embarrassed, she didn't know the reason why Gong Ou proposed to accompany her to her hometown. She ignored him, smiled at him and said, "how are you, uncle he? Is aunt he in good health? "

"All right, all right." He Bo laughed awkwardly, or he Xiaonian said, "what about your parents? It's said that all of them have gone to s city for development. I'm sure you're enjoying the happiness of your daughter. "


Foster father, foster mother.

When mentioning these two people, Xiao Nian's eyes darkened. If she had ever been entangled with her adoptive parents with a little kinship, since the moment she knew that she was bought by her adoptive parents, but didn't tell the truth when sweeping her out of the house, she was not only frustrated, but also desperate.

For so many years, she has been avoiding her adoptive parents' directions, and has never looked for them.

She always thought that if her adoptive parents could tell her earlier and she could find her own parents earlier, she could stay with them longer and longer.

Instead of ending like this.

"Xiaonian? Xiao Nian? "

He Bo stood in front of her and waved and looked at her in surprise.

Gong Ou also stared at her, and Xiaonian reluctantly smiled. "Uncle he, I just stopped by to have a look. I won't tell you. I'll go home to have a look."

"Ah, well, go ahead."

He Bo nodded.

When Xiaonian walked to the inside with Gong Ou in his arms, Gong Ou stared at her, and when Xiaonian looked at the scenery in the community. Every place was familiar and strange. The tree impression here was never that high. The Huaping here had not been repaired so well before, and the ground here had not been so smooth before.

Further inside, there are several villas behind a building, which is the most impressive one for Xiaonian.

It was the first place in her life to call it home.

Compared with other renovated villas, this villa looks old and out of date. The color of the walls is yellow, and the corners are covered with weeds. It seems that it's a place where people can't live for a long time.

When Xiaonian slowly pulls out his hand from Gong Ou's arm and moves forward step by step.

The gate is rusty. A big lock is hanging on it.

The most impressive impression of this gate is that every time she comes home from school, she can see mu qianchu standing at the door from afar. When she is near, mu qianchu is not in a hurry to walk in, as if not deliberately waiting for her.


When small read raise hand slowly push open, push open the door of memory, time all of a sudden across back, come to all kinds of pictures.

At that time, the adoptive mother liked to hang clothes there, and the clothesline was still hanging there.

When the flute likes to take the students to play at home, it makes the whole family happy. Mu qianchu dislikes noise, so she takes mu qianchu out for a walk.

But now, where are the adoptive parents?

Where is the flute?

Where is mu qianchu?

After so many years, she came back here, but where are all the people who have lived here?