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Chapter 184 psychological tests for her

She's not bored, just playing.

For her, playing is the same.

The sky outside is getting dark. From noon to dusk, Xiaonian stops at the front several levels.

Holding her, Gong Ou finally couldn't look down, snatched the game handle from her hand and despised the tunnel, "stupid, when can you save people like this?"

As he said that, Gong Ou took her and began to break through.

In his hands, the monsters were completely abused.

Playing, Gong Ousuo left her head with arms around her, pushed her aside, seriously attacked the game, and rushed forward bravely.


When Xiaonian looks at him in silence, does he really play games for her?

Finally, to the last level.

Under the control of Gong ou, the pill heroine finally rescued her husband, who was the most beautiful man in the world.

When he saw that the so-called first beautiful man in the world was gong Ou's face, Xiao Nian had no accident.

When Gong Ou is in a hurry to get her through customs, she guesses it.

"It's called playing games. You're called playing games."

Gong Ou said.

When the game is cleared, the picture shows that the Marubeni kneels down to the most beautiful man in the world and shouts, "Grandpa, I'm late. Please forgive me."

"The most beautiful man in the world is very proud," then you have to do something I can forgive you

The pill nvxia wriggles and blushes, "I will wait for you in the boudoir. It's a surprise."

Say, picture a turn, appear a similar ancient boudoir, still have a boudoir bed, boudoir bed is pulling curtain.

It's so bad and interesting

Gong ou will not have designed the animation on the boudoir bed.

When small read thought, only see on the television screen, the world's first beautiful man looks forward to pull up the curtain, only see the ball female Xia in a belly pocket lying there.

Before the beautiful man got to her, he saw that the marbled female Xia on the boudoir bed "banged" into a big marbled one, which was still a meat marbled one.

Bubbles appear above the meatballs. "Grandpa, are you surprised?"

The beautiful man on the screen fell.


When Xiaonian saw the hot meatball, he couldn't help smiling.

It's a cold joke that the pill nvxia changes the pill.

"How about my game..." Gong Ou turned around and looked down at the radian of her lips. She was shocked in her eyes. "Did you laugh?"

Since she was picked up from the underground parking lot, she has never smiled or cried. She has never had any expression.


When Xiaonian listens to Gong Ou's words, he raises his hand and touches his lips.

Her lips are really curved.

She did smile.

"You wait!"

Gong Ou stares at her deeply, suddenly drops the game handle, stands up and runs out, runs half way back, picks her up from the ground, "let me hold her first!"


When Xiaonian was raised by him, she was raised like a child by her parents, her feet off the ground.

She lowered her eyes and saw Gong Ou's eyes full of joy. A handsome face became more and more charming with a smile. "You won, shixiaonian! n. I wasn't so excited when e was the number one in the world! "


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

For a while, Gong Ou put her down and gave her a strong kiss on her face

Then Gong Ou ran out.

Gong Ou is obviously so happy that he forgets that there is a mobile phone in the world. He even went to the doctor himself.

When small read touched his face, staring at the direction he left.

She smiled, let him so happy?

In this world, there are people who are happy because of her smile

In a bright lounge in the imperial castle, Xiaonian was taken in by Fengde, sat down on a chair in the center, and several psychiatrists in casual clothes sat at a desk, staring at her.

Form the picture of joint examination of three departments.

When Xiaonian turned his head, he saw Gong Ou standing beside her, and Gong Ou stared at her with low eyes.

Seeing Gong Ou's junpang, Xiao Nian's heart is very stable.

It's strange that she can't even let herself feel at ease, but seeing Gong ou, her heart will be inexplicably calm.

"Miss Shi, please relax. We're just chatting."

A psychiatrist came up from the table, smiling and kneeling in front of Xiaonian, half squatting to talk with her.

Squatting has not yet squatted, Gong Ou face not Yu ground kicks him, "kneel what, propose?"


Dare to kneel at his woman.

The psychiatrist was kicked to the ground, covered his shoulder and stood up. He wanted to cry without tears. "Mr. Gong, this is just to let Miss Shi loose my defense."

This is common sense in psychology.

He's short, she's tall, and she's less wary of him.

"Sit on the ground!"

Gong Ou orders in a cold voice.

"Oh." The psychiatrist asked him to sit on the ground and look at shixiaonian's wooden face. "Miss Shi, you seem to have a lot of peace."

Compared with the first meeting, Xiaonian has empty eyes, tense body as if ready to escape at any time. Today's Xiaonian is much better.


Xiaonian looks at him in silence.

"In fact, many people have psychological barriers, which is not terrible, but the important thing is to gradually overcome the past, you obviously do well." The psychiatrist sat on the ground and praised her constantly. "Miss Shi, can I give you a test?"

Before she spoke, Gong Ou said, "she doesn't speak. What kind of ghost test are you doing?"

"It's OK. When the young lady doesn't want to talk, she can't speak. It's OK to blink. If you don't want to blink, you can also blink. Just listen carefully."

Said the psychiatrist with a smile.

"That's the beginning."

Gong Oula passed a chair and sat down beside shixiaonian, holding her in a long hand.


When Xiaonian sat there silently, why did she suddenly have a test?

What can the test prove?

The psychiatrist picked up a stack of documents and looked back. The other two psychiatrists set the camera on the table in the right direction.

"Miss Shi, look, the sun is very good today. I don't know what happened. There are some birds flying in the forest. Guess what kind of birds they are? Magpie? Eagle? "

The psychiatrist asked and watched Xiaonian's face.


When Xiaonian sat there, his lips moved, but he couldn't open his mouth.

I don't know why, she always feels her lips are heavy, as if she is pressed by something, she can't say a word.

The psychiatrist didn't force her to continue to ask questions one after another, but also to take out stacks of paper and ask her to point out what color should be painted on the painting

When Xiaonian didn't move or point, he sat there.

Her hand is clenched by Gong ou, with ten fingers clasped. The temperature of his fingers is very warm.

"OK, let's go across that river. Now, we are going to the fields. There are many small animals running around in the fields. Which animal is the most powerful? Little squirrel? Mouse? German Shepherd Dog? Little white rabbit

The psychiatrist is like taking her on a journey through mountains and rivers, constantly throwing problems at her.

I didn't answer.

She didn't know what answer they would get if she didn't cooperate.

"Whoa, wait a minute. There are so many people coming. You're the enemy tribe. Maybe you're a cannibal!" The psychiatrist called in an exaggerated tone.


A lot of people.

When Xiaonian can't help but grip Gong Ou's hand, he clenches it hard and turns his fingers white.

Gong Ou looked at her deeply, at her pale expression.

"What to do? What to do? " The psychiatrist watched her expression nervously and said, "ah, someone has come to save you. I can't see clearly. Who is it? Prince charming? Superman? No, I don't think so. The police? Is it a housekeeper? It is... Gong Ou? "


When Xiaonian sat there, he didn't speak and listened in silence.

Hearing this, Gong Ou kicked the psychiatrist and said, "test it, what's my name for?"

Can his name do a psychological test?

"Mr. Gong..." The psychiatrist got up from the ground again and wanted to cry without tears. "Please don't interrupt me."

If it goes on like this, how can he do the test.

When Xiaonian sat there, looking at the pitiful expression of the psychiatrist, she thought it was funny. She pulled the corners of her lips and didn't laugh.

"Then you go on!"

Gong Ou frowns and asks him to continue.

One by one, the problems of psychiatrists are thrown out. More and more, more and more. The whole process is like playing a monologue.

When small read completely and each other zero communication.

Finally, all the test questions were finished. Fengde came forward and looked down at shixiaonian. "Miss Shi, would you like to go back to your room and have a rest?"


When small read to look at him silently, understand their next conversation don't let her know, then stand up and leave.

As soon as she stepped out, Gong Oula stopped her. Gong Oula took her body down and gave her a kiss on her lips. "Go and have a rest. I'll eat with you later."


When Xiaonian silently looked at him, no voice, turned around and Feng de left.

When Xiaonian and Fengde went out, Fengde closed the door.

There were only Gong ou and three psychiatrists left in the huge lounge. Gong Ou sat in the central chair and looked at them coldly.

Three psychiatrists looked back at the whole process of answering questions in their notebooks and discussed them from time to time.

Gong Ou looks at the time on the watch with low eyes and impatiently says, "have you finished the discussion? Who gives me an answer! "

Hearing Gong Ou's voice, the three psychiatrists looked at each other cautiously, and then one came out and said, "Mr. Gong, according to our observation today, Miss Shi has been much better since the beginning, at least she is willing to listen to us now, which is the credit of Mr. Gong."

Flattery still needs to be done.

What if it's comfortable?

Hearing this, Gong Ou raised his eyebrows and raised his lips proudly. "Of course, I don't depend on you."

A bunch of talking psychiatrists.

"Yes, Mr. Gong is wise." The psychiatrist nodded his head and continued, "before, the lady couldn't hear any voice. We couldn't do a systematic analysis. Today we did it."