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Chapter 581 is not treating Mr. Gong

"..." The second half of Gong Ou's reprimand was never said again.


When Xiaonian didn't realize it, she just stood unsteadily and pressed several times to stand up. She clapped her hands and moved her neck. As soon as she wanted to kick, Gong Ou grabbed her.

She fell into his arms, but before she realized it, Gong Ou lowered his head and kissed her lips. He kissed her passionately. He held her firmly in his hands and imprisoned her completely in his arms. He slipped one hand under her sweater.

"Well, well."

Shixiaonian dodged his kiss and looked at him in surprise. "Doesn't he say he can't discuss personal matters in the company?"

Gong Ou's black eyes stared at her, and the bath fire was hard to hide. He didn't say a word. He lowered his head and bit her lips again, sucking and kissing. His teeth were biting, as if he was teaching her.

When Xiaonian was kissed and hurt.

Gong Ou picked her up and walked to the sofa. He threw her directly on the sofa. He bent down and bullied her. He kissed her on the lips. His long hands were entwined with her.

When Xiaonian was so distracted by the kiss, he even forgot what it was when he breathed.

The two people entwine deep kiss on the sofa, kiss hard to give up, the door of the office is opened suddenly, that enthusiastic subordinate rushes in again, "president, I took headache medicine! You'd better have two! "

"Get out of here!"

Gong Ou roars out angrily. His eyes are full of rage.

"Yes yes, president." I was so scared that I closed the door. My soul was half gone. I was scared to death. Wait a minute, did he just see something amazing.

When Xiaonian lies under Gong Ou's body, her eyes look at the anger in Gong Ou's eyes, and she is not frightened by his roar, only surprised.

Why doesn't she care what his character is, but he shows more and more characteristics of the past.

Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her lips again, sucks and kisses. He stands up abruptly and strides towards the door.


When Xiaonian lies there and froze, his clothes are disorderly sitting up from the sofa and looking at Gong Ou's figure. What's wrong with him?

Gong Ou goes to the door and locks it.

See, when Xiaonian's cheek began to heat up, Gong Ou came back to her. As she walked, she took off her tie and threw it directly to the ground. Her coat was thrown to the ground. The buttons of her shirt were clenched and left on the ground.

Next second, when Xiaonian felt like a prey, he couldn't do anything. He watched Gong ou, the wolf, come to her.

She couldn't resist. Fortunately, she didn't want to.

She climbed up to his shoulder and kissed him.


After the lingering, Shi Xiaonian puts on Gong Ou's suit outside his sweater and sits on the sofa, looking at Gong Ou beside him. Gong Ou sits there without saying a word. He is wearing a new shirt with several loose buttons. He is handsome and surnamed.

"Aren't you thinking how to perfect the cold look in front of me?"

When small read to hold a face to look at him to ask.


Gong Ou turns his eyes to her and looks like a ghost. Xiaonian can't help laughing. "Guess?"

She has some helplessness. Obviously, he will still talk like before, but he will be indifferent again. What's the matter?

"Do you know how much work you have delayed me today?" Gong Ou said coldly, "how long do I have to work tonight?"

"My fault again?"

How can she do anything wrong?

When Xiaonian moved to his side, he raised his white and slender legs to his trousers, and people snuggled up to him, with black and white eyes staring at him affectionately, "that's not as good as I let you delay more work."


Gong Ou took a look at her, immediately moved her eyes and legs away. "You go away, I have to go to the meeting and put on my pants."

She is not the most afraid of the cold, this will be bare legs, legs white as who's eyes!

"Oh." When Xiaonian didn't continue to make trouble with him, she knew that her physical strength was almost overdrawn by Gong ou. She reached out to take off the suit and handed it to him, "give it back to you."

Gong Ou takes over the clothes and puts them on directly. The fragrance of women comes from the collar immediately.

Damn it.

His subordinates consciously touched the cufflinks on the sleeves. With a low eye, they saw a light lipstick print beside the cufflinks.

He said she had just put on some lipstick.

He took a breath and thought of her soft lips. His fingers were holding the lipstick.

"If you like me to sew Cufflinks for you, I'll sew all your cufflinks for you again, OK?" The voice of Xiaonian's smile rings behind Gong ou.


Gong Ou's body suddenly froze and strode forward.


When Xiaonian sat on the sofa and laughed, did she still think that she would not notice his little action? He is to drink soup before eating. Does she pay attention to such a small thing.

She gazed at the figure he left, and her smile slowly solidified.

Gong ou, Gong ou.

I must understand the things that make me confused. I must understand what the restraint and forbearance in your eyes represent.

When Xiaonian finally got Gong Ou's medical record.

Two days later, a psychiatrist he knew in England flew to s city to meet Shi Xiaonian.

In Fengde's words, in the field of paranoid personality disorder, there are too few doctors who can surpass Lancaster Mona. This doctor may not have a particularly outstanding ability, but he can absolutely trust that he will not talk to others or ghosts. He will definitely analyze it carefully.

On this day, Shi Xiaonian hurriedly handled the affairs of the palace, accompanied the twins to a tutor and then went out to send documents to the palace.

On the way to, Xiao Nian drove into a club.

She went in and was led in by the waiter. She went into a box. The air in the box was fragrant with coffee. An old man of the same age as Fengde sat in the window and tasted coffee. He was a gentle and kind-hearted Englishman.

"Hello, Dr. walker."

Xiaonian nodded to him.

"Hello, please take a seat." Walker stands up and shakes hands with shixiaonian and invites her to take a seat. At Walker's hand is a pile of information, including Gong Ou's medical record, "what would miss Xi like to drink?"

"I'm sorry, Dr. walker. I hope you can understand my eagerness. You have seen Gong Ou's medical record for two days. What's your opinion?"

When small read anxiously to say, she painstakingly steals this medical record to come out is for this one.

Dr. Walker smiled and nodded, returned the medical record to her, and spoke fluent Chinese, "this treatment method is really unheard of and never seen before. Generally speaking, we don't recommend forced treatment for patients with mental diseases. It is easy to aggravate the disease, but according to the treatment results, it is successful."

"What do you mean? That is to say, there is no problem with Gong Ou's psychiatrist? " "But there are many things wrong with Gong ou, isn't it some leftover problems left by the treatment?" asked Shi Xiaonian

So it's just that she thinks too much?

"Don't worry, Miss Xi. If you don't tell me so much, I really think it's a great event to find a new way and succeed." Walker took the kettle and poured a glass of water for her, and said slowly, "as for what you said after he was drunk, maybe it was just drunk, for example, he would show his previous personality characteristics, maybe it was only an occasional chance."

"Dr. walker, that means you have different ideas, doesn't it?"

When small read to ask eagerly, do not care to drink water at all.

"I do have a bold idea, but it's just an idea. In the field of psychology, we know so little that no one can guarantee what kind of possibility it is."

Doctor Walker said, hesitating.

"Please, Dr. walker, please tell me." Shi Xiaonian said, "you know, when he is drunk, he is very painful. I feel it. I want to help him. Please tell me how I can help him."

After taking those drugs, Gong Ou fell in front of her and said those words. She was really distressed. She didn't know why he spoke in different directions, one frenzy, one cold.

That night, she could feel his pain when she looked at him.

"Combined with what you said, I have a bold and fantastic assumption." Walker looked at her, hesitated for a few seconds and continued, "I suspect that this Mona doctor is not treating paranoid personality disorder for Mr. Gong, but forcing him to practice restraint for nearly four years."


Hearing this, Xiao Nian opened his eyes in astonishment and turned pale.

Gong Ou is forced by Mona to practice restraint for four years?

See, Walker spread out his hands. "I know this assumption is a little absurd."

"Dr. walker, please go on." When small read a voice to say word by word hoarse, stretch out hand to hold in front of the cup, finger quivered.

"Even at my age, my achievements in paranoid personality disorder are far less than that of miss Mona. What I said is just my guess." "All people with mental illness lack a certain degree of self-control, which forces them to restrain themselves, which in some ways is also treatment," Walker said

Gong Ou really lacks the binding force on himself. He always does what he wants to do, regardless of the consequences, and is happy.

Shixiaonian nodded and asked him to continue.

"But it's clear that I didn't see in the medical record that Miss Mona had any regular treatment except for compulsion. It's totally a unique way out." Said walker.


"After I have this hypothesis, Miss Xi, I can relatively explain what you said. Mr. Gong spent four years to force himself to be a normal person, and that normal standard was instilled by Dr. Mona, plus his own views on normal people." Walker said, "for example, the most normal template in his eyes, maybe people close to him, relatives, friends..."

"It's a miniature of the family."

When small read blurt out.