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Chapter 88 doesn'st admit you'sre in love with me

Gong Ou was about to go in, when he listened, Xiaonian made a strong stroke on the paper and said angrily, "despotic! Paranoid! Metamorphosis! No shame! "


Shameless? Dare to scold him!

Gong Ou stands at the door. His face is dark. He reaches out to close the door.

The moment before the door closed, Xiaonian sprawled on his desk and said to himself, "when is the end of this life..."

The end?

She was thinking about the end. How tired of being around him?

How long is it? It's easy to get tired of it, because there's no sense of mystery?

"There's no end. Die your heart." Gong Ou said coldly.

When Xiaonian didn't expect Gong ou to appear suddenly, he turned his head and looked at her with astonishment, his lips slightly open.

Gong Ou strode towards her and stared at her coldly. "Do you like to scold me behind my back?"


When Xiaonian said without any expression, his face was naturally unhappy.

"If you show me this dead face again, you won't have to go out to find inspiration." Gong Ou gives her a fierce look.

Damn it!

After he was with Shi Xiaonian, a big man of his had to find a step down by himself every time. Otherwise, he would ignore her and she would never care for him.

"How can I die..." When Xiaonian was just about to refute, he suddenly responded and stood up in surprise, "are you willing to let me go out to find inspiration?"

"Once a month."

Gong Ou is indifferent.

"Yes, yes!" When Xiaonian immediately promised to come down, his face showed a smile after rain.

Her smile fell in Gong Ou's eyes. How happy was she to leave him for one day?

"Are you hungry or not? Let me make breakfast for you." Xiaonian said with a smile, trying to please him, "don't worry, I will never hurt my hand."

"Put away your false flattery!"

Gong Ou looks more dazzling, glares at her severely, turns around and walks away. Yu Guang suddenly sweeps a piece of paper on the table.

Gong Ou stopped and looked at the drawing paper. There was a caricature man with a cold face, neat short hair, a little mixed facial features, and a familiar figure proportion.

Gong Ou picked up the paper. "What is this?"

"Er..." When Xiaonian stood there mute.

She is so stupid that she doesn't know how to put the painting away.

"Say it!"

"My latest cartoon character." When small read had to tell the truth, pray that he will not recognize.

Gong Ou raised the paper and stared at her coldly. "Don't you think I can't even recognize myself?"

In the second dimension, he is the one who is not blind.


When small read dumb, do not know how to explain.

Gong Ou just agreed to let her go out alone, but now he finds out that she secretly painted him and wrote him into the comic book as the material. It's strange that he doesn't get angry because of his temper.

What to do.

What to do

When Xiaonian was half dead, she heard a chuckle and said, "shixiaonian, you don't admit that you are in love with me now?"

Shixiaonian, don't you admit that you love me now?


When Xiaonian raised his face, he looked at Gong Ou's proud junpang in amazement. He was a little confused. How could he suddenly jump to Falling in love with his rhythm?

Shouldn't she be asked why she drew him and violated her privacy.

How to ask if love is not love.

"When did you start painting?" Gong Ou looks down at her and asks. There is no half angry expression on his face. It's all pride.

"Just when I moved into the port of heaven..."

"It's been so long since you painted me in silence." Gong ougou looks at the figure in the painting, and then looks at her. He raises his eyebrows arrogantly. "Shi Xiaonian, it seems that you really love me beyond remedy."

Dead don't admit to fall in love with his woman, so sullen.

On the one hand, he didn't say anything to him, on the other hand, he was secretly drawing him.

Originally, Xiaonian was such a woman, he understood.


When Xiaonian looked at his face, he felt good about himself, blinked his eyes twice, and his heart drifted past rows of ellipsis.

How did he see from the painting that she loved him beyond redemption?

At most, he was her inspiration.

Gong Ou is more and more satisfied with his drawing paper. It has to be said that Xiao Nian's skill in drawing is really good. It's not against him to draw him as a cartoon character. He's all over his eyebrows and eyes. He's very good at grasping him without any deviation.

The woman he Gong Ou likes is fierce.

"I remember you were a girl's caricature and a lover." Gong Ou looks at her. "Did you draw our story?"

He said questions, but in a determined tone.


When Xiaonian stood there, he nuzzled and didn't dare to say it.


Her main line this time is not to fall in love until now, not to take their stories as the prototype, but to take a perverted paranoia from the peak to the abyss as the main line

She revenges all her resentments against him on the main character of the cartoon.

Seeing that she didn't speak, Gong Ou thought that she had acquiesced. The radian of the lips was deeper. He pulled out the chair and sat down. He put one leg on her desk, pulled her into his arms and hugged her. His bony hand still held the paper. "What's the name of the cartoon?"


When Xiaonian blinked, of course, he didn't dare to burst out the title that the president was a paranoid.

"What's the name? Say ah. "

Gong Ou urges her.

When Xiaonian thought about it, he barely pulled at the corners of his mouth The president is here. "

Hearing the title of the book, Gong Ou felt comfortable even in his viscera.

"Nice name." Gong Ou lowers his head and kisses her forehead severely. "Then write well and find inspiration as you want, and draw out your hopeless love for me!"

"Oh, ha ha." When small read dry smile.

"By the way, you used to draw ml, this time too. Draw more!"

“……” She doesn't draw those. She only occasionally draws one or two violent kissing scenes. In his eyes, she becomes a kind of restricted cartoonist.

"You don't have inspiration in this area. I can give it to you on the spot!"

Gong Ou said and went to pull her long skirt. It was animal like.

When Xiaonian hurriedly jumped up from his arms, stood far away and smiled stiffly, "no need, it's not easy to draw in this respect, we should resist yellow violence! We want harmony! "

Who wants to draw out the kind of things he did? It's a history of her fallen blood and tears.

She doesn't want it.

Gong Ou's eyes are deep, and he says, "right, I can't let others see them."

When small read a sigh of relief, with the way, "yes, yes, harmony is the most important."

"Well, then, draw an abridged version for me." Gong Ou ponders for a moment and suddenly gives an order.


When I was young, I was foolish.

"Draw a copy of the 18 forbidden version of the president's adult to me, and give it to me within a week, otherwise, next time you don't want to go out alone to find inspiration." Gong ou will carry out autocracy to the end.


18 banned.

He even wants to ban version 18. Is he full of animal Yu?

When Xiaonian really felt that he would be crazy if he stayed by Gong Ou's side.

Gong Ou's lust for her is not limited to a cartoon.

He was the most capable trader, and for the next two days he kept pressing her with a promise to find inspiration.

When Xiaonian was almost always embraced by Gong ou and bullied by all kinds of people

In order to be able to go out, she should not only be unable to resist, but also work hard to cooperate. Otherwise, his eldest young master would be upset and would not allow her to leave.

When Xiaonian was half depressed.

The bed of tianzhigang is the place where two people stay most.

The air is filled with the special taste of men and women, ambiguous scattered around.

At the end of the day, Xiao Nian didn't even have the strength to get out of bed and walk. Gong Ou held him for bathing and going to the toilet.

But to come up with a door is a terrible price.

On the day when she was allowed to go out alone, Xiao Nian walked with a stiff step. She was very slow. The discomfort between her legs made her want to tear Gong ou to pieces.

"Is that all right? No, I'll get you out. "

Gong Ou comes out from the undercover and follows her, looking up and down, with an evil radian on his lips.

She was tired, but he had a lot of energy.

"I can do it!"

When small read is biting a tooth way, resentful ground stares at him.

He must have done it on purpose. Although he said to let her out, he didn't want to let her out. That's why he did it.

As if knowing what she was thinking, Gong Ou took a step closer to her, stroked her face with a big palm, and a handsome face forced her to face. The beautiful pupils watched her quietly, and the sexy thin lips were slightly open, and the words said, "yes, I mean it."

She wants to go out. Shouldn't she give him more benefits before going out?


When Xiaonian tried to tear his face.

Gong Ou kisses her on the lips and tastes it. She looks shameless. "It's really fragrant."

After she didn't use cosmetics, she still had a light fragrance, which he liked.

He likes everything about her.

"Car key, you said to borrow my car." When Xiaonian reached out to him, "I want a black, low-key car, not a luxury car."

"Take the garden downstairs."

Gong Ou gives her the car key.

He did what he said.

"Thank you. I'll go out first." Shi Xiaonian said, holding the key, he would go away, and his hand was held by someone from behind.

When Xiaonian turned around and looked at Gong ou with doubts, Gong Ou twisted his eyebrows and looked at her. "So you're going?"

When Xiaonian looked down at herself, she asked Fengde to buy her a set of sportswear for the convenience of action, and the telescope and other tools were also prepared in the bag.

"I didn't forget anything."

She said.

She is ready.

"When can you understand amorous feelings?"

Gong Ou holds her back in his arms discontentedly, and covers her lips with his head bowed. He holds her soft lips and swims and sucks on them. His teeth forcibly pry open her closed lips. The tongues of fire tangle, depriving her of all the flavor.


When Xiaonian is held tightly by him, his hands are on his chest.

After a lingering wet kiss of thunder and fire, Gong ou still let go of her. Her voice was dumb and domineering. "Remember, I have to kiss me separately in the future! It's a wet kiss! "