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Chapter 64 calling relations to the world

And he said, there is no woman in his sight.

"Ah?" Suddenly get so high evaluation, when small read stupefied.

I saw Gong Ou drink all the black tea she poured, and then give the empty cup back to her, saying, "another cup."


When Xiaonian silently poured a cup and handed it to him, Gong Ou drank it all again, then asked for it again, and then drank it all again.

She found that Gong Ou collected all the things she did every time. No matter how bad they were, as long as they were made by her, he could eat a lot But the question is, what she did is not so good. Does he need to be so proud?

Gong Ou even after a few cups, a handsome face with pride, proud of their women's outstanding technology.

"How many points can I give for my woman's craftsmanship?"

Gong Ou looks at the tutors with high eyes and full of confidence.

The tutors looked at Gong Ou's self-confidence and were totally confused. They took up their cups again and continued to taste black tea. Even after taking a few drinks, several of them still frowned at the same time.

It's really just a beginner's level. It's nothing to be proud of.

"Nine Ten? " A tutor carefully looks at Gong Ou Dao.

Gong Ou frowns.

"One hundred! Full marks! " The instructor corrected it immediately.

"That's about it."

Gong Ou's eyebrows just unfolded. He pulled out Xiao Nian's hands and fingers, and said to his mentors, "we will come here once a week in the future. You must teach her all the British aristocratic cuisine. She is so talented. Can you do it in two months?"

"Yes, yes, of course." Facing the inexplicable pride and pride of Gong ou, what can several tutors say.

"Let's go."

Gong Ou changes to pull for cuddle, cuddles the small time to read to leave in the bosom, while walking side way, "study hard, learn to take you to England."

That's where he was born.

He asked her to meet him.


When I was young, I couldn't understand his confidence in her. I learned once a week, and I could learn it in two months? He really looks up to her.

If she wants to see his father and mother with this skill, she will be kicked out.

But that's good. She can get rid of him.

Out of the food class, Xiaonian is hugged by Gong Ou all the way. When she is halfway there, her mobile phone vibrates and rings. She stops and takes out her mobile phone. Her eyes are stagnant. It's her adoptive mother's phone.

"Hello, mom."

When Xiaonian connects the phone, the voice is a little low.

"Xiaonian, where have you been? Why did I come to the house you rented, and they said you had already checked out, and you had changed places to live? " The voice of the adoptive mother sounded anxious.

Gong Ou stood behind her, surrounded her, accompanied her to make a phone call, bored to grab her an empty hand to play.

"You went to the house I rented?" When Xiaonian was stunned, he quickly responded, "yes, I've changed my house. I didn't tell you."

1、 Two, three, four, five.

5、 Four, three, two, one.

Gong Ou silently counted her fingers. Suddenly, he put her hand to his lips and took a bite.

"Well..." When small read a sensitive shake.

Gong Ou cradles her lips and continues to bite her fingers.

"What's the matter with you?" The adoptive mother recognized her difference.

"Nothing." When small read hurriedly said, take back own finger, "Mom, are you still over there?"

Gong Ou hugs her discontentedly and holds her waist to her frown in a punitive way. Only then can she let go, and then she grabs her finger to play with it, disturbing her mind to be unable to focus on making phone calls.

"Yes, I am here. Where do you live now? I want to see you."

The adopted mother said, her voice worried.

Where do you live?

Port of heaven, that must not be allowed to foster mother.

When Xiaonian looked out, this side was very close to the house she rented. He said, "I'm drinking outside. Come here for a while."


When I reported the address to my adoptive mother, Xiaonian hung up the phone. I saw Gong ou still playing with her fingers, bending her fingers into various shapes and saying, "your fingers are very soft."

No matter how soft it is, it's not his toy.

When Xiaonian pulled back her hand, she transferred a circle in gongouhuai, stood facing him, and said earnestly, "I will go to the restaurant next door to meet my mother. Do you want to go back first?"

Gong Ou stared at her for a few seconds and said, "your mother? I want to see you. "

"What?" When small read to stay next, "you see my mother to do what, this has what to see."

"Because you're with me now." Gong Ou Dao.

"No way." When small read immediately way, beg ground to look at him, "please, you go first, my mother is just a housewife, and you can't talk."

How could he meet her family.

Gong Ou stared at her pleading look, her black eyes cooling a little, and her voice was especially gloomy. "Don't you really want me to meet your family?"

He saw it from the island on the cloud.

She doesn't want anyone around her to know him. How can he not see him?

He suddenly grabbed her, took her hand and walked out. Her black eyes were cold and firm. She was eager to get rid of the relationship. He just wanted their relationship to tell the world!

When Xiaonian is pulled all the way by him.

It's Dusk outside. The cool sunlight penetrates the city, coolly falls on the street, sprinkles on the two people, plating their hair with an old story like yellow light.

Gong Ou takes her by force.

"Gong ou, you are interested in a person. Is that what you like about a person?" When Xiaonian's low voice sounded behind him, with a touch of unspeakable bitterness.

Gong Ou stands still and looks back at her.

The dusk light fell on her and made her beautiful. She looked at him with pale face and dim eyes.

"That's right, that's what I'm doing. I want you to leave the relationship!" Gong Ou said domineering.

When Xiaonian stood in front of him, one hand was still pulled by him, and her long hair was blown by the wind. She asked in a low voice, "what do you want me to become?"

"No longer refuse me, no longer deny our relationship!"

He answered quickly.

"Then what is our relationship? I'm not your girlfriend. Everyone knows what kind of great person you gong Ou is. Everyone knows the gap between us. You also said that you can't marry me. "

When small read a pair of eyes gray to look at him, tone some excited, "do you want me to tell people all over the world, I did your Gong ou love Ren?"? Or a PAO friend who only goes to bed? Do you want me to admit such a relationship without dignity? "

The streets at dusk.

The two men stood face to face, their clothes dyed yellow by the setting sun.

Gong Ou looks at her for a long time without speaking. It's like a silent film.

"I'll wait for you in the car!"

Don't know how long, Gong Ou low tunnel, holding her hand slowly released.

Her hand fell back to her side.

He didn't insist any more, so he compromised. A stubborn paranoid didn't insist with her to the end, which was beyond her expectation.

Gong Ou's face was very heavy. He wiped her shoulder and walked forward. Xiaonian whispered, "thank you, Gong ou."

Thank you for not sweeping her dignity to the ground.

Her voice was so low that it dissipated in the wind at the first exit.

Gong Ou turned his back to her, his body was stiff, and then he went on.

Stop in the black luxury car on the side of the road, the driver politely opens the door of the underground car, Gong Ou stoops to sit in the car and leans back. His face is not good-looking.

"Do women attach great importance to marriage? Is a relationship without marriage without dignity? "

Gong Ou sat in the back seat and asked suddenly.

The driver was stunned. When he found that there was only Gong ou and himself in the car, he was a little scared. Is this Mr. Gong asking him? Ask him questions?

"Well I don't know much about women's thoughts. " The driver said, "but I heard my wife said that marriage can make women feel safe."

"What security can a piece of paper have?"

Gong Ou said coldly that if you get married, you can divorce. What's your sense of security.

"That is to say, but women love to pursue these things." Driver road.

Women love to pursue these things.

Gong Ou puckers her lips, her eyes are too bright to see the bottom, and her fingertips touch her lips. He can't give her marriage. Will she continue like this?

"But my wife also said that the more important sense of security comes from men." "The driver said," the man is willing to spoil himself, is willing to coax himself, everything first thinks of himself, that woman's sense of security naturally has. "

The more important sense of security comes from men.

So, he is not enough to spoil her, she will care about the marriage certificate that piece of paper?

Gong Ou's eyes suddenly went deep and looked at the driver.

The driver was cold in his heart and said, "Mr. Gong, am I too talkative?"

"Double your salary, go back and talk to Fengde."

Gong Ou Dao.


The driver didn't respond for a long time.

On the street at dusk, Xiaonian is sitting alone by the floor window in a coffee shop -

when she turns around, she can see a black luxury car on the street outside the window. The window in the back row is pressed down slowly. Gong Ou is sitting in the back seat, and her black eyes look straight at her.

He can't live without staring at her for a minute, can he?

When small read some helpless, call the waiter, ordered two cups of coffee.

"Xiaonian." My adoptive mother min Qiujun came into the coffee shop from the outside and sat opposite Xiaonian.

When Xiaonian saw at a glance that her adoptive mother's face, which had always been well maintained, was so haggard that even her delicate makeup could not cover wrinkles. She said softly, "Mom, you are haggard."

Min Qiujun put the bag down and looked at Xiaonian and sighed, "can you not be haggard? You don't know how many things happened at home recently."

"What's the matter?"

When small read to ask a way, right time home she already slowly heart cool, but still can't help but care.

"It's your father. Your father was only a driver of Mu family. Later, he was promoted all the way to Mu family because of taking care of Qian Chu. Now Qian Chu has become our son-in-law. Your father entered the board of directors naturally and helped Qian Chu fight with his sister. He wants to help Qian Chu to be the president." Said min Qiujun.

Mu's brother and sister fight inside. She heard that mu qianchu said last time. It's OK for her father to help qianchu.

"Isn't that good?"

Said Shi Xiaonian.