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Chapter 994: I value you more than the world

"Xiaokui may not understand anything, but holy will definitely understand. Tell him the truth, and he will weigh it." Said Shi Xiaonian.

She knew that her actions were cruel to her children, but every time she thought of Gong Yao's sensitive eyes and her nearly degenerated self, she couldn't bear to trap Gong Yao in the same way.

"Are you sure?"

Gong Ou stared at her and asked.

"Do you think so?" Shixiaonian asks his opinion.

"Xiaokui is still small. I don't like her carrying too much. I know that everything is not good for her." Gong Ou said in a deep voice, when Xiaonian looked at him helplessly, "you are a woman rather than a man. It was the same last time. What bow and arrow did you let Holly learn? Now he regards himself as a protector, OK?"

"It's none of my business for him to be precocious."

The president of the palace university left it clean.

When Xiaonian sat on his leg speechless, "it's no use denying, you are valuing women more than men."

"You're wrong. I don't value women more than men." Gong Ou holds her chin, black eyes stare at her deeply, thin lips slightly open, and says word by word, "I'm heavy on you and light on the whole world. How dare you accuse me like that! "

He gave her a firm squeeze on the chin.

When Xiaonian looked into his eyes and her heart was filled with food, she tried her lips and raised her hand to touch his thin face. "How dare I accuse you?"

He is so kind to her.

"You have a little conscience." Gong Ou was satisfied and said, "from the beginning of holy, I look at his reaction and decide whether to respect Xiaokui or not."

Smell speech, when small read can't help but way, "you this still heavy female light male."

"It seems that you don't believe what I said. OK, I'll show you who I weigh!" Gong Ou stared at her and picked her up from the chair and walked to the white blanket on the ground.

It's too late for Xiaonian to cry for mercy.


As Xiao Nian expected, Gong Yao's response was more mature and calm than that of adults.

In the glass toy room full of sea balls, Gong Yao didn't look at the toys and listened carefully to Lori's narration.

Shi Xiaonian and Gong Ou stand outside and look at their son. Gong Ou holds Shi Xiaonian in one hand. Since the two are reunited, Gong Ou would like to stay with him for a long time now. They are not separated for a minute or a second.

He held the receiver in one hand, which had been quiet for a long time.

Gong Yao and Luo lie are sitting face to face in the toy room. Neither of them speak. Gong Yao's little face has no expression. They just look at Luo lie.

"Does it take time to think about it?" Lori asked, in the face of the child Lori's tone became very gentle, like a serious doctor.

When Xiaonian looks at Gong Yao, his fingers unconsciously grasp Gong Ou's hand. Soon, Gong Yao's tone doesn't fluctuate.

"I don't need it." Gong Yao said calmly, "I choose to go to England."

"Can you tell me why?" Asked Lori.

"I don't want to wait for the bad guys to hurt me. I want to find them first." Gong Yao is as cool as a child.

This is Gong Yao. She not only reassures shixiaonian as a mother, but also worries her more than Xiaokui.

When Lori listened to him, he didn't laugh at him, but said, "holy, you should know that sometimes children's strength is too weak and even becomes a burden."

"I'm not."

Said Gong Yao, cutting off the nails.


"I don't need anyone to protect me. I can fight like you." Gong Yao said seriously, without any joke.

When Xiaonian was standing outside the glass room with Gong Ou's arms around him, listening to those words, he couldn't help saying, "holy is too much like you in many ways. I don't know what he will look like when he grows up."

"Not like me?"

Gong Ou asked discontentedly, is she hating him?

"There's nothing wrong with being like you." Xiaonian sighed and said his thoughts honestly, "but his future wife should have a hard time."

Gong Yao is always so indifferent and calm. At such a young age, it seems that nothing can arouse his half interest. His later wife

Well, did she think too far.

When Gong Ou looks down and stares at him, he says, "you seem to be alluding to me."

"You heard me wrong."

When small read a face serious.

"I'm not retarded yet!" Gong Ou pinches her face hard and holds her tightly.

With Gong Yao's calm reaction, Gong ou and Shi Xiaonian decide to tell Gong Kui the truth, and Gong Kui's reaction is completely expected by Shi Xiaonian.

Gong Kui is the youngest and the most protected member of her family. Therefore, unlike Gong Yao, she doesn't understand. She listens with a blank face all the time.

But when it came time to make a choice, Gong Kui said, "I want to be with mom."

"It's very likely to be dangerous, for example, to make you hurt, for example, to make you face a very fierce villain." Said Lori.

Gong Kui didn't flinch. Looking at Luo lie, she looked very serious on her beautiful little face and replied in a tender voice, "then I want to protect mom and her baby. I'm a sister."

When Xiaonian was outside, he was very comforted, but a little sad.

They should have let their two children's childhood live carefree, but now they want to grow up ahead of time, fortunately, both children are sensible.

Just too sensible, she is more and more distressed.

When small read think, a turn of eyes, only see Gong Ou pick up mobile phone to ear, deep voice command, "prepare for the plane, tonight set out."

Gong Ou puts down his mobile phone, and when he sees Xiaonian, he stares at him directly. "How?"

"The next storm and rain, our family can finally carry it together." When small read said with a smile, throw into the arms of Gong ou, hands climb up his back, hold tightly.

Wen Yan, Gong Ou hugs her and frowns. He wants to protect them from wind and rain by himself, but maybe this is another way of wind and rain.

As long as she likes, that's enough.

The others never matter.


When Gong ou and his party arrived at the castle, it was almost dusk in the afternoon. The weather here was not as hot as in China, and the air was even wet.

When Xiaonian put on a windbreaker and stepped down from the car, he stepped on the thick floor and made a clear sound.

She looked up and saw that the castle was still far away from them. The vast water surface showed the appearance of the castle, and the whole world became very broad.

The security of the castle seems to be much heavier than before. Armed bodyguards can be seen everywhere.

Apart from this, the castle is still the same as before. In the far field, there are farmers working hard to grow it.

"And grandma? How about grandma? "

Gong Kui, wearing a beautiful wool hat, stuck his head out of the car and said excitedly.

When Xiaonian stood on the fallen leaves and looked at her, "when you see grandma in a hurry, you'll let the driver uncle take you in first. I want to walk."

"Well, I miss her very much."

Gong Kui showed a big smile, as if the shadows had never covered her innocent eyes.

As the long car drove past her, Xiaonian shook his hand and smiled at the people inside.

Suddenly, the door of the car was opened, and a tall and thin figure jumped down from the inside. His long legs landed on the ground in a handsome manner, trampling on the leaves, and the corners of the gray windbreaker flew in the wind.

"Gong Ou!"

When Xiaonian looked at Gong Ou in shock, a heart almost jumped out.

As the car moved on, Fengde looked out and closed the door.

Gong Ou stood calmly in place, stretched out his hand and pulled his lapel. His short hair floated slightly in the wind. His deep face was so handsome that he couldn't find a flaw. His eyes were dark and deep, like the sky at night.

Behind him are trees. Further away, there are lofty ancient fortresses.

When Xiaonian looked at him standing there safe and sound, he took a sigh of relief and said angrily, "what are you doing? The car is still driving, so you jump down."

What if something goes wrong? Can he be ok.

"If you want to come down and walk, what other car should I take?" Gong Ou said disapprovingly, and walked towards Xiaonian, with black eyes staring at her deeply. "Why, don't you want to go in?"

Hearing this, Xiaonian shook his head. "No, it's just that I haven't come back here for a long time. I want to have a look."

"I'll be with you."

Gong Ou Dao.

"Are you still busy?" Shi Xiaonian said, Gong Ou put on her shoulder and gave her a squint. "What's the use of being busy again? At last, I have to listen to you."

Their current mode has changed. She is on the top and he is on the bottom.

"Apart from closing me up, I can't care so much about the rest of you." Shi Xiaonian said, did he really think that she was going to seize the opportunity to seize power? Damn it.

"I'll let you take care of it!" Gong Ou hugged her and walked on.

The road covered with fallen leaves seems to be endless.

When Xiaonian put his hands into the pocket of his windbreaker, looked up at the castle in the fog in the distance, and said softly, "when I first came here, you were still missing. Holy and Xiaokui were not around me. They were all kept in the castle with strict education. At that time, every step I took here was very uncertain. I wanted to avoid it, but I didn't want to leave my child so soon. "

"You hate it here?"

Gong Ou asked, her hand on her shoulder tightened.

When Xiaonian smiled and shook his head, "then you came back, and so many things happened, my feelings here are not like that gradually."


"I still don't like the strict dogma here, but for you and the two children, this is the home with the most sense of belonging. Because of you, I have a lot of special feelings here." Said Shi Xiaonian.


Gong Ou looks at Xiaonian's face and suddenly finds that she is always entering his world, turning his world into her world and forgetting everything about herself.

In this way, it is not unreasonable for her to say that after Gong Yao was like him, his wife would be hard.