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Chapter 352: back to China

"I will never blame you. . it's just a minor injury. Don't worry about it. "

Muqianchu said softly, looking at her eyes without any blame, and then walked forward step by step, the figure was a little askew.


When Xiaonian stood there, the whole person fell into an endless pain.

She followed mu qianchu and left to see his injury. People walked forward like walking corpses. She bumped into a cabinet and something fell down. She unconsciously reached for it.

It's a TV remote control.

She reached down unintentionally.

The sound of TV immediately appeared in the room. Xiaonian glanced at it, and the man stayed there.

It's a news show.

Pictures of Gong ou are displayed on a large screen.

A familiar face is still majestic and well-dressed. Even if it's just a still photo, you can feel his powerful aura, his features are distinct and three-dimensional. A pair of eyes, especially dark and profound, look straight ahead, as if they look straight into your eyes.

When Xiaonian's heart and mouth missed a beat.

The face is very familiar, but now it looks so far away that it seems to be completely untouchable.

Remember, she hasn't seen Gong Ou's face for half a year.

In the news, another photo of Gong ou and Mona is released. The two people in the photo look so matched. Mona's beauty is dazzling, her temperament is noble, her figure is beautiful with a blue lace skirt. Gong Ou stands beside her and puts her hand on her waist.

She can't fully understand the Italian on the news.

She only understood that this photo was made public by the palace family and Lancaster family to prove that they were in love and were about to be engaged.

When Xiaonian looked at the picture, he suddenly felt that the whole person was so stuffy that he couldn't even breathe, and his throat seemed to be stuck.

She holds the remote control with one hand firmly and desperately.

She was imprisoned for half a year, gave birth to two children and was robbed of one.

From the beginning to the end, he never saw her.

Even, he was happily engaged to his marriage.

He despised all her pain and despair in the tower.

He will always be high, and she will never resist, forever humble as mud.

Mu qianchu stopped, and his eyes fell on her hand. He put his hand on the wound on her waist and put his hand on her shoulder

"PorPhyr --"

when Xiaonian suddenly bent down and lowered his head, a mouthful of blood spattered out of his mouth and landed on the ground.


Muqianchu looked at her in shock, holding her arm in one hand and raising her face in the other.

Her face was as white as a piece of paper, except for the blood on her lips.

"Are you ok?" Muqianchu looked at her worried.

"Why do they want to be so excessive? Why does he go so far? "

"I was imprisoned for half a year, suffering for half a year, and my baby was robbed, while their palace family announced to the world that there would be an engagement ceremony!"

At the end of the speech, Xiaonian almost screamed out hysterically. Every word was full of hate. The white teeth were full of red blood.

Mu qianchu stares at her, full of heartache, reaches out and embraces her in his arms. "It's OK, it's all going to pass."

He lowered his body slightly, and when Xiaonian leaned on his shoulder, his eyes were numb or numb except for being discouraged. "How can they do it so absolutely and so ruthlessly? Is the gift they gave my son to celebrate his birth his father married another woman? "

The way of the palace.

It's so cruel.

"It's all right." Mu qianchu hugged her and patted her back gently. "Don't hurt yourself for these people. It's not worth it."

At that time, Xiaonian looked ahead and said numbly, "qianchu, you know, at the beginning, I had hoped that Gong Ou would suddenly come like a savior. I had been abandoned, but at that time, I still hoped that he would come to save me."

She's so stupid, and she's looking forward to it.

But at that time, he was just flirting with Mona.

Once there was a woman called shixiaonian, he had long forgotten, completely forgotten.

"I'm ridiculous, Chiu Chu. I'm ridiculous. I'm a joke from beginning to end."


When small read hands to hang in the body side, the lips took a smoke, a word a word said, "I suffer, thousand early, I suffer."

It's like cutting something in her body, knife by knife.

Cut her all over.

She looked at her scarred body, but she couldn't do anything.

Wen Yan, mu qianchu hugs her even harder. "It's OK, it's all over. Xiao Nian, no one can hurt you anymore. If there's that person, I'll fight with him."


"Believe me, no one will hurt you."

"I feel bad. I really feel bad."


"I feel bad."

In the news, the marriage of the two nobles is also being reported.

When small read can't vent the pain on her body, she can't do anything except to say that she is afflicted.

For a long time, when he heard it coming from his ear, Murdoch read the painful and depressed moan Yin. It was low, and that kind of voice left only despair.

He hugged her even more.

The eyebrow scar doctor and the maids stood there, listening to the moaning Yin sound, all inexplicably uncomfortable.

The voice was desperate.


Shi Xiaonian fell in love with a paranoid clinging to her in a few months, was dumped in just six days, imprisoned for half a year, and endured all kinds of discomfort and pain caused by pregnancy.

What does time bring to mankind, cold blood or strength.

Maybe, it all means the same.

No matter what, people will encounter adversity.

Pain in hope, despair in pain, numbness in despair, after numbness Be reborn.

Rebirth is a good thing.

Just the person who was born again will never be the same again.

Three months later.

S City, China.

The sound of radio is heard in the huge airport. People talk, walk around, or run anxiously.

Sunlight from the landing window of the airport, a bunch of land on a strange face.

In the coffee shop of the airport, a slim young woman sat by the window, turning over a brochure of the shop, wearing a blue and white grey Milan high set windbreaker, with a slim version, clean and neat dress, highlighting her temperament.

Her long black hair is hanging on one side of her shoulder. A diamond hairpin between her hair is shining faintly. Her fingernails are painted with painted color. She turns over a page of paper and wears a Swiss limited edition women's watch on her wrist. It's exquisite.

Passers-by all involuntarily glanced at the woman and whispered to their companions about her invaluable clothes.

The waiter in white shirt and black vest walked straight to the table, with a cup of coffee and a cup of milk tea in his tray.

"Hello, miss. Your cappuccino and black coffee are here. They have been packed."

The waiter put the packing box on the table.

When Xiaonian took his eyes back from the brochure, raised his face and looked at the waiter with a light smile, "thank you."

Many people in the cafe looked at her.

Dressed so exquisitely and expensively, the young woman's face is not much more beautiful and outstanding, but it's better to have distinct and comfortable facial features. It shows a kind of temperament after precipitation. A pair of eyes are calm and smiling, which makes people feel comfortable looking at them.

When Xiaonian walked out with the packing box, the high-heeled shoes on his feet made a little noise on the ground.

A lot of people are staring at her.

"Look at that pair of high-heeled shoes, the latest one came out of Paris not long ago. It's just in case."

"How do I think this woman is a little familiar? Is it a star

"Ordinary little stars can't afford to wear that kind of watch. It's a limited edition. I read the news on the Internet. A watch is worth millions. Is it a fake?"

A group of people were sitting there talking noisily.

When Xiaonian went out with his coffee, he took the escalator and looked at the people around him calmly.

China, long gone.

She's back.

Shi Xiaonian said silently in his heart.

This time, Shi Xiaonian decided to return home at the invitation of Xia Bian.

She walked through the crowd to the French window.

In front of the floor to ceiling window, there are a few people sitting in the row of seats. In the corner, a middle-aged woman dressed in European style is sitting there. At the age of four or fifty, a long brown hair is coiled up. A pure Oriental face is well maintained without any wrinkles.

She sat there, basking in the warm sunshine, gently shaking the stroller beside her hand, and looking down at the baby inside with a smile. With a smile on her face, she said in some stiff Chinese, "baby, it's grandma."

When small read to walk toward her, voice gentle, "mother."

The middle-aged woman raised her face and looked at shixiaonian. When she saw her daughter, her smile deepened. "You are back, I said to let the bodyguard buy it. You have to buy it yourself."

The middle-aged woman, Xu Bingxin, was the biological mother of shixiaonian. She was an Italian Chinese and grew up in Italy. Therefore, she could only speak some simple Chinese.

The mother has been living in pain because of the loss of Xi Yu, the son, and even has mild depression.

When she recovered her daughter, her mother's illness gradually recovered and became very clingy to her.

When she returned to China, her mother had to follow her back, for fear that one of them would not pay attention and her daughter would be gone again.

"Just back home, I'm not used to it. I want to adapt." Xiaonian smiled and said, "sit down beside her, take out the coffee and give it to her." why don't you sit in the coffee shop and drink it? It's about sitting in the hall. "

"There is sunshine here."

Xu Bingxin looks at shixiaonian with a smile, holds the cup in both hands and looks around. "And you see, I haven't seen so many compatriots for a long time. I only escaped to China when I was on the run. I gave birth to you two. All those years passed in a flash."

Time flies.

Speaking of this, Xiaonian couldn't help asking, "what happened to the Xi family in those days, and you'll escape?"