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Chapter 684 I wish time could go back

"That night, when I went to the bar near the bar, a waiter at the bar called me to pick up the hairpin. He said it was picked up by a sad blonde. I also asked why he said that he was sad. The other side said that he kept his head down and was not happy at first sight." Shi Xiaonian said, his eyes were red. "Then I turned my head and saw Xi Yu."

What she saw was the back of Xi Yu.

She finally remembered that it was a very small episode.

As Lingfeng old man said, Xi Yu's back is very beautiful. It's very beautiful. Her long blonde hair is very beautiful. She seems to shine when walking in the crowd.

The man turned out to be her brother.

So long ago, she met Xi Yu, only a short distance away.

"When I read it?"

Gong Ou comes out and stares at her with deep black eyes.

When Xiaonian stood there, his eyes were red, he smiled bitterly, raised his eyes and looked at miyou's handsome face, "I wish time could turn back, then I would definitely pat him on the shoulder and let him look back at me."

Then their brothers and sisters can recognize each other early, rather than feel each other through heart and mouth.

"How can time be reversed."

Gong Ou pushes her away.

On the balcony, when Xiaonian and Gong Ou stand together to blow the breeze, looking at the forest in the distance, when Xiaonian is thinking by the pillar, the memory slowly becomes clear, she remembers the back of Xi Yu.

"Since Xi Yu returned his hairpin in the morning, why didn't he come to see me and get off the cruise?"

Gong Ou's voice suddenly sounded.

He never saw Xi Yu from beginning to end.

When small read turn to look at him, Leng for a few seconds, then shake her head, she also don't know, don't know why Xi Yu wants to go to Gong ou, and finally didn't find left.

"It doesn't matter." Gong Ou doesn't care why Xi Yu suddenly came back from Italy and left. He only cares about one thing: "that hairpin has been on you since then?"

As long as it can be proved that the hairpin has always been on Shi Xiaonian, the only one who lost the hairpin in the room is Shi Xiaonian.

"I don't remember that much." When Xiaonian shook his head, "I really didn't care where the hairpin went. Even after I got off the cruise ship, the hairpin disappeared. I didn't care. I only remembered it when I found it in your room."

It's too small. It's like someone dropped an eraser or a pencil. No one will remember it in seven years.

"You must remember!"

Gong Ou stares at her domineering tunnel.


It has to be remembered.

When small nianmo, how could it be so easy? She looked at him, and Gong Ou also stared at her. "Why do you look at me with such eyes?"

"It's nothing. Since it's clear that Xi Yu didn't come into your room with a hairpin, let's check it slowly." Said Shi Xiaonian.

"No way! I have to know the truth! "

Gong Ou has to check this thoroughly now. He must not go through it in such a muddle.

Hearing this, Xiao Nian stood there and looked at the distance and sighed softly.

"What do you sigh?"

Asked Gong ou.

"It's nothing, but I feel a little sigh, as if something was destined in the dark. So coincidentally, on the boat seven years ago, I passed you and Xi Yu."

Shi Xiaonian said that the two most important men in her life had appeared in her life so long ago.

Gong Ou glances at her with low eyes, and reaches out his hand to hug her from behind. His movements are rare and gentle. "When we read, we won't miss each other."


When Xiaonian listened quietly, his voice was extremely magnetic.

"Even if I wipe my shoulder, I will pull it back for you. Don't worry, you will never leave here."

Gong Ou said in a low voice, each word engraved on her heart.


When Xiaonian nodded softly, patted his ring on his own hand, and said softly, "well, don't stand here and blow, how are you? You just vomited like that."

"Don't mention it, will you?"

As soon as Gong Ou mentioned this, he was depressed and hugged her tightly.

"Your brain hole is quite big. Why don't you think about it? Even if you were lost in your mind at that time, Xi Yu would always wake up and he wouldn't let you have anything."

Shi Xiaonian said that she would wake up. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that Gong Ou's brain was bigger than that of the Pacific Ocean.

, "what do you know? He is a cross dressing. He looks like a face like yours. He feels like a woman in his own bones. What strength does he have, what strength do I have?" Gong Ou said that if he had fainted at that time, Xi Yu could not resist.

"My brother has been a soldier. He has strength." When small read cannot help but say, "say again change who can resist, revolt still can't escape, the door is not locked."

"Can you escape? Oh, why are you so naive all the time? "

Gong Ou sneers and carries shixiaonian on his back.

"Gong ou, what are you doing? Let me down."

The world of Xiaonian is spinning.

"Didn't you say you'd run away? Let me see. Come on, run away."

Gong Ou said, carrying her to the inside.

"Gong ou, don't make trouble, let me down. We are not talking about seven years ago?"

"Let me look back and find out how I feel, and see if I can remember whether the person seven years ago was you."


How can I find such a memory.

When Xiaonian was speechless, she shook her legs desperately. Gong Ou also released a hand to hold her leg and walked to the room easily with her back.


This toss, when small read even forgot to make dinner.

In the end, Gong Ou didn't find the memory. Seven years ago, the memory in his bed was a great shame to Gong ou. He didn't want to wash it away. He wanted to deliberately forget it. He didn't want to remember it.

It's not surprising that he didn't find it back, but Shi Xiaonian understood that Gong Ou was really interested in the truth. He was a paranoid person and said that if you want to investigate clearly, you should do so at any cost.

At the end of the day, even if you check the boat, it's not as good as checking a Tang Yilai.

In any case, it can be concluded that Tang Yi concealed something at the beginning. Only when she was found, the truth would be opened like a box with a key.

On this day, shixiaonian and his three children went to the supermarket to buy some good ingredients for Gong ou.

Recently, he followed the devil. He stayed in the company during the day, and when he came back, he personally participated in the investigation of seven years ago. He seldom said that she had to be around, and often didn't go back to the room until one or two in the morning to sleep.

The business of this supermarket is not very busy. When Xiaonian pushed the shopping cart forward, Bob, Gong Kui and Gong Yao followed her. She carefully selected the ingredients, picked up a box of bones and said to Bob, "Bob, you see, this stewed soup is very good. It's especially nourishing. You and uncle Gong ou will mend it together."

"Why don't we make up for it?"

A word came out from the sunflower.

Small read a light smile, "holy is not to mend the body is also great, you do not mend you also have meat."

Said, she kneaded her daughter's little meat face, and Gong Kui immediately puffed up his cheeks, spitting out his tongue, "I hate it, I want to lose weight!"

When Xiaonian can't help laughing, Gong Ou's face is cool. Bob is thin and thin. He is much taller than the twins. A pale face reveals a little smile.

"Bob, what else would you like to eat? Take it yourself. I'll go back and make it for you. " Shi Xiaonian said that according to Gong Ou's current crazy posture, it's a quick thing to find Tang Yi. Sooner or later, the child must leave them.


Bob looked up at her with a look of panic in his eyes.

"Brother Bob, take it. Do you like tomatoes? Xiaokui likes tomatoes best. " Gong Kui led Bob to the vegetable area and asked enthusiastically.


After living in the palace, Bob didn't show his teeth to anyone or rush at anyone, but he was extremely gloomy and restrained, a little confused.

"You choose, you choose."

Gong Kui hurried to him.

Bob looks at Gong Kui, and his hands are still beating there. Gong Yao comes up and puts on his white gloves like a young gentleman. Then he stands on tiptoe and holds a box of tomatoes and hands them to Bob.


Bob looked at him accidentally, but didn't pick it up. He turned his eyes and looked at shixiaonian. Shixiaonian encouraged him to smile. Bob just took the tomato and put it in the shopping cart in front of shixiaonian.

When Xiaonian touched his head, "I saw that you three loved each other, and my aunt was very happy. You continued to pick and cook as many dishes as you chose."

With the first experience, Bob, under the guidance of Gong Kui's enthusiasm, and with Gong Yao's direct help, picked boxes of ingredients.

Three little heads gathered there to discuss the problem of ingredients.

When Xiaonian can't help but take out her mobile phone and take a picture of them. She enlarges the picture in her mobile phone and looks at the Bob inside. The little child's lips will be curved.

Maybe the child is not autistic or has mental problems. He is just too short of company. He likes to play with others. But for various reasons, he was a person when he was young. He has no partners, no friends and is used to facing the world with hostility.

Now there are gong Kui and Gong Yao. He is obviously much more cheerful.

When Xiaonian narrowed down the photo, her eyes fell on one corner of the photo. Her black eyes suddenly cooled down, and she immediately enlarged the photo. At the end of a row of shelves, there was a slim figure standing there.

It was a face that said familiar and unfamiliar, strange and unfamiliar.

When Xiaonian put away his cell phone, he ran to the shelf. There was no one there.

She turned her head to look, and there was no one in sight.

At that time, Xiao Nian was so anxious that he could not catch up with her, but he had to stop at the thought of three other children standing there.

She came back.

Ah, no wonder my adoptive father hasn't found it for so long. It turns out that it's dark under the light. Tang Yi is already by their side. That is to say, the dress corner she saw in the hospital that day is also Tang Yi.